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St Helen's Church, Sandal

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St. Helen's Churchyard, Sandal. In spring the area is covered in bluebells and therefore if you wish to visit be prepared for the grounds to look overgrown. Bluebells are a protected species and therefore are allowed to selfseed. Only the main paths are clear.

Left : George Bott, schoolmaster of Walton National School. Right : Eliza Bradbury wife of Wilford Bradbury of The Admiral Duncan Inn, Thornes Lane, Wakefield

Left : James Brown late gardener to I Briggs of Sandal Cliffe + Susanna Brown, his wife and Harry Johnson Spencer, his son in law and Alice Spencer daughter of James Brown (the stone is leaning) . Right : Headstone to the Charlesworth's of Chapelthorpe Hall

Left : Three coffin shaped tombstones. Right : Charles Cooper of Milnthorpe (the stone is leaning forward).

Left : John Crabtree of Quaker Houses (the partial headstone is propped at the rear of the church). Right : Headstone to Jane, 2nd daughter of the late William Crowther of the Three Houses Inn + other family members.

Commonwealth War Graves to (left) Pte 21562 C W Booth, KOYLI died 2nd Oct 1940 aged 52 and on the right Sgt 301361(?) T Davies RAF died 18 Jan 1919

Left : Cpl 201116 H V Lambert KOYLI died 11 May 1918 aged 27. Right : Pte 202117 Pte F Robinson KOYLI 14 July 1917

Left : Pte 29991 J Sayles KOYLI died 23 Feb 1919 aged 28. Right : Pte 200154 A Ward KOYLI died 5th March 1919.

Sgt 200762 H Warwick KOYLI died 2 Feb 1919 aged 30

Left : James Dodding and family (stone is leaning forward), Right : Headstones to the De Tute family including Joseph, Charles Henry, Albert Gaunt and Elizabeth.

A prime example of a headstone being 're-cycled' into a footpath. The section of headstone is of a 'gent' who died in 1716 or 1746. If only we knew who the 'gent' was!

Left : Headstone of William Fleming late Officer in the Excise who died in 1806. Right : Stones of the Glover family and the Whitaker's of Cross Lane, Sandal.

Four views of what would be a beautiful tomb, if not covered in moss and lichen, to the memory of the Green family, including Edward Green, Baronet. Not only is the top very decorative but the stone sides are covered in designs.

Left : Headstone surrounded by railings to the Heaton family of Painthorpe House with the Micklethwaites, including Rev. John Mickethwaite MA of Painthorpe House Vicar of St Jame's Chapelthorpe. Right : Tomb to the relict of Hugh Royfton (Royston) of Walton, Martha .

Left : Here lyeth the body of Timothis Hurst *****yeomin of Wolton who departed this life the 7 of Octo Anno Domini 1682 AEATIS SUAE *6*6. Here also lyeth the body of Bridget wife of Timothy Hurft who dyed Dec 1699. Right : Stone to T Jackson son of Frank and A M Jackson of Spring Cottage, Agbrigg.

Left : Headstone to William Kaye, coal proprieter of Painthorpe who died at Woodfield House, Newmillerdam and his family including son John Kaye. Right : Monument to Charles King, the inscription at the base is very worn.

Left : Stone to the memory of the Lockwood family, including Joseph who was an innkeeper of Wakefield . Right : Very weather worn headstone to what looks like Mary Lofthouse.

Left : Tomb to the memory of Ethel Mary wife of Capt MacCartney of the Dorsetshire Regt., and daughter of Colonel Frank Crossman. Right : Small stone to the memory of Alice wife of Thomas Marsden of Hill Top who died 1805.

Damaged monument to John Pelham Blanchard Maitland who died in a Military Hospital in Harrogate 1915.

Left : Leaning headstone to the memory of William Marshall. Right : Tombstone to David son of Caleb Moakeson died 1730 also Caleb Moakeson died 1730 and Mary wife of Caleb who died 1766.

Monument surrounded by stone boundary, just visable either side of monument, to the memory of The Hon. George Chapple Norton of Kettlethorpe Hall.

Left : Samuel Pickard of Sandal and right the railings showing the large plot for the tombs of the Pilkington family who at one time lived at Chevet Hall.

Left : A very worn stone at the rear of the churchyard to Henry Poppleton (?). Right : Tombstone to Mary Popplewell, daughter of Isaac and Mary Popplewell late of Wakefield.

Left : Here lieth the body of John Reyner who was born May 1732 and died November 25 1740. Here also lieth the body of Robert Reyner who was born 1736 and died 1740 both sons of Robert Reyner of Boyne Hill Common. Right : Stone to James Scorah who died 1837 the son of Samuel. Also Dorothy, twin daughter of Harold Scorah (grandaughter of Samuel) + Elizabeth Ann his wife, Elizabeth Ann, Phylis Scorah and Elizabeth Scorah.

Left : Tomb to the Sellers of Elmwood House, Walton. Right : Edward Shaw MPS son of JP Shaw MRCS of Attercliffe, Sheffield.

Left : Harry Shaw accidentally killed at Stave Falls, Ruskin, BC Jan 1915 + other Shaw family. Right : To the memory of Samuel the son of John and Mary Walker of Chapelthorpe who died July 11 1848 aged 10 also of William son of the above who died Dec 30 1848 aged 12, also Joseph son of the above who died in his infancy also John Walker father of the above who died 1852.

Left :George Martin Wilkinson and his wife Maria + Gunner Percy Wilkinson Killed In Action Sucrerie, Calincampe, France, Jan 31 1917 aged 29.

The rear of the vicarage taken from side of church.


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