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Newspapers in Yorkshire ~ past & present

Newspapers are a very useful source and starting point for anyone requiring information, not only do they give the birth, deaths and marriages - 'hatches, matches and despatches' as my father used to call them but, they also give local news both good and bad. Newspapers are full of names, places and dates and can be found in many libraries that have a local history section.

The advertisements in newspapers also give information for example, who was the local chimney sweep; where would you go to get your provisions or more importantly, where would the ladies and gentlemen of the town go for a new hat or gloves, but before you wear your new outfit, where were the public baths. There is also product advertising - patent medicines, dental instruments, patent washing machines + many more obscure items and businesses that are still known today.

Newspapers, are a source to be looked at, not only for people looking for members of their family but anyone who has an interest in social history. They are a very important historical resource but with being paper being of a fragile nature and dating back to the early 1700's, some of the originals may not have survived and are only available of microfilm or fiche


Current Yorkshire Newspapers

Barnsley Chronicle Barnsley Chronicle Craven Herald Dalesmane Magazine
Dewsbury Reporter Doncaster Free Press Grimsby Evening Telegraph Guardian (Dinnington)
Halifax Courier Harrogate Advertiser Huddersfield Daily Examiner Hull Daily Mail
Ilkley Gazette Rotherham Advertiser Scarborough Evening News Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph
Selby Times Sheffield Star & Telegraph Villager (Doncaster) Wakefield Express Series
Wharfedale Observer Whitby Gazette Yorkshire Evening Post Yorkshire Evening Press
Yorkshire Post

Local Newspapers

Newspaper Dates Notes / Where can be found etc
A variety of English, Irish & French newspapers incl. Les Temps Nouveaux, The Daily News & Private Eye, Picture Post, Illustrated London News+ many more Various Can be viewed at LUL
Bridlington Free Press 1985 onwards NYL - Scarborough
Commemorative editions of newspapers   LUL
Craven Herald 1854 onwards NYL - Skipton
Craven Pioneer 1861 onwards NYL - Skipton
Darlington & Stockton Times 1847 onwards NYL - Northallerton
Easingwold Advertiser 1892 onwards NYL - Easingwold
Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough) 1970 onwards NYL - Northallerton
Filey & Hunmanby Mercury 1990 onwards NYL - Scarborough
Gazette & Herald 1990 onwards NYL - Malton
Halifax Courier 1853 LUL
Halifax Guardian   LUL
Harrogate Advertiser 1837 onwards NYL (Harrogate)
Harrogate Herald 1980 onwards NYL - Harrogate
Huddersfield & Holmfirth Examiner 1851  
Knaresborough Post 1996 onwards NYL - Knaresborough
Leeds Intelligencer   LUL
Leeds Mercury 1719 LUL can also be viewed at Leeds Library
Leeds Times    
Malton & Norton Gazette and General Advertiser June 1855 to December 1857 **
Malton Gazette December 1857 to December 1884 **
Malton Gazette from 1819 * some missing years
Malton Gazette January 1888 to September 1905. **
Malton Mail October 1898 -January 1899 This paper then joined with the Yorkshire Observer **
Malton Messenger July 1855 - September 1939 **   &    * and are mainly on microfilm
North Eastern Advertiser and Ryedale Chronicle January 1885 to December 1887. **
North Yorkshire News 1980 onwards NYL - Northallerton
North Yorkshire Advertiser 1997 onwards NYL - Northallerton
Northallerton, Thirsk & Bedale Times 1977 onwards NYL - Northallerton
Northern Echo 1938 onwards NYL - Northallerton
Pateley Bridge & Nidderdale Herald 1996 onwards NYL - Pateley Bridge
Ryedale Citizen 1993 onwards NYL - Scarborough
Ripon Gazette 1996 onwards NYL - Ripon
Ryedale Mercury 1983 onwards NYL - Scarborough
Ryedale Star 1995 onwards NYL - Malton
Scarborough Evening News 1933 NYL - Scarborough
Scarborough Gazette 1847 onwards NYL - Scarborough
Scarborough Town Crier 1998 onwards NYL - Scarborough
Selby Chronicle 1991 onwards NYL - Selby
Selby & District Herald 1990 onwards NYL - Selby
Selby Express 1985 onwards NYL - Selby
Selby Gazette & Herald 1975 onwards NYL - Selby
Selby Post 1986 onwards NYL - Selby
Selby Star 1989 onwards NYL - Selby
Selby Times 1869 onwards NYL - Selby
Tadcaster News 1979 NYL - Selby
Trader (Scarborough) 1981 onwards NYL - Scarborough
Wakefield Journal 1835 The Wakefield Examiner was incorporated in 1852 and can be seen at The Library HQ, Balne Lane, Wakefield
Wetherby, Boston & Tadcaster News 1993 onwards NYL - Tadcaster
Whitby Gazette 1854 onwards NYL - Whitby
Yorkshire Gazette 1819 - 1854 *
Yorkshire Gazette 1819 onwards NYL - Malton
York Herald, The 1790 - 1889 and then as the Yorkshire Herald through to 1954. Almost a complete run #
Yorkshire Evening Press (Selby edition) 1983 onwards HYL - Selby
Yorkshire Factory Times   LUL
Yorkshire Post + Evening Post   LUL

LUL    Leeds University Library

NYL    North Yorkshire Libraries (check at which local library the newspapers are held at - Malton, Harrogate, Northallerton, Scarborough, Skipton, Selby,Easingwold)

#    York Reference Library

** These can be viewed at the British Library (some years are in a poor condition)

*   These can be found in Malton Library

Newspapers that can be searched by an Index

Barnsley Chronicle The following can be found at Barnsley Library.    Newspaper cutting index 1858 to present * Obituaties file index 1857/8 to present    * First World War index 1914-1918   * Memories index 1992 onwards (articles of an historical nature)
Barnsley Independent See Barnsley Chronicle
Batley News Newspaper index 1974 to present can be seen at Huddersfield Central Library
Bradford Observer The following can be viewed at Bradford Central Library- Local Studies.     People index 1834 onwards (refers to people mentioned in deaths, births, marriages, funerals, bequests, bankruptcies etc)  * General index 1834 -    * Local celebraties cuttings file 1920's to approx 1974   * Subject cuttings file ( firms, schools, churches etc)   * There are also collections including the Yorkshire Ripper (Peter Sutcliffe) and Valley Parade Football Ground.
Bradford & Wakefield Chronicle Deaths index 1825/6 can be seen at Bradford Central Library- Local Studies
Bradford Weekly Telegraph Local people who during 1915-1918, were killed in action, wounded or taken prisoner. Bradford Central Library- Local Studies
Colne Valley Chronicle Indexed 1974 to present at Huddersfield Central Library
Darlington & Stockton Times Local cuttings file c1977 to present. Northallerton Library
Dewsbury Reporter 1974 to present. Huddersfield Central Library
Goole Times 1996 to date can be seen at Goole Local Studies Library
Grimsby Daily Telegraph 1897 - 1912 can be seen at Grimsby Reference Library
Grimsby Free Press 1860 - 1868, can be seen at Grimsby Reference Library
Grimsby Guardian March 1854, October 1857 - November 1867. Grimsby Reference Library
Grimsby News 1876-1902 (not all years included).Grimsby Reference Library
Grimsby Observer 1871-1902 (not all years included).Grimsby Reference Library
Harrogate Advertiser Name index 1900-1904, 1907-1912, 1914, 1916-1947, 1949-1950, 1952-1960 ongoing  * General index, people, places, theatre etc 1971 ongoing   * Harrogate Library
Harrogate Herald Name index 1881-1939 (not all years available).   * General index, people, places, theatre etc 1971-1980. Harrogate Library
Holme Valley Express 1974 to date can be seen at Huddersfield Central Library
Huddersfield Daily Examiner Index 1958 to date. Huddersfield Central Library
Huddersfield District Chronicle 1974 to date.Huddersfield Central Library
Huddersfield Examiner 1958 to date. Huddersfield Central Library
Hull Advertiser 1825 various dates can be seen at Beverley Local Studies Library and under such headings as people, obituaties. Some of the indexes have been done as projects by various groups and individuals. Hull Local Studies Library
Hull Daily Mail Hull Street Shrines & Honour Rolls. Beverley Local Studies Library.  * A biography index is also held by Hull Local Studies Library.   * Great War Index is at Beverley Local Studies Library   * Index to people killed or listed as missing during Military actions, Hull Local Studies Library   * Maritime index at Beverley Local Studies Library.   * WWII military index 1939-1940, Beverley Local Studies Library.   * Hull also hold various indexes convering the forces 1939-1941
Ilkley Gazette 1950's a general index held in Bradford Central Library- Local Studies
Keighley News 1862-1876 a continuing project, deaths, marriages etc * Obituaries 19th century onwards  * 1908-1917 general scrapbook  * Local celebrities 1920 onwards  * Local index (churches, companies etc)
Malton Messenger 1854-1856 ongoing index at Malton Library
Northallerton, Thirsk & Bedale Times c1977 to date Northallerton Library
Northern Echo 1977 to date Northallerton Library. On CD Rom 1990-1996
Pontefract & Castleford Express 1970's to date.Castleford Library. There is also a 1914-1919 listing for Castleford War Dead. Wakefield Library HQ also hold an index of casualties including munitions workers.
Palmers Index to The Times Lists articles regarding Malton as far back as 1792
Pontefract & Castleford Advertiser Copleys index 1858-1937. Pontefract Library
Rotherham Advertiser 1858 to date in the Rotherham Central Library. The index is not complete and is not altogether accurate but is a startng point!!
Scarborough Evening News Local history index 1933 ongoing.  * Prescott Index 1950-1970. Scarborough Library
Scarborough Gazette 1847-1900 at Scarborough Library
Scarborough Mercury 1855-1970 at Scarborough Library - various indexes
Scarborough Pictorial Indexed on cards 1913-1915 at Scarborough Library
Scunthorpe Star Card index 1890-1960 at Scarborough Library
Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph 1966 to date at Scarborough Library
Selby Times Cuttings index 1984 to date at Selby Library
Sheffield Star Card indexed 1930s-1950s Sheffield Central Library
Sheffield Telegraph Card indexed 1930s-1950s at Sheffield Central Library. Not 100% accurate and some years are not complete
Spenborough Guardian 1974 onwards Huddersfield Central Library
Telegraph & Argus Subject cuttings files 1960 onwards at Bradford Central Library - Local Studies. There are also numerous other indexes.
Wakefield & West Riding Examiner Name index 1847-1856, 1877, 1900-1913- mainly births, deaths & marriages but other events are there. This is held at Wakefield Library HQ
Wakefield Express 1847-1856, 1977, 1900-1913 mainly births, deaths & marriages but other events are there. This is held at Wakefield Library HQ.
Wenslydale Advertiser 1846 at Northallerton Library
Whitby Gazette 1854 in progress at Whitby Library
York Chronicle Subject and person index 1773-1777, 1817-1818 at York Library
York Courant Subject and person index 1728-1848 at York Library. Includes obituaries
York Herald 1790-1801 at York Library
York Journal 1745-1749 at York Library
Yorkshire Evening Post Various indexes from early 20th century covering items such as WWI & II, companies etc this is held at Leeds Central Library. Other libraries in the area will also hold film copies of this county paper
Yorkshire Gazette 1819-1898 person and subject index at York Library
Yorkshire Observer See Bradford Observer
Yorkshire Post Many indexes covering names, places and are held at most main libraries in the county

Other Newspaper to consider looking at

The Times Most local studies libraries will have copies of these indexes and may also have the publication on microfilm. The Times is also available on line at www.timesonline.co.uk/ a search can be done but only for the past 5 years.
The London Gazette (also Edinburgh Gazette & Belfast Gazette)

Are the official newspapers of the country. The London Gazette has been continuously published in print since 1665 and it has been online via the Internet since March 1999, with retrospective coverage back to January 1998. Several legal notices, including insolvency notices, are required by law to be published these three publications. You will also find awards of medals, military promotions




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