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Wakefield family History Sharing

1791 Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield

JAN 1791

1 COOPE Sarah D/of Jeremiah Bap

13 CROWTHER Benjamin S/of Marmaduke Bur

28 EARNSHAW Mary W/of Rev Joshua (Curate of Ossett Chapel) Bur

25 GAWTHORP Hannah D/of Matthew Bur Pauper

3 GREEN John S/of George Bap

16 HANSON William S/of James Bap

1 HEPWORTH John S/of Joseph Bap

31 HOPWOOD Pamilla W/of George Bur

19 MITCHELL John S/of James Bur Pauper

25 RAYNER William S/of Joseph Bur

7 WALKER Benjamin S/of Thomas Bur

FEB 1791

28 BARRACLOUGH Samuel S/of Thomas Bap

27 CRAVEN Martha D/of Benjamin Bur

13 MITCHELL Frances D/of James - Bur Pauper

1 THOMPSON Sarah W/of Benjamin Bur

MARCH 1791

4 BLAKEY Mary D/of John Bap

20 FISH Hannah D/of John Bur

29 FISH Richard S/of John Bur

8 FISHER Elizabeth D/of James Bap Pauper

16 HEPWORTH Elizabeth D/of Thomas Bur Pauper

9 LEE Bap & Bur 12 Richard S/of William Pauper

5 MARSDEN Sarah D/of John Bur Pauper

6 TURTON Martha D/of James bap Pauper

14 WADE Martha D/of John Bur Pauper

APRIL 1791

4 ARMITAGE Bap & Bur 25 James S/of Thomas

7 ARMITAGE John S/of Edward Bap

18 BARKER Martha D/of John Bap

24 BROOK Solomon S/of Joseph Bap Pauper

24 GLOVER Thomas S/of John Bap Pauper

12 MITCHELL Godfry Bur

21 MITCHELL Frances D/of Benjamin Bur

24 MOOR Martha D/of Thomas Bap Pauper

18 RHODES John S/of John Bap

3 SEEKER Martha D/of John Bap Pauper

18 WADDINGTON Elizabeth D/of William Bur

18 WEST Mary D/of John Bap

4 WHITE Alice D/of Thomas Bur Pauper

MAY 1791

20 EASTWOOD Ann D/of Martha Bap Natural Child

11 FIELDHOUSE William S/of William Bur Pauper

29 GOSNEY George S/of Joseph Bur

11 RUSHFIRTH Bap & Bur 12 Charlotte D/of JOHN Pauper

JUNE 1791

12 ASHTON Martha D/of George Bap

5 WOOD John S/of John Bap

12 HAMPSHIRE Elizabeth D/of George Bap Pauper

12 RICHARDSON Mary D/of John Bap Pauper

12 SYKES Matthew S/of Martin Bap

13 WADE James S/of James Bap

13 NORTON Mary D/of Joseph Bap

13 BOOTH John S/of William Bap Pauper

13 WHITE Mercy D/of Joseph Bap Pauper

13 EASTWOOD Sally D/of John Bap

13 BAINS Philip S/of John Bap

13 PRESTON William S/of William Bap

13 WARING John S/of Richard Bap

14 POLLARD Jeremiah S/of Joseph Bap

14 LAYCOCK Hannah D/of Daniel Bap

14 CRAVEN Martha D/of Joseph Bap

2 WOOD John S/of John Bur Pauper

3 MITCHELL George S/of John Bap Clothier

3 RICHARDSON Fanny D/of Joseph Bap Pauper

5 CHILD Betty D/of Thomas Bap Pauper

10 TURTON Joseph S/of David Bap Pauper

17 SCHOFIELD Martha D/of John Bur Pauper

20 SHAW George S/of Thomas Bur , Pauper

24 FISH Elizabeth D/of John Bap

30 SUNDERLAND Ann D/of William Bap

30 RUSHFIRTH Thomas S/of Mary Bap Natural Child. Pauper

30 BOULD Frederick S/of Joseph Bap Pauper

AUG 1791

1 Henrietta Maria D/of Charles SPENCER Van Straubenzee Mercht & Ann Theophila Bap

1 RACE Joshua Bur Pauper

1 Law Joshua S/of James Bur

3 NAYLOR Betty D/of Ann Natural Child Bapt & Bur 4th

7 ATKINSON Christian D/of Joseph Bap

14 CLEGG John S/of John Labourer Bur Pauper

16 HEMMINGWAY Sarah Wid/of John, Labourer. Bur Pauper

17 FISH John S/of Joseph Bap

20 RAYNER Jesse S/of Joseph, Corn dealer Bap

20 POTTER Betty D/of Thomas Clothier Bap

30 CARTER Martha D/of William, Weaver Bur Pauper

10 STEPHENSON Sarah D/of Mark Clothier Bur

18 TURTON Sarah D/of Joseph Weaver Bap

22 BARBER Frances Widow of George Bur Pauper

22 BARBER Sarah D/of Richard Labourer bapt`. Pauper

23 WESTERMAN James & David Ss/of David Clothier Bapt& Bur 24th


17 HIRST Sally D/of James Clothier Bur

17 STEPHENSON Judith D/of Matthew Clothier Bap

19 ALLAN George Weaver Bur Pauper

23 HUNT Elizabeth D/of Henry Weaver Bap Pauper

15 NAYLOR Mary D/of William Clothier Bap

24 TURTON Hannah W/of David Weaver Bur

25 HANSON John S/of James Tammy maker Bur

20 GOODALL Elizabeth W/of John, Yeoman Bur

30 POLLARD Jeremiah S/of Joseph Clothier Bur

30 BREARLEY Sarah D/of John, Cropper Bur


1 CHARLESWORTH Sarah D/of William, Mason Bur Paup.

1 SHEARD John S/of Joseph, Clothier bapt`

2 HEAP Elizabeth W/of William, Labourer Bur

5 WALSHAW John S/of Thomas, Miller Bap

12 WALKER Sally D/of Richard. Mason Bap

17 HAMPSHIRE Martin S/of George Weaver Bur Pauper

20 FOX Sarah D/of Joseph, Weaver Bap

23 RUSHFIRTH Thomas S/of Mary Bur Natural Child

27 HIRST James S/of James Labourer Bap Pauper

28 NAYLOR Ann D/of William Clothier Bur Pauper

3 CARTER William, Sadler Bur

4 HIRST James S/of James Labourer Bur Pauper

4 BATLEY George S/of Jonathan Weaver Bap

6 WALKER Ann D/of Richard, Mason Bur

8 POLLARD Benjamin & Wilfred Ss/of Benjn Clothier Bapt & Bur 9th

11 HAWKHEAD Ann D/of Mary Spinster Bur Pauper

14 BROWN Joshua S/of William, Butcher Bur

17 MOORHOUSE John S/of Joseph Clothier Bur

26 WHITELEY Betty D/of John, Weaver Bap

26 DOWNING George S/of John Labourer Bap

26 CROWTHER Elizabeth D/of Marmaduke Clothier Bapt

27 WALKER Sarah D/of Thomas, Glazier Bap

1792 Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield


4 QUARMBY Mary D/of Joseph Clothier Bapt'

4 RICHARDSON George S/of James Labourer Bap . Pauper

9 WALTON George S/of Joseph Weaver Bap

9 RHODES John S/of John Innkeeper buried

10 FOX Mary D/of Joseph Clothier Bur Pauper

14 ARMITAGE Betty D/of William White Clothier Bap

22 SCOTT Nancy D/of George Clothier Bap . Pauper

25 WALKER Grace D/of George Surgeon Bap

29 DOBSON Ezra S/of John Bap . Pauper

29 MITCHELL Mary D/of James, Weaver Bap


9 ARMITAGE Mary D/of David Shoemaker Buried

12 WADE Joshua S/of John Labourer Bap . Pauper

15 LISTER John S/of Jeremiah Weaver Bap & Bur16

16 LISTER Elizabeth W/of Jeremiah, Weaver Buried

18 BUTLER William S/of William Buried

21 ARMITAGE Mary D/of George, Weaver Buried

22 WADE James, Mason Buried

28 ARMITAGE Susanna W/of Richard, Clothier Buried


15 HILL John, Butcher Bur

18 ELLIS Charlotte D/of James, Carpenter Bap

22 HAMMOND Henry from Wakefield, Exciseman Buried

23 ELLIS Gervase S/of John, Weaver Bap

26 GOSNEY Jonathan Labourer Buried

27 SPENCER Mrs Elizabeth Spinster Buried

4 COOPE Benjamin Clothier a Bachelor buried

5 MUSGRAVE Timothy Weaver buried

8 TURTON Ann D/of Joseph, Weaver Bap

8 ARMITAGE Clementina D/of William Clothier Bapt"

9 GAWTHORP Thomas S/of Matthew, Weaver Bapt Pauper

9 DICKINSON Ann D/of Joshua, Farmer Bap

22 RACE Mary D/of John, Cropper Bap . Pauper

22 PARKER Ann D/of Robert Bap

22 COOPE Mary D/of George, Butcher Bap

22 FOSTER Josiah S/of Joshua Clothier Bap

24 KAY Mary Wid/of George Bur Pauper

28 HIRST Mary D/of John, Clothier Bap

28 HOYLE Mary D/of john Clothier buried

29 CARTER Charles S/of James Blacksmith Bap . Pauper


5 ALLEN Stephen Weaver buried

9 GILL John S/of Samuel, Chandler Bap

to WILSON John, Comber buried

16 CRAVEN Fanny D/of Joseph, Shoemaker Bap & Bur19th

27 BATTY Jane D/of James Clothier buried

OVEREND John S/of Timothy, Comber Bap

BROWN Esther D/of William, Butcher. Bap

DOVE Sarah D/of William Clothdrawer Bap


1793 Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield


31ARMITAGE Sarah D/of David shoemaker bur

31 SMITH Fanny D/of Joseph Weaver Bapt

7 CLARKE Hannah D/of Samuel Weaver Bapt

23 PRESTON Hannah D/of John Shoemaker Bapt

26 PIPER Mary D/of Thomas Shoemaker bur'

2 DENISON Mary Spinster Bur

4 TURTON Matthew S/of John Weaver Bur

7 ORANGE Mary W/of David Weaver Bur . Pauper

9 BERRY George S/of Moses Clothier Bapt

19 HARROP Elizabeth D/of Benjamin Blacksmith Bapt '

19 ELLIS Hannah D/of Francis Weaver Bapt Pauper

19 CHAPEL Ann D/of Joseph Spinner Bapt

19 MOORHOUSE Elizabeth D/of William Weaver Bapt

19 BERRY John S/of Ann Bapt - Natural Child Pauper

20 FLETCHER Benjamin S/of Robert Spinner Bapt ,

20 HEALD John S/of Timothy Clothier Bapt

20 LEE Mary W/of John Comber Bur . Pauper

20 RAYNER Ann D/of John Weaver Bapt Pauper

20 LEE Thomas S/of John, Comber Bapt Pauper

20 LAYCOCK John S/of Daniel Weaver Bapt Pauper

20 ARMITAGE Hannah D/of William Clothier Bap

20 MORVILL Hannah & Harriet Ann Ds/of Thomas Cropper, Bapt 2

21 PICKLES Elizabeth D/of David Lab' Bur

25 GREEN George S/of George Chandler Bapt

30 BROOK John S/of Joseph, Carpenter Bapt


2 PIPER Ann D/of Thomas Shoemaker Bapt . Pauper

3 PIPER Ellen W/of Thomas Shoemaker Bur . Pauper

9 RICHARDSON John S/of John Bapt . Pauper

16 NAYLOR Harriet D/of William Clothier Bapt

17 TURTON John S/of Benjamin Shoemaker Bur

21 WALKER Ann W/of Robert, Carpenter Bur . Pauper

22 TURTON Betty D/of Joseph Weaver Bur . Pauper

23 BRAY Ann D/of Humphrey Cropper Bapt . Pauper

23 WADE Nancy D/of George Basketmaker Bapt Pauper


7 PRESTON Ann D/of John Shoemaker Bur

9 WHITELEY Betty D/of John Comber Bur

9 BLAKEY Henry S/of John Stuffmaker Bapt .

13 CUTLER Jane Wid/of Joshua Weaver Bur . Pauper

14 ORANGE George S/of Joseph Comber Bur, Pauper

19 JAGGER John Spinner Bur:

23 HEMINGWAY David Labourer Bur.

26 HAIGH Frances D/of Grace Bapt ' Natural Child

29 BATTY Hannah W/of James Weaver bur

AUG 1793
5 MORVILL Harriet Ann D/of Thomas Crop' Bur

12 COOPE David S/of William Clothier Bapt

13 KNOWLES William& Susanna S& D/of Joshua Spinner Bapt . Pauper

15 KNOWLES William S/of Joseph Spinner bur, . Pauper

19 CRAWSHAY Matthew S/of Edward Clothier Bapt .

19 WALKER Thomas Glazier Bur

21 BEVETSHIP William S/of John, Carpenter Bur

30 ARMITAGE Clementina D/of William Clothier Bur

30 HANSON William S/of James Stuffmaker Bur


1 AKED Elizabeth D/of William Cropper Bapt

1 SPIVY Hannah D/of Eli Cropper Bapt

8 KAY Thomas Labourer Bur . Pauper

8 LEE Thomas S/of John, Comber Bur . Pauper

8 CRAWSHAY Matthew S/of Edward Clothier Bur

8 KAY Hannah D/of Thomas Labourer Bapt Pauper

24 PICKLES Elkanah Labourer Bur . Pauper

28 HEALD Mary D/of Timothy Clothier Bur

3 BERRY Elizabeth D/of Benjamin Shoemaker Bapt

6 RAYNER Ruth D/of Joseph Corndealer Bapt

8 RAYNER Joshua, Yeoman Bur

13 Hanson Lydia D/of James Jun' Weaver Bapt

WOOD Charlotte Winn D/of Annabella Bapt Natural Child

17 GLOVER Dinah D/of John Soldier Bapt Pauper

18 CRAVEN Frances D/of Joseph Shoemaker Bapt& Bur 25th

26 RAYNER Elizabeth D/of James Clothier Bapt


4 HARDAKER John S/of William Comber Bapt Pauper

4 BOULD John S/of Joseph Weaver Bapt Pauper

8 DRAPER Elizabeth D/of Thomas Labourer Bur

18 STEPHENSON Betty D/of Matthew Clothier Bapt

18 GREEN Mary D/of John Exciseman Bapt '

24 PRESTON Sarah D/of William Clothier Bapt

25 EASTWOOD Hannah D/of John Clothier Bapt

29 HANSON Joseph S/of Edward Weaver Bur


1 SYKES Joanna D/of Martha Bapt. Natural Child. Pauper

8 HOYLE Hannah W/of Benjamin Spinner Bur

12 RUSHFIRTH Elizabeth D/of John Comber Bapt Pauper

25 BEAUMONT Mary D/of Robert Labourer Bapt

25 RICHARDSON Joseph S/of William Spinner Bapt Pauper

26 CHILD George S/of Thomas Labourer Bapt Pauper

26 CARTER Fanny D/of James Blacksmith Bapt

26 KAY Jane D/of Arthur Labourer Bapt

26 NORTON Ann D/of Joseph, Taylor Bapt

1794 Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield

JAN 1794

5 RICHARDSON David S/of Joseph Labourer Bapt Paup

7 WILSON James S/of Edward Weaver Bur Pauper

7 WALSHAW Prisey D/of Thomas, Mlilier Bapt & Bur 8

7 STEAD Christopher S/of Joseph, Sadler Bapt .

8 CARTER Samuel S/of James Clothier Bur

8 STEAD Christopher S/of Jeseph, Sadler Bur

16 RICHARDSON John S/of John Weaver Bur

18 CRAWSHAY Christiana D/of Thomas Clothier Bapt

18 NAYLOR Harriet D/of William Clothier Bur

18 SCHOFIELD Nancy D/of John Labourer Bur Paup

19 BAINS Mary D/of John Clothier Bapt

20 RICHARDSON Hannah Spawfirth D/of Ann Bur . Nat' Chi

22 RAYNER Elizabeth D/of James Clothier Bur

23 LEAK George S/of Wm weaver Bur Pauper

25 FISHER James S/of James Labourer Bur Pauper

25 HUNT Henry S/of Henry Weaver Bapt & Bur 26 Pauper

26 WILSON Sarah D/of Geo. Labourer Bapt Pauper

26 MARSDEN John S/of Rachel Bapt Natural Child

30 WHITE. James S/of Jehoiada Weaver Bur

FEB 1794

1 ARMITAGE Martha D/of Geo. Lab Bur . Pauper

2 MOORHOUSE Joseph S/of John Weaver Bur

2 GOLDTHORP Thomas S/of James Shoemaker Bapt '

9 COOPE Sarah D/of Geo, Butcher Bapt

9 WEBSTER John S/of John Weaver Bapt ized. Pauper

16 ARMITAGE Sarah D/of William Weaver Bapt y

18 HEALD Joshua S/of Timothy Clothier Bur

19 WHITE George Weaver Bur

20 BROWN Esther D/of Wm, Butcher Bur

20 LEE James S/of John Comber Bur . Pauper

23 WOOD Fanny D/of Robert Spinner Bapt

26 JAGGER Nancy D/of John Bur

28 SMALLER Joseph S/of Robert, Collier Bur Pauper

MARCH 1794
2 ADDY Sarah Wid/of Daniel Bur

4 KNOWLES Susanna D/of Joseph Bur . Pauper

9 WOOD Joseph S/of Joseph Weaver Bapt ized. Pauper

9 WALSHAW Fanny D/of Wm, Miller Bapt & Bur 10th

13 QUARMBY Joshua S/of Joseph Innkeeper Bapt

14 WHITE Mercy D/of Jehoiada Weaver Bapt Pauper

16 GAWTHORP George S/of John Spinner Bapt

23 MITCHELL James S/of James Weaver Bapt . Pauper

27 GILL Hannah Eliza D/of Samuel Chandler Bapt d

30 RACE Jonathan S/of John Cropper Bapt .

APRIL 1794

6th FOSTER Joseph Bedford S/of Joshua Clothier Bapt

6th CROWTHER John S/of Marmaduke Labourer Bapt Paupr

7 SMITH Francis S/of Francis Waterman Bapt & Bur 12th

12 MITCHELL Francis S/of Joshua Labourer Bur

15 WOOD Luke S/of John Lab Bapt

20 CROWTHER Joseph S/of William Spinner Bapt Pauper

20 GOSNEY George S/of William Weaver Bapt

20 HAWKHEAD William S/of Samuel Weaver Bapt Pauper

22 PICKERSGILL Eleanor D/of George Weaver Bur

23 BROWN Jane D/of Sarah natural child Bur

26 BENNETT Joseph Lab Bur

21 HINCHLIFFE Sarah D/of William Bur

MAY 1794

7 BRUERTON Joseph S/of Elijah Lab Bur . Pauper

19 CARR Sarah Wid/of Ashur Lab Bur . Pauper

JUNE 1794

5 WADE Ann D/of Robert Lab Bur . Pauper

8 PRESTON John S/of John Shoemaker Bapt Pauper

8 JESSOP Hannah D/of James Labr Bapt ' Pauper

8 BOOTH Mary D/of William Weaver Bapt . Pauper

8 MOOR George S/of Thomas Comber Bapt . Pauper

8 BEVITT Sally D/of John Carpenter Bapt ,. Pauper

8 TURTON Mary D/of Joseph Bookkeeper Bapt

9 ARMITAGE William S/of William Weaver Bapt

15 WESTERMAN Melicent D/of David Lab Bapt ,. Pauper

JULY 1794

1 CRAWSHAY Martha D/of George Clothier Bur

5 SHAW Joseph S/of Thomas Spinner Bur . Pauper

8 HUNT Priscilla W/of George Attorney Bur

8 KAY Jane D/of Arthur Lab' Bur . Pauper

9 HIRST Hannah D/of James jun Clothier Bapt

11 HAIGH Frances D/of Grace (Natural Child) Bur Pauper

13 RAYNER James Comber from Ossett Bur

13 HUTCHINSON Ann W/of John Weaver Bur Pauper

15 MITCHELL James Lab Bur. Pauper

15 HAMPSHIRE Martha D/of George Weaver Bapt Pauper

20 BROOKESBANK Joseph S/of William Staymaker Bapt ,

27 HOLLAND John S/of Joseph Cropper Bapt

27 ELLIS Catharine D/of Joseph Shoemaker Bapt

27 DEWHIRST Ann D/of Richard Schoolmaster Bapt

AUG 1794

2 QUARMBY Joseph Spinner Bur Pauper

2 RAYNER Jesse S/of Joseph Corndealer Bur

8 HANSON Lydia D/of' James jun- Weaver Bur

10 SWALLOW Matty D/of Henry Weaver Bapt Pauper

14 CHAPEL Nancy D/of Joseph Spinner Bur

14 HIRST Elizabeth D/of James Labr Bur . Pauper

17 CLAYTON Joshua Malster Bur

19 POTTER Betty W/of Thomas Clothier Bur

22 OVEREND John S/of Timothy Comber Bur . Pauper

23 ARMITAGE Thomas S/of Thomas Clothier Bapt

24 HIND Betty D/of William Labour Bur . Pauper

25 LISTER Jemma D/of Joseph Labr Bur . Pauper

31 SHARPLESS Sarah D/of Joseph Bur . Pauper


6 COOPE William Pitt S/of John Tammy-Maker Bapt

7 RICHARDSON John S/of Joseph Lab' Bapt Pauper

7 CARTER Elizabeth D/of William Weaver Bapt , Pauper

7 FISH Joseph S/of John Spinner Bapt Pauper

14 COOPE Sally D/of Michael Lab' Bapt Pauper

14 WALKER Joseph S/of Benjamin Clothier Bur . from Wakefl

14 HEALD John S/of Timothy Weaver Bur .

17 RUSHFIRTH Sarah D/of Thomas Clothier Bur . Pauper

18 KNOWLES Joseph Bur. Pauper. Clothier

20 FRECKLETON Sarah D/of John, Carpenter Bapt

26 WOOD Fanny D/of Robert Weaver Bur . Pauper

28 LBBET Hannah D/of Joseph Cropper Bur . Pauper

29 LAYCOCK John S/of Daniel Weaver Bur . Pauper

30 CRAVEN Elizabeth W/of Joseph Shoemaker Bur . Pauper

30 COOPE Sarah D/of George Lab Bur . Pauper

8 SYKES Joanna Wade D/of Martha Bur . Natural Child

12 BEDFORD Ann D/of Thomas Spinner Bapt

12 POLLARD William S/of Benjamin Clothier Bapt

12 RAMSDEN Hannah D/of John Weaver Bapt '

15 ASH Ann Wid/of Matthew Basketmaker Bur

23 BERRY Elizabeth D/of Benjamin Shoemaker Bur

25 MOORHOUSE Elizabeth D/of William Weaver Bur

26 BARBER Joseph S/of Richard Lab' Bapt '

30 CARTER Joseph S/of William (late Sadler) Bur


1 WADE Joseph S/of James, Mason Bapt

2 COOPE Elizabeth Spinster Bur

2 HEMMINGWAY Sarah D/of George Lab. Bapt

4 EASTWOOD Joseph S/of Jonas Spinner Bapt & Bur 5th

9 LISTER Sarah D/of Joseph Labourer Bapt .

9 FLETCHER Benjamin S/of Robert Weaver Bapt

10 TURTON Martha D/of Joseph Book-keeper Bur

10 WHITLEY Roger S/of Thomas Clothier Bapt

23 RAMSDEN Sarah D/of William Soldier Bapt

23 TURTON Fanny D/of James Weaver Bapt

24 CASS Joseph Malster Bur

25 CRAVEN Sarah D/of John deceased Spinster Bur

25 IBBET Sarah W/of Joseph Cropper Bur

29 TURTON Ann D/of Joseph Book-keeper Bur

30 GREEN George Chandler Bur


2 BOULD John S/of Joseph Weaver Bur

7 MITCHELL Edward S/of William Weaver Bapt

7 TANKARD William S/of John Weaver Bur

25 CHARLESWORTH John S/of William, Mason Bapt

25 SHEARD Joseph S/of Joseph Weaver Bapt

25 MITCHELL Ann D/of John Clothier Bapt

25 LAW Susanna D/of James Clothier Bapt

26 CRAVEN Martha D/of William, Mason Bapt

26 CRAWSHAY Priscilla D/of Edward Clothier Bapt

27 HEATON William S/of John Clothier Bapt

27 CRAWSHAY George S/of George Clothier Bapt


1795 Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield


11 SCHOFIELD Margaret Wid/of John Bur

15 GRAHAM Elizabeth D/of John Surgeon Bapt

18 CARTER William S/of Charles Blacksmith Bapt

18 BARBER Mary D/of John Weaver Bapt

24 ISSOTT Mary Wid/of John Labourer Bur

25 BATLEY Matty D/of Jonathan Weaver Bapt

27 LONGLEY John Weaver Bur

27 CARTER Frances W/of William, Taylor Bur

31 HIRST John S/of John Clothier Bapt

FEB 1795

1 SUNDERLAND John S/of WM Spinner Bapt

1 FRECKLETON Sarah D/of John, Carpenter Bapt

8 SYKES William S/of Christopher Spinner Bapt

9 SYKES William S/of Christopher Spinner Bur

15 ASHTON Richard S/of George, Taylor Bapt

15 FISH Joseph S/of Joseph Spinner Bapt

15 ASKIN Mary D/of William Weaver Bapt

15 SYKES Hannah D/of Nancy (Natural Child) Bapt

22 ROBERTS Frances D/of Joshua, Gardener Bapt

24 RACE Jonathan S/of John Cropper Bur

2 CRAVEN Margaret Widow of John Clothier Bur

3 SYKES James S/of Sarah Natural Child Bur

3 QUARMBY Betty D/of Joseph Innkeeper Bur

4 PICKLES John Labourer Bur

4 PRESTON Sarah W/of Joseph Clothier Bur

7 BATES Rebecca W/of Benjamin Cloth-searcher Bur

15 WEST John S/of John Waterman Bapt

15 WOOD Hannah D/of Joseph, Butcher Bapt

15 MORTIMER Mary D/of Randal Spinner Bapt.

15 HARDAKER Ann D/of William Comber Bapt

15 WALTON Martha D/of Joseph Weaver Bapt.

15 HEPTONSTALL Hannah W/of Samuel Labourer Bur

29 KNOWLES John S/of John Clothier Bapt

29 BENNETT Joseph S/of Edward Spinner Bapt

31 PICKLES Ann W/of David Labourer Bur

APRIL 1795
5 ARMITAGE Joseph & Edward Ss/of Edward Clothier Bapt

2 EASTWOOD Pally D/of James Clothier Bapt

2 GREEN John S/of John Exciseman Bapt.

2 SCATCHER John S/of George Weaver bapt.

5 BERRY Sarah D/of Moses Clothier Bapt

5 SCHOFIELD Fanny D/of John Labourer Bapt'

5 HUNT William S/of Henry Weaver Bapt.

5 WADE Fanny D/of John Weaver Bapt.

6 OTLEY Charlotte D/of Winn, Joiner Bapt

5 HEAP John S/of John Clothier Bapt:

17 KNOWLES John S/of John Clothier Bur

18 WHITEHEAD Joshua Labourer Bur . Sexton

20 RUSHFIRTH Betty W/of Joseph Blacksmith but

25 LEE Thomas S/of Thomas Labourer Bur

25 POLLARD William Milner S/of William Grocer Bur

29 BEVETT Sally D/of John Labourer Bur

29CHARLESWORTH John S/of' William, Mason Bur

29 LAW Mary W/of James Clothier Bur

30 LAW Susanna D/of James Clothier Bur

30 RICHARDSON Joseph S/of William Labourer Bur

3 MOOR George S/of Thomas Comber Bur

4 CRAWSHAY Frances W/of Thomas Clothier Bur

15 CARR Gervase, Baker Bur

17 SHARPLESS Esther D/of of William Weaver Bapt

24 DAWSON Benjamin S/of Samuel Weaver Bapt

24 OVEREND John S/of Timothy Comber Bapt

24 WADE John S/of George Basket maker Bapt

24 ROBERTS James S/of Joseph Labourer Bapt

25 WALSHAW Thomas S/of William, Miller Bapt

25 JESSOP Samuel S/of Joseph Weaver Bapt

25 FAWCETT Hannah D/of James Labourer Bapt

25 MOORHOUSE Mary D/of William Weaver Bapt

1 MOORHOUSE Mary D/of William Weaver Bur

7 BARKER Thomas S/of George Labourer Bapt

9 TOTTINGTON Martha D/of Joseph Labourer Bur

13 CARR Charles S/of John Esquire Bur from Wakefield

13 WALSHAW Priscilla D/of Thomas Miller Bapt

14 PICKERING Samuel Labourer Bur

20 WALKER Richard S/of George Surgeon Bapt

20 WALKER William S/of George Surgeon Bapt

21 RICHARDSON Sarah D/of George Cropper Bapt

28 NAYLOR Sarah W/of John Cropper Bapt

28 NOTHER Isaac S/of James Weaver Bur

25 GREEN Thomas S/of William, Butcher Bapt

25 NAYLOR John Cropper Bur

27 HARROP William S/of Benjamin Blacksmith Bapt

12 ARMITAGE George Labourer Bur . Weaver

13 COOPE David. Farmer Bur

19 ARMITAGE Sarah D/of William Clothier Bapt

19 DAWSON Joseph S/of Joseph Weaver Bapt

26 BERRY Joseph S/of Benjamin Shoemaker Bapt,

26 LEAK George S/of William -Weaver Bapt.

26 FIELD Martha D/of William. Mason Bur

7 NOTHER Martha W/of James Weaver Bur

8 STEAD John S/of Joseph, Sadler Bapt

9 WHITE Mary Ann D/of Jehoiada Weaver Bapt

10 ELLERBY Thomas S/of John Weaver Bapt

10 RACE Mary Wid/of Joshua Weaver Bur

16 TIFFANY John S/of Abraham Weaver Bapt

16 SHEARD Fanny D/of John Weaver bapt

16 WALKER Mary D/of Elizabeth Widow bapt, Natural Child

18 CHARLESWORTH Joshua, Taylor Bur

18 ELLERBY Thomas S/of John Weaver Bur

23 CLAYTON Mary D/of Joshua Clothier Bapt

23 RICHARDSON Hannah D/of John Labourer bapt

5 STEAD John S/of Joseph, Sadler Bur

7 SHEARD Fanny D/of John Weaver Bur

10 MOORHOUSE Melicent D/of Joseph Spinner Bur

13 BARRACLOUGH Thomas S/of John Joiner Bapt

20 ARMITAGE John S/of George Labourer Bapt.

20 EARNSHAW Elizabeth D/of Isaac Labourer Bapt.

27 WOOD John S/of Robert Weaver Bapt

27 CHAPEL Fanny D/of Joseph Spinner Bapt

28 RAYNER William Merchant Bur

4 PEAKER John S/of John, Miller Bapt

5 NORTON Joseph S/of Joseph, Taylor Bapt

11 COOPE George S/of George Labourer Bapt

11 ELLIS Benjamin S/of John Tammymaker Bapt

15 BLAKEY Mary D/of John Weaver Bur from Thornes

15 THORNS Mary D/of Roger junr Clothier Bapt

25 SMALLER John S/of William Shoemaker Bapt

25 JAGGER George S/of Sally Bapt. Natural Child

1 TURTON Nancy D/of David Spinner Bapt

1 SENIOR Mary D/of Charles Spinner Bapt

2 SCHOFIELD Martha W/of John Labourer Bur

7 WHITWORTH Ann W/of George, Farmer Bur

8 RAYNER Barker S/of Joseph Corndealer Bapt

8 SYKES William Labourer Bur

15 HUNT Ann D/of George, Farmer Bapt

15 ARMITAGE Hannah D/of David Shoemaker Bapt

17 ROBERTS William S/of Joshua, Gardener Bapt

20 ALLAN Sarah Wid/of George Weaver Bur

22 - SYKES John S/of Christopher LABourer Bapt

22 HEPTONSTAL Hannah D/of Robert Bapt Spinner

22 STRINGER George S/of Francis Weaver Bapt

22 LAND Ann D/of George Spinner Bapt

22 BAINES Samuel S/of John Clothier Bapt

26 BAINES Samuel S/of John Clothier Buried

29 DAWSON Mary D/of William Cropper Buried from Wakefield

29 DEWS John S/of Matthew Clothier baptized

29 ELLIS William S/of Francis Weaver baptized


5 BREARLEY Sarah W/of John Cropper buried

5 EASTWOOD Hannah D/of Jonas Spinner buried

9 SWALLOW Martha D/of Henry Weaver buried

10 STRINGER Nancy D/of Benjamin Basketmaker Bapt

13 TURTON John Weaver Buried

21 HEALD John Clothier Buried

24 SYKES Benjamin S/of William Weaver Buried

25 BOULD Thomas S/of Joseph Weaver baptized

25 KAY Ann D/of Arthur Labourer baptized

26 TURTON Priscilla D/of John Weaver buried

27 WHITLEY Nancy D/of John Comber baptized

27 POLLARD George Agustus S/of Joseph Labourer baptized

27 FRECKLETON Gervase S/of John, Carpenter baptized

27 BERRY Abraham S/of Joseph Spinner baptized


1796 Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield

JAN 1796
10 LAYCOCK Joseph S/of Daniel Weaver Bapt

16 RICHARDSON Martha W/of William Labourer Bur

21 HIRST John S/of John Clothier Bur

26 RICHARDSON Hannah W/of Joseph Senr Labourer Bur

31 HAMPSHIRE Hannah D/of Matthew, Mason bapt

30 Mac DEARMENT Mary D/of Timothy private in Col. Handcock's Regiment of Fencibles Bapt

9 OVEREND John S/of Timothy Comber Bur

13 CLARK Thomas S/of Samuel Spinner Bapt& Bur 14th

14 BARKER Joseph S/of John Waterman Bapt

21 DEAN William S/of John Comber Bapt

21 RUSHFIRTH Mary Ann D/of Aquila Spinner Bapt

21 COOPE Elizabeth D/of John Tammymaker Bapt

21 BENNETT John S/of Joseph Spinner Bur

21 MORTIMER Sarah W/of Randal Spinner Bur

28 ARMITAGE Sarah D/of William junr Clothier Bur

28.STEPHENSON Sarah D/of Matthew Spinner Bapt

MARCH 1796
5 MARSDEN Jane D/of Francis Labourer Bur

6 FISHER Francis S/of James Labourer Bapt

6 ARMITAGE Martha D/of George Weaver Bur

13 BROOK Elizabeth W/of Joseph, Carpenter Bur

20 KNOWLES Betty D/of John, Clothier Bapt

20 GAWTHORP Joseph S/of Matthew Weaver Bapt

20SMITH Ann D/of Joseph Weaver Bapt

25 BOOTH Thomas Comber Bur

25 BOOTH Ann D/of William Weaver Bapt

27 RACE Richard & Robert Ss/of John Cropper Bapt

27 NAYLOR Alice D/of William Clothier Bapt

27 HEALD Timothy S/of Timothy Weaver Bapt

27 WHITLEY Nancy D/of John Comber Bur

28 BEAUMONT Sally D/of Richard Spinner Bapt

29 BEEDALL Elizabeth D/of John Carpenter Bapt

29 EASTWOOD Ann W/of Jonas Spinner Bur


5 MORTIMER Mary D/of Randal Spinner Bur

10 BEVITT John S/of John Carpenter Bapt

17 WOOD John S/of Joseph Weaver Bapt. the younger

17ARMITAGE Hannah D/of William Senr Clothier

19 CRAVEN, Benjamin Mason Bur

22 RILEY Elizabeth Spinster Bur

26 ARMITAGE Edward. Farmer Bur


1 CARR George S/of John Esq Bur . from Wakefield

1 MOORHOUSE Fanny D/of William Weaver Bapt

5 CARTER Hannah D/of William Bur

6 THORNS Daniel, Gardener Bur

8 MOOR Hannah D/of Thomas Comber Bapt

8 FISH Sarah D/of John Spinner Bapt'

15 HOLLAND Joseph S/of Joseph Cropper Bapt

15 SHAW Sally D/of Thomas Spinner Bapt

16 COOPE Sarah D/of William Clothier Bapt

16 PICKERSGILL William S/of John Spinner Bapt

18 ARMITAGE George S/of William junr Clothier Bapt

19 ARMITAGE George S/of William Jun' Clothier Bur

20 PICKERSGILL Sarah W/of George Weaver Bur

21 MILNES Sarah W/of William Clothier Bur

5 OUTHWAITE Hannah W/of Richard Labourer Bur

12 DEWHIRST EIiza D/of Rich' Schoolmaster Bapt

14 BARKER Hannah W/of Joseph Clothier Bur

17 BARKER Elizabeth D/of Joseph Clothier Bapt

19 BARKER Elizabeth D/of Joseph Clothier Bur

19 POLLARD Ann Wid/of Wm , Yeoman Bur

25 FOSTER William S/of Joshua Clothier Bapt

26 COOPE John S/of Michael Labourer Bapt

26 COOPE Rachel D/of Jeremiah Tammy Maker Bapt

29 KAY Candace D/of Charles Bur

JULY 1796

1 ELLIS Millicent Wid/of James Bur

3 EASTWOOD Joseph S/of John Clothier Bapt

3 SEEKER William & Betty S/of & D/of John Spinner bapt'

3 DOVE Betty D/of William Clothdrawer Bapt

3 WALSHAW Elizabeth W/of Thomas, Miller Bur

10 ARMITAGE Hannah D/of William Spinner Bapt

14 WOOD Elizabeth W/of Edward Labourer Bur

15 BARRACLOUGH Thomas S/of John joiner Bur

16 COOPE Benjamin William S/of John Clothier Bapt

17 SCHOFIELD Timothy S/of Sarah Bapt: natural child

20 POLLARD John, Yeoman Bur

20 RICHARDSON Elizabeth D/of Joseph Labourer baptd

20 TOTTINGTON Samuel S/of Joseph Labourer Bur

23 HUTCHINSON Ann D/of John Weaver Bur

25 CRAVEN Betty D/of Joseph Shoemaker Bapt

26 DRAKE Sarah W/of Francis, Taylor Bur

29 COOPE Mary Wid/of Michael Clothier Bur

29 RICHARDSON Elizabeth D/of Joseph Labourer Bur

29 GOODALL Thomas S/of William, Yeoman Bapt& Bur 31st

31 PRESTON Samuel S/of John Shoemaker Bapt

31 WILSON William S/of George Labourer Bapt

1 NEWTON Elizabeth Wid/ of Joseph Labourer Bur

7 BOOTH Joseph S/of Thomas Labourer Bapt

9 MITCHELL Joseph S/of William Labourer Bur

12 POLLARD Ann W/of Benjamin Clothier Bur

14 SHEARD George S/of John Weaver Bapt

14 BRUERTON Judith D/of John Labourer Bapt

14 MITCHELL William S/of James Weaver Bapt

19 KAY Hannah Wid/of Thomas Weaver Bur

21 RICHARDSON Rebecca D/of Ann Bapt: Natural Child

27 DICKINSON Joshua Sefton S/of Joshua, Yeoman Bapt

23 ABSON Sarah D/of George, Carpenter Bapt


5 HEATON Francis Clothier Bur
6 ELLIS Joseph Labourer Bur

9 DRAKE John S/of Clementia Bur : Natural Child

11 MARSDEN Betty D/of Frank Labourer Bapt

11 WOOD Sophia D/of Joshua Labourer Bapt

14 HAMMOND Ann Wid/of Henry Exciseman Bur

18 TOWNEND Sarah D/of George Weaver Bapt

25 FISH Elizabeth D/of John Spinner Bur

8 HUNT Priscilla D/of George Attorney Bur

19 ARMITAGE Hannah Wid/of Thomas Senr Weaver Bur

20 ARMITAGE Hannah Wid/of George jun Weaver Bur

23 HAWKES John S/of Thomas& Hannah Weaver Bapt

23 GAWTHORP Grace D/of Matthew deceased Bur

29 MOORHOUSE John S/of John & Mary Weaver Bur

30 CRAWSHAY Jesse S/of George & Ann Clothier Bapt

30 HANSON Sarah D/of James Jun'& Sarah Weaver Bapt

30 CROWTHER Ann D/of William & Ann Spinner Bapt'

NOV 1796

6 MILLNER John S/of William& Mary Weaver Bapt

6 RAMSDEN David S/of Betty Bapt. Natural Child

6 BROOK Mary D/of George &Ann Clothier Bapt

6 CRAWSHAY Ann W/of George Clothier Bur

13 TURTON Nancy D/of Joseph & Betty Bookkeeper Bapt'

13 CARTER Fanny D/of William & Sarah Weaver Bapt

13 BROWN Joshua S/of Joseph & Mary Weaver Bapt

14 STEPHENSON William Bur

21 DYSON Sarah D/of James deceased Bur

24 WADE Nancy D/of James & Sarah, Mason Bapt

24 KAYE John Labourer Bur

27 CRAWSHAY Jesse S/of George & Ann Clothier Bur

27 ELLERBY John S/of John & Sarah Weaver Bapt


4 BEDFORD Francis S/of Thomas & Mary Spinner Bapt

4 GREEN Maria D/of Thomas & Martha, Carpenter Bapt
4 GREEN Joshua S/of Thomas & Martha, Carpenter Bapt

4 OVEREND Fanny D/of Timothy & Mary, Comber Bapt, & Bur 6th

6 OVEREND Mary W/of Timothy, Comber Bur

11 COULDWELL Charles S/of Benjamin& Sally Glazier bapt

12 RAYNER Alice Wid/of John Clothier Bur

12 GREEN William S/of John& Sarah Exciseman Bapt &Bur 18th

18 COULDWELL Charles S/of Benjamin& Sally Glazier Bur

25 LAW Maria D/of James & Martha Clothier baptd

26 BARKER Elizabeth D/of William& Ann Clothier baptd

28 EASTWOOD Margaret D/of James & Mary Clothier baptd

STEAD Robert Daniel S/of Joseph & Sarah Saddler bapt'

39 OTLEY Mary D/of Winn & Sally Joiner baptd

1797 Parish Register of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield


1 CLAYTON John S/of Joshua & Alice Clothier Bapt '

3 BURTON Sarah Widow of John, Collier Bur

4 MITCHELL Elizabeth Widow of Elkanah Innkeeper Bur

8 WHITE George S/of Jehoiada & Sarah Weaver Bapt

8 BERRY Mally D/of Moses & Sarah Clothier Bapt '

9 BARKER Francis S/of John & Millicent Limeburner Bapt '

10 GRANGE, Joseph Comber Bur

15 JESSOP George S/of Joseph & Frances Clothier Bapt

15 BATES Martha D/of Achsah Spinster Bur . Natural Child

22 FOSTER John S/of John & Elizabeth Spinner Bur ­

29 WHITLEY William S/of Thomas & Ann Clothier Bapt

29 HUNT George Attorney at Law Bur


5 CLARKE James S/of Samuel & Ruth Spinner Bapt

5 MITCHELL Timothy S/of Thomas & Hannah, Spinner Bapt

5 TAYLOR Selina D/of Betty Widow Bapt Natural Child

5 FISH Thomas S/of Joseph & Mary Labourer Bapt

5 ARMITAGE Edward S/of William & Mary Clothier Bapt d

5 BRUERTON Joah S/of Robert & Sarah Spinner by',

19 GREEN William S/of John & Betty, Farmer Bapt

19 ARMITAGE Martha D/of Edward & Hannah Clothr Bapt

31 ARMITAGE Edward S/of William & Mary Clothier Bur

26 HEATON Margaret Wife of John Clothier Bur

28 RHODES Martha D/of William & Ann Clothier Bapt

5 WALKER Martha D/of Gervase & Martha his 1st Wife , Farmer Bur

12 ASHTON Ann D/of George & Ann, Taylor Bapt

12 BATES Benjamin Clothsearcher Bur

12 WILSON William S/of George & Sarah Bur . Labourer

13 WEST Elizabeth D/of John & Mary Waterman Bapt

14 BERRY John S/of Ann Bur . Natural Child

16 MOOR Hannah D/of Thomas & Ellin Bur . Comber

20 WHITE Mary Ann D/of Jehoiada & Sarah Weaver Bur

2 RAYNER Richard, Bachelor S/of late James RAYNER Clothier Bur

2 HAWLEY Thomas S/of Richard & Frances, Carpenter Bap

2 LAMBERT Israel S/of Phineas & Frances Weaver Bapt '

2 GOODISON Hannah D/of John & Betty Weaver Bapt

3 BURDEKIN John Blacksmith, Bur

9 SYKES Benjamin S/of Martin & Mary Labourer Bapt !

14 PRESTON Samuel S/of John & Elizabeth Shoemaker Bur

16 BRAY William S/of Humphrey & Mary Cropper Bapt '

16 CRABTREE John S/of Stephen & Susanna Weaver Bapt !

16 BATLEY Hannah D/of Jonathan & Elizabeth Weaver Bapt

16 SCARTH Joseph Foster S/of John & Mary Weaver Bapt

16 MITCHELL William S/of William & Esther Weaver Bapt '

16 BENNETT Mary D/of Edward & Fanny Clothier Bapt

16 HEMINGWAY Mary D/of George & Elizabeth Weaver Bapt '

17 EASTWOOD William S/of Jonas & Ann Spinner Bapt '

17 OTLEY Benjamin S/of Winn & Sally , joiner Bur

17 CHILD James S/of John & Betty Clothier Bapt & Bur 19th

19 MITCHELL William S/of James & Martha Weaver Bur

23 HEPWORTH Frances D/of Jonathan & Sarah Bapt Spinner

23 BROOK John S/of Joseph & Elizabeth , Carpenter Bur

23 RAMSDEN Sarah D/of John & Martha Weaver Bapt

29 HIRST Rebecca D/of John & Elizabeth Clothier Bapt

5 MARSDEN Francis S/of Frank & Martha Labourer Bur

7 SMALLER Mary D/of William& Hannah Shoemaker Bapt

7 RICHARDSON John S/of George & Eleanor Croper Bapt

14 PRESTON George S/of William & Lydia weaver Bapt

18 TAYLOR Leah D/of Betty Widow Bur . Natural Child

19 WOOD Sophia D/of Joshua jun & Mary Lab Bur

20 JAGGER George S/of Sarah Spinster Bur . Natural Child.

21 CRAVEN Elizabeth Wid/of James Labourer Bur

25 RAYNER John S/of Thomas & Mary Ann Grocer Bapt

28 FIELDHOUSE Benjamin S/of William& Nancy Weaver Bapt

28 RACE Richard Clothier & a Bachelor Bur

4 CHAPEL John S/of Joseph& Martha Spinner Bapt d

4 BOOTH Fanny& Ann Ds/of William Weaver Bapt d

4 FRECKELTON Martha D/of John & Elizabeth, Carpenter Bapt '

4 WILSON David S/of Joseph & Ann Labourer Bapt '

4 TANKERD Nanny D/of Joseph & Isabella Weaver Bapt ,

4 ASSMAN Matty D/of Hannah Spinster Bapt d. Natural Child

4 LAW Mary D/of John& Ann Weaver Bapt '

4 LISTER Mary D/of Jeremiah& Sarah Weaver Bapt '

4 RAYNER, John Barker S/of Joseph & Sarah Badger Bapt

4 ELLIS Tom S/of James & Susanna, Carpenter Bapt

5 ARMITAGE Martha D/of William & Betty Clothier Bapt d

5 BERRY Sarah D/of Benjamin & Sarah Shoemaker Bapt !

5 BEAUMONT Betty D/of Robert & Sarah Labourer Bapt d

5 ELLIS George S/of Joseph & Sarah Shoemaker Bapt d

7 NORTON Richard S/of Joseph, & Hannah Maria Taylor Bapt d

7 STEPHENSON Martha Wid/of Benjamin Innkeeper Bur

7 HEAP John S/of John & Sally Clothier Bapt '

18 CRAWSHAY John S/of Edward & Mary Clothier Bapt '

26 HEAP Joseph S/of John & Sally Clothier Bur

99 CRAWSHAY Samuel Cloth-Miller Bur

28 GATES Abraham S/of Wm & Hannah Clothier Bur

2 BARKER George S/of George & Ann Labourer Bapt '

2 RICHARDSON Sarah D/of Geo & Eleanor Clothier Bapt

9 COULDWELL Noah S/of Sarah Natural Child Bapt ized

12 MARSDEN Frank Labourer Bur

16 SMITH Julia D/of Geo& Grace Weaver Bapt

21 ROBERTS Sarah D/of Joshua & Hannah, Gardener Bur

26 FRECKELTON, Sarah Wife of Sam Carpenter Bur

2 NAYLOR Joseph, Collier Bur

6 HUNT Elizabeth D/of Geo, & Elizabeth Farmer Bapt '

6 WADE Edward S/of Geo & Hannah. Basketmaker Bapt

12 GOSNAY Martha W/of Joseph Weaver Bur

13 COOPE Sam' Clothier Bur -S/of late David & Ann Coope

20 HOLT William S/of Nancy Bapt. Natural Child

20 HEPTONSTALL Bessy D/of Rob' & Priscilla Weaver Bapt

20 RICHARDSON Joseph S/of James & Eleanor Weaver Bapt '

27. KAY Martha D/of John & Ann Weaver Bapt '

3 LEE John S/of John& Anti Spinner Bapt d

SEP 1797

4 THORNS Martha Wid/of Robert Bur

10 TURTON Eleanor D/of Wm & Sarah Weaver Bap

10 FEARNLEY Priscilla D/of Anthony & Mary Weaver Bapt

17 CRAWSHAY Fanny D/of Thomas & Mary Clothier be

17 CRAVEN, Lydia D/of Wm & Elizabeth Mason bqt

24 BURGON George S/of Joseph & Mary Cooper Bapt

OTLEY Mary D/of Winn & Sally joiner Bur


1 SPENCE Nancy D/of David & Hannah Labourer bqt

6 LAND Joseph Atkinson S/of Geo & Mary: Clothier bqx

6 CARTER John S/of Charles & Frances -Blacksmith- Bapt

14 SYKES Benjamin S/of Martin & Mary Labourer bur

14 FLETCHER WO S/of Rob' & Mary Weaver Bapt

22 TINE Elizabeth D/of Geo. & Elizabeth Weaver bqx

23 BARKER Jane D/of Joseph & Alice Clothier Bapt

23 COOPE Samuel S/of Jeremiah& Sarah Stuffmaker Bur

27 FISH Thomas S/of Joseph & Mary, Labourer bur

29 DAWSON John S/of Sam' & Sarah Weaver Bapt

29 SENIOR Eliza D/of Charles& Martha Weaver Bapt

30 MITCHELL James S/of James& Martha Weaver Bur

2 GREEN Martha D/of Wm & Hannah, Farmer Bapt

5 KNOWLES Sally D/of John & Hannah Clothier Bapt ,

5 SHEARD Avice D/of John & Mary Spinner Bapt

5SMITH Ann W/of Joseph Weaver Bur

12 BRUERTON Ann D/of John & Mary Lab` Bapt

14 THORNS Mary D/of Roger jun & Priscilla Gardener Bur

19 KAY Arthur Labourer Bur

21 HIRST Hannah D/of James& Sarah Clothier Bur

21 ARMITAGE Martha D/of Edward & Hannah Clothier Bur

23 GOSNAY William Weaver Bur

30 SENIOR Mary D/of Charles & Martha Weaver Bur

DEC 1797

2 GOODALL John S/of Wm & Ann Husbandman Bapt

3 HUNT Jane D/of Henry & Martha Labourer Bapt ­

4 SUNDERLAND Martha- Wid/of Edward Clothier Bur ­

4 GREEN Ann D/of Thomas& Martha, Carpenter Bur

5 CRAVEN Betty D/of Joseph & Polly Shoemaker Bur

7 COOPE Alice D/of John& Mary Clothier Bur

8 MARSDEN John, Yeoman a Bachelor Bur

9 SYKES Hannah D/of Ann Bur . Natural Child

10 PROCTOR Hannah Wid/of Wm, Collier Bur

10 WEBSTER Abraham S/of John & Mary Spinner Bapt

11 EASTWOOD William S/of Jonas & Ann Spinner Bur

24 TURTON Joshua S/of Joshua Clothier Bur

25 DAWSON George S/of Joseph& Hannah Lab, Bapt 4

25 FARRAH Judith D/of Isaac & Hannah Spiner Bapt

25 WILSON Martha D/of Dan & Ann Spinner Bapt

25 BROWN William S/of William junr & Ann Butcher Bapt

25 BEVIT Martha D/of John, & Mary Carpenter Bapt

27 FIELDHOUSE Benjamin S/of Wm & Nancy Weaver Bur

29 WEBSTER Fanny D/of John & Mary Spinner Bur

31 HIRST Joseph S/of William & Abigail Clothmiller Bapt

31 RAYNER Joseph lab Bur

31 ARMITAGE Wm S/of Wm & Betty clothier Bur

1798 Parish Register Horbury in the Parish Wakefield

JAN 1798

1WADE Joseph S/of James & Sarah Mason.Bur ,

13 GILL Alice W/of Sam Chandler Bur

13 HAIGH Hannah D/of James & Marg Carpenter Bur

14 NAYLOR James S/of Wm & Alice Clothier Bapt

14 PICKLES Mary Wid/of John Labr Bur

17 DEWHIRST Grace D/of Luke & Mary - Bur

18 THORNS Mary D/of Roger jun & Priscilla Gardener Bapt

19 WILSON Joanna D/of Wm & Sarah Labr. Bur

21 HARDAKER Nancy D/of William & Sarah Comber Bur

FEB 1798

2 LEE Grace D/of John & Mary Spinner Bur

3 PEARSON Elizabeth D/of Henry, Butcher Bur (late Henry Pearson)

4 BEEDALL John S/of John & Elizabeth , Carpenter Bapt '

7 BARKER Mary D/of John & Sarah Waterman Bapt '

7 CHARLESWORTH Richard Carrier Bur

10 RICHARDSON John. S/of James & Eleanor Weaver Bur

11 NORTON Richard S/of Joseph & Anna Maria, Taylor Bur

13 GOODALL John S/of William & Ann Husbandman. Bur

15 MARSDEN John S/of Rachel Bur . Natural Child

15 ELLIS Hannah D/of Francis & Mary Weaver Bur

18 WILSON Martha D/of George & Sarah Lab' Bapt

18 ROOF Oliver S/of James& Catharine Cropper Bapt

18 TURTON Mary D/of Joseph & Sarah, Spinner Bapt

25 HAMPSHIRE Matthew S/of Matthew & Susanna,. Mason Bapt

26 ARMITAGE Hannah D/of David, & Mercy Shoemaker Bur

27 FAWCETT Hannah D/of James& Sarah Labr Bur

28 BOOTH Hannah D/of Thomas & Mary Waterman ;Bapt

1 BOOTH Hannah D/of Thomas & Mary Waterman Bur

4 TIFFANY Abram S/of Abram & Sarah Weaver Bapt

4 BARRACLOUGH Thomas S/of John & Molly Joiner. Bapt

4 STRINGER Joseph & Mary S/& D/of Francis & Rachel Weaver Bapt 2

4 SHARPLESS Martha D/of Wm & Rebccca Weaver Bapt

5 RAYNER Barker S/of Joseph & Sarah, Badger Bur

16 MITCHELL Martha W/of James -Weaver Bur

11 BEAUMONT William S/of Richard Spinner & Sally Bapt

11SCATCHER George S/of George & Elizabeth Weaver Bur

12 COULDWELL Ann D/of Ben & Sally Glazier Bapt & Bur 14th

21 GAWTHORP Joseph S/of Matthew & Mary Bur

29 MITCHELL William S/of Wm & Esther Weaver Bur

1 RICHARDSON John S/of Joseph & Ann Labr Bapt

1 HAWKES William S/of Thomas & Hannah Spinner Bapt

3 BROOK Mary D/of Geo. & Ann. Weaver. Bur

5 STRINGER William S/of Benjn & Ann Basketmaker . Bapt

8 LYSTER George S/of Joseph & Hannah Lab Bapt

8 EARNSHAW Sally D/of Isaac & Hannah Labr Bap

8 ARMITAGE Edward S/of David & Mercy Shoemaker

8 ALLAN Thomas S/of Martin & Martha Weaver Bap

8 MILNER William S/of William & Mary Weaver Bap

8 HARDAKER Fanny D/of Wm & Sarah, Comber Bapt

15 PROCTOR Hannah D/of Wm' & Ann Weaver Bap

22 BROOK John S/of Joseph, Carpenter & Ann Bapt

23 BURDEKIN Thomas & George Ss/of John & Sarah Blacksmith Bapt & Bur 28th

29 PICKERSGILL Sally D/of John & Mary Weaver Bap

29 SUNDERLAND Jonathan S/of William& Ann Spinner Bap

MAY 1798

2 WALSHAW Priscilla D/of Thomas & Eliz, Miller. Bur

10 WHITWORTH Mary D/of Geo. & Eliz, Farmer. Bap

11 SILL Margaret Spinster D/of The Rev' M' SILL late Lecturer Wakefield ' Bur

20 BERRY Alice D/of Moses & Sarah Clothier Bap

25 PICKARD Sarah D/of Simeon & Clementia Weaver Bur

27 COOPE Eli Ben S/of Wm & Ann Clothier Bapt

27 HOLLAND Hannah D/of Joseph & Mary' Cropper ' Bap

27 COOPE Sarah D/of Geo. & Ann Lab Bapt

28 CHILD James S/of John& Betty Clothier Bapt

28 COOPE Ann D/of John & Frances Tammymaker Bapt

28 BAINS Hannah D/of John & Hannah Weaver Bap

28 BARBER Mary D/of John & Sarah Soldier Bapt

28 FAWCETT John S/of James & Sarah Lab Bapt

28 COOPE Jane D/of John & Mary Jun Clothier Bap

28 PROCTOR Hannah D/of Wm & Ann Weaver Bur

28 BREARLEY Elizabeth D/of John& Sarah Cropper Bapt

28 WOOD Samuel S/of Robert & Ann Labr Bapt

30 FOSTER George S/of Joshua & Mary Clothier Bapt

30 WADE Charlotte D/of Wm & Mary. Exciseman Bapt


1 WEST Charles S/of. John. & Mary Waterman Bur

6 PICKLES David Labourer Bur

10 TURTON Enoch S/of James & Elizabeth Weaver Bapt

12 BROWN William S/of Wm junr & Ann Butcher Bur

17 ROBERTS David S/of Joshua, & Hannah Gardener Bapt

17 SUNDERLAND William S/of John & Martha Clothier Bapt & Bur 18th

19 PRESTON Ann D/of John & Eliz. Shoemaker Bapt & Bur 24th

19 HEPWORTH Luke S/of Jonathan & Sarah Weaver Bapt


2 TURNER George S/of Benjamin & Sarah Weaver Bapt

2 FIRTH William Labourer Bur

2 BARBER Ann D/of Jonathan & Frances Whitesmith Bapt

9 RICHARDSON David S/of Joseph & Ann Lab'

22 WOOD John S/of Joshua & Mary Lab Bapt

22 GLOVER Susanna D/of Elizabeth Bapt. Natural Child

23 ARMITAGE Thomas S/of Wm jun' & Mary Clothier Bapt '

23 SYKES Benjamin S/of Grace Bapt ' Natural Child Bapt & Bur 24th

28 TURTON Mary D/of Joseph & Sarah Weaver Bur

29 ELLIS Susanna D/of Francis & Mary Weaver Bapt

30 NAYLOR Joseph S/of Wm & Mary Carpenter Bur

5 NAYLOR Elizabeth D/of Wm, & Martha Carpenter Bur

5 WADE John S/of John & Mary Weaver Bapt

5 DEWHIRST Charles S/of Richard & Sarah Schoolmaster Bapt d

5 BACKHOUSE Richard S/of Geo. & Amelia Serv Bapt

12 CARR Ann Carr Spinster D/of George Mason Bur

27 SCATCHER Ann D/of George & Eliz. Spinner Bapt


9 RICHARDSON George S/of John & Mary Lab Bapt

16 STEPHENSON Edward S/of Matthew & Frances Spin Bapt '

23 FIRTH Betty D/of Jeremiah & Sarah Weaver Bapt

30 SYKES Benjamin S/of Christopher & Ann Labr Bapt '


7 GREEN Joseph S/of Thomas, & Martha Carpenter Bapt

11 TURTON Enoch S/of James & Elizabeth Weaver Bur

21 BROOK Sarah D/of Geo & Ann Weaver. Bapt

28 BEDFORD John S/of Thomas & Mary Spinner Bapt

28 ELLIS George S/of John & Sarah Stuffmaker. Bapt

NOV 1798

4 CRAWSHAY Hannah Holly D/of Thomas' & Mary Clothier Bapt

5 BEDFORD Thomas Milnes S/of Benjn & Anna Maria Clothier Bapt

8 ELLIS Francis Weaver Bur

11 WHITE Sarah D/of Jehoiada & Sarah Weaver Bapt

11 TURTON Titus S/of Joseph & Eliz Bookkeeper Bapt

12 STEPHENSON Sarah D/of Matthew & Frances Spinner Bur

18 LAYCOCK Maria D/of Dan & Ruth Weaver Bapt

19 BARKER John S/of William & Ann Clothier Bapt

25 HARROP Martha Owen D/of Benj & Eliz. Blacksmith Bapt

25 TOWNEND William S/of Hannah Bapt natural child

' 2 SYKES Benny S/of Martin & Mary Lab Bapt '

6 ARMITAGE Martha D/of Wm Sen & Eliz. Clothier Bur

9 CHATBOURN Mary Ann D/of Mary bapt. Natural Child

9 CARTER Frances D/of Wm & Sarah Weaver Bur

9 CARTER Sarah D/of Wm & Sarah Weaver Bapt

11 CROFT Thomas Spinner Bur

12 STRINGER Rachel W/of Francis Bur Weaver

16 JESSOP John S/of Joseph & Frances Weaver Bapt

25 SWALLOW Fanny D/of Henry &Grace Weaver Bapt

25 WADE George S/of James, & Sarah Mason Bapt

25 FISH Thomas S/of Joseph, & Mary lab Bapt

26 CLAYTON Joshua S/of Joshua & Alice. Clothier Bapt

27 EASTWOOD Elizabeth D/of James & Mary Clothier Bapt

30 MOORHOUSE Molly D/of Wm & Ann Weaver Bapt


1799 Parish Register Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield


1 RHODES Agnes W/of Joseph Innkeeper Buried

1 FARRAH Judith D/of Isaac & Hannah Spinner Buried

11 RACE John S/of John & Susanna Cropper Bapt

18 JACKSONN Hannah Wid/of John Buried

19 DYSON Sarah Wid/of Thomas Buried

20 BALMFORTH Joshua Bachelor Buried

24 FITTON Hannah Wid/of Wm late Clerk of Wakefield buried

24 TOOTAL Ann the Wid/of Thos Buried

25 KAY Rachel D/of of Thomas Buried

26 FLETCHER Wm S/of Robert & Mary Soldier buried

27 TINKER Sarah D/of Abel. & Ann Clothmiller Bapt

FEB 1799

2 WADE Betty D/of Robert & Hannah Weaver. Buried

4 NORTON Charlotte D/of Joseph & Anna Maria Taylor bapt

9 ARMITAGE George S/of William & Eliz. Clothier Bapt Sen

11 OTLEY Esther D/of Winn & Sally Joiner Bapt

17 BERRY William S/of Benj & Sarah Shoemaker Bapt

17 TURTON Matthew S/of Joseph & Sarah Weaver Bapt

17 RICHARDSON Wm & Mary S/of & D/of James & Eleanor Lab' Bapt 2

17 CARTER Hannah D/of James & Eliz. Blacksmith Bapt'

25 ARMITAGE Richard Shoemaker a Widower buried

25 CARR Sarah D/of Joseph & Lydia Cropper buried


3 ASHTON George S/of Geo & Ann Taylor Bapt

3 BOOTH Thomas S/of Wm & Ann Weaver Bapt

3 SHEARD John S/of John & Hannah Soldier Bapt

3 PICKLES Ann Parker D/of Hannah Bapt Natural. Child

3 FAWCETT John S/of James buried

3 COOPE Benjn S/of Jeremiah & Sarah Tammymaker buried

6 NAYLOR James S/of William & Alice Clothier buried

10 WADE John S/of John & Mary. Weaver buried

14 BACKHOUSE Elizabeth W/of John Spinner buried

16 MILNER John S/of Wm & Mary Weaver buried

17 HAIGH Martha D/of James, & Marg Carpenter Bapt

18 DAWSON Edward S/of Wm & Eliz Cropper Buried

18 FIELDHOUSE Ann W/of Wm Weaver buried

22 WALKER Gervase Farmer Buried

24 RHODES Mary Ann D/of Wm & Ann Clothier Bapt

24 BATLEY Benjamin S/of Jonathan & Eliz. Weaver Bapt

24 FRECKELTON Sarah D/of John, & Eliz Carpenter Bapt

24 ELLERBY George S/of John & Sarah, Weaver Bapt

24 BENNETT Fanny D/of Edward & Fanny Clothier Bapt

25 DICKINSON Thomas S/of Joshua, & Sarah Farmer Bapt

27 John HEATON Clothier Buried

31 CROFT Sarah Wid/of Thomas buried


13 TURTON Ann D/of Benjamin & Hannah Shoemaker buried

27 HIRST James, Senior Clothier Buried


1 COULDWELL Mary D/of Benjn & Sally Glazier Bapt'

5 MITCHELL Joseph S/of Thomas & Hannah Spinr Bapt

9 EARNSHAW The Rev' Joshua late Curate of Ossett Chapel Buried

12 BURDEKIN George S/of John & Sarah Blacksmith Bapt

EASTWOOD John S/of Jonas & Ann Spinr Bapt

BRAY Rebecca D/of Humphrey & Mary. Cropper Bapt

HEMINGWAY Ann D/of George & Grace Spinner Bapt'

13 GREEN Thomas S/of John & Elizabeth Farmer Bapt

HIRST Betty D/of John & Elizabeth Clothier Bapt

2 MITCHELL Elizabeth D/of William, & Esther Clothier Bapt

BERRY Betty D/of Joseph & Mary Spinner Bapt

9 SHEARD Fanny D/of Joseph & Mary Weaver Bapt

23 RICHARDSON Betty D/of Geo. & Eleanor Cropper Bapt

23 BARBER Ann D/of Jonathan & Frances Soldier Buried

30 HANSON Mary D/of James & Sarah Weaver Bapt

JULY 1799

6 POTTER Abraham S/of Thomas Spinner Widower buried

7 WOOD Margaret D/of Joseph & Eliz. Butcher Bapt

12 WILSON Hannah W/of Joseph Labourer Bur from Alverthorp

14 POPPLETON Sally D/of Thomas & Sarah Labourer Bapt

14 KNOWLES George S/of John & Hannah Clothier Bapt

14 BARBER Mary. D/of George & Ann Lab Bapt

22 RAYNER Esther D/of the late William Perch bur

25 TURTON Matthew S/of Joseph & Sarah Spinner Bur

26 KAY John S/of the late Thomas & Hannah bur

28 HEPTONSTALL Mary D/of Rob' & Priscilla Spinner Bapt

11 BRUERTON Robert S/of Rob' & Sarah Spinner. Bapt'

11 ATKINSON Ann D/of Jonas & Rebecca Clothier Bapt,

11 BOOTH Mercy D/of Thomas & Mary Waterman Bapt

11 LAW Elizabeth D/of John & Ann Tammymaker Bapt

12 SUNDERLAND Edward Spinner Bur

15 HIRST Elizabeth W/of Joseph Weaver Bur.

18 SUNDERLAND Maria D/of John & Martha Clothier Bapt

18 RAYNER George S/of Joseph & Sarah Corn dealer Bapt

20 KAY Jane D/of Arthur & Mary. Labourer Bapt

23 WADE Mary W/of John Weaver Buried

25 GAWTHORP John S/of John & Sarah Spinner Bapt

25 HEMINGWAY John S/of Geo & Eliz. Spinner Bapt

29 WEST Ann D/of John & Mary Waterman Bapt


1 MORTIMER William S/of Randal & Hannah Spinner Bapt

1 RICHARDSON James S/of Ann Spinster Natural Child baptd

4 ROBERTS Elizabeth Wid/of William from Alverthorp bur*

8 BROWN Esther D/of Wm Jun' & Ann Butcher Bapt

8 PRESTON George S/of John & Eliz. Shoemaker Bapt

15 HIRST John S/of Wm & Abigal Miller Bapt'

15 BARKER Ruth D/of Joseph &, Alice Bapt Clothier

15 RAMSDEN Mary D/of John & Martha Weaver Bapt

15 WHITWORTH Edward Barthrop S/of Geo & Eliz. Farmer Bapt

18 TANKARD John S/of Joseph & Isabella Soldier Baptd

25 BEVIT John S/of John, & Mary Carpenter buried

29 HEALD Joseph S/of Timothy & Betty Weaver Baptd


3 BATTY John S/of Thomas Clothier buried

8 Wood John S/of Joshua & Mary Soldier Buried

13 NORTH Betty D/of Wm & Mary Weaver Bapt'

16 ATKINSON George S/of Thomas & Lydia Spinner Bapt

19 WHITTY Thomas S/of John & Ann Waterman Bur

20 GAWTHORP John S/of Matthew & Mary Weaver Bapt

23 WADE Hannah D/of Wm & Mary Exciseman Bur

27 BOTHEROYD James S/of Elizabeth Natural Child Bapt

27 LAND Sarah D/of Geo & Mary. Clothier Bapt ,& Bur 29

31 Pollard Benjamin S/of Wm & Mary Yeoman Bur

'4 ARMITAGE Joseph Clothier Buried

7 GILL Joseph Beever S/of Sam & Mary Chandler Bapt

8 CASTLEHOUSE John Labourer bur.

10 ELLIS John S/of Joseph & Sarah Shoemaker Bapt

10 SCARTH James S/of John & Mary Spinner Bapt

10 QUARMBY Elizabeth D/of Wm, & Judith Butcher Bapt

10 WHITLEY Mary D/of Thomas & Ann Spinner Bapt

10 SENIOR William S/of Charles & Martha Spinner Bapt

24 BERRY Thomas S/of Moses & Sarah Clothier Bapt

24 CHAPEL George S/of Joseph & Martha Spinner Bapt

5 METCALF John Shoemaker bur

15 MARSDEN Sarah W/of John, Gardener bur.

16 EASTWOOD Rebecca Wid/ Ezra bur

22 RILEY Mary W/of John Weaver Bur.

25 BRUERTON Mary D/of John & Mary Labourer Bapt

25 HEPWORTH Elizabeth D/of Jonathan & Sarah Labourer Bapt

26 THORNS Bessy D/of Roger & Priscilla Gardener Bapt

26 SMALLER Robert Labourer Bur

27 TAYLOR Ruth D/of Elizabeth Natural Child Bapt

29 LEE Sarah. D/ofGeorge & Ann Spinner bapt

31 LANGFIELD Joseph Labourer Bur.

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