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Try looking through the following list of the staff of the West Riding Lunatic Asylum for the census night of April 5th 1891

In the census only staff are given their full name, patients names are given as abbreviations and are therefore not listed

Census R12/3747 folio 128-130

I have used abbreviations for married (m), single (s) and widower/widowa (w)when the person is born in Yorkshire I have just put the place. I have tried to decipher some entries but where I am totally unsure I have used **. The 1891 enumerator has placed his 'tick' marks through the profession and age headings, therefore, quite a few will have **. I have placed (?) before full missing words and after words if there is doubt over the word. I have used a copy Postal Addresses and Index to Postcodes to help with place names.

!! Note: As with all transcripts - if in doubt, try and check with the original !! The transcripts are only as good as the deciphering of the person doing the work.


William Bevan Lewis Head m 42   Medical Superintendant LRCP(?) Cardigan Cardigan
Rose Eve Evans Wife m   27 - Essex Epping
Jane Mansel Lewis Mother m   72 - Berks Abingdon
Mary Amelia Aldous Visitor s   27 - Berks Abingdpn
Ernest P*rt Senior Ass. Medical Officer s 40   Physician Warwickshire Leamington
Frederick St. John Pullen Ass. Medical Officer s 29   Surgeon Middlesex London
Edwin Lindsay Dunn Ass. Medical Officer s 28   Bachelor of O*ed**n Ireland
Fannie Elizabeth Rogers Chief Female Officer s   32 Chief Female Officer Hertfordshire Watford
Janet Burrows Head Nurse s   31 Female officer Goole
George Hildreth Goldsborough Head m 31   Assistat Storekeeper Manningham
Annie Goldsborough Wife m   31 - Ossett
Ralph Burton(?) Goldsborough Son - 4   - Wakefield
John Meak Turner Head m 53   Farm Bailiff North Cliff
Emma Turner Wife m   52 - Hotham
Gertrude Turner Dau s   21(?) - Wakefield
Arthur Stanley Turner Son s 18   Grocers Apprentice Wakefield
Austin Turner Son s 15   Schoolboy Wakefield
Florence Mary Turner Dau s   13 - Wakefield
Hilda Hannah Turner Dau s   11 - Wakefield
Evaline Turner Dau s   8 - Wakefield
Benjamin Beaumont Head w 73   Chief Attendant Wakefield
Jane Beaumont Dau s   36 - Hull
Percy Beaumont G.son s 13   - Wakefield
Albert Edward Carley Head m 42   Deputy Chief Attendant Lancs Bury
Sarah Ann Carley Wife m   36 - Worcester Droitwich(?)
Albert Edward Carly Son - 3   - Wakefield
John William Abigail Head m 39   Porter(?) Norfolk Burston
Gertrude Abigail Wife m   39 - Norfolk Norwich
George Smith Head m 57   Lodge Keeper Kirkburton
Jane Smith Wife m   65 - Pontefract
Annie Smith Dau s   27 - Wakefield
John Shaw Redfearn Head m 56   Engineer Huddersfield
Harriet Redfearn Wife m   47 - Huddersfield
John Percy Redfearn Son - 10   - Wakefield
John Shepherd Crossland Head m 55   Painter & Decorator Wakefield
Hannah Crossland Wife m   50 - Horsforth
Fred Whitaker Crossland Son s 17   Plumbers Apprentice Wakefield
Mary Elizabeth Ca* Niece -   10 - Kent Chatham
Sarah Elizabeth Senior Cook Supt s   25 Cook at Superintendants House Wakefield
Marian Booker Housemaid s   20 Housemaid at Superintendants House Wath upon Dearne
Mary Harriet Clarke Vicitor s   20 ***maker Sheffield
Mary Flynn Dairymaid s   34 Dairy Maid Wakefield
Caroline Ann Green Cook m   37 First Cook Central Kitchen Pontefract
William Keney Wallace Attendant m 38   Attendant Kent Chatham
Isabella Wallace Nurse m   39 Nurse Bradford
Samuel Harford Syddal(?) Attendant m 33   Attendant Knaresbro(?)
Walter Green Attendant s 20   Attendant Leeds
James Thomas McC****** Attendant s 22   Attendant Lancs Salford
Henry Wilson Goodwill Attendant s 45   Attendant **ffendonSarah Flet
Sarah Fletcher Nurse w 39 Nurse Barnsley
Edith Asquith Nurse s   22 Nurse Earlsheaton
Harriet Ann Davis Passage Maid s   25 Passage Maid Normanton
Mary Ellen Leonard Nurse s   25 Nurse Sheffield
Mary Woodcock Nurse s   28 Nurse Barnsley
Louisa Crosland Nurse s   49 Nurse Wakefield
Emily Howard Nurse s   24 Nurse Scarborough
Jennie Brooke Nurse s   2* Nurse Wakefield
Jane Hobley Nurse s   24 Nurse Warwickshire Rugby
Annie Eyre Nurse s   25 Nurse Staff ****Winford(?)
Elizabeth Higgerson(?) Nurse s   31 Nurse Warwickshire(?) P***brook
Elizabeth Goldthorpe Nurse s   26 Nurse Barnsley
Frances Angelina(?) Roe Nurse s   2* Nurse Ireland Cork
Janes Walshaw Nurse s   20 Nurse Alverthorpe
Annie Mary Bu** Nurse s   23 Nurse (?) **nn
Emily Mary Talbot Nurse s   30 Nurse Wakefield
Annie Atkinson Nurse s   2* Nurse Staincross
Annie Atkinson Nurse s   25 Nurse Lancashire
Eliza Froobridge (?) Nurse s   25 Nurse Staffs Stafford
Clara Bull Nurse s   20 Nurse Wakefield
Annie Elizabeth Eastwood Nurse s   25 Nurse Wakefield
Annie Johnson Nurse s   32 Nurse Sheffield
Anne Grant Nurse w   41 Nurse Lincoln Bu**h
Alice Eyre Nurse s   23 Nurse Stafford Kingswinford
Alice Lindsay Nurse s   35 Nurse Ackworth
Jennie Maguire Nurse s   32 Nurse Scotland Glasgow
Jane Kilburn Nurse s   44 Nurse Netherton
Mary Ann Foster Nurse s   30 Nurse Rotherham
Rachel Barber Nurse s   23 Nurse Shropshire Hedley*(?)
Martha Dyson Nurse s   26 Nurse Wakefield
Rebecca Underwood Nurse s   22 Nurse Warwickshire Birmingham
Eleanor Whitehead Nurse s   24 Nurse Lancashire P****y
Emily Gledhill Nurse s   21 Nursre Wakefield
Catherine Jane Roe Nurse s   26 Nurse Isle of White
Mary Harriet Deacon Nurse s   30 Nurse Shipley
Elizabeth Woodcock Nurse s   25 Nurse Barnsley
Annie Syddall(?) Nurse m   32 Nurse Bubwith
Mary Langfield Nurse s   40 Nurse Wakefield
Lucy Thackray Nurse s   22 Nurse Wakefield
Nellie Megson Nurse s   20 Nurse Ossett
Sarah Barton Nurse s   29 Nurse Altofts
Elizabeth Barlow Nurse s   40 Nurse Cawthoren
Annie Marie Hale Nurse s   30 Nurse Lancs Salford
Frances Jane Buck Laundress Maid s   26 Laundress Maid Lancs Lancaster
Sophie Hodgson Laundress Maid s   29 Laundress Maid Fo***bers(?)
Catherine Edith Sil**** Nurse s   22 Nurse Gartorth
Annie Wilkinson Nurse s   23 Nurse Staincross
Laura Amelia Norbury Nurse s   18 Nurse Stanley
Jane Copley Nurse s   22 Nurse Leeds
Alice Sygrove Nurse s   29 Nurse H****ter
Elizabeth Anderson Nurse s   21 Nurse Whitby
Agnes Copley Nurse s   22 Nurse Ryther cum *********
Sarah Ce**er Nurse s   27 Nurse Warwick Birmingham
Annie Walker Nurse s   23 Nurse Outwood
Nellie Parish Nurse s   20 Nurse London Middlesex
Alice Smith Nurse s   24 Nurse Middlestown
Hannah Simpson Nurse s   28 Nurse Garforth
Esther Ayres Nurse s   24 Nurse Huntingdon Woodwalton
Annie Hartwell Nurse s   21 Nurse Warwick Leamington
Isabella O'Neil Nurse s   22 Nurse Wakefield
Pauline (?) Bertha Rooke Passage Maid s   20 Passage Maid Nottingham Bole
Emma Eliza Senior Nurse s   20 Nurse Wakefield
Sarah Elizabeth Field Laundrey Maid s   21 Laundry Maid Wakefield
Mabel Bradley Laundry Maid s   21 Laundry Maid Middlestown
Alice Maud Cliffe Cook s   26 Cook at Womans Building Sandal
Maria Penty(?) Nurse s   30 Nurse York
Louisa Ellen Hunt Nurse s   24 Nurse Leicester Gadsby
Marian Conway Nurse s   30 Nurse Devonshire Plymouth
Elizabeth Ann King Nurse s   30 Nurse Durham Darlington
Emily Bentley Nurse s   22 Nurse Wakefield
Charlotte Tickhill Laundry Maid s   30 Laundry Maid Derby Derby
Harriet Annie Bowman Laundry Maid s   28 Laundry Maid Nottingham Worksop
Mary Townlee Laundry Maid s   43 Laundry Maid Lincoln Navenby
Mary Annie Crawford Nurse s   25 Nurse Wadsley
Eliza Bowman Laundress w   29 Laundress Nottingham Licoln
Mahala Rayner Passage Maid s   25 Passage Maid Whitwood
Mary Elizabeth Gillings Passage Maid s   24 Passage Maid Thornes
Rose Bulmer Waites Second Cook s   23 Second Cook Kelfield
Sarah Ann Edwards Kitchen Maid s   22 Kitchen Maid Staffs Bursalem
Walker Oakland Attendant s 22   Attendant Wakefield
Geroge Herbert Stead Attendant s 23   Attendant Leeds
Alfred Ellis Attendant s 20   Attendant Leeds
William Roach (?) Attendant w 44   Attendant Devonshire Devonport
Ezra Frost Attendant s 28   Attendant Derby Milford
John Jacques Attendant s 25   Attendant Worcester Newbold on ******`
William Harper Attendant s 27   Attendant Warwick Birmingham
John Smith Leadbeater Attendant s 29   Attendant Leeds
George William Todd Weaver Attendant s 29   Attendant Leicester Leicester
James Arthur Hadcfield Attendant s 23   Attendant Lancs Mossley
Hamilton Currie Attendant s 45   Attendant Scotland Ayr
John Dominic Hutchinson Attendatn s 27   Attendant Stanley
Walter Spyvey Attendant s 22   Attendant Beverley
George Walshaw Attendant s 23   Attendant Wakefield
Jane Sawyer Kitchen Maid s   21 Kitchen Maid Methley



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