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Try looking through the following list of names for the Clayton Hospital for the census night of April 5th 1891

Census R12/3748 Northgate

I have used abbreviations for married (m), single (s) and widower/widowa (w)when the person is born in Yorkshire I have just put the place. I have tried to decipher some entries but where I am totally unsure I have used **. The 1891 enumerator has placed his 'tick' marks through the profession and age headings, therefore, quite a few will have **. I have placed (?) before full missing words and after words if there is doubt over the word. I have used a copy Postal Addresses and Index to Postcodes to help with place names.

!! Note: As with all transcripts - if in doubt, try and check with the original !! The transcripts are only as good as the deciphering of the person doing the work.

Some of the information on the film is not very clear


Name Relation Condition Male Female Profession Born
Tom Hopkinson Houser(?) Head s 24   House Surgeon Hull
Florence Helm (?) Sister ** s   16 Scholar Hull
Walter Heaton Assistant s 22   **** House Scotland (?)
*** Johnston Heaton(?) Matron s   32 Matron of Hospital Durham Sunderland
Frances Emma Fox Nurse s   29 Charge Nurse Ireland
Alice Brooke Nurse s   30 Charge Nurse Altofts
Lizzie **** *****rk Nurse s   26 Nurse - Probationer Scotland
Georgina Buckley Nurse s   2* Nurse - Probationer Ipswich, Suffolk
Sarah Sutcliffe Nurse s   25 Nurse - Probationer Stainland, Yorkshire
M****n Ada Cr**orth Nurse s   18 Nurse - Probationer Huddersfield
Annie Eliza Stafford serv s   20 General Servant Stanley
Hannah Robinson serv s   20 General Servant Wakefield
***** Smith serv s   27 General Servant - Kitchen Liverpool
Jane (?) Leonard serv s   28 General Servat - Cook C**ton, Suffolk
Sarah Linford serv s   20 General Servant Wakefield
Emily Linford serv s   17 General Servant Wakefield
Elizabeth Hemingway (?) serv s   20 General Servant Wakefield
John Pearson Patient m 22   Blacksmith **** Lincoln
Squire Jones Patient s 12   Scholar ***Melton, Yorks
Jo's Goldsmith Patient s 15   ***** off *****/works Wakefield
Edwrd **att* Patient m 41   Coalminer Mexbro'
Percy Long Patient s 12   Scholar Wakefield
George Lucker Patient m 54   Farm Labourer Wakefield
Joseph Whitby Patient s 43   Canal Boatman Knottingley
Joseph Wm. Gosney Patient m 46   Coalmaster, Forge Newton
Wm Summerscales Patient m 43   Coal miner Thornhill
John Oakes Patient m 30   Coal miner C****hill, Notts
John Watson Patient s 60   Coal ***** Labourer Stanley
Samuel Moseley (?) Patient m 40   Canal Boatman - barge Teddington, Bedfordshire
Michael ****ll Patient m 29   Coal miner Ireland
Frank (?) Dyer Patient wdw 45   Canal Boatman - barge Stratford upon Avon
William Speak Patient s 9   Scholar Wakefield
Chas. Wm. White Patient s 21   Farm Labourer Wakefield
Matthew Morris Patient m 37   Coalminer Congleton, Cheshire
Samuel Hodgson Patient s 21   Hayman - farm Wakefield
Ann Waterhouse Patient s   20 Silk Mill ***** Flockton
Sarah Swann Patient s   30 Worsted Mill Spooner Wakefield
Ann Maria Walshaw Patient m   24   Norfolk
Edith A Parr Patient s   24 General Servant Cambridge
Mary Ann Oates Patient m   20 Cloth Mill Weaver Wakefield
******* P Townend Patient m   40   Crofton
Elizabeth Dale Patient s   20 General Servant Middlesbro'
Harriet Sykes Patient s   21 **** Maker Stanley
Clara Colley Patient s   14   Newmillerdam
Albert Holt Patient   10   Scholar Alverthorpe
John Wm. Beaumont Patient   8   Scholar Horbury
John Wiseman Patient   9   Scholar Leeds
Herbert Steele Patient   1 year (?)     Wakefield




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