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Walkers History of Wakefield

2nd edition 1939 (privately printed)

Gentlemen who have been elected to the office of Mayor 1848-1938

Towards the end of the first half of the 1800's much dissatisfaction was felt in the streets of Wakefield in consequende of the inadequate government by the Streets' Commisioners. These men published no accounts as to how money was raised and even more upsetting how the money was spent. As a result of this streets were neglected, dirty and unsafe for people. Another cause for consern was that townsmen had no choice in the selection of these Commissioners who filled up vacancies upon death or removal at their own pleasure. 1847 saw a committee raised to prepare an Act for the better governing of the town. A public meeting held on April 21st in the Court House saw resolutions made for better paving in the street, draining, lighting and sanitary regulations and more especially the ineficient state of the police. This meeting resulted in an application for a Charter of Incorporation being forthwith made to the Queen in Council. The Queen had instructed the Privy Council that a petition being taken into consideration and as a result Wakefield was granted the Charter on March 15 1848. The Charter granted for a Mayor, 8 Alderman and 24 Councillers. The first election took place nine days later and resulted in George William Harrison being elected the first Mayor of the Borough and as a result the first borough police force came into being. Street Commissioners, however, still retained control of the streets and sanitary administration of the town until the Public Health Act of 1853.


Year Mayor of Wakefield Year Mayor of Wakefield
1848 George William Harrison 1894 Jonas Nicholson
1849 Joseph Holdsworth 1895 William Henry Milne
1850 James Micklethwaite 1896 Henry Smith
1851 Benjamin Walker 1897 Alfred William Stansfield
1852 John Gregory 1898 George Henry Roberts
1853 Henry Brown 1899 Barron Kilner
1854 Thomas Clayton 1900 Frederick Simpson
1855 John Gregory 1901 Henry Slade Childe
1856 Henry Brown 1902 Edward Allen Brotherton
1857 Thomas Mark Carter 1903 William Rhodes
1858 George Hudswell Westerman 1904 Edmund Stonehouse
1859 Henry Brown 1904 Henry Slade Childe
1860 Thomas Haigh 1905 Henry Slade Childe
1861 William Shaw 1906 William Henry Kingswell
1862 Samuel Holdsworth 1907 William Henry Kingswell
1863 Samuel Holdsworth 1908 Albert Hudson
1864 William Hartley Lee 1909 Albert Hudson
1865 Joseph Rhodes 1910 Albert Hudson
1866 William Shaw 1911 Henry White
1867 William Hartley Lee 1912 Edwin Lodge Hirst
1868 Samuel Holdsworth 1913 John William Saville
1869 Samuel Whiteham 1914 Edmund Stonehouse
1870 Henry Lee 1915 Edmund Stonehouse
1871 Wm Henry Bedford Tomlinson 1916 Edmund Stonehouse
1872 Thomas Wilton Haigh 1917 George Blakey
1873 Thomas Wilton Haigh 1918 George Blakey
1874 William Henry Stewart 1919 George Blakey
1875 William Henry Gill 1920 George Foster
1876 William Henry Gill 1921 George Blakey
1877 William Henry Stewart 1922 George Foster
1878 Thomas Taylor 1922 Harold Holroyd Holdsworth
1879 William Hartley Lee 1923 John Tennant
1880 William Hartley Lee 1924 John William Smith
1881 Francis Milthorpe 1925 Charles Mellor
1882 George Mander 1926 George Henry Sherwood
1883 William Hartley Lee 1927 George Brown Hillman
1884 George Moorhouse 1928 John Hardy Richards
1885 Reuben Reynolds 1929 Burley Johnson
1886 Henry Lee 1930 Samuel Pickles
1887 Henry Lee 1931 Samuel Butterworth
1888 William Hartley Lee 1932 Walter Emmett
1889 Benjamin Watson 1933 Tuke Brewer
1890 Joseph Haslegrave 1934 F W T Mills
1891 William Nicholson 1935 Albert Charlesworth
1892 John Samuel Booth 1936 George Hemingway
1893 Walter Wade 1937 Tom Crowe

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