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Silcoates School 1871

Census : RG10; Piece: 4628; Folio: 82; Page: 26

I have used abbreviations for married (mar), single (left blank) when the person is born in Yorkshire I have just put the place. I have tried to decipher some entries but where I am totally unsure I have used **. The 1881 enumerator has placed his 'tick' marks through the age headings, therefore, quite a few will have **. I have placed (?) before full missing words and after words if there is doubt over the word. I have used a copy Postal Addresses and Index to Postcodes to help with place names.

!! Note: As with all transcripts - if in doubt, try and check with the original !! The transcripts are only as good as the deciphering of the person doing the work.

Name Relation Condition Male Female Profession Born
Silcoates School
James Bourglass or Bewglass Head Mar 61   M.A. L.L.D (?) Independant Minister, Principal Northern Congregational School Ireland
Eliza Bourglass or Bewglass Wife Mar 56     Ireland
George Sutherland Asst Master Unm 24   University of London - schoolmaster Scotland
Francis W Stuart Asst Master Unm 21   M.A. & Master Scotland
Henry Lee Pupil   15   Scholar Earlsheaton, Dewsbury
Alexander Murray     15     Petreborough
Lewis Lee     15     Earlsheaton, Dewsbury
Richard S King     15     Ireland
Harry C H Collier     14     Oxfon, Oxford
Francis C Evans     14     Wa, Rugby
James P Browne     15     Lancs, Ulverston
William J Smurfitt     15     Bramley
Duncan D Kell     16     Seaton Carew
Edward B Hoyle     14     Pickering
James S McDonagh     14     Ireland
Ebenezer Walker     14     Wakefield
Herbert S Steer     13     Croydon
David Stubley     13     Batley
Charlie J Parkinson     10     Lancashire, Rochdale
Arthur H Lamb     16     Lancashire, Manchester
John W Barlow(s)     14     Lancashire, Pendleton, Manchester
Harry W Parkinson     14     Lancashire, Rochdale
Thomas Blackburn     12     Brighouse
Harold B Jones     12     Devon, Bows (?)
John Sutcliffe     11     Thirsk
Herbert Oldroyd     13     Huddersfield
Charles H Dyson     13     Idle
William Smith     11     Batley
John Withams     15     Lancashire, Oldham
Robert L Williams     12     Lancashire, Oldham
James H Holdsworth     12     Stockton on Tees
Archibald V Johnson (?)     11     Calcutta
William Johnson (?)     11     Calcutta
William H Robershaw     12     Illingworth
Harry Gray     14     Halifax
Thomas E Dyson     10     Idle
Arthur Lewis     10     Frampton on Severn
Thomas S Phillips     14     Robin Hoods Bay
Frederick C Brown     13     Lanc, ****stone
Edward W Meggitt     13     Lincs, Barton on Humber
Sidney Spa*man     14     Lincs, Stamford
George Mason     14     Carlisle
John H Hirst     12     Huddersfield
James H Stranger     12     Devon, Buckfastleigh
Arnold Clifton     12     Lancs, Ashton Under Lyne
John Dyson     12     Wakefield
John H Jones     9     Lancashire, Middleton
Joe W Baines     13     Horbury
George A Asquith     12     Cleckheaton
Frederick W Thompson     12     Luddenden
Caroline Rice Matron Unm   50 Matron Som, Taunton
Sarah Crawford Servt Unm   24 Housemaid Domestic Wakefield
Ada Shaw Servt Unm   24 Laundress Domestic Wakefield
Annie Taylor Servt Unm   20 Laundress Domestic Richmond
Martha Battye Servt Mar   23 Wardrobemaid Wakefield
Elizabeth Jaques Servt Unm   18 Housemaid Wakefield
Ellen Pinder Servt Unm   18 Kitchenmaid Hull
Alfred Windsor Servt Unm 18   Man Servant Leeds




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