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John ELLIS & Sarah FRECKLETON by Banns,
by John Kay 13th April 1774. Jno Roberts. Charls Smith

Thomas BARRACLOUGH &. Lydia ARMITAGE, by Licence,
by Ja Taylor 13 March 1775 Sarah Armitage. George Gill

John GAWTHROP Batchelor & Elizabeth NEWTON, Spinster, by Banns
by consent of Parents 16 April 1775. Joseph WALKER John Roberts

Thomas MARSDEN & Martha CUTLER,
by banns. 26 .April 1775 William THOENS William Fieldhouse

by Banns 15 May 1775. Rich Armytage. Jn" Roberts,

Thomas WHYTE, & Mary ITCHING of Wakefield
Banns of Marriage (Certificate of) 21st 28th May 4 June 1775

Banns of Marriage (Certificate of) published 30 April 7th 14th May 1775

Henry SWALLOW, bachelor & Grace GOSNAY, Spinster,
by Banns 3 August I775. Joseph Atkinson. John Lee

Benjamin FITTON, bachelor & Clementia PRESTON, widow,
by Licence, 4 Sept 1775. William Clarkson. Jn Roberts

Thomas RUSHFIRTH, Batchelor & Elizabeth RAYNER Spinster,
by Banns, 25 Oct 1775. William Pollard. Jno Roberts

John SANER, & Elizabeth DIXON, of Leeds,
Banns of Marriage (Certificate of) between 1, 8, & 15 Oct 1775

John LEO, Bachelor & Mary SUNDERLAND, Spinster,
by Banns, 19 November 1775. Joseph Atkinson. Jn Roberts

Thomas HIRST & Margaret THORNS,
by Banns, 26 December 1775. Ben Stephenson. Wm Watson

Richard ROODHOUSE & Sarah PERKINS (alias Roodhouse)
by Banns (with consent of parents) 4 February 2776. Ann Roodhouse. John Roberts

Thomas BERRY, of Dewsbury & , Susanna STEPHENSON,
by Banns, 4 March 1776. Ben Stephenson. Geo: Burton

John WADE & Wary CARR,
by Banns, 8 April 1776. Joseph Lockwood Joshua Roberts

Guideon WALKER, of Otlcy & Elizabeth WILSON,
by banns 23 April 1776. John Craven. An Helld

Thomas ALOTT, of Thornhill & Wnifred THORNS,
By banns 17 April 1776. W"' Watson. John Roberts

William LEAK & Betty LONG
by Banns, 30 Sept 1776. Joseph Pollard. William Thorns

by Banns, 21 Oct 1776. Benj Moody. James BAILDON

Francis BARRACLOUGH & Honour PERKINS, by Banns,
by consent of Guardian, 26 Oct 1776. Rob` Carr. Geo Armitage

Joseph WALTON & Hannah WHYTE,
by Banns, 30 Dec 1776. Joshua Roberts. Jno Roberts

Samuel DITCH & Hannah BINNS,
by Banns, 6 February 1777, Wm Fitton. Jn Roberts

by Banns, 20 February 1777. Jn Roberts. Joshua Roberts

Joshua TURTON & Sarah PRESTON,
by Banns, 25 February 1777 James Baildon. Joshua Roberts

by Banns, 20 April 1777 James Baildon. Joshua Roberts

Thomas ASHALL, of Rothwell & Sarah PICKERSGILL,
by Banns, 18 May 1777o Joseph Knowles. Jno Roberts

Joshua ROBERTS, Bachelor & Hannah SAGAR, Spinster,
by Banns, 8 June, 1777. John Roberts. Isaac Turton

Samuel JACKSON, of Manchester, Merch Bachelor, & Molly BARRACLOUGH, Spinster,
by Licence, 7 September 1777o JER Marriott. Francis Barraclough

George ARMITAGE, Batchelor & Hannah CHARLESWORTH, Spinster,
by Banns. 2 February 1778. Edwd Armitage. William, Armitage

Benjamin CRAVEN. Widower & Elizabeth GLEDILL, Spinster,
by Banns, 11 February 1778. Jn" Roberts. James Craven

George FADE, of SILKSTOP Bachelor, & Sarah MARSDIN, Spinster,
by .Banns, 16 February 1778. Joseph Lockwood. Joshua Roberts

Abraham FASTER & Sarah BERRY,
by Banns, 2March 1778. Benj.Stephenson. Joshua Roberts

by Banns, by Matt. Cookson 4 May 1778. Joseph Atkinson. Joshua Roberts

by Banns, by' Matt. Cookson 4 May 1778 Thomas Heaton. Mary Rider

George HALL, of Ragby & Martha RAYNER,
by Banns, 14 May 1778. Sarah Rayner. James Rayner. Joshua Ray ner

Joseph DAWSON & Betty CROFT,
by Banns, 6 July 1778. Hannah Dawson. George Moulson

James HIRST, of Mirfield & Alice LANGFIELD,
by Banns, 14 Oct 1779, William Barber. Joshua Roberts

James FISHER, Bachelor & Mary SKIN, Widow,
by Banns, 18 January 1779. James Battye. Jn Roberts

George WALKER, Bachelor & Ann CARTER, Spinster,
by Banns 1 March 1779. Thomas Walker. Charles Carter

John PROCTER, Bachelor & Mary LAYCOCK, Spinster,
by Banns, 28 March 1779 Mary Walshaw. Betty Walshaw Frances Walshaw

Luke SYKES & Hannah SENIOR, Spinster,
By Banns, by Joshua Earnshaw 19 April 1779. Joshua Whitehead. Joseph Whitehead. Richard Dewhirst

William WAINWRIGHT, of Dewsbury & Sarah BARBER,
by Banns, 11July 1779. John Turner. William Barber

Thomas TAYLOR & Betty SMALLER,
by Banns, 1 August 1779, William Parkinson. John Taylor

Paul ENGLAND, of Skellbrook & Elizabeth BROWN,
by Licence, 23 September 1779. John Tootal. Ann Tootal

George ARMITAGE & Elizabeth BATLEY,
by Banns, 10 Oct 1779 `Thomas Aritage. Joshua Roberts

Arthur KAY, Bachelor & Mary FITTON, Spinster,
by Banns, 3 January 1780. Joseph Knowles. Ben Wetherill

John MAUDE, of Silkston & Hannah HIRST,
by Banns, 27.January 1780. Dan' Thorns. James Craven

Jeremiah COOPE, Bachelor .& Sarah COOPE Spinster,
by Licence, 2 Febr1780 Rachel Cootie. Samuel COOPE John Chadwick

James MITCHEL, Bachelor & Martha BATES, Spinster,
by Banns, 26 March 1780 John .Barber. John Livesley

John AUDSLEY, of Dewsbury, Bachelor & Hannah PRESTON, Spinster
by Bans 3 April 1780. Joseph Saxton. George Hooley

Jehoiada WHYTE & Mercy BATES,
by Banns, 14 MAY 1780 John Rayner. James Mitchell

Joseph ORANGE, Widower & Elizabeth HOYLE, Widow,
by Banns, 3 Sept 1780. James Craven. Benjamin Graven. John Roberts

by Banns, by Joseph Earnshaw 11 SEPT 1780 John Eastwood. Wm PEARSON Joshua Roberts

Thomas HEPWORTH, Widower & Priscilla LOFTHOUSE, Spinster,
by Banns 8 Oct 1780. Roger 'Thorns. Joshua Roberts

James HANSON, Widower & Hannah CASS, Spinster,
by ,Banns, 8 Oct 1780. James Rayner. Joseph Cass

William Crowder, Bachelor S;. Ann GUNSON Spinster,
by Banns 9 Oct 1780. Joseph Craven. Betty Hunt. Joshua Roberts

David Simon, of Dewsbury, Bachelor &; Elizabeth SYKES, Spinster
by Banns, 30 Oct 1780, John North, Mary Hadfield

James HIRST, Bachelor & Sarah FIRTH, Spinster,
by Banns 26 November 1780. Jn" Pollard. Abraham Firth

Edward ARMITAGE, Bachelor & Mary THORNS, Spinster,
by Banns 12 February I787. Rich`Waugh. John Batty

William RICHARDSON, Bachelor & Martha CARR, Spinster,
by Banns, 27 MAY 1781. John Roberts. Joshua Roberts

Thomas DICKINSON, Bachelor & Rachel COOPE, Spinster,
By Licence, 27 May 178 1, Ann Tidswell. Jn Dickinson

Luke HEPWORTH, Bachelor &. Martha FRECKLETON, Spinster,
BY BANNS, 28 may1781 Lydia Lambert. Eliza Nevinson. Joshua Roberts

William SUNDERLAND, Bachelor &: .Ann SENIOR, Spinster,
by Banns, 1 July 1781. Joseph Knowles. John Roberts

Isaac TURTON Bachelor & Martha HEMMINGWAY, Spinster,
by Banns, 30 July 1781 Joseph Knowles. Roger Thorns

by Banns, 5 Nov 1781. James Roberts. Joseph Cass

Joseph NORTON, Bachelor & Anna Maria ROBERTS, Spinster,
by Banns, 5 Nov 1781. James Shillito. William Heeley

Isaac FARRAH bachelor & Hannah PARKE spinster
by banns 26 Nov 1781. Joshua Roberts. John Roberts

Benjamin TURTON, Bachelor & Hannah DAWSON, Spinster,
by Banns, 26 Nov 1781. Charles Carter. George Walker

John RICHARDSON, Batchelor & Mary LONGLEY, Spinster,
by Banns, 9 Dec 1781. George Race. Joshua Roberts. John Roberts

William HANSON, of Sandal Magna & Martha ARMITAGE, Spinster,
by Banns, 14 Jan 1782. Joseph Burnill. John Roberts

Joseph TURTON, Widower & Bridget SUNDERLAND, Widow,
by Licence, 31 Jan 1782. ,John Procter. John Roberts

John BAINS, of Dewsbury, Bachelor & Hannah SANER Spinster,
by Banns, 11 Feb1782. Matthew Dews. John Roberts

James RAYNER, Widower, & Ann TOOTAL Spinster,
by Banns, 16 may 1782. R. Dewhirst. John Foster

George HERBERT, Bachelor & Sarah HINSIIFF, Spinster,
by Banns, 2 May 1782, Robert Smaller. Joshua Roberts

Richard DEWHIRST, Bachelor & Ann MITCHELL, Spinster,
by Banns, 20 May 1782. John Tootal. Mary Pollard

John BREARLEY, Bachelor & Sarah CARR, Spinster,
by Banns, 29 Sept 1782. Gervase Carr John Roberts

Aquila RUSHFORTH, Bachelor & Hannah GAWTHORP Spinster,
by Banns, 3 November 1782. Joseph Atkinson. Joseph Rushfirth

James HIRST, Widower & Hannah MOOR, Spinster,
by Licence, 27 Nov 1782. Joseph Cass. James Craven

Timothy OVEREND, Bachelor & Molly WILSON, Spinster,
by Banns, 8 Dec 1782. Betty Hunt. John Roberts. John Coope

Joseph RUSHFORTH, Bachelor & :Mary BROOK, Spinster,
by Banns,18 Dec 1782, Joseph Atkinson, Joshua Roberts. Mary White

Joseph RAYNER, Bachelor & Sarah BARKER, Spinster,
by Banns 5 January 1783o John Green. John Roberts

Robert APPLEBY, Bachelor & Sarah MITCHEL Spinster,
by Licence, by consent of parents 13 Feb 1783. R. Dewhirst. John Roberts,,

George HOPWOOD, Bachelor & Pamela RAYER, Spinster,
by Banns 27 March 178 3. James Rayner. John Roberts

Charles CARTER, Bachelor &t Mary SWALLOW, Spinster,
by Banns 20 April 1783. John Roberts. John Tootal

George BURDEKIN, Bachelor & Elizabeth POLLARD, Spinster,
by Banns 28 July 1783. R. Dewhirst. John Roberts

John RACE, Bachelor & Susan CRAVEN, Spinster,
by Banns 10 August 1783. William Craven. T John Naylor

Henry OLDROYD, Bachelor & Susanna PEARSON, Spinster,
by Banns 3 Oct 1783. John Robert. William Thorns.

William SHARPLESS, Bachelor & Rebecca RICHARDSON, Spinster,
by Banns 14 December 1784. John Roberts. Martin Sykes

Edward ARMITAGE. Bachelor & Hannah GREEN, Spinster,
by Banns II April 1784. WM Armitage. Rich" Armitage. Sarah Green

Moses EASTWOOD, Bachelor & Sabra EAGLAND, Spinster,
by Banns 12 April 1784. Charles Eagland. John Roberts

William HARDAKER, Bachelor & Sarah ROBERTS, Spinster,
by Banns 29 July 1784. Jeremiah Coope. John Roberts

Joseph BERRY, Bachelor & Mary LEE, Spinster,
by Banns 11 Oct 1784. James Craven. Benjamin Craven

John SCORIELD, Bachelor & Martha LANGFIELD, Spinster,
by Banns 31 Oct 178.1. Benjamin Craven. John Roberts

Thomas CHILD, Bachelor & Sarah WOOD, Spinster,
by Banns 6 December 1784. Joseph Dawson. John Roberts

Joseph CRAVEN, Bachelor &: Elizabeth KAY, Spinster,
by Banns 26 December 1784. John Goodall. James Hirst

James WESTERMAN, Bachelor & Martha PEARSON, Spinster,
by Banns 2 Feb1783. Benjamin Stephenson. John Roberts

John BARKER, of Thornhill, Bachelor & Millicent RHODES. Spinster,
by Banns 7 February 1785. Rich' Walshaw. Thomas Walshaw

Francis ELLIS, Bachelor & Mary HANSON, Spinster,
by Banns by Joshua Earnshaw 20 June 1783. R. Dewhirst. John Roberts

John HANSON, Bachelor & Susanna SMITH, Spinster,
by Banns 1August 1785. Joseph Lockwood. Benjamin Thompson

David ARMITAGE, Bachelor & Mearcy RUSHFORTH, Spinster,
by Banns 8 August 1783. Matthew Stephenson. Jn Dodgson

William BEETHAM, of Barnsley in Silkston, Bachelor & Frances TOWNEND, Spinster,
by Banns 5 Sept 1785. Charles Wood John Roberts

Samuel CLAYTON, of Wakefield Widower & Martha RHODES, Widow,
by Licence 16 Oct 1785. John Foster .John Tootal

Richard OUTHWATE, Bachelor & Sarah TURTON Spinster,
by Banns 17 Oct 1785. James Carter. Joshua Roberts

Joseph SMITH, Bachelor &: Phebe HEMMINGWAY Widow,
by banns 24 Oct 1785. Eliz Binns. John Roberts

Timothy HEALD, Bachelor & Betty MITCHELL, Spinster,
by Banns 27 Oct 1785. Benj Bates. John Roberts

Samuel HEPWORTH, Bachelor & Mary FRECKLETON Spinster,
by Banns 7 Nov 1785, Jonas Micklethwait Robr Rayner

Richard DEWHIRST, Widower & Martha PEACE, Spinster,
by Banns 24 Nov 1785. Jn' Schoiefield. Ja' Brooke y John

John GIGGELL bachelor & Martha ELLIS spinster
by bans 27 Dec 1785 William Giggal John Roberts

William STEPHENSON widower & Hannah LAYCOCK widow
by banns 11 Jan 1780 Joshua Roberts John Roberts

Joseph BOOTH, & Sarah HAIGH, Spinster,
by Banns 17 April 1786. Jn Pollard. John Roberts

Joshua FOSIER, Bachelor & Mary BEDFORD, Spinster,
by Banns 24 April 1786. George Whitworth. David Coope

Matthew HAMPSHIRE, of Thornhill, Bachelor & Susanna SYKES, Spinster,
by Banns 29 June 1786. John Wood. Johns Roberts

John HAMPSHIRE, Widower & Sarah LYANCE, Widow,
by Banns 13 July 1786. Dan' Thorns. John Roberts

Henry HUNT, Bachelor & Martha CUTLER, Spinster,
by Banns 31 July 1786. Joseph Atkinson. John Roberts

Benjamin STOCKS, of Kirkheaton, Bachelor & Martha KIPPAX, :spinster,
by Banns 14 August 1786. Thomas Hanson. Joseph Hanson

John WOOD, of Thornhill, Bachelor & Patience HEATON, Widow
by Banns 10 Sept 1786. Morritt Matthews. Richard Armitage

Joseph BOULD Bachelor & Hannah MITCHELL, Spinster,
by Banns 9 Oct 1786. Wm' Naylor. John Roberts

Joseph NAYLOR, of Thornhill, Widower & Martha PIERCE, Widow
by Licence 26 Nov 1786. John Roberts. Joshua Whitehead

George PROCKTER bachelor & Frances MEDCALF Spinster,
by Banns 27 NOV 1786. Aaron Webster. George Hunt junr

John FISH Bachelor & Elizabeth SYKES, Spinster,
by Banns 4 Dec 1786. Jo Wood. Christopher Sykes

Joseph FOX, Bachelor & Sarah GAWTHORP, Spinster,
by Banns 5 Dec 1786. John. Eastwood. John Roberts

Joseph HARDWICK, Widower & Betty KIPPAX, Spinster,
by Banns 25 Feb 1786 . John Roberts. George Kay

Edward COOPE, Bachelor & Hannah HORNCASTLE, Spinster,
by Banns 4 March 1787. John Goodall. William Goodall

Thomas WALSHAW, of Thornhill, Miller a Betty HUNT, Spinster,
by Licence 27 January 1788. John Widdop. John Goodall

William NAYLOR Clothier & Allice SYKES, Spinster,
by Banns 27 Jan 1788. John. Naylor. John Roberts

John RHODES. Bachelor & Sarah HOLT, Spinster,
by Banns 2 March I 788 William Holt. John Barker

John HEAP Bachelor & Sally KNOWLES, Spinster,
by Banns 6 April 1788. Roger Thorns. John Race

John ORANGE, Bachelor ,& Grace CHAPEL, Spinster,
by .Banns 10 June 1788. Joshua Whitehead John Roberts

John DEAN, Bachelor & Margaret CARTER, Spinster,
by Banns 27 July 1788. William ' Pollard. William Goodall

William CARTER, Bachelor& Sarah SHAW, Spinster
by Banns 31 August 1788. John Race. John Roberts

Joseph RICHARDSON, Bachelor & Ann LONGLEY, Spinster,
by Banns 31 August 1788 John Race. John Roberts.

William ARMITAGE, Bachelor & Mary MOORHOUSE, Spinster,
by Banns 8 Sept 1788. `Thos. Armitage. Betty Heap. Sarah Heap

Abraham FOTHERGIIL, of Sandal Magna, Bachelor & Susanna SENIOR, ,Spinster,
by Banns 29 Sept 1788 John Roberts. Joshua Roberts

Charles WOOD, of Sandal Magna, Bachelor & Sarah BEDFORD. Spinster,
by Licence 7 Oct 1788. John Roberts. Joshua Roberts

Joseph TURTON, Bachelor & Betty STRINGER, Spinster,
by Banns 23 Nov 1788. R' r Dewhirst. John Roberts

Richard WALKER, Bachelor & Ann RAYNER, Widow,
by Licence 18 Dec 1788. Roger Thorns. Joshua Roberts

Thomas CARTER, Bachelor, & Hannah ASH. Spinster,
by Banns I8 Dec 1788. Roger Thorns. Joshua Roberts

William Ioath, Bachelor, & Ann WOOD, Spinster,
by Banns 28 Dec 1788. John Binns. John Roberts

Thomas POTTER, Bachelor & Betty RACE, Spinster,
by Banns 26 January 1789 Wm Wilson. John Roberts

John BARKER, of Mirfield. Bachelor & Sarah RHODES, Spinster,
by Banns 26 January 1789. John Barker. Charles

Jeremiah LAISTER, Bachelor & Betty ARMITAGE, Spinster,
by Banns 23 February 1789. Joseph Mitchell. George Ashton

Matthew STEPHENSON, Bachelor & Frances ROBERTS, Spinster,
by Banns 3 May 1789. Tho Barraclough. George Crawshay

John CARR, Bachelor & Frances ROBERTI, Spinster,
by Banns ,5 May I789. Isaac Turton. James Scholefield

John HIRST, Bachelor & Elizabeth BINNS, Spinster,
by Banns 7 June 1789. ,James Rayner. Charles Carter

James TURTON Bachelor & Elizabeth TOWN, Spinster,
by Banns 22 June 1789 Joshua Dickinson. John Roberts.

William HEAP, Bachelor & Betty ROBERTS, Spinster,
by Banns 28 June 1789. Sally Roberts. Sarah Heap

Joseph FISH, Bachelor & Mary BOOTH, Spinster,
by Banns 3 August 1789. Thomas Fletcher. James Wade

Benjamin STRINGER, Bachelor & Ann ASH. Spinster,
by Banns 13 Sept 17899. Roger Thorns. George Turton

James Law, Bachelor & Mary Clayton, Spinster,
by Banns 13 Sept 1789. Abraham Ward. John Roberts

Joseph WOOD, Bachelor & Esther RICHARDSON, Spinster,
by Banns 27 Sept 1789. Ellin Carr. Mary Whitworth

Joseph MOORHOUSE, of Dewsbury & Betty FIRTH,
by Banns 27 Sept 1789 Joel Pickard. Sarah Roberts

Jonathan BATLEY, Bachelor &, Elizabeth DAWSON, Spinster,
by Banns 4 Oct 1789 William Keyon. James Law

William BLAKEY, Bachelor &` Hannah HANSON, Spinster,
by Banns 26 Oct 1789. James Scholefield. John Blakey

Richard WARING, Bachelor & Hannah COOTIE. Spinster,
by Banns 8 Nov 1789. Geo Walker. David Scholefield

William PATTERSON, of Thornhill, Bachelor & Mary METCALF, Spinster,
by Banns 30 Nov 1789. John Mitchell. John Roberts

Richard DEWHIRST, Widower & Sarah ROBERTS, Spinster,
by Banns 13 Dec1789. Lydia Roberts. John Roberts

Anthony FEARNLEY, Bachelor & Mary BINNS, Spinster,
by Banns 23 Dec 1789. Ja" Rayner. John Roberts

Thomas MARRIOTT, of Dewsbury, Bachelor & Ann HOLT, Spinster,
by Licence 9 May 1794 Tho Barraclough. William Webster

Francis STRINGER, Bachelor & Rachel THORNS, Spinster,
by Banns 9 June 1794.. Joseph Stringcr. William Thorns

George SCATCHER, Bachelor & Elizabeth MITCHELL spinster,
by Licence 7 July 1794. John Scatcher. Joseph Mitchell

George BARKER, Bachelor,& Ann WOOD, Spinster,
by Banns 11 August I 793 James Wade. Benjamin Harry

John CRABTREE, Bachelor & Hannah RADLEY of Dewsbury, Spinster,
by banns by William Day 20 Oct 1794. Mary White. John Roberts

Edward SUNDERLAND ba & Nancy 'Thorns, Spinster,
by banns 30 Nov 1794, Wm Thorns. E Stringer

George HUNT Jun', of Wakefield, bachelor & Elizabeth ATKINSON, Spinster,
by Licence 3 Dec 1794 John Goodall junr. James Eastwood

Thomas KIRSHAW. of Sandall Magna, Bachelor & Mary BARKER, Spinster,
by Banns 4 Feb 1795. Joseph Ellis. john Robbers.

Benjamin BOULD, of Dewsbury, Bachelor & , Rachel ROBINSON, Spinster,
by banns 23 February I 795. Joseph Bould. John Roberts

Jehoiada WHITE, Widower & Sarah BEEVERS, Spinster,
by Banns 5 March 1795. James Hill. William rn 'Milner

Robert HEPTONSTALL, Bachelor & Priscilla HILL, Spinster,
by Banns 13 April 1795. James Hanson, Sarah Roberts

George RACE, Bachelor & Hannah GOODALL, Spinster,
by Licence 3 May 1795. Roger Thorns. John Goodall Jun`

John SHEARD, bachelor & Hannah WOOD, Spinster,
by Banns 14 May 1795 James Wade John Roberts

Isaac EARNSHAW, Bachelor & Hannah WADE, Spinster,
by Banns 18 may 1795 James wade John Roberts

Joseph BARKER, Bachelor & Hannah ARMITAGE, Spinster,
by Banns 25 May 1795. Bety Sagar. William Parker

John LAW, Bachelor & Ann WHITEHEAD, Spinster,
by Banns 26 May 1795. John Roberts. Joseph Jessop

Charles SENIOR, bachelor & .Martha SYKES ,'Spinster,
by Banns 9 July I795. Matt' Stephenson. Ann Tonton

James COUSEN, bachelor & Sarah NOUBLE Spinster,
by Licence 13 July I 795. John Noble. Samuel Gill

John BREWERTON, Bachelor & Mary FIRTH. Spinster,
by Banns 19 August 1795, Joshua Roberts. Sarah Roberts

William GOODALL, bachelor & Ann CRAVEN, Spinster,
by Licence 23 August 1795. John Goodall. John Roberts

Joseph Craven, widower a Polly RATCLIFF of Blackbourn Widow,
by Licence 7 Sept 1795 Charles Carter. John Roberts

Benjamin CLAYTON, bachelor & Elizabeth CLAYYON Spinster
by banns 22 Nov 1795, 'I'ho Hampshire. Joshua Roberts. Nancy Holt

Joseph FISHER, of Thornhill, Bachelor & Mary WAINWRIGHT, Spinster,
by Banns 4 Jan 1796. William Bedford. John Robert,,

George BROOK, Bachelor & Ann BERRY, Spinster,
by Banns 28 March 1796. Joseph turton John Roberts

Joseph BROWN, Bachelor& Mary WOOD, Spinster,
by Banns 25 April 1796. Joshua Roberts. George Smith

Benjamin COULDWELL, Bachelor & Sally DEWIHIRST, Spinster,
by Banns 5 May 1796. R' Dewhirst. Joseph Rhodes. Charles Dewhirst

Thomas HAWKES, Bachelor & Hannah WILSON, Spinster,
by Banns 16 May 1796. John Scarth. John Roberts

Thomas MITCHELL, bachelor & Hannah BOOTH, Spinster,
by Banns 16 May 1796. Wm Holt John Roberts

William RHODES, Bachelor & Ann ATKINSON, Spinster,
by Licence 29 May 1796. James Eastwood. Thos Smith

Richard HAWLEY, Bachelor & Fanny CRAVEN, Spinster,
by Banns 20 June 1796. Joseph Atkinson. John Roberts

John LEE, Bachelor & Ann CRAVEN, Spinster,
by Banns 24 July 1796. George Lee. John Roberts,

Robert BRUCETON, Bachelor a Sarah HEWITT, Spinster,
by Banns 9 Oct 1796 Ellin Carr. Joseph Chappel

William TURTON, Bachelor & Sarah HANSON, Spinster,
by Banns 31 Oct 1796. Matthew Tomlinson. Eleanor Crosley

David SPENCE, Bachelor & Hannah DEWS, Spinster,
by Banns 24 Nov 1796. John Roberts. James Wade

John ASQUITH, Bachelor & Mary CARVER, Spinster,
by Banns 26 March 1797 James Duthoit John Roberts

John BARBER, Bachelor & Sarah CLAYTON, Spinster,
by Banns 4. June 1797. George Crawshay. John Roberts

William BROWN, the younger, Bachelor & Ann KNOWLES Spinster,
by Licence 26 June 1797. Richard Turner. Geo: Walker.

Jeremiah FIRTH, Bachelor & Sarah ROBERTS, Spinster,
by .Banns 27 Aug 1797. John Roberts junior. John Roberts senior.

Benjamin BEDFORD, Bachelor & Anna Maria WALKER, Spinster,
by Licence 30 Nov 1797. Sarah Walker. Matt Carson

William PROCTOR, Bachelor & Ann ORANGE, Spinster,
by Banns 1 Jan 1798 George Darker. John Roberts

Martin ALLAN, Bachelor & Martha NOTHER, Spinster,
by Banns 1March 1798 Francis Ellis. John Roberts

John BREARLEY, widower & Sarah HAIGH Widow,
by Banns 13 March 1798. Ja' Rooff. ,John ]Roberts

Edward WOOD, Widower & Betty CRAVEN, Widow,
by Banns 29 April 1798. William Craven. John Roberts

James WHITELEY, of Wakefield. Bachelor & Ann COUSEN, Spinster,
by Licence 23 May 1798, Geo. Armitage. Jas Green

Thomas ATKINSON, Bachelor & Lydia WIELD, Spinster,
by Banns 20 Sept 1798. Joseph Atkinson. Jonas Atkinson

Randal MORTIMER, Widower & Hannah MITCHELL, Spinster,
by Banns 11 Nov 1798 Wm Pollard. George Gouldthorp

Christopher HAMPSHIRE, of Thornhill, Widower & Ann CARTER, Widow,
by banns 10 Dec 1798. Joseph Craven. John Bradley. I Iannah Quarmb;y

John GILLETT, of Manchester, in Lancaster, Bachelor & Jane BEEVER Spinster,
by Licence 28 Jan 1799. Samuel Gill. Jas BEEVER

William FIELD bachelor & Ann WRIGLEY, Spinster,
by Banns 11 March 1799. GEORGE Sill. John BERTS

Jonas ATKINSON, Bachelor & Becca EASTWOOD, Spinster,
by Licence 31 March 1799. John Child. John Roberts

Robert LAKELAND, of York bachelor & Sarah WALKER spinster,
by Licence 2 April 1799 A. Casson. Wm Cooper

Francis WILSON, Widower & Hannah ILLINGWORTH Widow,
by banns 12 May 1799. Thomas RUSHFORTH John Roberts

James ROBERTS, of Wakefield, Bachelor & Martha SPAWFORTH, Spinster,
by Licence 23 May 1799 Prissilla. Fearnley. George Roberts

Mark RHODES, Bachelor & 'Martha RHODES, Spinster,
by Banns 29 May 1799. John Barker. John Roberts

George GOLDTHORP, Widower & Mary WADE. Spinster,
by Banns, by Rob' Ellerby 12 August 1799.Jos fox. John Roberts

William BERRY, Bachelor & Frances MARSDEN, Spinster,
by Banns 16 Sept 1799. John Hanson. Randan Mortrnan

Francis STEPHENSON, Bachelor & Ann NOTHER, Spinster,
by Banns by S. Pollard 7 Oct 1799 Geo. Hunt. Joseph Mitchell

James BATTY, Widower & Rachel LOCKWOOD, Widow,
by Licence 11 Oct 1799. John Gosnay John Roberts

Richard SHEPLEY, of Mirfield, Bachelor & Ann PARKIN, 'spinster,
by Licence 16 Oct 1799. Matthew Bryan. William Rayner. Mary Ingham

John SHAW, of Wakefield, Bachelor & Nancy WOOD, Spinster
by Licence 22 Dec 1799 John Fill. Samuel Wood

John FALLAS Bachelor & Hannah SENIOR, Spinster,
by Banns 25 Dec 1799 Jonathan Fallas John Roberts

John HARTLEY. Bach & Rebecca RATELIFF, Spinster,
by Banns 29 Dec1799 William England John Roberts

John PARKER bachelor & Ann LOCKWOOD. Spinster,
by Banns 24 March 1800. Wm Preston. John Roberts

George HANSON, of Dewsbury, Bachelor & Hannah SISWICK, Spinster,
by Banns 31 March 1800 John Barker. Joseph Hanson

Joseph CHAPEL, Bachelor & Hannah GAWTHORP, Spinster,
by Banns 2 June 1800. Benjamin Gawthorp. John Roberts

George CHILD, of Wakefield, Widower & Mary MITCHELL, Spinster,
by Licence 9 July 1800 Wm Orange. Joshua Roberts

John SPAWFORTH, Bachelor & Sarah BARRACLOUGH, Spinster,
by Licence 2 Oct 1800 John Barraclough. Jno Oldroyd

Edward MOULSON Bachelor & Mary CLEGG, Spinster,
by Banns 13 Oct 1800 John Burdekin. John Roberts

John NOTHER, Bachelor & Maria RICHARDSON, Spinster,
by Banns 11 Nov 1800 Charles Senior. John Roberts

George FISHER, Bachelor & Hannah PECK, Spinster
by Banns 2 Dec 1800. Samuel Wade. John Roberts

John SUNDERLAND, Bachelor & Elizabeth GREEN, Spinster,
by Banns 21 January 1801 . John Coope. John Thorp.

Francis HEATON, Bachelor & Elizabeth ROBERTS, Spinster,
by Licence 2 April 1801 Joseph Atkinson. Jn* Ruddock

John HAIGH, Bachelor & Prissey TURTON, Spinster,
by Banns 3 April 1801 John Roberts. Joshua Roberts

John BIRD, of Wakefield, Bachelor & Nancy HOLT, Spinster,
by Banns 6 April 1801 John Roberts. Thos Shaw

John HEAP, Widower & Sarah HIMSWORTH, Spinster,
by Banns 29 June 1801 . W°' Pollard. John Roberts

John KILBURN, of Thornhill, Bachelor & Sally GILL, Spinster,
by Licence 19 July 1801. Thos Barraclough. John Roberts

Samuel WADE, Bachelor & Rachel GAWTHORP, Spinster,
by Banns 26 July 1801. Betty Rushfirth. John Roberts

Daniel ALLOTT, Bachelor & Mary MARSHALL, Spinster,
by Banns 23 August 1801 James Hanson. Roger Hirst

William FOSTER, Bachelor & Elizabeth Smith HEWITT, Spinster,
by Banns 6 Sept 1801 Joseph Bennett. John Roberts

Edward CRAWSHAW, Widower & Hannah ROBERTS, Spinster,
by Banns 25 Dec 1801. Abraham Roberts. John Roberts

William TAYLOR, Bachelor & Mary HAMPSHIRE, Spinster,
by Banns 24 Jan 1801, David Armitage. John Roberts

Joseph ROBINSON, of Dewsbury, Bachelor & Molly RAYNER, Spinster,
by Licence 31 Jan 1802. Thos Barraclough. John Roberts

John ROBERTS, Bachelor & Ann CARTER, Spinster,
by Banns 21 March 1802 D. Schofield. John Roberts

Thomas SHAW, Bachelor & Sarah SCHOFIELD,
by Banns 21 March 1802. John Roberts. John Mitchell

George PICKERSGILL, Bachelor & Elizabeth BEAUMONT, Spinster,
by Banns 5 April 1802. Joseph Atkinson. John Roberts

Williams DEWS, .bachelor & Mary TERRY, Spinster,
by banns 9 May 1802. Christians Benton. Wm Goodall

William VARLEY, Bachelor a Martha MARSDEN Spinster,
by Banns; by Rob Ellerby, Curate of Thornhill 28 June 1802. Joseph Marsden. John Roberts

Benjamin GAWTHORP, Bachelor & Ann ROBUCK, Spinster,
by Banns 5 Sept 1802. Richard Wray. John Roberts

Joseph MIDGLEY of Leeds, Bachelor & Hannah CLARK,
by Licence 13 Sept 1802 Z Collitt. Wm Robinson

John SPENCE, Bachelor & Hannah TANKERD, Spinster, by Banns
29 Sept 1802 Jo, Rushworth. John Roberts

John ELLIS, Bachelor & Rachel MARSDEN, Spinster, by Banns
7 Nov 1802. Joseph Turton junr. Roger Thorns

Benjamin NORTH, Bachelor & Sarah ARMITAGE, Spinster, by Banns
15 Nov 1802. George Field. John Roberts.

William BURRELL, Bachelor & Julia ARMITAGE, Spinster, by Banns
27 Dec 1802. George Field. Benjamin Dunnill

Benjamin LEE, Bachelor & Frances FISH, Spinster, by Banns
11 April 1803 Joseph Webster. Roger Thorns

John PHILLIPSON, Bachelor & Isabella MELLOTT, Spinster, by Banns
11 April 1803. John Phillipson. John Roberts

John SMALLER, Bachelor & Nanny CUTLER, Widow, by Banns
11 August 1803. John Tolson. John Roberts

John GOODALL, Bachelor, Yeoman & Elizabeth BROWN, Spinster, by
Licence 12 Dec 1803, Wm Pollard. Matthew Brown

Mark HAMPSHIRE, Bachelor, Mason & Mary HANSON, Spinster, by
Licence 26 Dec 1803 Joseph Cass. John Roberts

Joseph APPLEYARD Bachelor & Margaret DOVE, Spinster, by Banns
2 April 1804 John Appleyard. John Roberts

John EMMERSON, of Dewsbury, Widower, Yeoman & Sarah WOOD, Widow,
by Licence 5 July 1804 John Robs .Joshua Foster

Joseph PEARSON, Bachelor & Alice WOOD, Spinster, by Banns
15 July 1804. John Barker. Elizabeth Wood,

James NOTHER, Bachelor & Alice MOORHOUSE, Spinster, by Banns
5 August 1804. Martin Allan. John Roberts

Mark SMITH, of Dewsbury & Hannah BRAMLEY, by Banns
29 Oct 1804. William Smith. George Smith

Christianus GREEN & Sarah FIRTH by Banns
4 Nov 1804 John White. John Roberts

Robert HANBY & Mary RAYNER, by Banns
18 Nov 1804.Matthew Kay. M. Spawforth

David ELLIS, Bachelor & Ann MITCHELL, Spinster, by Banns
28 January 1805. Samuel Ellis. John Mitchell

Joseph FALLAS of Wakefield &, Martha TURTON, by Banns
11 April 1805. Francis Stringer. John Roberts

George SHIRES, Bachelor & Elizabeth OVEREND, Spinster, by Banns
15 April 1805, Isaac Turton. George Armitage

William HELEY, Bachelor & Mary ELLERBY, Spinster, by Banns
3 June 1805. George Child. John Roberts

Richard EASTWOOD, & Sarah PETTY of Leeds, by Banns
8 August 1805. Joshua Roberts. Thomas Green

Paul FISHER & Frances CHILD, by Banns
19 August 1805. George Child. John Roberts

John Waring RUDDOCK, Tallow Chandler & Caroline ROBERTS, Spinster,
by Licence 25 August 1805. H. D . John Barraclough. Joseph Atkinson

Joshua HIRST, Bachelor & Martha LAWTON, of Wakefield by Licence
4 November 1805 James Hartley. William Lawton

John GREENWOOD, of Thornhill, Bachelor & Ann APPLEBY, Spinster,
by Licence 2 Dec 1805. Benjamin Dewhirst. Sarah Greenwood

John MITCHELL, Clothier & Ellin CARR, Spinster, by Banns
26 Dec1805 'I'ho's Carr. George Mitchell

John BEVITT, Widower& a Carpenter & Sarah ARMITAGE, Spinster, by Banns
18 Feb1806. John Bedford, Matt Thompson

James ELLIS, Widower, Carpenter & Elizabeth MILNES, Widow, by Banns
10 march 1806 Geo. Hunt. Richard Howden

John HARTLEY of Fetherstone, Bachelor & Ruth WHITE, Spinster, by Banns
24 March 1806 John Bedford. John Roberts

Joseph GIGGALL, Bachelor & Jane SENIOR, Spinster; by Banns
6 April 1806 Joshua Giggall. John Roberts

Thomas GARSIDE, Bachelor & Ann HIRST, Spinster, by Banns
14 April 1806. Alexander Begg. Aaron Webster

Joseph NOTHER the younger, Cordwainer & Mary ARMITAGE, 'Widow. by Licence
27 April 1806. William Goodall. John Burdekin

Joshua NORTON, Bachelor & Ann HARROP, Spinster, by Banns
1 Sept 1806. Benjamin Siswicks. John Roberts

John ELLIS, Clothier & Ann PICKARD, Spinster, by Banns
17 Nov 1806. John Ellerby. John Roberts

Edward GOODHARE, Bachelor & Ann CARTER, Spinster,
by Banns 25 Dec 1806 Wm Hirst. John Roberts

John BINNS, Widower & Ann RENNISON, Spinster,
by Licence 30 December 1806. Sarah Sykes. John Roberts

George CHARLESWORTH, Bachelor & Ann TURNER, Spinster,
by Banns 1Jan1807. David Coope. David Charlesworth

Joseph HIMSWORTH, Bachelor & Jane LOCKWOOD, Spinster,
by Banns 18 Jan 1807. Joseph Rayner. John Roberts

William FAWCETT, of Leeds, Widower & Sabra EASTWOOD, Widow,
by Banns 1 9 January 1807. Benj" Beckwith. John Roberts

James ARMITAGE, Bachelor & Susanna GAWTHORP, Spinster,
by Banns 28 January 1807. William Armitage. John Roberts

Thomas TURTON, Bachelor & Elizabeth GOSNAY, Spinster,
by Banns 30 March 1807. George Child. John Roberts

John WIDDOP, of Thornhill, Bachelor & Ann Martin, Spinster,
by Licence 22 April 1807. Betty Smith. Matthew Brown

James SIDEBOTTOM, of Sandal Magna, Bachelor & Sarah HANSON, Spinster,
by Banns 27 April 1807. Henry Sidebottom. John Roberts

John HAIGH, of Thornhill Bachelor & Betty SMITH, Spinster,
by Licence 28 Oct 1807. Mary Tetley. Frances Kitching

David HEALD, Bachelor, & Ellenor HARTLEY, Spinster,
by Banns 6 Dec 1807. John Harrap. John Roberts

George FRATER, of Dewsbury, Bachelor & Catherine BURDEKIN, Spinster,
by Banns 21 March 1808. Edward Coope. John Burdekin

James ELLIS, of Dewsbury, Bachelor & Mary GOLDTHORP, Spinster,
by Banns 21 March 1808. Joseph HINCHCLIF John Roberts

George RUSHFORTH, Bachelor & Sarah CARTER, Spinster,
by Banns 27 March 1808. John Thorns. Nancy Roberts

David TURTON, Bachelor & Hannah NOTHER, Spinster,
by Banns 5 April 1808. John Turton. Edw. Nother

Samuel HAMPSHIRE, Bachelor & Ann SMITH, Spinster,
by Banns 11 April 1808. John Thompson. John Roberts.

George WADE, Bachelor & Sarah SENIOR, Spinster,
by Banns 9 May 1808. Samuel Clark. Rachel Senior

John RAYNER, Merchant & Ann BAYLDON, Spinster,
by Licence 19 May 1808. Jn Bayldon. John Roberts

Samuel WEBSTER, Bachelor & Elizabeth TANKERD, Spinster,
by Banns 8 June 1808. George Coldwell. John Roberts

David RUDDOCK, Clothier & Mary ARMITAGE, Spinster,
by Licence 29 Aug 1808. James Rayner. Judith Ruddock

Thomas HUTCHINSON, Bachelor & Hannah JAGGER, Spinster,
by Banns 19 Sept 1808. Wm Craven. John Roberts

by Banns 29 Sept 1808 Joseph Fish. John Roberts

John HOWDEN, Corn Miller & Susanna KNOWLES, Spinster,
by Licence 10 Oct 1808. Joseph Race. James White

John BIRK, Clothier & Hannah ARMITAGE, Spinster
by Banns 28 Oct 1808 John Pollard Armitage. Hannah Armitage

Benjamin SISWICK, Clothier & Christians ATKINSON, Spinster,
by Licence 4 Dec 1808. John Coope. John Coope junr

John BURDEKIN, Clothier & Sarah DICKINSON, Spinster,
by Licence 20 March 1809. Aaron Webster, Sarah Quarmby

John ARMITAGE, Clothier & Elizabeth SAGAR, Spinster,
by Banns 10 'May 1809 Joseph Armitage. Hannah Roberts

John HUNT, Clothier & Mercy HEPTONSTALL, Spinster,
by Banns 7 July 1809 John Leak. John Roberts

John LISTER, ClothmilIer & Nancy RHODES, Spinster,
by Banns 3 Sept 1809. John Barker. Mary West. James Bough

Samuel HOLLIDAY, of Baildon in Otley, Comber & Ruth RATCLIFFE,
by Banns 11 Sept 1809 James Craven. John Roberts

Charles NAYLOR, Clothier & Ellen SISWICK, Spinster,
by Banns 3 Oct 1809 James White. Edward Siswick

John HARROP, Clothier & Sarah HARTLEY, Spinster,
by Banns 8 Oct 1809 John Pickel. John Hartley

John HAUXWELL of Ripon, Cornmiller & Mary BELL Spinster,
by Licence 10 Oct 1809. William Acomb. Hannah Bell

James WADE, Mason & Mary PICKARD, Spinster,
by Banns 25 Dec 1809. John Wright. John Roberts

James CRAVEN, of Warmfield, Carpenter & Elizabeth HIRST, Spinster,
by Banns 5 March 1810. Samuel Craven. John Roberts

Anthony BURDEKIN, Husbandman & Mary Lockwood, Spinster,
by Licence 19 March 1810. John Burdekin. Sarah Craven

William RACE, Clothdresser & Elizabeth FOX, Spinster,
by Banns 23 April 1810 George Roberts. James Roberts

John GOODALL, Yeoman, Widower & Mary ARMITAGE, Widow,
by Licence 16 Aug 1810. Thos Barraclough. John Roberts

Isaac TURTON, Widower & Mary WOOD, Spinster,
by Banns 23 December 1810. William Goodall. John Roberts

George RICHARDSON, Cordwainer & Hannah CARTER, Spinster,
by Banns ,23 December 1810 Thomas Richardson. John Roberts

Joshua NAYLOR, of Silkston, Linen Weaver & Sarah GIGGAL Spinster,
by Banns 23 May 1811. John Naylor.

Silvester DRAKE, Clothier & Sarah BRAY, Spinster,
by Banns 2 June 1811 James Mitchell. John Roberts

Thomas RIDING, Butcher & Sarah RICHARDSON, Spinster,
by Banns 24 June 1811 . William Dove. John Roberts

Emmanuel WRIGHT, Labourer & Mary RICHARDSON, Spinster,
by Banns 22 July 1811 John Wright. John Nother

Thomas HOWORTH, Bachelor, of Mirfield & Ann RACE, Spinster,
by Banns, by Samuel Pollard 2 September 1811.Joe RACE. John Roberts'

Edward NOTHER, Cordwainer & Hannah ARMITAGE, Spinster, by Banns
6 Oct 1811. John Pollard Armitage. Tho's Thicket

Samuel RATCLIFF, of Leeds, Engineer & Elizabeth SENIOR,Spinster,
by Banns 28 Oct 1811. Joseph Blacker. Rachel Senior

Charles COX, Gentleman, widower & Christiana FISH, Spinster, by
License 20 December 18 11. Judith Ruddock. John Roberts

Amos RAYNER, Clothier & Elizabeth CARTER, Spinster,
by Banns 27 January 1812. Joseph Senior. John Roberts

Matthew WHITE, Junr, Joiner & Elizabeth BERRY, Spinster, by Licence
5 March 1812 James White. David Charlesworth

John Pollard ARMITAGE, Clothier & Mary NAYLOR, Spinster, by Banns
15 March 1812. Will"' Rhodes. John Roberts"
The above parties migrated to America April 9 1818

Absolom RILEY, of Dewsbury, Stone Mason & Martha FURNACE, Spinster,
by Banns ,3 May 1812 John Downing. John Roberts

James WHITE, Joiner & Martha BROWN, Spinster,
by License 4 May 18112. John Goodall. Jonadab White

David CHARLESWORTH, Yeoman, Bachelor & Ann RHODES, Widow,
By License 11 May 1812. Geo. Hunt. James Turner

Joseph SENIOR, Clothier & Sarah WALKER, Spinster,
by License 24 June 1812. Geo Walker, John Roberts

John MARTIN, Carpenter & Rebecca COOPE, Spinster,
by License 16 July I812. David Charlesworth. John Roberts

Thomas NETTLETON, Farmer & Mary COOPE, Spinster,
by Licence 27Augt 1812. Wm Smith. Jo Battye

Richard ELLERTON, of Richmond, in the Diocese of Chester, Merchant, Widower
& Elizabeth WRIGHT, Spinster, by Licence, by Edward Ellerton
2 Sept 1812. Jo. Tolson. Eliz Tolson

Joseph SYKES, Butcher & Mary HOWDEN, Spinster,
by Banns 26 OCT 1812. Witt Richard Howden. John Roberts

Gervase BREWERTON, Clothier & Mary SENIOR, Spinster,
by Banns 7 Dec 1812. Witt Rachel Senior. Elijah Brewerton

Dobson OVERTON, Private in the North Lincoln Militia & Mabeth SENIOR,
by Banns 11 December 1812. Elijah Brewerton. John Thompson

John ARMITAGE, Cordwainer & Charlotte BEDFORD, Spinster, by Banns
25 Dec 1812. William Taylor. Joseph Sunderland




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