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Wakefield Grammar School

transcribed from 'The History of Wakefield Grammar School' by M H Peacock, MA, B Mus, the 21st Headmaster.

Written in commemoration of the 300th Anniversary of its foundation

printed 1892 by W H Milnes, The Radcliffe Printing Works


List of Benefactors

The Grammar School has not always been in its position on Northgate. The school was originally housed at Lady Bower, near the present market.


There are many lists in the posession of the Govenors recording names of the numerous benefactors to the School, and the nature and conditions of the gifts.In the list below you will see that certain names are mentioned more than once, this may be due to a gift or deed and then a later gift by means of a will. One of these lists appears on a painted board in Wakefield Cathedral with the title 'A List of the Piious and Worthy Benefactors to this Town and Parish', but this is by no means complete.

Below is a list of people who gave messuages of land, rent from, properties or gave grants or left money in a will.

Name of Benefactor
Francys Gaunt of Wakefield 1563-4
John Freeston of Altofts 1592
Alicia Graunte, widow of Francis Grant, of Alverthorpe
George Savile (the elder) of Wakefield 1593
George Savile (the younger) 1594
John Freeston of Altofts 1594
George Savile (the younger) 1594
Thomas Savile of Wakefield 1599
Sarah Savile 1602
John Battie of Westgate Wakefield 1602
John Mowbray of Wakefield 1602
Thomas Cave of Westgate Wakefield 1602-3
William Bromheade of Northgate Wakefield 1602-3
Richard Claiton of Westgate Wakefield 1602-3
George Wharton of Westgate Wakefield 1602-3
John Allott of Bentley 1603
Thomas Bramley of London 1603
Thomas Robinson of Northgate Wakefield 1603
Edwrd Watkinson of Westgate Wakefield 1603
George Spivye of Northgate Wakefield 1603
Wilfred Armitage of Westgate Wakefield 1603
William Pollarde of Westgate Wakefield 1603
John Jackson of Westgate Wakefield 1603
Robert Waterhouse of Northgate Wakefield 1603
Robert Pighills of Westgate Wakefield 1603
Roger Feild of Westgate Wakefield 1603

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