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In honour of the men of Horbury who served in the South African War 1899 - 1902

This plaque is in the entrance to the buildings that was at one time Horbury Town Hall

Augustus Baines

James Barber

Andrew Bennett

Luke Blacker

George Blackmoor

James H Burton

Samuel Cook

Edgar Charlesworth

Thomas Charlesworth

Cyrus Septimus """"

William Exley

Frederick Fletcher

John H Goldthorpe

Alfred Haigh

Walter Hanson

Benjamin Harrop

**** Edward Hodgson

J Holdroyd

John Hornby

Tom Mountain

John Murgatroyd

Samuel Musgrave

Robert Ernest Payne

Harry Ripley

Arthur Smith

John Tordoff

Lewis Vetch

Additional information for the men mentioned on the memorial


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