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Parish Register of Horbury. in the Parish of Wakefield 1772

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21 MARSDEN David S/of Thomas Bur

7 MORTON Josias Bur

9 SCHOLEFIELD Jonathan S/of Elizabeth Bur

12 KAYE Abigail Bur

15 SMALLER Christopher S/of Robert Bap

15 CARR Johanna W/of Robert Bur

18 ROBERTS Jacob S/of John Bap &Bur 20th

26 NOTHER William Bur

26 FIRTH Mary D/of William Bap

FEB 1772

6 WALKER Robert S/of John Bur

11 DYSON Mary Wid. Bur

25 BARKER Mary D/of Elizabeth Bur

MARCH 1772

1 GAWTHORP William S /of John Bap

1PRESTON Betty D/of Thomas Bap

1HEAP Sarah D/of Joseph Bap

1WHITELY Hannah D/of John Bap

1 WADE Hannah D/of James Bap

22 CRAVEN Jonathan S/of John Bap

22 MUSGREAVES Richard S/of Martin Bap

24 HOBKIN Judith W/of John Bur

29 MITCHELL William S/of Godfrey Bap

29 BINNS Joseph S/of Hannah Bap base born

APRIL 1772

1 ISSOTT Mary D/of John Bur

5 THORNTON James Bur

19 WILSON Hannah D/of John Bap

20 KENWORTHY Robert Bur

21 CLAYTON Mary D/of Joshua Bap

MAY 1772

3 THORNES Rachel D/of William Bap

3 GOSNAY Mary D/of Jonathan Bap

4 WILSON Hannah D/of John Bur

7 RAYNER Thomas S/of Mr John of Haggs was Bap at Haggs by Mr Joshua Earnshaw Clerk

& at his request was Registered here Haggs being in the Parish of Wakefield

20 LEDGER Phillis D/of Arthur Bur

24 MOULSON John S/of George Bap

26 STEPHENSON Hannah D/of Benjamin Bur

28 ARMITAGE John S/of Thomas Bap

JUNE 1772

7 CRAWSHAY Edmund S/of Samuel Bap

7 LANGLEY Betty D/of Richard Bap

8 TURTON Anne D/of Jonathon Bap

9 ELLIS Mr John Bur

17 CARR Wm & Ellin S/of & D/of Gervase Bap

JULY 1772

3 CASS Mary W/of Joseph Bur & Benjamin His Son Bap

22 HUNT Priscilla D/of Mr George Attorney Bap

22 WILSON Sarah D/of Wm Bur


1 BATLEY John Bur

3 MUSGREAVE Elisabeth Bur

12 PEACE Thomas S/of Thomas Bur

15 BOOTH Thomas S/of Thomas Bap

16 LEE John S/of William Bap

16 ROBERTS Betty D/of Abraham Bap

18 FISHER Francis Bur

23 PROCKTER Hannah D/of John Bap

26 STEPHENSON William S/of Benjamin Bap

SEPT 1772
2 HEATON Martha D/of Francis Bap

7 HOLT William S/of Thomas Bur

25 CRAVEN William S/of Benjamin Bap

27 WOOD John S/of Joshua Bap

27 CASS Benjamin S/of Joseph Bur

OCT 1772

3 COOPE David Bur

4 WALKER Betty D/of Joseph Bap

6 SMALLER Christopher S/of Robert Bur

17 CUTLER Anne Bur

18 ELLIS John S/of Squire Bap

26 NOTHER William S/of Joseph Bap

28 ARMITAGE Hannah D/of Joseph Bap

NOV 1772

1 LOFTHOUSE John S/of Thomas Bap

1 LOFTHOUSE Joseph S/of Thomas Bap &Bur 5

6 SMITH Charles S/of John Bap

10 KEYS George S/of Joseph Bap

18 WOOD Fanny D/of Edward Bap

22 ROBERTS Sarah died

28 POLLARD William S/of William Bap

28 QUARMBY William S/of Joseph Bap

28 ARMITAGE John S/of Mary Bap base born

28 CARTER Sally D/of James Bap

DEC 1772

5 BEDFORD Benjamin S/of Thomas Bap

6 WOOD Alice D/of William Bap

14 WARD John Bur

16 GUNSON Dianah D/of Robert Bur

25 WILSON Benjamin S/of Edward Bap

26 RICHARDSON George S/of John Bap

27 BURTON William S/of Ann base born Bap

31 SAGAR Elisabeth D/of Joshua Bap

Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield 1773


2 CHARLESWORTH Joshua S/of Richard Bap

3 WALKER Betty D/of Joseph Bur

6 BARBER Jonathan S/of William Bap

17 NOTHER James S/of James Bap

24 PARKIN William S/of Mr John, Attorney at Law Bur

28 BARKER John Bur

28 BURDEKIN Sarah D/of Thomas Bur

31 HANSON Sarah D/of James Bap

FEB 1773

13 RAYNER Sally D/of John of Spring End Bap

14 HEATON Martha D/of Richard Bap

22 SYKES Martha D/of William Bap

22 FISH Sally D/of Richard Bap

28 DOBSON Ann D/of John Bap

MARCH 1773
7 ELLIS Ann D/of Joseph Bap


13 FISHER John Bur

17 MITCHELL Hannah D/of John Bur

APRIL 1773
6 PROCKTER Hannah D/of Bur

11 WILSON Nancy D/of Simeon Bap

12 JAGGER John S/of John Bap

12 RACE Sarah D/of Joseph Bap

16 WILSON Joseph S/of Isaac Bap

30 TURTON Joshua Bur

MAY 1773

1 FISHER Hannah Bur

1 PEARSON Joseph S/of Henry Bap

4 WALKER George S/of Gervase Bap

9 WHITEHEAD Betty & Mally Ds/of Joshua Bap & Bur 10

9 FISHER Joseph Bur

11 FOSTER Joseph Bur

23 KIPPAX Hannah D/of Richard Bap

26 FISHER Francis Bur

26 BURTON William S/of Anne Bur

30 ARMITAGE Sarah W/of George Bur

31 MEDCALF William S/of Job Bap

31HINCHLIFFE Mary D/of William Bap

JUNE 1773

4 TURTON Anne W/of Joseph Bur

15 PRESTON Thomas Bur

JULY 1773

4 LOCKWOOD Mary W/of Richard Bur

7 FOZARD John S/of John Bur

9 PARKIN Mr John Bur

12 SMITH Ann D/of John Bur

15 WHITEHEAD James S/of Joshua Bur

18 DRAKE John S/of Francis Bap

18 TURTON Joshua S/of Joshua Bap

20 BURTON Anne Bur

25 MITCHELL Joseph S/of John Bap

28 WHITAKER Anne W/of Joseph Bur

29 SAXTON Francis S/of Benjamin Bap

31 BARKER Joseph S/of Joseph Bap


1 WALKER Samuel S/of Joseph Bap

13 WADE Elisabeth D/of James Bur

15 HEPWORTH Hannah D/of Thomas Bap

22 BROWN Elisabeth D/of William Bap

29 MARSDEN Rachel D/of John Bap

SEP 1773

3rd WILSON Nancy D/of William Bap

15 GILL Salley D/of George Bap

26 ROBERTS Lydia D/of John Bap

30 BURDEKIN Nancy D/of Thomas Bap


1 BURDEKIN Nancy D/of of Thomas Bur

3 CARTER Joseph S/of William Bap

6 POLLARD John S/of John Bap &12 Bur

13 BINNS James S/of John Bap

18 SMALLER Joseph S/of Robert Bap

31 RENSHAW Richard S/of Richard Bap

NOV 1773

7 RICHARDSON Joseph S/of Joseph Bap

14 WOOD Samuel S/of Thomas Bap

21 BURDEKIN George S/of Thomas Bap


29 WALKER Joshua Bur

DEC 1773

2 FOZARD Elisabeth W/of John Bur

27 SPAWFORTH John S/of Benjamin Bap

29 FOZARD Anne D/of John Bur


Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield 1774


8 GOLDTHORP Sally D/of James Bap

16 ROBERTS Hannah D/of John Bap

24 WALKER Anne W/of Ralph Bur

30 LOCKWOOD Richard S/of Richard Bur

FEB 1774

10 ELLIS Francis S/of James Bur

13 THORNES William S/of William Bap

13 WALKER Richard S/of Joseph Bap

13 SUNDERLAND John S/of John Bap

MARCH 1774

6 PARKIN Esther D/of Mr John Bur

APRIL 1774

3 CUTLER Sally D/of Joshua Bap

4 RAYNER James S/of Joshua Bap

4 LEE George S/of William Bap

13 ROBERTS Abraham S/of John Bur


18 MARSDEN William Bur

MAY 1774

10 HAIGH Gervase Bur

13 TOWNE Barbara D/of Richard, Gentleman Bur

22 TURTON Betty D/of Joseph Bap

22 POLLARD William Bur

22 PICKLES David S/of David Bap

22 BRADLEY Sarah D/of Samuel Bap

24 ELLERBY John S/of William Bap

24 KAYE Samuel S/of Joseph Bap

JUNE 1774

5 TURTON Joseph S/of John Bap

10 BINNS Mary Bur

13 TURTON Martha W/of Joshua Bur

JULY 1774

3 HOPWOOD Thomas S/of William Bap

3 WADE Joseph & Mary S & D/of James Bap

5 ARMITAGE Sarah D/of Thomas Bap

24 CRAVEN Ann D/of John Bap


3 POLLARD John S/of William Bap

6 CLAYTON Robert S/of Joshua Bap

6 CASS Benjamin S/of John Bap

8 FOSTER Elisabeth, Bur

12 BARKER John S/of Joseph Bur

12 WILSON Ann D/of Simeon Bur

17 ROBERTS John S/of Abraham Bap

17 HEATON Francis Bur

19 CLAYTON Robert S/of Joshua Bur

21 EDMUNDS Sarah Bur

28 FIRTH Sally D/of William Bap

28 DRAKE George S/of Francis Bap

29 FISH Elisabeth D/of Richard Bur

4 ISSOTT Betty D/of John Bap

18 SPAWFORTH Charles S/of William Bap

21 HUNT Mary D/of Mr George Bap


6 CARR Mrs Rose Bur

22 COOPE Samuel S/of David Bap

24 ELLIS Martha Bur

26 WALKER Sarah D/of James of Leeds Bap

2 CARR George S/of Jarvis Bap

2 SPAWFORTH Charles S/of William Bur

5 QUARMBY Joseph S/of Joseph Bap

6 WHITEHEAD James S/of Joshua Bap

14 HANSON John S/of James Bap

18 CRAVEN Fanny D/of Benjamin Bap

30 CARTER William S/of James Bap

9 TOWNEND George, base born S/of Sarah Bap

25 WOOD Hannah D/of William Bap

25 NOTHER Martha D/of James Bap

26 NOTHER Ann D/of Joseph Bap

26 MITCHELL David Bur

Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield 1775


8 ELLIS Sarah D/of Joseph Bap

11 ARMITAGE John S/of Joseph Bap

13 BARKER Elisabeth Bur

16 BINNS Michael Bur

22 LAW John S/of Joseph Bap

25 HEMINGWAY Mary W/of Joseph Bur

FEB 1775
8 STEPHENSON George S/of Benjamin Bap

12 COCK Lydia W/of James Bur

15 POLLARD Samuel S/of Joseph Bap

16 WADE James Bur

16 HILL Thomas from Ossett Bur

19 ELLIS Martha D/of John Bap

MARCH 1775

5 GOSNAH Samuel S/of Jonathan Bap

12 ROBERTS Judith D/of Joseph Bap

13 RAYNER John S/of William Bap

19 WADE Ann Bur

26 SYKES Ann D/of William Bap

26 BURTON George S/of George Bur

APRIL 1775
2 BRUERTON William S/of Elijah Bap

13 RAYNER Mr John Bur

17 BERRY William base born S/of Elisabeth Bap

17WOOD George S/of Edmond Bap

17 BURDEKIN Joseph S/of Thomas Bap

17 ARMITAGE William S/of John Bap

23 WALKER Sarah Bur

26 LAYCOCK Thomas Bur

MAY 1775

3 SUNDERLAND John S/of Robert Bap

30 TAYLOR Francis S/of the Rev Mr John Curate of Horbury Bap

JUNE 1775

4 CRAWSHAW Jonathan S/of Samuel Bap

5 FISH Betty D/of Richard Bap

18 CRAWSHAW Jonathan S/of Samuel Bap

30 BRADLEY John S/of Samuel Bap

25 CROFT Samuel S/of Mary Bap, base born. was omitted

JULY 1775

2 BRADLEY John S/of Samuel Bur

9th ROBERTS George S/of John Bap

12 BARBER Hannah D/of William Bap

16 BARRACLOUGH Sally D/of Thomas Bap

16 ROBERTS Sarah D/of James Bap

16 WOOD Hannah Bur

21 BURDEKIN Joseph S/of Thomas Bur

23 NAYLOR John S/of John Bap

23 SMALLER Mary D/of Robert Bap & Bur 24

25 COOPE Joshua Bur

26 PEARSON William S/of Henry Bap

AUG 1775

6 RHODES Susanna Wid/of Mr John Bur

13 HEPWORTH Hannah D/of Thomas Bur

13 HARDIWICK Sarah Natural D/of Mary Bap

18 GAWTHORP George S/of John Bap

20 GAWTHORP Hannah D/of John Bap

20 FITTON Hannah D/of Mr William Bur

21 THORNS William S/of William Bur

22 WALKER Joseph Bur

27 WILSON Joseph S/of Simeon Bap

SEP 1775
1 HOYLE Elizabeth D/of John Bap

3 KIPPAX James S/of Richard Bap

10 TOWN Richard. Attorney at Law from Wakefield Bur

11 BARKER William S/of Joseph Bap

11 CUTLER Mary Widow Bur

12 APETHORP John Bur

14 WALKER Martha W/of John Bur

OCT: 1775

1 WALKER Sally D/of Robert Bap

1 WILSON Sally D/of William Bap

7 MITCHELL John S/of John Bap

7 TURTON William S/of Joseph Bap

8 BROWNE William S/of William Bap


14 HEATON Francis S/of Francis Bap

27 FIRTH Sarah D/of William Bur

NOV 1775

15 MITCHELL Jane Bur

25 CHARLESWORTH David S/of Richard Bap

DEC 1775

3 ELLERBY Elizabeth D/of William Bap

24 HINCHLIFF William S/of William Bap

24 WILSON David S/of Edward Bap

24 THORNS Nancy D/of William Bap

24 ROBERTS George S/of John BUR

25 LEE William S/of William Bap

26 JAGGER William S/of John Bap

27 KAYE Charles S/of Joseph Bap

27 CUTLER James Bur


Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield 1776


17 BOOTH John S/of Thomas Bap & Bur 23

21 WHITLEY John S/of John Bap


27 CHILD Thomas S/of William Bap

29 WINTER Anne D/of Thomas Bap

FEB: 1776

4 WORMALD Allan Bur


12 ELLIS Hannah D/of James Bur

13 ROBERTS Mary D/of John Bur

18 BURTON Eleanor D/of Sarah Bap ; natural child

20 FITTON Joseph S/of Benjamin Bap

20 HUNT James Bur

20WOOD Jeremiah S/of Joshua Bap

25 ROBERTS David S/of Abraham Bap

29 ELLERBY Elizabeth D/of William Bur

MARCH 1776

3 SWALLOW Betty D/of Henry Bap

3 HAIGH Anne D/of Thomas Bur

9 WILSON David S/of Edward Bur

13 WHITAKER Mary natural D/of Anne Bap

13 PEARSON Sarah D/of William Bap

17 SPAWFIRTH William S/of William, Bap

29 WALKER Sarah D/of Jervase Bap

APRIL 1776

1 WALKER Sarah D/of Jervase Bur

7 WOOD Fanny D/of Thomas Bap

8 WHITE Joseph S/of Thomas Bap

8 RUSHFIRTH Sarah D/of Paul Bap

10 POLLARD Ann D/of John Bap & Bur 21

28 LANGFIELD John S/of William Bur

MAY 1776

5 SMITH Sarah D/of John Bur

18 COOPE Edward S/of David Bap

21 SMITH Ann D/of Sarah Bur ; natural child

26 WADE Jonathan S/of James Bap

27 SAGER Mally D/of Joshua Bap

JUNE 1776

1 HOLT Ann D/of Thomas Bap

4 MARSDEN Mary D/of Francis Bap

4 CRAVEN Frances W/of Benjamin Bur

13 WALKER Rebecca Bur

22 BINNS Jonas S/of John Bap

30 HODGSON Elizabeth D/of Mary Bap natural child

JULY 1776

1 DRAKE Francis S/of Francis & Bap & Bur 21

7 SPAWFIRTH George S/of Benjamin Bap

10 ELLIS David S/of James Bur

12 HANSON Susanna D/of William Bur


3 CLAYTON Thomas S/of Joshua Bap

11 RICHARDSON John S/of Joseph Bap

11SAYNER Sarah D/of John Bap

19 TINKER Ann Bur

22 POLLARD Joshua S/of Joseph Bap

25 ROBERTS Joshua S/of John Bap

25 RAYNER Esther D/of Joshua Bap

26 HOLT Elizabeth W/of Thomas Bur

SEPT 1776

29 WADE George S/of John Bap

30 WILSON James Bur

2 CART Thomas S/of Jarvase Bap

5 CARTER Thomas S/of James Bap

5 GILL Mary D/of George Bap

6 SENIER Rachel D/of John Bap . From Ossett

6 PICKLES John S/of David Bap

12 ROBERTS Susanna D/of Joseph Bap

13 WHITEHEAD Ann D/of Joshua Bap

20 RUSHFIRTH Joseph S/of Joseph Bap

23 RHODES John S/of Samuel Bap

26 BEDFORD Hannah D/of/Thomas baptized

1 HARGRAVE Frances W/of James buried

9 HOWERT Elias buried

10 TURTON Betty D/of John baptized

13 NOTHER James S/of James buried

16 RAYNER William S/of William baptized

24 FIRTH Fanny D/of William baptized


8 LOFTHOUSE Ave D/of Thomas baptized

12 SMITH Sarah W/of John buried

25 CUTLER Mally D/of Joshua baptized

26 GOLDTHORPE Martha D/of James baptized

29 FISHER William S/of Thomas baptized

Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield 1777



1 QUARMBY Hannah D/of Joseph baptized

1 OATES Hannah W/of Benjamin Buried

19 Walker Martha D/of Joseph Baptized

2 MARSDEN Frances D/of John baptized

2 GUNSON Elizabeth W/of Robert buried

9 NOTHER Joseph S/of Joseph baptized

9 ARMITAGE John S/of John baptized

14 LAND John Buried

16 NOTHER William S/of James baptized

23 TANKARD Hannah D/of John baptized


1 EASTWOOD Phebe W/of William Bur

2 RICHARDSON Thomas S/of John baptized

4 HAWKSHEAD William natural S/of Lydia baptized

9 ELLIS David S/of John baptized

11 CARR Robert buried

15 CARTER Nancy D/of William baptized

30 ELLIS Elizabeth D/of Joseph baptized

31 CRAVEN Frances D/of John baptized

31 FIELDHOUSE Sarah D/of William baptized

31 CARTER Sarah D/of Mary baptized: natural child


6 WOOD William S/of William baptized

9 WOOD Elizabeth W/of Benjamin buried

11 William Marsden buried

19 Timothy S/of Timothy Knowles baptized

27 RAYNER Benjamin S/of John baptized

28 BARRACLOUGH John S/of Thomas baptized


8 ALLOT Samuel S/of Thomas baptized

13 BATLEY Ann Buried

18 ISSOT Sarah D/of John baptized

19 SMALLER Ann D/of Robert Baptized

19ARMITAGE Mary D/of Joseph baptized

25 BEDFORD Joseph S/of Thomas Buried

25 SAGER Elizabeth Buried

JUNE 1777
1 WHYTE John S/of Thomas baptized

22 WOOD John S/of Edward Bap

22 BURDEKIN Catharine D/of Thomas Bap

29 HOPWOOD David S/of William Bap

30 HARGRAVES James Bur

30 CARR Ashur Bur

30 FISHER Mary Bur

JULY 1777


15 WALKER Thomas S/of Jervase Bap

16 BERRY Alice W/of Richard Bur

20 HIRST Joseph S/of Thomas Bap

24 POLLARD Benjamin S/of William Bap

24 LEE Hannah D/of John Bap& Bur 25th

5 WALTON Thomas S/of Joseph Bap

5 WALKER Hannah D/of Robert Bur

12 WILSON Sarah D/of William Bur

17 DYCHE Thomas S/of Samuel Bap

24 HANSON Thomas S/of James Bap

24 GAWTHROP Sarah D/of Matthew Bap

31 WALKER Joseph S/of Joseph Bap

7 ROBERTS Mary D/of Joshua Bap

21 SENIOR Thomas natural S/of Hannah Bap

21 LEAK Hannah D/of William Bap

23 SENIOR Thomas natural S/of Hannah Bur

23 PICKLES John S/of David Bur

24 MARSDEN Sarah D/of John Bur

28 DRAKE William S/of Francis Bap

30 WOOD John S/of Edward Bur


4 BARRACLOUGH Ann D/of Francis Bap

5 BENNETT Abraham S/of Joseph Bap

5 HANSON Sarah W/of James Bur

5WALKER Joseph S/of Joseph Bur

7 CARTER Francis S/of William Bur

7 WHYTE John S/of Thomas Bur

8 STEPHENSON Edward S/of Benjamin Bap

11 PEACE Sarah D/of Thomas Bur

12 WHITEHEAD James S/of Joshua Bur

12 TURTON Isaac S/of Joshua Bap

13 CROFT Samuel natural S/of Mary Bur

14 RICHARDSON Joseph S/of Joseph Bur

14 WALKER Martha D/of Joseph Bur

14 HUTCHINSON Joseph S/of Joseph Bur

15 WILSON Benjamin S/of Edward Bur

16 HEATON Martha D/of Francis Bur

16 WALKER John Bur

19 CUTLER William S/of Joshua Bur

19 KIPPAX James S/of Richard Bur

19 RICHARDSON Thomas S/of John Bur

20 QUARMBY Joseph S/of Joseph Bur

21 GILL Mary D/of George Bur

23 WHYTE Joseph S/of Thomas Bur

26 HEAP Lydia D/of Joseph Bap

26 CUTLER Mary D/of Joshua Bur

26 LEE Joseph S/of William Bap

31 POLLARD Samuel S/of Joseph Bur


2 LAW Phoebe D/of Joseph Bap

7 WHITWORTH Betty D/of George Bap & Bur 8th

9 PROCTOR Betty W/of John Bur

9 HINCHLIFF Mary D/of William Bur

12 HAUKHEAD William S/of Lydia natural child Bur

13 CRAVEN Frances D/of John Bur

15 BARBER Nancy D/of William Bap

16 HOYLE Michael S/of John Bap

20 HIRST Joseph S/of Thomas Bap

23 FITTON Joseph S/of Benjamin Bur

23GOSNEY Susanna D/of Jonathan Bur

24 POLLARD Benjamin S/of William Bap


7 TOWNEND Ann W/of Robert Bur

18 WOOD William S/of William Bur

21 TURTON Mally D/of Joseph Bap

27 MITCHELL Elizabeth D/of John Bap

Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield 1778


6 SIDNEY Thomas S/of James Bap

9 COOPE Elizabeth D/of Benjamin Bur

11 WOOD Martha D/of Joshua Bap

11BRADLEY Mary D/of Samuel Bap

11HILL Priscilla D/of George Bap

13 BARBER Hannah D/of William Bur

22 HOYLE John Bur

24 FITTON Hannah D/of Benjamin Bap

FEB 1778

4 WALKER Sally D/of Joseph Bur

7 BURTON Mally D/of William Bap


26 BOOTH Frances Bur

MARCH 1778

2 WINTER William S/of Thomas Bap

3 KAY John S/of John Bap

3 PEARSON Mercy D/of William Bap

APRIL 1778

6 BEAN Elizabeth Wid Bur

7 SMITH John Bur

9 Spurr Sarah Bur

19 WADE Martha D/of James Bap

20 BROWN Matthew S/of William Bap

26 CHILD Elizabeth D/of Thomas Bap

29 POLLARD Samuel S/of Joseph Bap

30 ELLIS Alice D/of James Bur

MAY 1778

3 HINSLIFF William S/of William Bur

4 DRAKE William S/of Francis Bur

5 HANSON Thomas S/of James Bur

17 CHILD Elizabeth D/of Thomas Bur

23 INGLE Rachel Bur

JUNE 1778

7 PARKINSON William S/of William Bap

7WHITE Mary D/of Samuel Bap

7 NOTHER Ann D/of James Bap

7 FORSTER Honour D/of Abraham Bap

8 ARMITAGE Mary D/of George Bap

8 HEATON Elizabeth D/of Richard Bap

8 GOSNEY Sarah D/of Jonathan Bap

JULY 1778

14 ALLAN Samuel S/of George Bur

18 SPAWFIRTH Benjamin S/of Benjamin Bur

19 WILSON Simeon S/of Simeon Bap

20 ARMITAGE Sarah D/of George Bap


7 HUNT John Bur

9 WILSON Sarah D/of Edward Bap

22 HEATON Thomas S/of Francis Bap

SEP 1778

4 LAW Joseph Bur

6 HINSLIFF Betty D/of William Bap

9 ROBERTS Sarah D/of Abraham Bap

9 SMITH Benjamin Bur

16 WALKER Sarah D/of Joseph Bap

20 LOFTHOUSE James S/of Thomas Bap

10 SWALLOW Samuel S/of Henry Baptized

11 PICKLES James S/of David Baptized

18 SUNDERLAND Hannah D/of Robert Baptized

21 MARSDEN Martha D/of Francis Baptized

1 KIPPAX Samuel S/of Richard Baptized



6 WILSON Elizabeth Bur

8 CRAVEN Ann D/of Benjamin Baptized

22 RAYNER Priscilla D/of Joshua Baptized

28 CARTER James S/of' Tames Baptized

28 QUARMBY Joseph S/of Joseph Baptized


6 HINSLIFF William Bur

20 ROBERTS John S/of James Baptized

25 DAWSON William S/of Joseph Baptized

25 ARMITAGE Thomas S/of Thomas Bapt

25 LEAK John S/of William baptized

25 WADE Samuel S/of John Baptized

25 CUTLER William S/of Joshua baptized

26 WHITWORTH George S/of George baptized

26 RUSHFIRTH Joseph S/of Paul baptized

26 WOOD Hannah D/of Edward baptized

26 ROBERTS Abraham S/of John baptized

27 FIELDHOUSE William S/of William baptized


Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield 1779


6 WHITE George S/of Thomas Bap

8 RAYNER Lucy D/of John Bur

16 CLAYTON Elizabeth D/of Joshua Bap

17 SENIOR Hannah D/of John Bap

24 AIKROYD Joseph S/of Joseph Bap


5 BURTON George Bur

6 COCK James Bur

14 ARMITAGE Joseph S/of Richard Bap

14 WOOD Joseph S/of William Bap

14 HIRST Sarah D/of James Bap

16 SPAWFIRTH Martha D/of Benjamin Bap

16 WARD Martha D/of George Bap

17 ALLOT Daniel S/of Thomas Bap

21 SAGER Martha D/of Joshua Bap

23 RAYNER Sarah D/of Joshua Bur

27 CHARLESWORTH Richard S/of Richard Bap

MARCH 1779

6 TANKARD William S/of John Bap

15 BARRACLOUGH Mary D/of Thomas Bap

21 TURTON Matthew S/of John Bap

APRIL 1779

4 WOOD Nancy D/of Thomas Bap

4 FIRTH Sally D/of William Bap

5 ROBERTS John S/of Joshua Bap

5 NOTHER Hannah D/of Joseph Bap

5KEMPLEY William S/of Christopher Bap

10 ISSOT Sarah W/of John Bur

15 RAYNER James & Esther Son & D/of Joshua Bur

16 TOOTAL Thomas Bur

17 CARTER Hannah D/of William Bap

18 HEMMINGWAY Mary D/of Abram Bur

22 BENTLEY Abraham S/of Joseph Bur

29 HUNT Martha Bur

MAY 1779


2 CHILD Betty D/of Thomas Bap & Bur 11


24 RAYNER Joseph S/of John Bap

24 PROCTOR William S/of William Bap

30 PEARSON Martha Bur

JUNE 1779

6 SPAWFIRTH Benjamin S/of William Bap

13 ELLIS Samuel S/of John Bap

19 COOPE William S/of David Bap

24 BAINS Abel S/of John Bur

JULY 1779

10 HOLT William S/of William Bap

15 WALKER Jarvis S/of Jervase Bap

24 WALKER Sarah D/of Joseph Bap

25 HUTCHINSON John S/of Joseph Bap

28 WOOD William S/of Benjamin Bur


1 RUSHFIRTH Hannah D/of Thomas Bap

1 PICKLES Martha D/of Elkanali Bap &Bur 16

7 SHARPLESS Martha Bur

14 THORNES Samuel Bur

14 PICKLES Martha D/of David Bur

17 MARSDEN Judith D/of David Bap & Bur


6 KAY Susanna W/of Arthur Bur

12 RAYNER Betty D/of John Bap

14 HIRST Rebecca W/of Joseph Bur

15 LOCKWOOD William S/of William Bur

17 FISHER George S/of James Bap

21 LOCKWOOD Jane W/of William Bur

22 POLLARD Jonathan S/of John Bap & Bur 24

24 LOCKWOOD William Bur

25 ELLIS Sarah D/of Joseph Bur


10 FISHER Paul S/of Thomas Bap

10 SMALLER Hannah D/of Robert Bap

18 EASTWOOD Martha Bur

19 HEPWORTH Martha W/of Thomas Bur

24 RAMSDEN Leonard Natural S/of Hannah Bap


3 ELLIS Ann D/of Joshua Bap

14 ELLIS Joseph S/of Joseph Bap

20 HIRST Roger S/of Thomas Bap

20 GAWTHORP Susanna D/of Joseph Bap

23 SMITH Hannah Bur

23 BARBER John S/of John Bap & Bur 26

23 BRUERTON Joseph S/of Elijah Bap


4 TURTON Sarah D/of Joshua Bap

6 CARR Mary Bur

11 HAWKSHEAD William S/of Samuel Bap

12 SYKES Hannah D/of Luke Bap

17 HANSON William Bur

20 WALKER Jemmia D/of Mary Bur

25 GAWTHORP Benjamin S/of John Bap

25 THORNES Benjamin S/of William Bap

25 TAYLOR Betty D/of Thomas Bap

25 DRAKE Mary D/of Francis Bap

27 PROCTER Elizabeth W/of John Bur

Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield 1780


2 TURTON Prissy D/of Joseph Bap

9 LEE Samuel S/of William Bap

13 SIDNEY John S/of James Bap

20 RAYNER John Bur

26 FITTON William S/of Benjamin Bap

30 FOISTER Stephen of Ossett Bur


2 KNOWLES Ann D/of Timothy Bap

4 ARMITAGE Nancy D/of George Bap

14 QUARMBY Martha W/of William Bur

15 SMITH Susanna W/of Joseph Bur

21 MITCHELL Benjamin S/of John Bur

22 GAWTHORP Grace W/of of Joseph Bur

MARCH 1780

4 WHYTE John S/of Samuel Bap

5 BURTON Nancy D/of William Bap

27 WILSON Joseph S/of William Bap

27 PEARSON Martha D/of William

28 ROBERTS Abraham & Joseph Ss/of Abraham Bap

APRIL 1780

8 WALTON Joseph S/of Joseph Bap

9 STRINGER Thomas S/of Thomas Bap

15 HEATON William Bur

17 RHODES Samuel Bur . Bricklayer

18 COOPE Frances Bur

23 MARSDEN Thomas S/of Thomas Bur

MAY 1780

3 BARBER John S/of William Bap

14 BANES Samuel S/of John Bap

15 KAY Sarah D/of Joseph Bap

21 WADE Mary D/of George Bap

27 NOTHER Rachel D/of James Bap

28 GARTHWAITE William S/of George Bap

31 PROCTOR Mary W/of John Bur

JUNE 1780

2 JACKSON John Bur

3 BRYAN Sarah W/of Mr Matthew Bur . Merchant

3 CHILD Mary D/of Thomas Bap

10 ARMITAGE George S/of * Joseph Bap

10BURDEKIN William S/of Thomas Bap

19 PROCTOR John S/of William Bur

22 DAWSON Martha Bur

23 PROCTOR William S/of John Bur

23 ALLAN Sarah W/of Stephen Bur

25 KAY Rachel D/of Thomas Bap

JULY 1780

1 PICKLES John S/of Ell?/ Bapt
1 ARMITAGE Mary D/of Joseph Bur

6 GAWTHORP Dorothy W/of Joseph Bur

11 CLIFF George Bur

11 SMITH Joseph Bur

16 KAY John S/of George Bap

17 BARRACLOUGH Mary Wid/of John Bur

30 ROBERTS Joseph S/of Joseph Bap

31 BARRACLOUGH Mary D/of Thomas Bur

2 CASTLEHOUSE Martha W/of John Bur

3 RHODES John S/of Samuel Bur

3 MARSDEN Hannah D/of Thomas Bur

3 ARMITAGE Martha D/of George Bap

13 ELLIS Hannah D/of James Bur

20 WILSON Betty D/of Edward Bap

31 LEAK Thomas S/of William Bap

SEP 1780

2 POLLARD Thomas S/of Joseph Bap

10 CARTER Ann D/of James Bap

10 SAGER Martha D/of Joshua Bur

14 POLLARD Edward S/of William Bap

21 WHITWORTH Ann D/of George Bap


OCT 1780

7 FITTON William S/of Benjamin Bur

14 KAY John S/of Arthur Bap

14 WINTER Samuel S/of Thomas Bap

21 HIRST Betty D/of James Bap

29 GOLDTHORP John S/of James Bap

31 PEACE Mary Bur

NOV 1780

2 ROBERTS Abraham Bur

4 NOTHER Ann D/of James Bur

5 BURDEKIN William S/of Thomas Bur

7 BATES Achsah D/of Benjamin Bur

14 SMITH Elizabeth W/of John Bur

19 WHITLEY Samuel S/of John Bap

20 FARRAR Elizabeth W/of Isaac Bur

DEC 1780
2 MITCHELL Benjamin S/of James Bap

3 NOTHER Rachel D/of James Bur

34 MARSDEN Judith D/of John Bap

25 EASTWOOD Becca D/of James Bap
25 FRECKLAND Abram S/of Thomas Bap

30 POLLARD Martha D/of John Bap





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