Tranent War Memorial

To The Glory of God and In
Loving and Sacred Memory of the Men
of Tranent who Fell in
The Great War
1914 - 1918

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Aithie James R  
Aithie William  
Aitken William  
Alexander John  
Baird Andrew  
Baird David  
Baird John  
Balfour William  
Barr John  
Bathgate Simon  
Bell Peter  
Blades James  
Bradley James  
Brown Joseph  
Bruce William  
Buckley James  
Burt Andrew  
Cameron Peter  
Campbell Robert  
Cartwright R W  
Clark Charles  
Crighton James  
Devine John  
Donald Charles  
Fairgrieve Peter  
Ferguson David  
Fisher Christopher  
Fisher William  
Goldie James  
Gordon William  
Grieve David  
Herkes Peter  
Hogg Robert  
Hood David  
Hood George  
Hunter Robert  
Hunter William  
Inglis Thomas  
James Malcolm  
Jamieson Wm  
Jarvis Andrew  
Johnstone Arch  
Johnstone R W  
K - see last name in list
Kyle Edward  
McArthur James  
McGinty Anthony  
McGregor A  
McInnes James  
McInnes John  
McLean Arch  
McNeish Alex  
Martin Robert  
Millar Thomas  
Moffat Ben  
Morrison Mark  
Melrose Andrew  
Mulligan Pat  
Neill John  
Nicolson Geo  
Norval William  
Park T R  
Porteous Thomas  
Reevie David  
Reid Ben  
Reid James  
Reid John  
Robertson John  
Rogan James  
Rogan John  
Russell Alex  
Scott Alex, Senr  
Scott Alex, Junr  
Scott David  
Scott John  
Shanley James  
Stevenson Chas  
Stewart John  
Sutherland John  
Sutherland John  
Templeton W F  
Tennant John  
Tennant John  
Thomspon Alex  
Tyrie John B  
Tyrie Walter  
Valentine Jas  
Watt Andrew  
Watt Henry L  
Weir John  
Weir John  
Wilkie Henry  
Wood Thomas  
1939 - 1945
John Balfour  
George Baxter  
James Blair  
James Brown  
Joseph Bryant  
Alexander Burns  
Samuel Clark  
James Cook  
Andrew Combe  
J Coull  
A B Dennison  
F R Dobie  
Robert Docherty  
R W George  
William Gibb  
Thomas Hamilton  
Robert Henderson  
john Hogg  
James Hunter  
Hugh Innes  
Alex Johnstone  
Charles Jordan  
James Knowles  
R Lamb  
G Livingstone  
J Malcolm  
N Mitchell  
Wren Annie McIntosh  
David McIvor  
David McNeill  
Forbes McNeill  
Kennedy Patterson  
J Porteous  
A Robb  
Alexander Ross  
D Routledge  
Sam Rowley  
J D Smart  
Matthew O'Brien  
Kilgour Robert L Robert was born inTranent in 1892, but by his teenage years was working as a tinsmith in Edinburgh. He joined the Scots Guards in 1915 and became Pte 13135 and was KIA on 31 July 1917. He rests in Artillery Wood Cemetery along with over 800 other casualties
The name of Robert Liddle Kilgour had been missing from the memorial but with research his name was added to the list of Tranent men on the 91st anniversary of his death.


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