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ANDREW Anne D/of Thames labourer Nov 26

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BARKER Elisabeth D/of Sarah widow Aug 30

BEAN Mabel spinster Dec 10

BOUTON Ann D/of Jno Apr 28

COWART Jane W/of Thomas labourer Nov 26

HARRISON Henry a poor man Apr 25

HARRISON Alice D/of John shoemaker Oct 4

HARRISON Elisabeth widow from Stockesley Nov 25

HUTCHINSON Mary D/of Jno labourer Oct 6

JACKSON Anne widow buried March 22

KING Sari D/of Mary Oct 9

KING John S/of William labourer Oct 17

MANLY Robert labourer Oct 13

PEARSON Mary widow Dec 21

RIGG Thomas senr carpenter Aug 1

SUGGITT William S/of Mary Sep 25

SWALWELL James S/of William labourer Nov 24

THEAKESTONE William S/of Thos weaver Apr 21

THEAKESTONE Catherine W/of Thomas July 26

WILLIAMSON Mary D/of Joyce spinster Dec 11


BRADLEY Robert S/of John labourer Mar17

DOWSON Ralph servant man Feb16

FORDY Sarah D/of John labourer Dec 31

GARBUT Dorothy widow Feb: 2

GRAHAM Jane widow Oct 25

MARLEY Anne Dec 6

RICKARBY Richard S/of John Lownsdale farmer Mar 8 (p• 451


BARKER Jane Spinster June 16

COTHAM William Weaver Dec 22

DAVISON John labourer Nov 20

ELLIS Mary Spinster Feb 4

ELWINE Timothy Farmer June 4

GARBUT Sarah D/of John Farmer Mar 20

LAWRENCE Joseph Merchant Feb 10

MASTERMAN Katherine Widow Oct 18

ROBSON Bartholomew S/of Bartholomew labr Mar 4

TOPLIFF Jonathan Yeoman Apr 26

WILLIAMSON Jane W/of John Mar 6

WILLIAMSON Thomas Blacksmith Nov 25


BANKS Jane D/of Thomas cordwainer Feb 18

BEAN Jane spinster of Batersby May 27

BEAN Elisabeth widow from Ingleby Greenhow Aug 27

BOULTON Anne W/of John farmer Oct 28

CHERRY John S/of Elisabeth Sep 12

COATS Dorothy widow Aug: 8

FORDY John senr May 24

GRAYSON Mary spinster July 17

JOHNSON Bridget widow Jan 26

JACKSON Anne spinster Feb 23

JOBSON Thea W/of William labourer June 11

JOHNSON Lydia D/of John taylor Sep26

POSTGATE Michael yeoman July 13

RAMSHAW Anne D/of Jane Apr 6

STEPHENSON Thomas labourer Nov: 7

WILLIAMSON Elisabeth D/of Thomas blacksmith Mar 11

YORK John S/of Hannah widow Jan 8


ATKINSON Mary D/of Robert farmer June 17

CARRICK Dinah W/of Mark farmer Mar 22

CUTHBERT Prudence W/of William sailor Dec: 5

DICKINSON John S/of Thomas weaver Apr 5
DICKINSON Francis S/of Thomas weaver Apr 10

DINES Elisabeth W/of Valentine weaver Mar 4

HILL William S/of William yeoman Nov 4

IVESON Anne spinster of Little Ayton Apr23

JACKSON Lawrence S/of Lawrence junr labourer Feb 23

JOBSON William labourer May 17

LOTT William S/of Michael Apr 29 (p 481

NATTERAS George sailor Feb 23

NICHOLS Robert labourer June 30

RICHARDSON Eleanor spinster June25

RICKABY James S/of John of Lownsdale farmer Mar 15

SKOTTOWE Augustine Esqr Apr 20

STURDY Valantine weaver Nov 11

WEATHERIL Esther W/of James farmer Mar 27

WEATHERIL Jane D/of Thomas yeoman Dec 13

WILLIAMSON Jane D/of Cuthbert labourer July z8


ALPHA Elisabeth W/of Michael yeoman Nov 3

DIXON Jane D/of Francis of Ingleby Greenhow farmer Dec 2

ELDIN William farmer June14

ELSTONE Joseph Oct: 27

FRANKS Richard S/of Thomas shoemaker July 27


HINDERWELL Mary W/of Matthew tailor Oct 31

HUTTON Edward labourer & Christy his Dr June 2

IVESON James S/of John labourer June 17

JACKSON Ralph Ward S/of Ralph Esqr & Mary of Normanby was Bur

JOANS Anne D/of Thomas sailor Dec 30 (p Sol

ORTON Honour W/of John of Nunthorp blacksmith Nov 26

ROBSON Anne D/of William labourer Jan 15

RICHARDSON William gelder Mar 5

RICKABY Isabel D/of John of Lownsdale farmer Apr 7

SANDERSON Hannah widow Dec 16

SCARLET Edward farmer May 31

WILLIAMSON Mary W/of Cuthbert labourer Dec 19


BEAN Jane widow Oct 14

EDEN Thomas S/of Thomas farmer of Kirkby Jan 17

GARBUT Mary W/of John farmer July 21

GRAHAM Anne spinster D/of Isabel Dec 8

HILL William yeoman June 25

HUTTON Anne W/of Matthew of Nunthorpe labourer Apr 27

PEACOCK Mary W/of Francis of Nuton farmer Feb 14

ROBINSON Jane D/of Matthew labourer Jan 22

RIGG Elisabeth D/of Thomas carpenter Mar 14

STURDY Elisabeth W/of Thomas weaver Feb 28

WATSON John S/of Richard senr weaver May 4


CORNFORTH Robert laborer May 10

FARMERY John S/of William farmer Dec 29

FOSTER Mary D/of John farmer Nov 4

KEARSLEY Dorothy widow Sep 27

LAVROCK Anne D/of John laborer Aug 10

LOTT Thomas S/of Michael labourer Jan 3

MARLEY Anne widow Dec 6

SWALWELL James S/of William farmer July 29

WEATHERIL Thomas senr yeoman Aug 21
WEATHERIL James farmer Dec30



DIXON Jane D/of Robert mason Apr 5

HOW John S/of George laborer Dec 29

HUNTRESS Elisabeth spinster May19

HUNTER Elisabeth widow Oct 17

MEASE Solomon senr weaver May 11

RICHARDSON Dorothy widow Feb 27

ROBINSON Margaret widow Nov 15

SANDERSON William farmer Apr 20

SANDERSON Humphrey senr weaver Oct 21

WADER Mary D/of Jacob butcher July 21

WALKER Jane spinster Sep 24

WILSON John farmer May 11

WILLIAMSON Cuthbert laborer Dec 24


ALPHA Mary W/of Michael yeoman Dec 14

BEADNEL Christopher S/of Christopher shoemaker Sep 23

BOULTON Prudence widow Jun 6

BROWNE Thomas yeoman Jan 19

CURREY Richard S/of William farmer Jun 4

CURREY Mary W/of William farmer Jun 13

CURREY William Farmer Jul 24

DINES Valentine Weaver Jun 19

EASEBY Jane W/of William Cooper July 4

GOULAND John S/of William Blacksmith Marr g

HOGGART Anne D/of Gabriel Laborer Oct 8

JACKSON John S/of Daniel Farmer Little Ayton Apr 25

JOBSON Mildred D/of James Sailor Apr 28

LOTT Jane D/of Michael Yeoman Dec 18

POTTS Mary Spinster Jul 9

NEWTON Martha W/of Robert laborer Feb 16

ROBSON Mary D/of Bartholomew laborer Jun 11

RICKABY William S/of John Farmer of Lownsdale Jun 12

SAYER Mark farmer Jun 27

WANLESS Elisabeth widow Nov 1

WILLIAMSON Richard senr blacksmith Apr 18


BARKER Robert S/of Robert farmer Aug 17

BEST John from Ingleby Anclif yeoman Jan 18

BOULTON John S/of John farmer Aug 27

CUTHBERT Mary spinster Nov 14

DIXON Francis farmer from Ingleby Greenhow June 18

HORNBY Samuel weaver Mar 31

IVESON Mary D/of Mary spinster Sep 28
JOHNSON Charles S/of John tailor Mar 1

LONGSTAFF Hannah D/of Thomas weaver Mar 27

SHAW Nathaniel S/of William tailor Feb 17

STURDY John S/of Elizabeth widow Oct 4

THOMPSON Thomas weaver May 5

WAKE Matthew of Newby farmer mar 21


AUSTINE Margaret spinster Dec 14 (p $61

CURREY Jane spinster Nov 10

DAVISON Anne widow Mar 19

ELDIN John Senr Farmer Jul 16

GARDEN Anne spinster July 5

GAREY Elizabeth spinster Sep 18

GRAHAM George laborer Apr 24

GOULAND Samuel S/of William blacksmith Jul 25

HUTCHINSON Margaret D/of John laborer of Nunthorp Sep 2

KING Jane D/of Mary spinster Dec 1

LOTT Isabel W/of William farmer of Nunthorp Jan 12

LOTT John S/of Michael yeoman April 9

LAWRENCE Joseph S/of William merchant May 7

MARLEY Anne W/of Joseph tailor June 2

MASTON Richard Senr weaver Jun 2

MANSEL Anne D/of George laborer Sep 23

MANSEL George S/of George laborer Oct 4

MINNIKIN Sarah D/of James yeoman Jan 10

NICHOLS Robert S/of John laborer from Ingleby Ancliff Jun 17

ROBINSON Jane D/of John shoemaker Oct z6

ROBSON Edward S/of William laborer Aug 24

STURDY John S/of William weaver Apr30

WALTER Catharine D/of Jacob butcher May 22


BEAN Thomas laborer from Ingleby Greenhow Jan 18

BEAN Anne widow of Little Ayton June 5

CURREY Robert bachelor Mar 4

HARRISON Dorothy D/of John shoemaker Feb17

HOPSON George mariner Mar 4

HUGELL Elisabeth D/of Thomas yeoman Jul 21

JOHNSON Charles barber Dec 23

LOTT William farmer of Nunthorpe July 3

MARLEY Robert S/of Joseph taylor Jan 27

MOWER John S/of Margaret spinster Apr 27

PORRITT Francis bachelor Jul 11

ROBINSON Mary George piper Jan 3

SCARTH Christian spinster Sep s

STAMMERS Daniel weaver Jan 3

WALTER Jacob S/of Jacob butcher Aug 10

WATSON Richard junr shoemaker Jan 29

WINSPERE Henry S/of Thomas of Broughton Apr g

WOOD Robert mason Oct 7


COOPER Roger S/of Francis Taylor June 5

CUMMINGS George Miller from Guisbrough May 22
ELDIN Joseph Mar 30

FARROW Anne W/of William Labourer Jul 10 -

FARROW William labourer Aug7

FAWSITT John labourer Dec18

ELDIN Isabel W/of John Farmer Jun21 -

GRAHAM John Taylor Dec21

HARRISON Alice D/of John junr Tanner Apr 28

HEBBERON Mary D/of Joseph Shoemaker Aug- 3 -

LAWRENCE William S/of William Merchant Dec25

LEKENBY Mary Widow from Hemsly Mar 22

LOTT Catherine Widow from Broughton May24

MARLEY John S/of Mary Aug 25

MANSEL John S/of George Weaver Oct 18

POSTGATE Anne Widow Dec 7

ROBIASON Newrick Labourer July 9

SUGGITT William Senr laborer Mar 1

TAYLERSON Thomas labourer Jun23

TATE Mary W/of Nicholas Weaver NOV 23


CRISP John farmer of Seamer Oct 31

CRISP Unice Widow from Seamer Nov 30

FISHWICK Anne D/of William weaver Mar 23

HALL Hannah spinster from Nunthorp Feb a y

HEBBERON Joseph shoemaker Mar 13

HARRISON James Joseph Silvester S/of James schoolmaster Aug 8

JACKSON Daniel S/of Daniel labourer of Easeby Oct 30

KILVINGTON Elizabeth D/of John carpenter Oct as

LAVROCK John S/of John labourer Oct 24

MASTON Anne widow Apr 15

PARKIN Thomas labourer Nov a

RICHARDSON Jane widow Nov 29

SCOTT John S/of Elisabeth widow July 27

THEAKSTONE Thomas Senr weaver Sep 27

WILLIAMSON Richard merchant Jan 6


ARMSTRONG Thomas labourer Apr 24

CHAPELHOW Anne S/of Thomas Labourer Nov 14

DAVISON Robert S/of William Labourer from Nunthorp Jan16 (p g

GRAY Anne widow from Guisbrough Mar10

HOWE Jane W/of George labourer Mar18

JACKSON Thomas bachelor sailor Mar25

KILVINGTON Elisabeth widow Feb 4

MASTERMAN Matthew yeoman July 5

ROBSON Bartholomew labourer Oct 4

SAYER Mary widow from Nunthorp Jan 10

SONTER Thomas sailor Nov 17

THOMPSON Anne spinster from Little Ayton Oct 6'

WATSON John S/of Anne widow Feb 16

WEATHERIL John bachelor from Little Ayton Mar 5

WILLIAMSON Richard S/of Richard bricklayer Apr 3

WESTGARTH Jane widow May 19


BARKER Elizabeth widow May 22

BRADLY John S/of John junr Labourer Mar 7
BURDON William blacksmith Apr 8

BURDON Margaret widow Sep 12

DIXON Thomas pauper mar 30

DICKINSON Mary W/of John weaver July 25

ELDLEN Jane widow July 3

ELDIEN George S/of John farmer Aug 1 5

FAWSITT Henry bachelor Jan 2

GRAHAM Isabel Widow Jan 26

HUTTON Matthew of Nunthorp Labourer Dec 9

LAWRENCE Isabel spinster Nov 20

LING Elizabeth spinster July

MARLEY Joseph tailor mar 10

MORE Mary D/of Thomas May 7

RICKABY Margaret D/of John of Lownsdale farmer Apr 5

SHARPE Thomas pauper Nov 13

WAKE Christian widow of North Coulton July 15

WILLIAMSON Jane D/of John Labourer Apr 6


ADDAMS Anne D/of John of Lownsdale laborer July 9

ANDERSON William S/of Robert mariner Sep 10

ATKIN Thomas S/of Thomas shoemaker Apr 16

BELL Thomas tayler July20

CROW Lydia W/of Valentine Nov 15

DALTON Mary W/of Daniel blacksmith Dec 11

DENTON Michael of Kirkleatham tailor Feb 9

GOULAND Elizabeth D/of William blacksmith Mar 19

HAMMAND Thomas of Ingleby Greenhow schoolmaster Apr 4

HUMPHREY Christopher Carpinter Apr 24

JOHNSON Mary D/of John tailor Apr 25

MARLEY Dorothy D/of Hannah widow May 1

MASTON Timothy weaver Oct 9

PARKIN Margaret D/of Elizabeth widow Apr 12

ROBISON Jane W/of John shoemaker Jan 21

RICKABY Anne D/of John of Lownsdale farmer Feb 8

SANDERSON John S/of Humphrey shoemaker Aug18

SHAW Thomas S/of William tailor Oct 4

SHEERWOOD Penelope D/of Joseph combmaker Ap 5

WEATHERIL Christopher mason Aug 3

WOOD Mary widow Mar 6


ATKIN Isabella D/of Thomas shoemaker May 6th

BENNISON John yeoman of Easeby Apr 27th

BLENKEY Anne Widow of Seamer Jun 28th

CASTLE Elizabeth W/of James of Stockesley yeoman Mar 4th

CONNEL Thomas gent farmer May 10th

DICKINSON John weaver Aug 31st

GARBUT David blacksmith bachelor Dec 2nd

HINDERWELL Matthew tailor Apr 15th

HUTTON Anne spinster Jun 15th

LENG Alice W/of George Labourer Nov 17th

PEARSON Mary spinster Aug 29th

POTTER Mary Johnson D/of Ruth of Stockesley Sep- 28th

ROBINSON Elizabeth widow Apr 13th

SANDERSON Elizabeth D/of Humphrey shoemaker Mar 3rd

STURDY valentine bachelor weaver May 29th

SUGGITT John S/of Jane widow May 5th

TATE Nicholas weaver Apr 7th

TAYLOR Mary D/of Rowland of Nunthorp laborer June 5th
THOMPSON Anne D/of Anne of Little Ayton Nov 8th

WILLIAMSON Thomas S/of Thomas blacksmith Jan 3rd


BAYNE James & Charles Ss/of William gardener Mar 11th

BEAN Mary widow from Easeby June 2nd

BURDON Mary widow July 3rd

COOPER Ralph weaver Apr 30th

CORNFORTH Elizabeth widow Apr- 3rd

DINES William weaver Jun13th

HARKULES John from Nunthorp Labourer Nov 19th

JACKSON Lawrence Senr yeoman Nov 16th

JOBSON John S/of John shoemaker Apr 20th

JOHNSON Thomas S/of John tailor Mar 5th

KAY William S/of Peter brewer Apr 6th

LAMB William Bachelor June 9th

RICKABY John Junr from Guisbrough Labourer Jul 10th

ROBSON Anne D/of Rachel widow Mar 18th

ROBSON John S/of William Labourer Sep 9th

RUTHERFURD Jane a poor child Jul 25th

STURDY Thomas weaver Nov 13th

WEATHERIL Jane D/of John from Kildale yeoman Apr 27th

WATSON George S/of Richard weaver Jun 13th


BAYNE John S/of William gardener Oct 2nd

BEADNELL Mary W/of Christopher shoemaker Apr 17th

BRADLEY Mary W/of Joseph Labourer Apr 23rd

CALVERT George Weaver Sep 10th

CHILTON Mary W/of George woolcomber July 14th

CONNELL Mary widow Feb 21st

COOPER Christian widow May 11th

GOULAND William S/of William blacksmith Sep 13th

KING Elizabeth W/of William Labourer Sep 19th

ROBINSON Margaret W/of Bartholomew Labourer of Seamer Nov 24th

SHIMMINS Thomas S/of Thomas Labourer June 16th

SWEETING Jonathan Senr from Stockesley yeoman Jan 8th

TAYLOR Elizabeth D/of Rowland of Nunthorp Labourer Oct 7th

STURDY William S/of William weaver Dec 11th

WATSON Mary D/of Richard weaver Feb 12th


CHAPELHOW Thomas Labourer 13th Feb 1794

CHAPELHOW Alexander S/of Elizabeth Widow Mar 23rd

CHAPELHOW Elizabeth Widow May 26th

COOKE Robert S/of Thomas shoemaker Jul 4th

EASBY Henry S/of William cooper July 2nd

HASTWELL Anthony minister Sep 18th

HORNBY Ann D/of Margaret Aug: 19th

KING Jane D/of Thomas farmer Aug 15th

LONGSTAFF Ann W/of Thomas weaver Mar 1st

MILLIGAN James yeoman Feb 5th

NEWTON Mary D/of Robert Labourer Apr 8th

PEOCOCK Thomas S/of Thomas weaver May 5th

RIGG Robert S/of George yeoman Mar 21st

RUTTERFORD George bachelor Feb 3rd

SHAW Ralph Taylor May 9th

YORK Hannah widow Feb 13th

ADAMS Margaret D/of John day-Labourer Jul22

BENNISON Thomas Feb 21st

BIGGINS Mary D/of William infant Sep 15th

BOLTON John farmer from Little Broughton aged 71 Apr 22nd (p 641

CARTER Matthew S/of Margaret infant & illegitimate Sep 19th

CHAPELHOW Francis infant Sept 10th

FISHWICKE Thomas infant Nov 25th

FOXCROFT Thomas S/of James skinner May 3rd

GIBBON Elizabeth D/of William Jan 25th

HASTEWELL Margaret D/of John day-Labourer Oct 18th

HASTEWELL Mary D/of John day-Labourer Oct 21st

HOLMES Elizabeth W/of John Feb 18th

IVISON Isabel W/of John day-Labourer or rather shoemaker Oct 11th

JOHNSON Elizabeth D/of Thos farmer Apr 4th

MINNIKEN Jane May 23rd

MOSS Jane Widow May 24th

NATRYS William S/of George infant Feb 24th

PEACOCK Anne Infant & pauper Jun 25th

PHIPPS John Illegitimate Inf & R Cath Mar 11th

ROBSON Alice Spinster June 6th

ROBINSON George Pauper Jun 12th

SLUMBERS Mary Spinster aged 74 years Nov 7th

THOMPSON Mary W/of James Feb 3rd

WILLIAMSON Mary widow Jan 3rd

WILSON William Esq Justice of the Peace July 4th


ADAMS John Day labourer Dec 30th

BARKER Joseph S/of William shoemaker Whitby Sept 6th

CALVERT Stephen Parish Clark aged 77 Mar 4th

CHAPELHOW Jane Pauper Feb 5th

COOKE Elizabeth Spinster July 8th

ELLSTON Deborah Spinster June 27th

FAWCET George S/of Thomas stone mason May 15th

GIBSON Thomas Stone mason May 16th

HARRISON John Day-Labourer May 21st

KING Elizabeth D/of An 1st Apr 1796

KING Jane aged 70 & D/of ROBSON Elizabeth 5th May 1796

PEARSON Thomas Weaver Apr 3rd

ROBSON Robert Weaver Apr 11th

RAMSHAW William Weaver Aug 7th

THEAKSTON Thomas Weaver Mar30th

WILSON Elizabeth Spinster Apr 16th

WILSON Ann W/of William Mariner Sep 14th


ATKINS Thomas Shoemaker Jan 6th

BIGGINS James Infant Mar 31st

DICKSON Ann from Stokesley ?Jun

EASBY Hannah Spinster Apr 30th

ELDIN John Farmer Apr 10th

HUMPHREY Elizabeth Spinster Aug 10th

LYNAS Hannah Infant Nov 6th

MANNERS Jane Infant Jun11th

MASTON Mary Infant July 25th

NATTRASS Robert Infant June 7th

NOTON Jane Infant Nov 12th

SANDERSON Mary Widow Jan12th

SHEMMELS Ann Oct 10th

STONEHOUSE Richard Day-Labourer Jun 10th

WATSON Richard Weaver Dec 10th

WEATHERILL Jane Widow June 15th

WILSON Ann Infant May 27th


DINES Ann spinster Apr 4th

DONALDSON John Crisp S/of Wm & Ann farmer Semour Nov 2nd

FEATHERSTONE Ann spinster Feb 3rd

HARRISON Mary widow Jan 7th

HEBRON William shoemaker Jan 24th

LAWRENCE Ann infant Jan 22nd

NOTON Mattw S/of Francis & Eliz tallow chandler Oct 26th

SANDERSON Thomas Weaver Aug 23rd


BRADLEY Jane D/of John labourer Oct 24th

CONNELL Barbara W/of Thos Labourer Dec 3rd

GARBUT John P Jan 30th

HEBRON Margt Widow July 13th

IVISON Robt S/of Ann Jan 1st

IVISON Mary W/of John farmer Feb 17th

LANGSTAFF Tho Weaver May 12th

LAVERICK Dinah D/of John & Dinah June 1st

SCARTH Ann Castle Eden Durham Jan 13th

SUGGETT Jane Widow Jan 18th

SUDDICK Jane D/of Jacob & Mary shoemaker Jul 24th

SWALWELL Alice W/of Wm farmer Jul 22nd

TAYLOR Wm S/of Rowland & Ann Nunthorp Apr 3rd

WALLER Mary W/of Jacob farmer Oct 15th

WILSON Mary W/of Thos Rownton Feb 20th

WOOD William Farrier Dec 3rd


ATKINSON Heturah W/of Joseph Nunthorpe Farmer Apr 16th

BULMER Tho labor Mar 21st

ELDERS Tho S/of Wm farmer Dec 26th

FAWCITT Thomas Stonemason Mar 31st

GARBUT Ann P Spinster Jan 14th

INGLEDEW W- Labourer from Stockton Sep 7th

IVISON John Little Ayton farmer Jan 5th

JONES Thomas Sailor Mar 4th

LAMB Eliz W/of Thos Farmer Jan 22nd

MASDEN Tho S/of John & Mary schoolmaster May 24th

RICHARDSON Christopher Gentleman Mar 6th

RICHARDSON Eliz: W/of Christopher Esqr Sep 10th

RICHARDSON Wm Labourer Sep 29th


BARKER Sarah W/of Wm cordwainer June 21st

BENNISON Mary Widow Jan 9th

BLENKEY Thomas Infant Dec 12th

BRADSHAW Thomas Weaver Sep 29th

COOK John S/of Thomas Weaver Aug 26th

HARKER Ann W/of Joseph Day Labourer Dec 31st

HASTWELL Ann W/of John Labourer Dec 5th

HOLBOURN Elizabeth Widow Aug 2nd

IVISON Robt Farmer Jan 28th

JACKSON Frances Widow Dec 25th

LENG George Labourer Sep 9th

MIRRELL James Assistant Curate Oct 9th

MEASE Solomon Weaver Nov 26th

POTTER Wm P Labourer Jun 28th

RICHARDSON Eleanor Widow Jan 25th

ROWLAND George Infant Dec 6th

SAVEL Wm Soldier Feb 2nd

STEADMAN David Labourer Jan 29th

STURDY Eliz P Widow Jan 30th

WANLEY Jane Widow Feb 2nd

WILLIAMSON Thomas Blacksmith Dec 10th

WILSON Elizabeth Infant Dec 12th

WILSON Thomas Infant Dec 19th

YORK Elizabeth Infant NOV 24th


APPLETON John Shoemaker Jan 18th

BARKER Elizabeth W/of Richard Weaver May 25th

BARKER Richard Weaver May 29th

BEADLAND John Shoemaker Aug 20th

BENNISON Ann of Easby Weaver Apr 8th

BIGGINS Mary D/of William Weaver Jan 19th

BRADLEY John Labourer Feb 3rd

CHARITON Eleanor Infant Jan 10th

DANBY John S/of John Tanner Mar 9th

EASBY Ann W/of Robert Farmer Mar 10th

EASBY Martha D/of Robert Farmer Jun 24th

GARBUTT William Infant S/of Jane Aug 12th

MEASE Hannah W/of Thomas Taylor Aug 6th

SHAW Hannah W/of William Taylor Mar 3rd

WILLIAMSON Jane Widow Apr 15th

WALLER John S/of William Stone Mason June 2nd


SOWLER Sarah D/of John & Ann labourer Oct 16

CASTLE James Esqr from Stokesley Sep16

COWLS Robert Common brewer Nov15

DIXON John Gent from Wykeham Oct 13

FAWCET Isabella Widow aged 92 Sep13

FAWCET Mary D/of Barbara widow Nov- 3

FEATHERSTONE John S/of Thomas Farmer Aug 15

HARRISON Ann W/of John shoemaker Aug 11th

HOLMES John a poor man May 1st

HUTCHINSON Elizabeth W/of William Labourer Jun8

INNIS William late of Norton Nov26

JACKSON Miss Esther Dec 6

LOWLAND Barbara D/of William blacksmith Sep 7

REYNOLDSON Ralph Weaver May 25

PARKER Esther D/of Mr Officer of excise Aug18th

PERKIN Elizabeth Widow Oct 24

ROBINSON John Shoemaker Jun 11th

SHEMINS Thomas Labourer Jun 15

STURDY Thomas S/of Thomas & Ann June 3

STURDY John S/of Thomas & Ann weaver Aug 30

STURDY Sarah D/of Thomas & Ann weaver Sep 23

STURDY Mary Spinster Sep27

TERRY Elizabeth Widow May20

WILLIAMSON Mary from Broughton Oct26


BANKS John Labourer 12th Apr 1804

BEAN Ann Little Ayton 26th Sep 1804

BELCHER Martin Formerly a schoolmaster Jan 24th

BLENKEY Thomas S/of William & Mary Labourer Nov 3rd

CHAPMAN Mary W/of John Labourer 20th Apr 1804

CHAPMAN Margaret D/of John Labourer June 9th

DONALDSON Nicholas Watson S/of Peter Tunstal Sep 20

HEATON Matthew Pauper 8th Apr 1804

HODGSON Joseph Butcher Aug 11th

INNES Rachel a Widow 31st Jan 1804

NICHOLS Elisabeth W/of John labourer 9th Apr 1804

TAYLOR Mary D/of Rowland & Ann Nunthorpe Mar 3

WALLER Jacob Farmer Apr 3

WEATHERILL Francis Farmer May 12


BOWES William Weaver 18th Apr 1805

BULMER Ann Widow Feb 28

BULMERR Ann W/of John Ratcatcher 15th Sep 1805

DIXON Richard From Stokesley Mar 28

EASBY Elizabeth W/of William cooper who died suddenly 14th Aug 1805

ELDERS Elizabeth D/of William farmer Rounton May 3

FORDY John Labourer Aug 2nd

HAILE Mr William Gent Little Ayton Oct 4

KING Thos Farmer Apr 17

MASTON John S/of John schoolmaster 19

MEASE Mary Widow 31st Mar 1805

MEASE Thomas Taylor Sep 8

NATTRASS John S/of John weaver 22nd Apr 1805

NICHOLS John S/of John & Mary labourer Nov 10

TAYLERSON Sarah W/of William weaver May16

WRIGHT Sarah D/of Sarah Jan 27


EASBY Ann of Stokesley who died in the par of Ayton 9th Oct

HARRISON John Shoemaker 11th Oct 1806

HUNTER William Bricklayer Jan20

MINNIKIN Mary D/of Mary an infant May 24

KITCHEN John Servant man from Little Ayton 9th Nov

JOHNSON Charles S/of Rachel an infant Jan 8

MASTON Ann Widow aged 86 27th Sep

PEACOCK Eleanor D/of William Clerk to a merchant Sep 7

PEARSON Mary Spinster Mar 20

ROBSON Rachel Widow Aug 23

SWALWELL William labourer Jan21

SWALWELL James Weaver April 26

TAYLERSON Ann Widow aged 90 May 7

WILSON William Esqr 27th Sep 1806


???????Hannah W/of William Merchant Jan 30
ELDERS Mary D/of William & Mary (farmer) West Rownton Dec 8

ELDRIN Elizabeth Widow Sept 1

ELDWINE Timothy S/of Timothy & Elizabeth Farmer of Ormesby Sept 7

FISHER Jane W/of Jno Shoemaker & Methodist Preacher of Seamer Jan 29

FARMERY Isabel W/of William Farmer Aug 5

FISHWICK Margaret W/of William Weaver Feb 24

GALLOWAY Margaret D/of William Methodist Preacher & labourer Apr 11

HODGSON Elizabeth D/of the late Josh Butcher Mar 11

JOBSON Francis from Nunthorpe Oct 1

PARKINSON Ann Widow from Nunthorp Mar 3

RICHARDSON James labourer killed by falling from a cart Nov 7

ROBINSON Joseph Innkeeper Dec 8

SANDERSON Catharine D/of Humphrey Cordwainer Dec 4

SWALWELL William Jnr Nunthorpe May 21

TRENHOLME John Shoemaker from Stokesley June 8

WINSPER Mary W/of Thomas mason who died suddenly July 20

WILLIAMSON Thomas Labourer Feb 13


APPLETON Mary D/of John & Jane labourer (an infant) July 2

DONALDSON Peter & Ann his wife Farmer Mar 21
GOWLAND Samuel S/of William & Elizabeth blacksmith July 24

HEBRON Peter labourer Mar 20

HECKLE William labourer Little Ayton age 84 May 16

HUGILL Thomas (aged 88) yeoman June 7

IVISON John Jun Labourer Nov 11

JOHNSON Thomas S/of Rachel illegitimate June 25

NAPIER James Shoemaker April 25

PEACOCK Jane D/of William Feb 13

RAMSHAW John S/of John May 6

RICHARDSON James S/of James & Sarah Mariner July 28

STEVENSON Susanna Widow Mar31

WILCOX Grace widow Aug 2

WILLIAMSON Elizabeth W/of John labourer Aug 30


BLENKY William Labourer June 21

CURRY Mr William Farmer Church Warden Oct 24

DIXON Sarah W/of Jno Nunthorpe June 4

DIXON Mrs Grace from Stockton Sep 14

FARMERLY William aged 96 Feb 17

FISHER John Shoemaker & Methodist Preacher from Seamer Jan 19

FISHWICK William Weaver yet 81y Aug 27

GARBUTT Thomas Householder Jan 25

JACKSON Martha W/of Ralph tanner Jan 18

LOTT Michael a blind man Mt 82 Apr 12

MERCHANT William Widower June 11

WILSON Thomas from Rounton July 21

WEATHERILL Mary aged 81 Dec 27


BANKS Elizabeth Widow Apr 21

BRADLEY Thomas & William Ss/of Sarah Mar 2

CROWE Valentine from Elstob in the County of Durham Nov 16

GOWLAND William Blacksmith Jan 29

HAMMOND Hannah Widow from Hutton Rudby May 12

HEATON Christopher S/of William Shoemaker Mar 24

HORNBY Margaret Widow Jan 20

JOHNSON John Tailor Oct 30
LAMB Mary D/of Martha widow Jan 20

LEE fir Thomas Surgeon July 16

MUSTON Robinson S/of Richard weaver May z r

PEART Jane a poor woman Mar 6

SAVILLE Mary Widow aged 96 Jan?

SANDERSON William S/of Humphrey schoolmaster Oct 8

THOMPSON James Widower Jan 28

WRIGHT Thomas S/of John & Jane Mar 2

WILSON Mrs Rachel Relict/of W. Esqr aged 78 May 10

WILSON John Mason Nov 24


BEADNELL Christopher Shoemaker Feb 6

DAVISON James Nunthorpe poor man July 28

EASBY William Cooper aged 83 Apr 11

FEATHERSTONE Dorothy W/of Thomas farmer Kildale Oct 5

HUTCHINSON William S/of Robert & Hannah cordwainer Aug- 30

INGLEDEW William from Stockton aged 85 Oct 31

NATTRASS Daniel Frazer S/of George Weaver June 23

NICHOLS John labourer July 3

RAMSHAW Mary D/of Agnes Feb z

RIGG George S/of George aged 15 Apr 29

ROBINSON Mary Single-woman Dec 26

SWALWELL Rachel W/of Joseph Seaman May 3

SWALWELL Rachel Infant D/of Joseph Seaman May 5

WEATHERILL Mr Thomas aged 69 July 17


ATKINSON Robert householder sudden-death May 26

CALVERT Robert S/of William & Ann shoemaker Feb 25

COULSON Joseph S/of Robert Miller Aug 18

GILBERTSON Mrs Elizabeth W/of Matthew Oct 28

FLINTOFF Jane W/of John Labourer June 9 [p 7 5

HASTWELL John labourer killed by a cart Aug 15

HERCULES Dorothy Widow Nunthorpe Mar 8

HUTCHINSON Margaret W/of John Nunthorpe Feb 17

KENDALL Thomas deaf & dumb May 19

JOLLEY John poor man Sep- 24

MASTON Margaret W/of Richard Weaver May 2

NEWYON Robert laborer May 5

SANDERSON Elizabeth W/of Humphrey cordwainer May 4

RICHARDSON Christopher Esq Dec 27

SWALWELL Mary Widow Sep 27

WILSON Ann Widow July 19






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