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Sacred to the memory of Sarah Ann wife of Isaac Micklethwaite of Alverthorpe who died November 23rd 1847 aged 22 years. In life beloved in death lamented. Also George Micklethwaite father of the above who died July 3rd 1849 aged 61 years, blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Also of Sarah wife of the above named George Micklethwaite who died December 1 1861 aged 72 years.





Sacred to the memory of Samuel Crowther of Flanshaw Lane, Manufacturer, who departed this life September 21st 1849 aged 34 years. Also James Crowther, grocer late of Beverley, son of James and Nancy Crowther and brother of the above who died December 6 1851 aged 38 also of Alice Myers grandmother of the above who died 25 March 1852 aged 82 years,



Left :-The headstone of William Scarth of Westgate Common and his wife Charlotte Right :- In loving memory of Sarah wife Samuel Ramsden of Wrenthorpe who died May 1864 aged 67. verse.     Also the above Samuel Ramsden who died April 17th 1877 aged 83 years also Thomas Ramsden grandson of the above who died November 27 1929 aged 71 years.





In loving memory of Emmaline widow of the late Albert Augustus Walker of Wakefield born March 23 1840 died July 12 1906. Also Hannah Milnthorpe Bradley Shaw daughter of the above and wife of Thomas Barker Shaw died August 16 1940 aged 72 years.


Commonwealth War Grave

4582 Pte W Bunley KOYLI

9 June 1915 aged 27

Left :- In memory of Sarah Conyers born August 1812 and died ? Sept 25 1901 also Benjamin Conyers who died May 20 1918 aged 77 years. 55 years with the Badsworth Hunt.

Right :- IHS Loving memory of The Revd. Oates ? Agar MA who was for 25 years vicar of St Pauls Church Tr**don in the diocese of Durham and who died at Wakefield December 31 1909 aged 68. Also Hannah his wife who died May 8 1931


Left :-In affectionate remembrance of Evaline Craven Kershaw who died January 23 1875 in the 7th year of her age. Also Samuel Kershaw father of the above who died Mar 18 1883 aged 39 years.

Right :- Florence Maude daughter of Joseph and Martha Ann Hudson



very badly worn stone

In loving memory of Ann the beloved wife of Joseph Rogers of Wrenthorpe who died ***** 30th 1911 aged 76 years also of the above Joseph Rogers who died November ? 26 1912 aged 63 or 65


what can be seen

also Arthur Furness son of the aforesaid who died January 25 1932 aged 36 years 'Reunited'

I loving memory of Arthur beloved son of George and Ann Hebden of Carrgate who died August 29th 1887 in the 16th year of his life. Also of Mary Elizabeth daughter of the above who died September 28 1870 aged 1 year 3 months. Also Harriet daughter of the above who died October 14 1876 aged 3 months. verse Also the above named George Hebden who died January 18 1891 aged 47. Also Ann wife of the above George Hebden who died September 25 1910 aged 65. Also Thomas Hemmingway Hebden son of the above who died April 13 1925 age 53

Scacred to the memory of Anna Ives daughter of George and Elizabeth Ives of Alvethorpe who died the 4th day of July 1854 aged 26 years.

My time was short. My years but few like as the gras and morning dew. Mourn not for me my life is past, you faithfully loved me to the last. Also of the above named George Ives who died May 28 1871 aged 67 years also of Elizabeth Ives wife of the above who died September 23 1872 aged 73 years.

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