1781 Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield

JAN 1781
1 WOOD Judith D/of Edward Bap

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3 ARMITAGE Joseph Bur

6 BEDFORD Thomas S/of Thomas Bap

14 WALKER Sally D/of George Bap

17 HAWKSHEAD William S/of Samuel Bur


2 FISH Hannah D/of Richard Bap

5 COOPE Benjamin Bur

16 CRAWSHAW Mary D/of Samuel Bur

20 MARSDEN John S/of Thomas Bur .

21 LEE Sarah D/of John Bap

27 ATKINSON Henry S/of Joseph Bap

MARCH 1781

10 HOLT Thomas S/of William Bap

11 BARBER David S/of John Bap

16 SMITH Mary D/of Benjamin Bur

17 ARMITAGE William S/of Richard Bap

18 COOPE Elizabeth D/of David Bap

18 MARSDEN Ann D/of Francis Bap

19 STRINGER Samuel S/of Thomas Bap

30 THORP Hannah D/of John Bap

APRIL 1781

4 MARSDEN Richard Bur

4 FITTON Hannah D/of Benjamin Bur

7 POLLARD Martha D/of John. Bur

8 SWALLOW George S/of Henry Bap

13 ALLOTT Sarah D/of Thomas Bap

16 CARTER Isaac S/of 'Mary Bap. natural child

16 FIRTH Edy D/of William Bap

16 TAYLOR John S/of Thomas Bap

16 GOSNEY Elizabeth D/of Jonathan Bap

22 CRAVEN Benjamin S/of Benjamin Bap

22 -WADE Sally D/of John Bap

28 RAYNER Esther D/of William Bap

29 ROBERTS William S/of Joshua Bap

MAY 1781

12 SENIOR Joseph S/of Jonathan Bur

16 GLEDALL Paul Bur

21 WALKER Ann W/of Joseph Bur

24 CASS Hannah W/of Joseph Bur

JUNE 1781

3 ARMITAGE Julia D/of George Bap

4 WHITE Thomas S/of Thomas Bap

4 CLAYTON Sarah D/of Joshua Bap

17 POLLARD William S/of William Bap

23 NOTHER John S/of Joseph Bap

23 MARSDEN Sarah D/of William Bur

24 SPAWFIRTH Sally D/of William Bap

30 RAYNER Mary D/of Joshua Bap

JULY 1781

1 DOBSON James S/of John Bap

4 QUARMBY Martha D/of Joseph Bap

9 WADE Joseph Bur

10 FISHER Martha D/of James Bap & Bur 12

13 GOLDTHORP Thomas S/of Peter Bur

14 CHARLESWORTH John S/of Richard Bap

21 TANKARD Ann D/of John Bap

29 CUTLER Jonathan S/of Joshua Bap

AUG 1781
1 SPAWFIRTH Edward S/of Benjamin Bap .

5 SPENCER Benjamin S/of Matthew Bap

12 HAIGH Thomas S/of Jeremiah Bap

18 CROWTHER John S/of William Bap

18 PARKINSON Hannah D/of William Bap

SEP 1781

1 WALKER Matty D/of Jervase Bap

2 AUDSLEY Hannah D/of John (of Ossett) Bap

9 WHITE Benjamin S/of Jehoiada Bap

9 BINNS John S/of Edward Bur

16 ORANGE George S/of Joseph Bap

22 FITTON William S/of Benjamin Bap

29 WHITE Joseph (Clerk of the Chapel of Ossett) Bur

7 RICHARDSON Thomas S/of William Bap

14 LEE Sally D/of William Bap

14 WADE Betty D/of Robert Bap

20 STEPHENSON Susanna D/of Benjamin Bap

20 HEATON Hannah D/of Francis Bap

21 WOOD John S/of William Bap

25 COOPE Michael Bur

28 THORNES Samuel S/of William Bap

28 ELLIS James S/of John Bap

4 RUSHFIRTH Richard S/of Paul Bap

11FIELDHOUSE Ann D/of William Bap

11 TURTON Rachel D/of john Bap

1 ROBERTS John (Clerk of the Chapel of Horbury) Bur

2 RAYNER William S/of John Bap

4 SMITH Ann Bur

23 BRADLEY Samuel S/of Samuel Bap

26 WOOD Benjamin S/of Joshua Bap


1782 Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield


2 BARRACLOUGH Thomas S/of Thomas Bap

6 HIRST Rebecca W/of James Bur

9 WILSON Joseph S/of Simeon Bur

22 THREAPLAND Abraham S/of Thomas Bur

27 EASTWOOD Richard S/of Martha (natural child) Bap

27SAYNER Rachel D/of John Bap


2 SCHOEFIELD Timothy Bur

3 RUSHFIRTH Thomas S/of John Bap

11 LANGFIELD Hannah D/of Martha (natural child) Bap

12 FOSTER Sarah W/of Abraham Bur

12 HUTCHINSON Thomas S/of Joseph Bap

17 NOTHER Isaac & John Ss/of James Bap

MARCH 1782

6 HAWKESHEAD Martha D/of Samuel

10 GAWTHORP Matthew S/of Matthew Bap

24 WILSON Joseph S/of Simeon Bap

27 THOMPSON Sarah W/of Thomas Bur

31 WHITE Catharine D/of Abraham Bap

APRIL 1782

11 SENIOR Mary Bur

14 BERRY Betty D/of Richard Bur

21 HIRST Thomas S/of Thomas Bap

25 POLLARD Tempest S/of William Bap

28 CUTLER Jonathan S/of Joshua Bur

MAY 1782

1 COOPE Jeremiah S/of Jeremiah Bap

9 WHITWORTH Benjamin S/of George Bap

10 WHITWORTH Benjamin S/of George Bur

12 PICKLES Sarah D/of David Bap

12 DAWSON Sarah Bur

19 WILSON Thomas S/of William Bap

20 HANSON Mary D/of James Bap

20 BURTON George S/of Daniel Bap

20 KAY David S/of Thomas Bap

21 HEATON Richard Bur

27 POLLARD James S/of John Bap& Bur27

JUNE 1782

1st SUNDERLAND Mary D/of William Bap & Bur 4th

9 RICHARDSON Anna Maria D/of John Bap

17 CUTLER Joshua Bur

25 CHARLESWORTH Thamar W/of Joshua Bur

29 HAIGH Catharine W/of William Bur

29 WHITE Samuel S/of George Bap

30 FISHER Hannah D/of James Bap

JULY 1782

6 SWALLOW Betty D/of Henry Bur

13 CARTER Mary D/of James Bap

13 MITCHELL Joseph S/of James Bap

14 PICKLES Benjamin S/of Elkanah Bap

20 LEAK Hannah D/of William Bap

28 BRUERTON Elijah S/of Elijah Bap

28TURTON John S/of Joseph Bap

AUG 1782

4 WHITE Thomas S/of Samuel Bap

11 FARRAND Thomas S/of John Bap

12 GREENWOOD Martha D/of Moses Bap

24 ARMITAGE Sarah D/of Joseph Bap

25 WALTON Ann D/of Joseph Bap & Bur 28th

SEP 1782

8 SMALLER George S/of Robert Bap

8 BURTON Fanny D/of Wm Bap

13 SUNDERLAND Edward Bur

15 GUNSON John S/of Joseph Bap

18 KAY Joseph S/of Joseph Bap

OCT 1782

6 WILSON Thomas S/of Edward Bap

19 CRAVEN John Bur

20 GOODALL Fanny D/of John Bur

26 PEARSON John S/of William Bap

26 TURTON Sarah D/of Benjamin Bap

27 WOOD Mally D/of Thomas Bap

27HEPWORTH Nancy D/of Thomas Bap

NOV 1782
3 WILSON Thomas S/of Edward Bur

7 CARR Grace Wid/of George Bur

16 WILSON John S/of Edward Bur

17 BAINS Thomas S/of John Bap

21 STEPHENSON Hannah W/of William Bur

22 DEWHIRST Benjamin S/of Richard Bap

22 DEWHIRST Ann W/of Richard Bur School-Master

DEC 1782

2 ISSOTT Japheth Bur

5 SMITH John S/of John Bur

14 WHITE Thomas S/of John Bur

15 ELLIS Mary D/of Joseph Bap

22 LANGFIELD William Bur

24 CRAVEN Mary D/of Benjamin Bap

25 CRAVEN Mary D/of Benjamin Bur

25 ARMITAGE Sarah D/of George Bap

25 WEBSTER Joshua S/of Aaron Bap

26 POLLARD Ann D/of Joseph Bap

26 WHITE Leonard S/of Joseph Bap

26 THREAPLAND Sarah D/of Thomas Bap

26 LOCKWOOD Jane D/of Joseph Bap

27 KAY James S/of Arthur Bap

27 COOPE Isaac S/of George Bap

28 ARMITAGE John S/of George Bap

1783 Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield

6 BROWN Joshua S/of William Bap

15 BRADLEY Joseph S/of Samuel Bap

26 SPENCER Benjamin S/of Matthew Bur

FEB 1783

1 MARSDEN Sarah Bur

2 COOPE Ann Bur (Wid/of David)

2 WADE Mercy D/of Robert Bap 5 & Bur 6

9 PEARSON Sarah W/of William Bur

15 FARRAR Isaac S/of Isaac Bap

MARCH 1783

4 HIRST Mary D/of James Bap

4 BREARLY Mary D/of John Bap

9 TURTON Martha D/of Joseph Bap

12 CRAVEN Ann D/of Benjamin Bur

21 WALKER Hannah D/of Benjamin Bur

23 BERRY Richard Bur

23 WILSON Sarah D/of Edward Bur

24 ROBERTS John. S/of Joshua Bur

24 ROBERTS George S/of Joshua Bap

25 JESSOP Richard Bur

26 HAWKSHEAD Martha. D/of Samuel Bur

27 HOPWOOD Mary D/of of George Bap

28 SPENCER Matthew S /of Matthew Bap

28 SPENCER Martha D/of Matthew Bap & Bur

29 ROBINSON Anna D/of Joseph (Surgeon in His Majesty Navy) Bap

30 HERBERT Mary D/of George Bap

APRIL 1783

4 ARMITAGE Frances D/of George Bur

5 LEE James S/of John Bap

8 DAWSON William S/of Joseph Bur

8 MARSDEN Francis S/of Francis Bap

16 PEARSON Martha D/of William Bur

18 WHITLEY Samuel S/of John Bur

18 EAGLAND Eli S/of Sabra (natural child) Bur

20 GOLDTHORP Nancy D/of James Bap

20 SMALLER Hannah D/of Robert Bur

20 RYLEY William Bur

21 CLAYTON George S/of Joshua Bap

21 ROBERTS John S/of Joseph Bap

22 ATKINSON Henry S/of Joseph Bur

22 APPLEBY Mary D/of Robert Bap & Bur

27 CARTER Margaret W/of Charles Bur

27 RUSHFIRTH Rachel D/of John Bur

29 SWALLOW George S/of Henry Bur

30 WHYTE George S/of Thomas Bur

MAY 1783

4 WALTON Joseph S/of Joseph Bur

8 LEE Sarah D/of John Bur

9 WALKER Susanna D/of Joseph Bap & Bur

10 RAYNER Thomas S/of James Bap

11 STRINGER Martha D/of Thomas Bap

13 BROWN Eleanor Bur

14 TURTON Sarah D/of Joshua Bur

22 WHITWORTH William S/of George Bap

23 MARSDEN Judith D/of John Bur

27 MARSDEN Hannah D/of Thomas Bur

29 WOOD James S/of Edward Bap

JUNE 1783

2 TANKARD John S/of John Bap

3 WALKER Sally D/of George Bur

6 PEARSON Mary W/of Joseph Bur

6 HEPLESTON Hannah W/of Samuel Bur

7 FIELDHOUSE William Bur

8 RUSHFIRTH Elizabeth D/of Aquilla Bap

8 RUSHFIRTH William S/of Thomas Bap

8 SWALLOW Henry & Mary S& D/of Henry Bap

9 FISH Fanny D/of Richard Bap

10 BARBER Joseph S/of William Bap

11 WILSON Betty D/of Edward Bur

12 CARTER Mary D/of James Bur

15 HARDWICK Betty D/of Joseph Bap & Bur

19 COOPE Jesse S/of David Bap

21 QUARMBY John S/of Joseph Bap

24 PARKINSON William S/of William Bur

29 PARKINSON Hannah D/of William Bur

JULY 1783

6 HARDWICK Ann W/of Joseph Bur

6 ATKINSON Susanna D/of Joseph Bap

13 WHYTE Betty D/of Thomas Bap

13 NORTON Joshua S/of Joseph Bap & Bur

22 OVEREND Peter S/of Timothy Bap & Bur

29 GRAWTHORP Joseph Bur

16 RUSHFORTH Joseph S/of Joseph Bap

18 HEATON Hannah D/of Francis Bur

23 CASS Martha W/of John Bur

26 QUARMBY Martha D/of Joseph Bur

31 RAYNER Mary D/of Joseph Bap

6 HOLT Mary D/of William Bap

11 CHARLESWORTH John S/of Joshua Bur

12 WHITWORTH William S/of George Bur

27 CHARLESWORTH Betty D/of Richard Bap


is'. Here commences the Stamp Duty Of 3d on all entries of any Burial, Birth or Christening

. for which said entries without stamp 1 have a Licence dated 24th Sep 1783, & signed by John Clough of York, who is authorized by His Majesty's Commissioners for said Duties to grant such licences.

3 PEARSON Henry S/of Susanna Bap . natural child. Pauper

13 CARTER George S/of Charles Bap

25 ALLOTT Isabel D/of Thomas Bap

NOV 1783

2 DAWSON Nancy D/of Joseph Bap

9 SUNDERLAND William S/of William Bap

9 MARSDEN Elizabeth D/of of John Bap

23 POLLARD Jeremiah S/of William Jun Bap

29 RUSHFIRTH Thomas S/of John Bap

DEC 1783

10 ELLIS Sarah D/of Squire Bur

25 ELLIS William S/of James Bap

25 WHITE James S/of Joseph Bap

26 RICHARDSON James S/of John Bap .

27 BURDEKIN John S/of George Bap

1784 Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield

JAN 1784

1st COOPE Ann D/of Jeremiah Bap

11 HAWKSHEAD Thomas S/of Mary Bap , natural child

11 POLLARD Christopher S/of William Senr Bap & Bur 15

22 BEAUMONT Francis S/of Robert Bap& Bur 23

25 ELLIS Hannah D/of John Bap

26 POLLARD Anthony S/of John Bur

FEB 1784

6 POLLARD Anthony S/of John Bur

9 GAWTHORP Grace Widow Bur


91 NOTHER Mary D/of Joseph Bap

25 TOWNEND Robert Bur

MARCH 1784

7 HAWKSHEAD John S/of Samuel Bap

8 SWALLOW Mary D/of Henry Bur

14 SPAWFORTH Mary D/of Benjamin Bap

14 LEE Benjamin S/of William Bap

14 BARBER Paul S/of John Bap

14 JAGGER Ann D/of John Bur

16 WALKER William S/of Gervase Bap

16 HEMMINGWAY Abraham Bur . Pauper

21 MITCHELL Ann D/of James Bap

21 RICHARDSON John S/of James Bap

24 COOPE Sarah Bur

APRIL 1784

5 GAWTHORP Matthew Bur

11 SHARPLESS Joseph S/of William Bap

12 GOSNEY Timothy S/of Jonathan Bap

12 APPLEBY Ann D/of Robert Bap

13 EASTWOOD Joseph S/of James Bap & Bur

13 LIONS John Bur . Pauper

18 ELLIS Benjamin S/of Joshua Bap

MAY 1784
2 HEPWORTH Charles S/of Thomas Bap

7 HAIGH Sarah Widow Bur

15 COOPE Grace Bur . Pauper

30 CARTER Robert S/of James Bap

30 WHITELEY Mary D/of John Bap

31 WILBY Luke S/of James Bap

31RACE William S/of John Bap

31 PICKERSGILL Jesse S/of George Bap

JUNE 1784

27 HAIGH Jeremy S/of Jeremy Bap

JULY 1784

4 NOTHER James S/of James Bap

4 WADE James S/of John Bap

4 BATES Benjamin S/of Benjamin Bur

10 NEWTON Joseph Bur

18 RAYNER Betty D/of John Bap

11 SWALLOW John S/of Henry Bap

29 THORNES William S/of William Bap


1 NORTON Betty D/of Joseph Bap

1 BOTTOMLEY Thomas S/of Joshua Bap

1 WINTER John S/of Thomas Bap

29 GAWTHORP Mary D/of Matthew Bap

SEP 1784
11 HIRST Peggy D/of Thomas Bap

11 WILSON John S/of William Bur

12 FIELDHOUSE Thomas S/of William Bap

12 OVEREND William S/of Timothy Bap

12 LEAK Robert S/of William Bap

19 FISHER Sarah D/of James Bap

19 WHITEHEAD Betty W/of Joshua Bur . Pauper


16 BAYIDON Ann D/of Joseph Bap

24 COOPE Ann Bur

24 EASTWOOD William S/of Moses Bap

24 FIRTH William S/of William Bap

29 HALLY John Bur . Pauper

30 PICKLES Betty D/of David Bap

30HIRST Rebecca D/of James Bap

31 FARRAND Joseph S/of Joseph Bap

NOV 1784
1 ASH Matthew Bur

3 BARRACLOUGH Edward S/of Thomas Bap

16 LOCKWOOD Phillis Bur . Pauper

23 GILL Annabella, W/of George Bur

26 BARKER Joshua S/of Joseph Bur

26 RAYNER Mary D/of Joseph Bur

5 DURHAM Sarah D/of Margaret Bap . Natural child

25 CARTER Frank S/of William Bap

25 POLLARD Harriet Ann D/of Joseph Bap

25 BERRY John S/of Joseph Bap

25 HIRST Martha D/of James Bap

25 DOBSON Elizabeth D/of John Bap

27 KAY Martha D/of Joseph Bap

30 CUTLER Martha Bur . Pauper

1785 Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield

9 HANSON John S/of William Bap

16 BREARLY Hannah D/of John Bap

16 SHARPLESS Joseph S/of Sarah Bap. Natural child
16 WADE Betty. W/of Robert Bur. pauper
19 WHITWORTH Sarah D/of George Bap

FEB 1785

5 COOPE Elkanah Bur

6 RUSHFIRTH Paul S/of George Bap

12 BATLEY Betty Bur . Pauper

13 RAYNER Joshua S/of Joseph Bap

15 WHITWORTH Sarah D/of George Bur

27 PICKLES David S/of Elkanah Bap

MARCH 1785

2 APETHORP Susanna Bur

13 WOOD Elizabeth D/of William Bap pauper

14 SWALLOW Joseph Bur

27 WILSON George S/of Edward Bap

27 STRINGER Fanny D/of Thomas Bap

27TOMMIS Hannah D/of James Bap

28 GREENWOOD Phebe D/of Moses Bap


3 SCHOFIELD John S/of John Bap . pauper

11 MITCHELL Mary Widow Bur

24 LEE William S/of John Bap


2 CRAVEN Tabitha D/of Benjamin Bap

15 WILSON Joanna D/of William Bap

15 SAYNER Elizabeth D/of John Bap

13 WADE Ann D/of James Bap

16 ELLIS John S/of James Bap

BAINS Betty D/of John Bap

KAY Sarah D/of Arthur Bap

29 CARTER Sarah & Mary Ds/of Charles Bap

30 ROBERTS Nancy D/of John Bap

JUNE 1785

5 EASTWOOD Ruth D/of John Bap

5 WHITE William S/of Thomas Bap

11 ARMITAGE Ann D/of William Bap

12 TANKARD Fanny D/of John Bap

12 HARDAKER William S/of William Bap

18 CRAVEN James S/of Joseph Bap

19 CROWTHER William S/of William Bap

19 MITCHELL John Bur . pauper

24 WHITELEY Mary D/of John Bur

26 WADE Hannah. D/of Robert Bur . pauper

26 PARKER Richard Bur . Pauper

26 ROBERTS Betty D/of Joshua Bap

26 EASTWOOD Frances D/of James Bap

5 STRINGER Elizabeth Widow Bur

17 PARKINSON Ann D/of William Bap

7 ARMITAGE Isaac Bur

12 CRAVEN James Bur

21 JOHNSON Hannah W/of Matthew Bur

23 BLACKBURN Margaret D/of Thomas Bap

30 PEARSON Mary Widow Bur . Pauper

12 BOTTOMLEY Mary D/of Joshua Bap

16 ATKINSON Sarah D/of Joseph Bap

18 ARMITAGE Mary D/of George, Labourer Bap

18 KAY George Bur

29 KNOWLES Susanna D/of Timothy Bap

2 BAINS William S/of John Bap

15 WALSHAW John S/of Richard Bap


21 POLLARD Hannah D/of William Stuffmaker Bapt& Bur 22

30 HUTCHINSON William S/of Joseph Bap

10 SAYNER Elizabeth W/of Joseph Bur

12 CLEGG John S/of John Bur

16 BLAKESLEY Ann Widow Bur

17 WHITWORTH Joseph S/of George Bap

17 WHITWORTH John S/of George Bap & Bur 18

18 POLLARD Elizabeth W/of William Stuff maker Bur

19 POLLARD Harriet Ann D/of Joseph Bur

26 BURDEKIN Anthony S/of George Bap

30 WHITWORTH Joseph S/of George Bur

11 TURTON Ann Widow Bur. Pauper

17 HEALD Mary D/of Timothy Bap

17 THORNES Catharine * W/of John Bur

.25 AIKROYD Ann D/of Joseph Bapt

30 HAIGH Jeremy S/of Jeremy Bur

31 ARMITAGE Richard S/of Edward Bap

31 WHITE Allice W/of John Bur

1786 Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield

1 ELLIS David S/of Joshua Bapt

1 GIGGALL Frank S/of John Bapt

4 ELLIS Hannah W/of Squire Bur

4 LEAK William S/of William Pauper Bapt & Bur 5

6 FISHER Sarah D/of James Bur

11 ALLAN Nancy D/of George Bapt. Pauper

11 ALLAN Ann W/of George Bur . Pauper

14 SCHOFIELD John S/of John Bur

15 HANSON Joseph Cass S/of James Bapt

15 ELLIS Elizabeth D/of Francis Bapt

15 CLAYTON George S/of Joshua Bur

16 APPLEBY Robert Bur . Surgeon

18 SMITH Ann D/of Joseph Bur

18 WILSON George S/of Edward Bur

18 LEE Sarah D/of William Bur

21 BURTON Fanny D/of William Bur
22 WADE James S/of John Bur . Pauper

29 MARSDEN John S/of Frank Bapt

29 RACE Ann D/of John

29 MITCHELL Samuel S/of James Bapt

6 COOPE Ann Widow Bur

7 CRAVEN James S/of Joseph Bur

13 RAYNER Thomas S/of James Bur

13 RAYNER James S/of James Bapt

16 PICKERSGILL Jesse S/of George Bur

24 HUTCHINSON John S/of Joseph Bur

28 PRESTON Thomas S/of William Bapt

28 WALTON Hannah D/of Joseph Bapt

MARCH 1786

5 WADE George S/of George Bapt

6 GAWTHORP Matthew S/of Matthew Bur . Pauper

15 BEVERS Mary W/of George Bur

15 GAWTHORP Mary D/of Matthew Bur . Pauper

17 HIRST Peggy D/of Thomas Bur

19 ARMITAGE Elizabeth D/of David Bapt

25 ARMITAGE William S/of Thomas Bapt

30 CRAVEN Tabitha D/of Benjamin Bur

APRIL 1786

4 CUTLER Margaret Bur . Pauper

17 DICKINSON John S/of James Bapt

17 RICHARDSON Elizabeth D/of John Bapt

20 POLLARD Simeon S/of William of Hail Cliff Bapt

30 GIGGALL Frank S/of John Bur

MAY 1786

9 PEARSON John S/of William Bur . Pauper

12 LEE Joseph S/of William Bur

21 KAY Joseph Bur . Pauper

23 POLLARD Thomas S/of Joseph Bur

JUNE 1786

CLAYTON George S/of Susanna natural child Bapt 2 & Bur 4

4 CLAYTON Susanna D/of Joshua Bur

4 FARRAR John S/of Isaac Bapt

4 QUARMBY Thomas S/of Joseph Bapt

4 ALLOTT Thomas S/of Thomas Bapt

4 LOCKWOOD William S/of Joseph Bapt

5 SUNDERLAND Edward S/of William Bapt

Bapt 5 & Bur 31 TURTON Benjamin S/of John

6 HEATON Joseph S/of Francis Bapt

11 HILL Elizabeth D/of John Bur

21 WALKER Joshua S/of Gervase Bapt

22 BARBER Joseph S/of William Bur

26 BINNS Edward Bur . Pauper

28 ARMITAGE William S/of Thomas Bur

JULY 1786

2 BRUERTON Gervase S/of Elijah Bapt

2 WALKER Elizabeth D/of Thomas Bapt

6 COOPE Benjamin S/of Jeremiah Bapt

23 DAWSON John S/of Joseph Bapt

23 RACE Joshua Bur


5 BALMFIRTH Ellen W/of Isaac Bur . Pauper

6 BOOTH William S/of Joseph Bapt

6 SWALLOW Sarah D/of Henry Bapt

6 WHITELEY Sally D/of John Bapt

7 BOLD Chrissy D/of John Bapt

13.RAYNER Judith D/of Joseph Bapt

17 BAYIDON Elizabeth D/of Joseph Bapt

20 ELLIS William S/of Joseph Bapt

20 FARRAND John S/of Joseph Bapt


3 ELLIS John S/of John Bapt

17 THOMPSON John S/of Benjamin Bapt

17 SWAIN Hannah D/of James Bapt

17 NOTHER Abraham & Sarah S& D/of James (2) Pauper

17 SYKES Sarah D/of Martin Bapt

17 SHARPLESS Nancy D/of William Bapt

19 NETHERWOOD George Bur


1 CARTER Pally D/of James Bapt

7 FITTON William S/of Benjamin Bur

12 CARTER Charles Bur

14 HIRST Ann D/of James Bapt

15 MOOR Sally D/of Thomas Bapt

17 CARTER Mary D/of Charles Buried

29 CLEGG John S/of John Bapt

29 HAIGH George S/of Jeremiah Bapt

29 HUNT Sarah D/of Henry Bapt

7 HUTCHINSON Frances W/of Joseph Bur

7 OLDROYD Henry S/of Henry Bur Pauper

9 DEWS Mary W/of Joseph Bur

11 WHITE Leonard S/of Joseph Bur

12 WILSON Hannah W/of Thomas Bur Pauper

12 THREAPLAND William S/of Thomas Bapt

26 DAWSON John S/of Joseph Bur

26 NOTHER Sarah D/of James Bur Pauper

26 POLLARD William S/of John Bapt

27 MARSDEN Elizabeth D/of John Bur

27 NORTON Betty D/of Joseph Bur

3 WADE Hannah D/of John Bapt

3 PICKLES Hannah D/of David Bapt

10 WILSON Simeon Bur Pauper

12 MITCHELL Joseph S/of James Bur

25 CHILD Hannah D/of Thomas Bapt

25 GOLDTHORP Mary D/of James Bapt

26 CRAVEN John S/of Benjamin Bapt

27 TANKARD Amy D/of John Bapt

39 POLLARD Hannah D/of John Bapt

28 CARTER Betty Bur Pauper

30 CRAVEN James S/of Joseph Bapt

31 RUSHFIRTH George S/of Joseph Bapt

31 RUSHFIRTH James S/of Joseph Bap & Bur


1787, Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield

9 FIELDHOUSE Thomas S/of William Bur Pauper

10 MITCHELL Joseph S/of James Bur Pauper

14 BROWN Martha D/of William Bap

14 WHITE Betty D /of Joseph Bapt

18 MITCHELL Benjamin S/of James Bur . Pauper

20 RAYNER Martha Bur

20 HIRST Benjamin S/of Thomas Bapt

23 STOTT Sarah D/of Eli Bur

27 SENIOR John S/of Thomas Bapt

WOOD Susanna D/of Edward Bapt 27 & Bur 28.

29 RAYNER Joshua S/of Joseph Bapt & Bur


7 NOTHER Mary D/of Joseph Bur

8 TOOTAL Mary D/of Thomas Bapt

11 LEE Hannah D/of William Bapt.

18 GAWTHORP William S/of Matthew Bapt

18 BREARLEY George S/of John Bapt

BOTTOMLY Betty D/of Joshua Bapt

20 OUTHWAITE Sarah Bur . Pauper

20 OUTHWAITE John S/of Richard Bapt.

25 OVEREND Elizabeth D/of Timothy Bapt

25 EASTWOOD Mary D/of John Bapt

25 SENIOR Elizabeth W/of Jonathan Bur

MARCH 1787

4 RUSHFIRTH Jabesh S/of John Bapt

11 BOLD William S/of Joseph Bapt

18 BARBER Joseph S/of John Bapt ,

18 KNOWLES Elizabeth D/of Timothy Bapt

25 STRINGER Robert S/of Thomas Bapt


JIGGALL David S/of John Bapt

31 ALLOT Thomas S/of Martin Bur Pauper

APRIL 1787

8 BANES Joseph S/of John Bapt

8 FISH Hannah D/of John Bapt

9 DEWHIRST Thomas S/of Richard Bapt Schoolmaster

9 BARKER Sarah D/of John Bapt

10 BROOK John S/of John Bapt

11 WHITWORTH Thomas S/of George Bapt

11 FIELDHOUSE James S/of William Bapt Pauper

29 FISHER Thomas S/of James Bapt Pauper

29 WILSON Edward S/of Edward Bapt.

MAY 1787
3 PEARSON William Bur:Pauper

13 LEE Hannah. D/of John Bapt

16 BURTON Molly D/of William Bur.

21 ALLAN Sarah D/of Stephen Bur

27 NORTON Joshua S/of Joseph Bapt

27 CARTER William S/of Charles Bapt

27 HAWKESHEAD Samuel S/of Samuel Bap

27 PICKLES Mary D/of Elkanah Bapt

27 WINTER Joseph S/of Thomas Bapt

27 ARMITAGE Ruth D/of Mary Bapt . Natural child

28 WOOD Elizabeth W/of John Bur

JUNE 1787

10 RICHARDSON Mary & Martha Ds/of William Bapt 2

17 HARDWICK James S/of Joseph Bapt

22 HANSON Samuel S/of William Bapt

22 HANSON Martha W/of William Bur

23 FOSTER Thomas S/of Joshua Bapt

24 DAWSON Betty W/of Joseph Bur

28 ARMITAGE Ruth D/of Mary Bur . Natural Child

JULY 1787

4 KAY William S/of Arthur Bapt

6 HOLT Thomas Bur

8 RAYNER Thomas S/of John Bapt

8 LOFTHOUSE George S/of George Bapt

8 GOSLING Mary W/of Jonathan Bur

14 ARMITAGE Hannah D/of Thomas Bapt

15 COOPE Joshua S/of Edward Bapt

15 FIRTH Judith D/of William Bapt

15 SCHOLEFIELD Betty D/of John Bapt . Pauper

29 FOX Elizabeth D/of Joseph Bapt


4 PEARSON Thomas Bur

5 WICKFIELD Joseph S/of James Bapt

11 WALSHAW William S/of Richard Bapt

19 HANSON Samuel S/of William Bur

25 GOSLING Ann D/of Jonathan Bapt

25 ARMITAGE Sarah D/of Edward Bapt

27 CARTER William S/of Charles Bur

SEPT, 1787

6 BAYIDON John S/of Mr Joseph Bapt . Merchant

9 HAMPSHIRE William S/of John Bapt

9 BERRY Sarah D/of Joseph Bapt

26 WALKER Martha W/of Jervase Bur

27 TURTON Sarah D/of Joseph Bur

29 NOTHER Edward S/of Joseph Bapt


4 WADE Esther W/of Timothy Bur

14 ELLIS Rachel D/of William Bapt .

18 BARKER Sarah D/of Edward Bapt

19 FITTON Clementia W/of Benjamin Bur

28 CROWTHER Sarah D/of William Bapt

31 WADE Robert Bur Pauper

NOV 1787

4 HUNT Mary D/of George Bur

4 TURTON Priscilla D/of John Bapt

8 CRAVEN Jonathan S/of John Bur

14 BARRACLOUGH George Armitage S/of Thomas Bapt

18 WHITE Cornelus S/of Thomas Bapt

19 DICKINSON Sarah D/of James Bapt


1 RAYNER William S/of Joseph Bapt

2 BOOTH Ann D/of Joseph Bapt

23 BALMFIRTH Isaac Bur . Pauper

25 WOOD William S/of William Bapt , Pauper

25 THORNES John S/of William Bapt

25 ARMITAGE William S/of James Bapt

25 OLDROYD Mary D/of Henry Bapt . Pauper


1788 Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield


3 SMITH Phebe W/of Joseph Bur . Pauper

15 WALKER Ann D/of George Bapt . Surgeon

20 ROBERTS Hannah D/of Joshua bapt

24 WHITLEY Sally D/of John bur

2 RICHARDSON Samuel Bur . Pauper

3 BEDFORD Sarah D/of Thomas Bapt Labourer

5 ARMITAGE Elizabeth D/of George Bapt

10 ATKINSON Martha D/of Joseph Bapt

10 WILSON James Dyson S/of William Bapt

13 POLLARD Samuel Bur

5 WHITE Cornelius S/of Thomas bur Pauper

6 POLLARD Hannah W/of John bur,

8 ARMITAGE John S/of David Bapt

13 ROBERTS Joseph S/of Abraham Bur . Pauper

27 WALKER Samuel S/of Joseph Bur .Pauper

8 CARTER Mary W/of Charles Bur

9 THREAPLAND William S/of Thomas Bur

13 WALKER Thomas S/of Thomas Bapt

19 QUARMBY Sally D/of Joseph Bapt

20 HARDAKER Mary D/of William Bapt

21 FARRAR Isaac S/of Isaac Bur . Pauper

26 CLEGG Martha D/of John Bapt

27 MITCHELL John S/of James Bapt

7 WALKER Ann D/of George Bur .Surgeon

11 WHITE Sarah D/of George Bapt

11 SWALLOW Molly D/of Henry Bapt

18 MARSDEN Thomas S/of Francis Bapt

18 ELLIS David S/of Francis Bapt

24 PICKLES Hannah D/of David Bur

25 SENIOR Jonathan Bur . Pauper

15 EASTWOOD Ezra S/of James Bapt

15 DOBSON Rebecca D/of John Bapt

15 SENIOR Mary D/of John Bapt

21ARMITAGE Mary D/of William Bapt

22 BREARAH Martha D/of John Bapt

22 COOPE Mary D/of David Bur

JULY 1788

3 DEWHIRST Mary D/of Richard Bapt , Schoolmaster

4 LEE Hannah D/of John Bur

6 RACE John S/of John Bapt

10 COOPE William S/of Jeremiah Bapt

20 MARSDEN Sarah D/of John Bapt

23 POLLARD Maria D/of William of Hall Cliffe Bapt

23 TOOTAL Sarah D/of Thomas Bapt

1 WHITAKER Joseph of The Doghouse, Bur

8 ROBERTS John S/of Abraham Bur . Pauper

17 CARTER Elizabeth D/of James Bapt Pauper.

23 NAYLOR Charles S/of William Bapt

23 WALKER Ann Wid/of Richard Bur

30 WILSON William S/of William Bur


4 BAYIDON Mary D/of M' Joseph Bapt

7 LEAK Betty D/of William Bapt . Pauper

8 HEPWORTH Luke S/of Thomas Bur

13 WESTERMAN Sarah D/of James Bapt

17 GROCOCK Amelia W/of William of Wakefield Bridge End Bur

11 WHITWORTH Fanny D/of George of Doghouse Bapt

12 BOULD Ebenezer S/of Joseph Bapt

18 HEAL George S/of John Bapt

2 SHAW Elizabeth D/of Thomas Bapt

2 BEAUMONT John S/of Robert Bapt

11 MARSHELL Mary Widow of Lionel Bur

18 ARMITAGE George, Woolstapler Bur

19 TANKARD Amy W/of John Bur . Pauper

5 THOMPSON Thomas Bur

16 STEPHENSON Richard Bur Pauper

23 BARBER Henry S/of William Bur

25 HUNT John S/of Henry Bapt

25 MOOR John S/of Thomas Bapt

25 HAMPSHIRE Rachel D/of John Bapt

25 WALKER Sarah D/of George, Surgeon Bapt 27 &Bur,

26 LOCKWOOD Mary D/of Joseph Bapt

30 HIRST Ann D/of Thomas Bapt . Pauper

30 HIRST Margaret W/of Thomas Bur . Pauper

1789 Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield

17GOODALL Elizabeth D/of John Bur

18 WHITELEY Martha D/of John Bapt

25 ARMITAGE Joseph S/of William Bapt

25 WHITE Molly D/of Joseph Bapt

25 LEE Edward S/of William Bapt

26 BARKER Frances D/of John Bapt

26 MITCHELL John S/of John Bur

FEB 1789

1 POLLARD Thomas S/of Joseph Bapt

8 RICHARDSON Martha D/of John Bapt

8 FISHER Joseph S/of James Bapt , Pauper

8 CARTER Ann D/of William Bapt

8 JAGGER Ann D/of Hannah Bapt . Natural Child

15 SYKES Joseph S/of Martin Bapt

15 ARMITAGE Elizabeth D/of Edward Bapt

17 GREEN James S/of John Bur Exciseman

20 TIFFENY William S/of Abraham Bur

22 EASTWOOD Rebecca D/of John Bapt

22 BROOK Martha D/of Joseph Bapt

24 NORTON Sarah D/of Joseph Bapt

25 DEWHIRST Martha W/of Richard, School master, Bur

1 FARRAND Sarah D/of Joseph Bapt

1 ARMITAGE Sarah D/of of John Bur

2 TURTON Samuel S/of Benjamin Bur

6 DEWHIRST Mary D/of Richard Schoolmaster Bur

8 DEAN Hannah D/of John Bapt

10 QUARMBY William Bur

12 FIELDHOUSE William S/of William Bur Pauper

14 ELLIS Martha D/of John Bur

14 SWALLOW Sarah D/of Henry Bur Pauper

19 BARRACLOUGH George Armitage S/of Thomas Bur

22 WHITWORTH Fanny D/of George, Doghouse, Bur

22 BAINS John S/of John Bapt

22 THOMPSON Sarah D/of Benjamin Bapt

22 RACE John S/of John Bur

27 HEALD Sarah W/of John Bur

27 HEALD David S/of Timothy Bapt

28 THORNES Robert Bur

31 SHARPLESS William S/of William Bapt . Pauper

31 RICHARDSON James S/of Ann Bur Natural child

6 ARMITAGE Elizabeth D/of George Bur Pauper

11 Nancy D/of Wilson Bur Pauper
12 RHODES Nancy D/of John Bapt

12 WOOD Joseph S/of Charles Bapt

12 HAMPSHIRE Samuel S/of George Bapt

12 WOOD Thomas S/of Joseph Bapt

13 CRAVEN Mary D/of Joseph Bapt

13 WALTON Mary D/of Joseph Bapt

19 ARMITAGE Hannah D/of George Bapt . Pauper

22 ARMITAGE Mary D/of Thomas Bur Pauper

26 ELLIS Amelia D/of John Bapt

26 FISH Sarah D/of Richard Bur

27 KNOWLES Ann W/of Joseph Bur

28 ELLIS James Bur

MAY 1789
2 VICKERS Mearcy D/of Joseph of Leeds Bur

3 BARBER John S/of Richard Bapt

3 HEPWORTH Elizabeth D/of Thomas Bapt

3 HIRST Hannah D/of James Bapt

9 RENSHAW Hannah Widow of John Bur

31 SENIOR John S/of Thomas Bapt

31 SUNDERLAND Joseph S/of William Bapt

31 CHILD Sally D/of Thomas Bapt

8 SWALLOW Molly D/of Henry Bur Pauper

15 ARMITAGE Thomas Bur Pauper

15 BURDEKIN Elizabeth W/of George Bur

20 SIDNEY John S/of James Bur

27 SPURR Joseph S/of John Bur

29 STRINGER Elizabeth W/of Thomas Bur Pauper


5 HIRST Elizabeth D/of James Bapt

12 GIGGAL Thomas S/of John Bapt

12 ELLIS Mark S/of Joshua Bapt

19 MORRIS William S/of John Bapt

19 TURTON George S/of Joseph Bapt

26 LEE John S/of John Bapt Pauper

2 CLEGG Sarah D/of John of Street Side Bapt

2 CARTER Sarah D/of Thomas Bapt

7 KIPPAX Ann W/of Richard Bur

15 ARMITAGE John Pollard S/of Thomas Bapt

15 HARROP John S/of Benjamin Bapt

16 HINSLIFF Frederick S/of John Bapt . Pauper

Bapt 17 & Bur 19 TURTON Joshua S/of Benjamin Bur Pauper

23 SEEKER John S/of John Bapt . Pauper

28 DAWSON Thomas S/of Samuel Bur

6 COOPE John Son of' Edward Bapt

6 RICHARDSON Sarah D/of James Bapt

6 JAGGAR Hannah D/of John Bapt

13 OVEREND Ann D/of Timothy Bapt

13 FISH Richard S/of John Bapt : Pauper

20 STEPHENSON Thomas S/of Matthew Bapt

27 NAYLOR Sarah D/of Hannah Bapt . Natural Child

4 CROWTHER Benjamin S/of Duke Bapt

4 HINCH Joseph CASS S/of Elizabeth Bapt . Natural Child

11 FOX Mary D/of Joseph Bapt

15 Joshua KAY Bur Pauper

15 WILSON Edward S/of Edward Bur Pauper

15 WILSON James S/of Edward Bapt . Pauper

15 RAYNER Joseph S/of Joseph Bapt

25 PICKERING Grace W/of Samuel Bur

1 KNOWLES Ann W/of Joseph Bur

1 WADE Maria D/of George Bapt

14 POTTER Abraham S/of Thomas Bapt

22 RICHARDSON George S/of William Bapt Pauper,

DEC 1789
1 WALKER Ann D/of Richard Bapt

1 WHITE Joseph S/of John Bur

12 WALSHAW Frances D/of Thomas Bapt

13 FARRAR Hannah D/of Isaac Bapt Pauper

16 ELLIS David S/of Francis Bur

19 PICKLES Benjamin S/of Elkanah Bur Pauper

20 HAIGH William S/of Jeremiah Bapt

25 WOOD Joseph S/of John Bapt

26 BRUERTON Hannah D/of Elijah Bapt

1790 Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield

30 ARMITAGE William S/of William Bapt

30 ARMITAGE George S/of George Bapt . Pauper

24 BOOTH Betty D/of William Bapt . Pauper

3 BREARLEY George S/of John Bur

24 HARDWICK John S/of Joseph Bapt . Pauper

26 SMITH John S/of Joseph Bapt . Pauper

24 WHITE Alice D/of Thomas Bapt . Pauper

30 WHITE Sarah Widow of Joseph Bur


28 BEDFORD George S/of Thomas Bapt

28 GOODALL Sarah D/of Hannah Bapt . Natural Child

21 HEAP Ann D/of John Bapt

21 HAWKHEAD Fanny D/of Samuel Bapt

14 LAW Joshua S/of James Bapt

16 FISH Richard S/of Joseph Bapt . Pauper

6 RAYNER Ann D/of James Bapt

20 ROBERTS Mary W/of Joseph Bur

14 SCHOLEFIELD Martha D/of John Bapt . Pauper

16 WADDINGTON Elizabeth D/of William Bapt . Pauper

7 WALKER Benjamin S/of Thomas Bapt

MAR. 1790

13 CRAVEN Joseph S/of Joseph Bapt

14 TURTON John S/of Joseph Bapt

6 WALKER Susanna W/of Gervase Bur

25 WHITWORTH Samuel S/of George Bapt

14 WINTER James S/of Thomas Bapt . Pauper

APRIL 1790
25 BARKER Amelia D/of John Bapt

29 CLEGG Elizabeth W/of John Bur

25 DEAN John S/of John Bapt

4 GAWTHORP Hannah D/of Matthew Bapt . Pauper

5 HAMPSHIRE John S/of John Bapt . Pauper

25 HARDAKER Richard S/of William Bapt

17 HAWKHEAD Elizabeth W/of of William Bur . Pauper

25 HEAP William S/of William Bapt

4 KAY Mary D/of Arthur Bapt

24 NORTON Bapt &Bur Ann D/of Joseph

4 PICKLES Alice D/of Elikanah Bapt . Pauper

5 PICKERSGILL Jeremiah S/of George Bapt

4 RACE Joshua S/of John Bapt

4 ROBERTS Ann D/of Joshua Bapt

25 WADE Martha D/of John Bapt

12 WALKER Elizabeth D/of George Bapt . Surgeon

1 WHITWORTH Samuel S/of George Bur

16 BARBER George S/of Richard Bur

1 BOOTH Dinah Widow of Henry Bur . Pauper

16 BREARLEY Sarah D/of John Bapt . Pauper

16 CARTER Martha D/of William Bapt . Pauper

23 CARTER Martha D/of James Bapt . Pauper

24 CRAWSHAW Betty D/of George Bapt

24 DEWHIRST John S/of Richard Bapt . Schoolmaster

24 DICKINSON Joshua S/of Joshua Bapt

24 EASTWOOD Sarah D/of James Bapt

1 FIELDHOUSE William S/of William Bapt . Pauper

29 HIRST Ann D/of John Bapt

23 RICHARDSON Hannah Spawfirth D/of Ann Bapt . Pauper. Natural child

29 ROBERTS Betty W/of James Bur

23 TIFFANY Joseph S/of Abraham Bapt

23 WILSON John S/of William Bapt . Pauper

27 ARMITAGE Bapt &Bur 28 John S/of William

1 ISSOTT John Bur . Pauper

27 MITCHELL Frances D/of James Bapt . Pauper

11 CHARLESWORTH Sarah D/of William Bapt

25 BLAKEY Susanna D/of William Bapt

7 INCE Elizabeth Widow of Joseph Bur

23 KIPPAX Richard Bur

18 QUARMBY Elizabeth D/of Joseph Bapt

25 WOOD Thomas S/of Joseph Bapt

1 BAINS Joseph S/of John Bapt

29 BATLEY Sarah D/of Jonathan Bapt

14 BERRY Elizabeth D/of Moses Bapt

29 BURTON William S/of Daniel Bapt

20 HAIGH Jeremiah S/of William Bur

29 MARSDEN Benjamin S/of Francis Bapt

29 KNOWLES Mary Ann D/of Joseph Bapt

6 GOSNEY William S/of Jonathan Bapt

10 MITCHELL Ann W/of John Bur

6 PROCTOR John Bur

13 STRINGER John S/of Benjamin Bapt

2 BARRACLOUGH Mary Ann D/of John Bapt

23 ELLIS Charles S/of James Bapt

31ELLIS Amelia D/of Francis Bapt Pauper

17 PICKLES Nancy D/of David Bapt Pauper

31 WHITE David S/of John Bapt Pauper

NOV 1790

7 CLEGG Sarah D/of John Bur

20 FEARNLEY Edmund S/of Anthony Bapt

21 HEALD Joshua S/of Timothy Bapt

21 LAISTER Jeremiah S/of Jeremiah Bapt

5 WADE Sarah W/of George Bur

DEC 1790
27 ARMITAGE Mary D/of David Bapt . Pauper

26 BARBER Benjamin S/of John Bapt . Pauper

22 BEDFORD Thomas Bur

12 BERRY Richard S/of Joseph Bapt

28 BOOTH Joseph S/of Daniel Bur . Pauper

5 COOPE Josiah S/of Edward Bur

14 CRAVEN Elizabeth W/of William Bur

5 HARROP Ann D/of Benjamin Bapt

26 PRESTON Joseph S/of John Bapt

29 TOOTAL Eleanor D/of Thomas Bapt




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