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Census RG 12 / 3748 / various folios Wakefield

barge transcript not in any order

I have used abbreviations for married (m), single (s) and widower/widowa (w)when the person is born in Yorkshire I have just put the place. I have tried to decipher some entries but where I am totally unsure I have used **. The 1891 enumerator has placed his 'tick' marks through the profession and age headings, therefore, quite a few will have **. I have placed (?) before full missing words and after words if there is doubt over the word. I have used a copy Postal Addresses and Index to Postcodes to help with place names.

!! Note: As with all transcripts - if in doubt, try and check with the original !! The transcripts are only as good as the deciphering of the person doing the work.

NB Transcription not in any particular order

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Canal Boat inhabitants for the census night of 1891
Vessel Name Relation Condition Male Female Profession Born Census Reference
Commerce Allan Fletcher Crew S 19   Captain Altofts RG12/3742 fol 132
Alice Ann Thomas Thompson Crew


56   Captain Pickering RG12/3742 fol 132
Faith George Turner Crew M 54   Captain Barge L:incoln, Grimsby RG12/3742 fol 132
Saran A Turner Crew M   55   Lincoln, Worlaby (?)  
Mary Ann James Milner Crew M 45   Master Hull RG12/3742 fol 32
Mary Ann Milner Crew M   43   Wakefield  
Annie Milner Crew S   9   Hull  
Jane & Maria Joseph Burn Crew M 56   Mariner Beverley RG12/3742 fol 132
Amy Burn Crew M   58   Beverley  
Joseph Burn Crew S 20   Mariner Beverley  
James Burn Crew S 15   Mariner Beverley  
Jonas & Ann J B Bunton Crew M 52   Master Barge Brotherton RG12/3742 fol 132
Jane Bunton Crew M   42   Driffield  
Ada Thomas Phillipson Crew M 50   Master Thorne RG12/3742 fol 132
Jane Phillipson Crew M   48   Doncaster  
Thomas Phillipson Crew S 15   Mate Doncaster  
Minnie Phillipson Crew S   12   Doncaster  
Jane Ann Phillipson Crew     8   Doncaster  
Faith William Devine Crew S 32   Barge Captain York RG12/3747 fol 52 Stanley Ferry
  George Mountain Crew S 24   Mate York  
Industry Joseph Clark Crew S 31   Mate Barlow RG12/3747 fol 52 Stanley Ferry
  John R Hodgeson Crew S 23   Master Hedon  
George Charles W Liversedge Crew S 23   Mate Hedon RG12/3747 fol 52 Stanley Ferry
Sarah Isiac Barkely Crew Wid 48   Master Lincolnshire Winteringham RG12/3742 fol 52 Stanley Ferry
  George Lawton Crew M 67   Mate Linconshire Winteringham  
Eleanor William Miller Crew M 52   Master Essex Maldon RG12/3747 fol 52 Stanley Ferry
  John Wood Crew M 45   Mate Lincolnshire Bawton (?)  
  Henry Wood Crew S 15   Boy Norfolk Kings Lynn  
Change Thomas Hebblethwaite Crew M 46   Captain Linconshire Barrow RG12/3747 fol 52 Stanley Ferry
  Robert Hebblethwaite Crew S 19   Mate Linconshire Barrow  
Herbert Fox William Watson Crew S 21   Mate Selby RG12/3747 fol 52 Stanley Ferry
Majesty John Wigglesworth Crew M 35   Captain Woodlesford RG12/3747 fol 52 Stanley Ferry
Hanson Robert Aire Crew S 20   Captain Thorne RG12/3742 fol 52 Stanley Ferry
  John Aire Crew S 12   Mate Thorne  
William Charles Hampshire Crew M 46   Captain Brotherton RG12/3747 fol 52 Stanley Ferry
  Emma Hampshire   M   40 Cook Nottingley  
  Charles Hampshire Crew S 17   Mate Nottingley  
Keiro John Hodgson Crew S 20   Mate Hull RG12/3747 fol 52 Stanley Ferry
Pattie William Horracks Crew M 40   Captain Nottingley RG12/3747 fol 52 Stanley Ferry
  James Lister Crew M 42   Mate Otley  
Lion William Blackburn Crew M 61   Captain Selby RG12/3747 fol 52 Stanley Ferry
  Thomas Travis Crew M 45   Mate Nottingley  
Lodging Boat William Addy   S 28   General Labourer Pollington RG12/3747 fol 52 Stanley Ferry
  George Lawrence   M 50   General Labourer Fenwick  
  Miles Thornton   S 23   General Labourer Heck  
  John Lowe   M 44   General Labouter Nottingley  
Indiana Alfred Cockshot Crew S 20   Barge Captain of Boat Bradfield RG12/3747 fol 52 Stanley Ferry
  ****** Garforth Crew S 21   Mate Shipley  
  Thomas Hawksworth Crew M 10   Horde(?) Marine Shipley  
Fly Boat Thomas Richmond Crew M 39   Barge Master Ardsley RG12/3747 fol 51 Stanley Ferry
  Maggie Richmond   M   29 Masters wife Leeds  
  Frederick Richmond     11   Son Leeds  
Polly George Thomas Crew S 36   Barge Captain York RG12/3747 fol 51 Stanley Ferry
  Joseph Littlewood Crew M 53   Mate York  
  J C Littlewood Crew S 14   Crew Boro' Bridge  
Providence Clarke Day Crew S 37   Captain Melbourne RG12/3747 fol 51 Stanley Ferry
Hope Thomas Booth Crew S 31   Master York RG12/3747 fol 51 Stanley Ferry
  William Booth Crew S 30   Mate York  
Friend Darwin Ogbsby Crew M 37   Master Lincolnshire Brigg RG12/3747 fol 51 Stanley Ferry
  Amelia Ogbsby   M   27 Masters Wife Lincolnshire Brigg  
  Henry Allbone Crew S 30   Ba**** Lincolnshire Brigg  
Carry Henry Oldridge Crew M 28   Master Lincolnshire Kirby Sleuce (?) RG12/3747 fol 51 Stanley Ferry
  George H Cowl Crew S 21   Mate Lincolnshire Marsh Chapel  
Humility George Thompson Crew M 49   Captain Beverley East RG12/3747 fol 51 Stanley Ferry
  Henry Thornton Crew S 54   Mate Beverley East  
Frederick Albert Thomas Wilson Crew M 40   Master Marsden RG12/3747 fol 51 Stanley Ferry
  Dinah Wilson   M   42 Cook Goole  
  Walter Wilson Crew S 16   Barge Mate Goole  
  Alice A Wilson Crew S   6   Goole  
Polly William Padgett Crew M 42   Barge Captain Bradford RG12/3747 fol 51 Stanley Ferry
  Sarah Padgett   M   36 Cook Bradford  
  John W Crowther Crew S 17   Wool Millhand Bradford  
  James Padgett Crew M 50   Barge Mate Bradford  
Industry Joseph Clarkson Crew M 47   Captain Silsden RG12/3747 fol 51 Stanley Ferry
  William Clarkson Crew S 21   Mate Silsden  
Adeline Thomas Smith Crew M 51   Barge Captain York RG12/3747 fol 51 Stanley Ferry
  William Hope Crew S 32   Mate Beal  
Willie Joseph Beck Crew M 35   Captain Skipton RG12/3747 fol 51 Stanley Ferry
  William Clayton Crew S 19   Mate Bradford  
Aire & Calder Fly Boat 125 tons George Stead Crew M 42   Master Oulton RG12/3750 fol 154
  Samuel Homes Crew M 22   Barge Mate Hull  
Suprise John W Sheard Head M 58   Master of the Barge Wakefield RG12/3750 fol 55 Thornes Lane
Unnamamed Barge William Fawcett ? S 35   Canal Boat Labourer Wakefield RG12/3750 fol 126 Wakefield Bridge
  William France Labourer S 39   Canal Boat Labourer Wakefield  
Barges (various unnamed) Benjamin Beuley Captain M 57   Captain Elland RG12/3750 fol 138 Calder Wharfe
  Benjamin Lister Mate M 39   Mate Elland  
  Thomas Downing Master M 50   Master N.K  
  William Turner (?) Mate S 23   Mate Barge Castleford  
  John Turner ***** M 50   Mariner N.K.  
  William Whitaker Captain M 28   Captain Knottingley  
  Annie Whitaker Wife M   28   Driffield  
  John Bowles Captain M 24   Carrier by Boat Knottingley  
  Harriet Bowles Wife M   20   Hull  
  Robert Retman Crew M 29   Master Barge Thorne  
  Milly Retman Wife M   27   Thorne  
  Robert Retman Son S 8     Stainforth  
  Joseph Retman Son S 6     Goole  
  William Retman Son S 3     Goole  
  Harry Retman Son S 1     Goole  
  Pa***y Morris ***** of Crew S 23   Mate Goole  
  Michael Dogson Captain M 30   Captain of Barge Knottingley  
  Ellen Dodgson Wife M   32   Goole  
  William Middleton Mate M 34   Mate Barge Goole  
  Benjamin Bailey             RG12/3750 fol 155-156
  Benjamin Lister              
  Thomas Downy              
  William Turpin              
  John Tu*****              
William William Pritchard Crew S 35   Master Barge Lincolnshire L*****d RG12/3743 fol 159 Fall Ings Sandal Magna
  William M Inghorn Crew S 35   Mate Sowerby Bridge  
  William Walter Crew S 26   **** Marine Sowerby Bridge  
Sisters H Barker Crew S 46   Master Mirfield RG12/3743 fol 159 Fall Ings Sandal Magna
  J Pickering Crew S 46   Mate ******  
Mystery Edwin Gilderdale Crew M 45   Captain Wakefield RG12/3743 fol 159 Fall Ings Sandal Magna
  Hannah Gilderdale Passenger M   36 Captains Wife Hull  
Eliza Richard Ramskill Crew M 35   Master Knottingley RG12/3743 fol 160 Fall Ings Sandal Magna
  William Pickersgill Crew S 46   Mate Knottingley  
  Samuel Ramskill Passenger   11   Scholar Goole  
Timothy Re*i** Milnes Crew M 55   Master Bryghouse RG12/3743 fol 160 Fall Ings Sandal Magna
  John Milnes Crew S 20   Mate Bryghouse  
  Harriet Milnes Passenger M   52 Wife Bryghouse  
  Sarah Milnes Passenger     5   Bryghouse  
  Ha***n Earnshaw Passenger   3     Bryghouse  
  Lily Carter Passenger     18   Bryghouse  
Integrity Joseph Loft Crew M 46   Master Beverley RG12/3743 fol 160 Fall Ings Sandal Magna
  James Loft Crew S 23   Mate Beverley  
Hawk Fred Heart(?) Head M 39   Canal Boatman Nottingham Retford RG12/3751 fol 43 Horbury
Hero of York Samuel Booth Head M 25   Master York RG/3747 fol 113 Bottomboat
  Emily Booth Wife M   20   Bottomboat  
Thomas of York Henry Prince Head M 44   Captain on Board The Thomas of York York  
  John Wray   S 16   Annuant to Captain (owners son) York  
Kitty Henry Carmichael Captain M 31   Master Hull RG12/3743 fol 175 Walton
  Ann Charmichael Wife M   29   Roystone  
  Stephen Carmichael Passenger   4   Scholar Walton Sandal Magna  
  Turner Carmichael Passenger   3   Scholar Hull  
  Kitty (?) Carmichael Passenger     3   Hull  
  Agatha Carmiheal Passenger     9m   Hull  
Minerva John Sheard Owner (?) S 30   Captain Leeds RG12/3743 fol 175 Walton
  Henry Sheard Crew S 13   Mate Leeds  
  Alfred Stead Passenger S 12   Scholar Leeds  
Tyberius Thomas Shipman Roper Captain S 30   Captain on Canal Boat Lymm (?) RG12/3745 fol 139 Altofts
  Arthur Henry Drew Mate S 17   Mate on Canal Boat Lymm (?)  



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