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Wakefield Grammar School

transcribed from 'The History of Wakefield Grammar School' by M H Peacock, MA, B Mus, the 21st Headmaster.

Written in commemoration of the 300th Anniversary of its foundation

printed 1892 by W H Milnes, The Radcliffe Printing Works

Register of School Pupils

Up to 1814 no there appears to have been no records, as such, kept of of those who were educated at Wakefield Grammar School. This information has been sourced and collated by Mr MH Peacock from Calenders, Exhibitioners Lists, Lists of Cave, Freeston and hasstings Scholars for this book. It was not until 1829 that the Govenors ordered that the Master and Usher should 'immediately make out a List, to the best of their power of all such Scholars, as have beene instructed by them during the time they have held their respective situations...........'

Abbreviations used : C F H S - denoted that the scholars obtained a Cave, Freeston, Hastings or Storie Exhibition

                                L Z - denotes that the name is inserted in the list of Donors to the Library or in Dr Zouch's list of pupils of the Rev John Clarke

1604 Ambrose Mawde, C ; John Riley, C

1612 Joseph Naylor, born at Wakefield in 1594; Fellow of Sid. Sus. College. Cambridge : Archdeacon of Northumberland in1632. Prependary of Durham in 1636 : Rector of Sedgefield in 1634 : ejected by the Puritans, and restored in 1662 : Chaplain to Bishopb Morton : died and buried in Sedgefield Church in 1667. Was perhaps Freeston Scholar and Fellow.

1615 Jerimiah Walker, born at Wakefield in 1599 : Sizar of Sid. Sus. Coll. Camb. in 1615 : B.A. in 1619 : Master of Oakham School in 1619 - 30 : Vicar of Stretton in Rutland 1630 - 43 : Rector of St. Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey 1644 - 54 : Member of the Assembly of Divines 1643 and Moderator in 1647 : Died on June 1 1654, buried in St. Mary Magdalenes, Bermondsey. A great Oriental Scholar and Puritan Divine. Perhaps a Freeston Scholar.

1616 James Lister, C

1619 Hugh Paulin Cressy, son of Hugh Cressy, Govrenor and Benefactor, born at Wakefield in 1605 : entered Magdalene Hall, Oxford Jan. 21 1916-20 : B.A. in 1623, M.A. in 1629 : Fellow of Merton College in 1626 : Domestic Chaplain fo the Earl of Strafford in 1629, and to Viscount
Falkland in 1638 : Canon of Windsor in 1624, Dean of Laghlin in Ireland in 1643 : a zealous Royalist : became a Roman Catholic in 1646 and a BenadictineMonk a Douay : afterwards Chaplain to Queen Katherine ; died Aug 10 1647 and buried in East Grinstead Church, Sussex.

1620 Barnabas Oley of Heyolt, born at Kirkthorpe in 1601 : probably Cave Scholar of Clare Hall, Camb., where he was afterwards Fellow, Tutor and President : Taxor in 1634 and Proctor in 1635 : Vicar of Great Gransden, Hunts. : a zealous Royalist : ejected from his livingand Fellowship by the Puritans, but restored in 1659 : Prependary of Worcester in 1660 : Archdeacon of Ely in 1679 : died Fed 20 1685-6. A great benefactor of his College and native parish.

1623 ......Milton, C

1627 ......Horne, ........Copley, ........Sunderland, ......Denison. ( This may be the William Dennison who was the Govenor and Benefator)

1627 Godfrey Winter, son of the Rev. Richard Winter, Rector of Spptborough : at Wakefield 2 years : entered Chr. Coll. Camb. in 1627 aged 17 and Caius Coll, April 7 1629 : B.A. in 1632.

1627 Matthew Whiteley, son of John Whiteley born at Halifax : B.A. of Emm. Co.. Camb. in 1631 : entered as Pension of St Jo. Coll. Dec 1 1632 aged 21

1628 Charles Hoole, born at Wakefield in 1610, entered Linc. Coll. Oxford in 1628 : Rector of Ponton Magna in Leiestershire in 1642, ejected by the Puritans : Head Master of Rotherham Free School : Master of private schools in Aldergate St. and Lothbury : Rector of Stock near Chelmsford in 1660 : Prependary of Lincoln in 1661 ; died and buried at Stock, March 7 1666-7. A famous Scholar and author of School-books.

1631 Ingram Hopton, son of Ralph Hopton of Armley ; at Wakefield School 4 years : Fellow-Commoner of St. Jo.Coll.Camb.., May 12 aged 16 : afterwards Colonel in the Royalist Forces : Knighted by Charles I and killed at Winceby in Lincolnshire Oct 24 1643.

1632 William Allott, son of Edward Allott, farmer of Sandal : at Wakefield School 2 years : Sizar of St. Jo.Coll. Camb. May 12 aged 19 : Fellow in 1637

1632 George Marsden, son of Thomas Marsden, Thornhill : born at Newhall Manor, Thornhill : at Wakefield School 5 years : Sizar of St. Jo. Coll. Camb. May 23 aged 16.

1632-3 Andrew Hare, son of Robert Hare, born at Calverley : at Wakefield School 2 years ; Sizar of Caius Coll. Camb., Feb 12 aged 16.

1633 Richard Allott, son of Bartin Allott, born at Clayton in July 1617 ; at Wakefield School 3 years : Pension of St. Jo. Coll. Camb., May 2.

1633-4 Thomas Callis, son of Robert Callis, farmer, Wakefield : born at York : at Wakefield School 7 years : Sizar of St. Jo. Coll. Camb., Feb 22 aged 15.

1636 William Wentworth, son of Thomas Wentworth, Esq., of Kirkby : at Wakefield for 2 years : Pension of St. Jo. Coll. Camb., Sept 1 aged 16 : A Captain in the Royalist Forces, died in 1660.

1638-9 Robert Wilbore, son of Lawrence Wilbore, gent. of Balne,Yorkshire : born at Norton : at Wakefield for 4 years : Pensioner of Caius Coll. Camb. Jan 28 aged 24.

1640 John Storrie, son of John Storrie, Govenor of the School : baptized at Wakefield Parish Church, Nov 15 1621 : probably educated at the School, and one of its greatest benefactors. Was "sequestred and imprisoned for his constant Loyalty to the King, and often plunderedn and had many writeings and goods both of his own and of the Mounsons and Saviles taken away fro him" for whom " he had done much business in the late rebellious times." He died at Haslebarrow Derbyshire in 1674 and left 6,000 pounds value in lands.

1641 Henry Dougherty, Usher No. 7

1641 Robert Casson, son of Robert Casson, yeoman of Thorpe on the Hill, Rothwell : at Wakefield School 2 years : Sizar of St. Jo. Coll. Camb. June 19 aged 17 . A zealous supporter of the King against Parliament.

1641 Samuel Battison, son of Giles Battison, weaver of Hemsworth : born at Hiendley : at Wakefield School 1 year : Pensioner of St Jo. Coll. Camb June 19 aged 18.

1642 Richard Clarke, son of William Clarke, farmer of Sandal : at Wakefield School 6 years : Sizar of St Jo.Coll. Camb., April 12 aged 18.

1642 Richard Coates, son of Thomas Coates, draper of Wakefield : at Wakefield School "a primordiis literarum" : Sizar of St. Jo. Coll. Ca,b. Jun 2 aged 18. Ejected in 1645 perhaps for his polital views.

1643 Richard Worsoppe, son of Edward Worsoppe, mercer of Batley, entered University College, Oxford in 1643 : Sizar of St. Jo. Coll. Camb., Jn 5 1645-6 aged 17.

1644 Joseph Moxon, born at Wakefield Aug 8 1627 and probably educated at the School ; perhaps the son of Peter Moxon, a Govenor. An excellent mathematician and hydrographer to Charles II : often quoted in Johnson's Dictioary : planned a canal from the Thames to the Severn in 1667. Fellow of thwe Royal Society in 1678 ; and died in 1700.

1645 Robert Hobson, son of Edmund Hobson, of Smallfield near Penistone Sizar of St. Jo. Coll. Cambs. Sept 8 aged 20.

1648, Charles Wilson, son Christopher Wilson of Broadfield : Sizar of St. Jo. Coll. Camb., Sept 8 aged 17.

1650 William Booth, son of Matthew Booth, clerek of Knaresborough : Sizar of St. Jo. Coll. Camb., Jul 1 aged 17.

1651 Daniel Pell, son of William Pell of Sandal : born at Walton : Sizar of t. Jo. Coll. Camb., May 31 aged 19.

1652 Theodore Brownelow, son of Robert Brownelow M.D. of Wakefield and Govenor of the School : born at Leeds : Pensioner of St. Jo. Coll. Camb., Feb 6 aged 17.

1653 John Franke, son of Charles Franke, of Pontefract, gent. : born in Herefordshire : Pension of St. Jo. Coll. Camb., May 12 aged 17

1653 Thomas Doughty, son of Robert Doughty, Head Master of the School : born in 1637 : perhaps M.A. of Magd. Coll. Camb. in 1660 and D. D. in 1671.

1653-4 Nicholas Winterbourne, son of Leonard Winterbourne blacksmith of Wakefield : at Wakefield School 6 years : Sizar of St. Jo. Coll. Camb. Feb 14 aged 17.

1654 Thomas Hardcastle, son of William Hardcastle of Kirkby Malzeard : at Wakefield School 2 years : Sizarof St. Jo. Coll. Camb., July 3 aged 15.

1655 Josiah Holdsworth, son of John Holdsworth clothier of Wakefield : Sizar of St. Jo. Coll. Camb., April 9 aged 17. Ejected from Sutton in Yorkshire in 1662, died in 1685.

1658 John Baskerville, son of Thomas Baskerville of Wakefeield : born in 1641 and probably educated at the School. Afterwards Head Master.

1660 Elisha Robinson, son of Thomas Robinson, clerk of Tong : at Wakefield School 5 years : Sizar of St. Jo. Coll. Camb. Jun 11 aged 15 : B.A. in 1663 and M.A. in 1667.

1661 Richard Milner son of Richard Milner, farmer of S. Hiendley : at Wakefield School 2 years : Szar of St. Jo. Coll. Camb., April 29 aged 18.

1663 Richard Thompson, born at Wakefield about 1645 ; Scholar of Univ. Coll. Oxford : B.A. in 1667 ; M.A. of Magd. Coll. Cambridge in 1670 and D.D. in 1684 : Curate of Brington, Northants : St. Mary Radcliffe, Bristol : Prependary of Sarum in 1676 : Prependary of Bristol in 1683, Dean in 1684 : died Nov 28 1685 and buried in Bristol Cathedral. A "zealous upholder of the Church of England," suspected of joining in Popish Plots, and "brought on his knees in the House of Commons and blased for a papist."

1663 Joseph Robinson, son of Thomas Robinson of Kirkthorpe, Clerk : at Wakefield School 6 years : Sizar of St. Jo. Coll. Camb., Mar 31 aged 14 : B.A. in 1666, M.A. of King's College in 1670.

1664 William Pinder son of Nicholas Pinder of Wakefield : born about 1646 : entered Univ. Coll. Oxford in 1664 : B.A. in 1667 : Fellow if his College. Rector of St. Ebbe's Oxford : Chaplain to Lord Grey : died Sept 23 1678, buried at Gosfield in Essex.

1665 John Radcliffe, son of George Radcliffe of Wakefield, Govenor of the House of Correction from 1647 - 1661, an attorney, and Govenor of the School from 1653 to his death in 1674. Born in the house that is now occupied by Mr W.Milnes and baptized at the Parish Church on May 1 1650. Entered Univ Coll. Oxford on Mar 23 1665-6 : B.A. and Senior Scholar in 1669, M.A. in 1672 M.B. in 1675, M.D. in 1682. Fellow of Lincoln College from 1679-1677. Practised in Oxford until 182, when he settled in Bow Street, Covent Garden, and became immediately famous. Had the offer of the post of Royal Physician to William III and a baronetcy, but declined both : yet was often called in to attend the King. Was Physician to Princess Anne of Denmark from 1686. Elected M.P. for Buckingham in 1713 and died onNov 1 1714 at Carlshalton, where he had gone to reside : buried at St. Mary's, Oxford on Dec 3 following. Left very large bequests for charitable purposes, such as 40,000 pounds for founding the Radcliffe Library at Oxford (built in 1737-47), 150 pounds a year to the librarian. 5000 pounds to complete the front of his College buildings, 600 pounds a year to found the Radcliffe Travelling Fellowships, 600 pounds a year to St. Bartholomew's Hospital, and other smaller sums. Dr. Radcliffe made "many repeated promises in his Life Time" to leave money to his School, but nothing was ever received from him. In 1801, however, the Radcliffe Trustees gave 1000 pounds towards St. John's Church in this City. Dr. Radcliffe is said, in Ingledew's "History of Northallerton" to have been partly educated at Northallerton School : he however himself says in a letter to Mr Obadiah Walker, Master of University College, Oxford, dated May 25 1688, that he was "bred up a Protestant at Wakefield amd semt fro thence in that Perswasion to Oxford." He was therefore probably at Northallerton first, if at all : for there is perhaps some confusion of names, seeing that Mr George Radcliffe, his father, was resident in Wakefield from 1647, three years before Dr. Radcliffe's birth, until his death in 1674, and it would be unikely that a boy was sent away from Wakefield at a time when its Grammar Scool was "as famous as any whatsoever in these Kingdoms, except those of Westminster, Winchester and Eton."


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