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In memory of

Frederick Barnaby born April 5 1824 died October 22 1897. Late under manager of Lofthouse Colliery. Also Jane beloved wife of the above who died Auust 5 1902 aged 75. Also Ann beloved wife of George Goulding daughter of the above who died December 30 1901 aged 49. Also Ann Goulding who died February 11 1903 aged 39



part 1        part 2          New Cemetery      



St Mary Magdalene's, Outwood



In memory of

John the son of Thomas and Mary Ingwood of Outwood who died *** October 1861


In memory of

Elizabeth the wife of John Rothery of Ouchthorpe Lane who died August 2 1860 aged 60 years




In memory of

James Ronald son of Ernest and Martha Harriet Thorpe of Outwood who died December 16 1895 aged 6 years. Also of Rene Muriel daughter of the above who died June 15 1915** aged 7

** Could be 1913




In memory of

Elizabeth daughter of Cornelius and Nancy Walker died November 24 1864 aged 2 years 4 months. And of Arthur Dawson Walker their son who died July 16 1871 aged 5b years 8 months and the above Cornelius Walker

stone has dropped behind the base stone and part of the inscription is not visible




**** September **** aged 30 years. Also John Wright husband and father of the above who departed his life March 5 1876 aged 75 years and also Francis Wright son of the above John and Mary Wright who died October 29 1921 aged 75 years.




Left : Most of the stone is unreadable but what can be seen is To Selena Cairs who died September 1892 ? aged 91 years

Right : Here is intered the mortal part of ******* ****** Cock ? Bramley who was taken hence December 191868 aged years also of Elizabeth his wife who fell asleep 20 July 1870 aged 64

In memory of

Matilda wife of Robert Mottershaw of Outwood who died October 4th 1863 aged 26.


Also Thomas Mottershaw of Bells Terrace, Outwood died January 25 1894 aged 64 and Catherine wife of the above Thomas Mottershaw who died September 7 1905 aged 74


John Leary of Wrenthorpe died May 2 1874 aged 72 also Jane his wife died February 28 1866 aged 64 years


In memory of Benjamin Scarth of Moorhouse Stanley died August 24 1899 aged 63. Also his son Edward Scarth died in Melbourne December 12 1892 aged 26. Also of his daughter Florence Marion Scarth died November 1 1867 aged 5 weeks also William Wordsworth Scarth his eldest son died May 10 1927 aged 64 and also Ann Scarth died July 15 1916 aged 81 years






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Wakefield Family History Sharing