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North Berwick War Memorial


World War I  ¦ World War II ¦ Episcopal Church Memorial

1914 - 1919
To Those Men of This Town
who went forth to fight for
God, King and Country
and Came Not Back Again
Name   Additional information
J Adams Gr  
N M Arundel Ldg Tel  
R T Arundel Spr  
W F Gardiner-Bair Capt  
R F Balmain Capt  
A Begg A B  
W B Blair Spr  
T Brown Pte  
N Bunyan Pte  
D M Campbell Pte  
J Carnaghan 2nd Lt  
R Combe Gr  
J F Cree 2nd Lt  
R Hamilton-Dalrymple Lt  
W W Denholm Cpl  
G Dickson Pte  
H Dickson Pte  
R Douglas Pte  
J M Dow L Cpl  
G B Durie L Cpl  
A Drum-Ewing 2nd Lt  
J Fencer L Cpl  
J Foster L Cpl  
J Fraser Str  
A D Fulton Pte  
W G Geddes Pte  
R Gilbert Tr  
W S Gilbert Sig  
W Gilholm Pte  
A Gillies L Cpl  
J Gillies Dr  
J Goodall Pte  
R Gow Pte  
A Grant Pte  
D Grant Pte  
T Gray Pte  
J Greenlaw CSM  
J Gullane Pte  
W Gullane Pte  
J Heggie Cpl  
J Hemingway 2nd Lt  
G M Herries Pte  
G A Hogarth Pte  
T Hogg Pte  
W G Houldsworth 2nd Lt See Episcopal Church Mem
H M Hume Pte  
G H Hunter Pte  
C J Hutchison A M  
D F Hutchison Capt  
H Hutchison A B  
R A Jacobs Pte  
J Jardine Pte  
G Johnson L Cpl  
J Kellagher Pte  
R Keppie Pte  
J Little Pte  
J Little Pte  
H Logan Pte  
J T Longstaff Pte  
A P F Lyon Lt  
C J Lyon Lt  
A McCraw Pte  
W McCraw Gr  
A MacDonald Pte  
D MacDonald Ppr  
R MacDonald Pte  
W MacDonald L Cpl  
C W Macfie 2nd Lt  
F McGrail Pte  
D MacGregor Pte  
J W McKellar Spr  
P G MacKenzie Cpl  
R MacKenzie A B  
J McLaren Gr  
J McLeod Ldg Btn  
E McNeil Gr  
G W McNeil Gr  
J McNeil Gr  
G Marr Gr  
W M Mason Pte  
D D N Mathieson Spr  
J Mattison L Cpl  
J O Mattison E  
J Mavin Gr  
W Melrose Tr  
R De H M Millar 2nd Lt  
W K Miller Gr  
R J S Minto Spr  
J J Mitchell L Cpl  
W Mitchell Sgt  
G Monteith Capt  
H Monteith Maj  
R Monteith C F  
J Morrison Capt  
J P Morton Gr  
J S Muirhead Gr  
A Murray Pte  
J Neill Pte  
W Nisbett Pte  
F Ogilvie Pte  
G Polson Lt  
A Blackwood-Porter Lt  
W C Pringle Cpl  
T Pullar L Cpl  
D S Purdie 2nd Lt  
W K Redpath Sgt        M.M. & Bar  
R L Reid Lt  
C C Renton Lt Col  
A A Richardson Lt  
R F Rintoul Tr  
W Robb Pte  
J Robertson L Cpl  
A S Ross 2nd Lt See Episcopal church memorial
D T Ross Gr  
R E Ross Pte  
J H Sawyers Gr  
J S Schafer A Gr  
T S H Schafer 2nd Lt  
D Scott Pte  
J A Sha nd Pte  
P E Shiel Gr  
J Sibbald Gr  
G H Sim Pte  
J D Simpson Lt  
G J Smale RFN  
S Smale Pte  
D Small L Cpl  
J A E Smith Pte  
G Soutar Gr  
C Stewart Gr  
T Stoddart Gr  
A D Stuart Lt                 M.C.  
A R Grant-Suttie 2nd Lt  
M Tennant 2nd Lt  
J Thomson Cpl  
R Thomson Gr  
W Thomson Pte  
W G Thorburn Gr  
T A Tyers Gr  
J Varney Ldg Btn  
C Walker Sgt  
W Walker Pte  
D P Watt Gr  
R G Brooman-White 2nd Lt  
D A Whitehead L Cpl  
J A Whitehead Cpl  
J Williamson Pte  
A C Wilson Sgt  
D Wyllie Gr  
T Wynn Dr  
J Yates Lt  
J Young L Cpl  


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