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The Poll Book of the Wakefield Borough Election

Wednesday 12th June 1865

Who voted for the Liberal, Mr Leatham, who voted for the Tory, Sir J C D Hay and who did not vote.


It was after the great Reform Bill of 1832 that Wakefield became entitled to send  Member to Parliament.  The first Member to be elected was Daniel Gaskell of Lupset Hall in December 1832.  Gaskell was re-elected in 1835.

The following Members have also represented Wakefield at Parliament.

Hon William Sebright Lascelles of Harewood House July 1837

Joseph Holdsworth of Belle Vue House July 1841, unseated on petition 1842, as he was at the time of the election returning officer of the Borough and his opponent

Hon William Sebright Lascelles of Harewood House was elected as Member

George Sanders of Alverthorpe Hall July 1847, re-elected July 1852

John Charlesworth Dodgson Charlesworth of Chapelthorpe Hall March 1857

William Henry Leatham of Hemsworth Hall April 1859 unseated on petition July 21st 1859 - the writ was suspended

Sir J C D Hay of Glenluce, February 1862

Edward Green of Heath Old Hall February 1874 unseated on petition April 24 and a new writ issued

Thomas Kemp Sanderson of South Parade May 1874

Robert Brownas Mackie of St John's House April 1880

Edward Green July 1880 re-elected Nov 1885 and July 1886

Colonel Albany Hawke Charlesworth of Chapelthorpe Hall July 1892

Viscount Milton of Wentworth Woodhouse July 1 1895 re-elected September 1900

Edward Allen Brotherton of Roundhay Grange March 1902 re-elected January 1906 and January 1910

A H Marshall of Leeds 1910

Sir E A Brotherton Dec 1908

Robert Geoffrey Ellis of Netherside Hall, Grassington  Nov 1922

George Henry Sherwood of Wakefield December 1923

Robert Geoffrey Ellis October 1924

George Henry Sherwood May 1929

George Brown Hillman of Wakefield October 1931

Arthur Greenwood of London April 1932 re-elected 1935


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