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Try looking through the following list of names for the Union Workhouse for the census night of April 5th 1891

part 1

Census R12/3747 folio 118 -125

I have used abbreviations for married (m), single (s) and widower/widowa (w)when the person is born in Yorkshire I have just put the place. I have tried to decipher some entries but where I am totally unsure I have used **. The 1891 enumerator has placed his 'tick' marks through the profession and age headings, therefore, quite a few will have **. I have placed (?) before full missing words and after words if there is doubt over the word. I have used a copy Postal Addresses and Index to Postcodes to help with place names.

!! Note: As with all transcripts - if in doubt, try and check with the original !! The transcripts are only as good as the deciphering of the person doing the work.

Some of the information on the film is not very clear


Name Relation Condition Male Female Profession Born
Edward Cashurn (?) Head m 34   Master Cambridgeshire B******
Mary Cashurn (?) Wife m   29 Matron Allerthorpe
Sai**** Robinson Head m 44   Porter (?) ****ley
Martha Robinson Wife m   45 Laundress (?)
Dorcas Winford Officer s   45 N***** Gloucestershire *******
(?) (?) Atkinson Officer w   32(?) N***** Wakefield
Martha Ann Hudson Officer s   32 (?) Matron Wakefield
Frances *****Beavis Officer s   39 (?) (?) (?) Sandal
Michael Kilkenny Head w 42   General Labourer Ireland
William Hick   s 47   General Labourer Alverthorpe
Henry Grac   s *5   General Labourer Queensbury
John Clarke   s 28   General Labourer Wakefield
Richard Harrison Head m 45   General Labourer (?)
William Riley   s 24   General Labourer Cambridge Wisbeach(?)
James Brigshaw   s 49   General Labourer Rotherham
Joseph Smith   s 35   General Labourer (?) ***booth
James Jayes   s 30   General Labourer Bedfordshire Shoffi**
Joseph Taylor   s 33   General Labourer (?)
William Johnson Head w 36   General Labourer Lancashire Bolton
George Hall Head m 28(?)   (?) Lancashire Manchester
(?) Howard   s 42   (?) Lancashire Manchester
John Jones   s 3(?)   General Labourer Derbyshire ****ham
George Burberry   s 38   General Labourer Chesterfield
(?) Higgins   s 28   Shoemaker (?)
John Freeman (?)   s 25   General Labourer London
William Haw Head w 38   General Labourer Barnsley
George Sp*son   s 48   General Labourer (?)
James Page   s 46   General Labourer Sheffield
James **ddy   s 24   General Labourer (?)
Henry Fi**ading(?) Head w 48   Articles Clark Ireland
William Craven Head w *3   Brick Layer Altofts
Jaames Dunwell(?) Head w 39   Farm Labourer Altofts
Samuel Sykes Head w 58   Farm Labourer Barwick
Annie Halgar (imbicile)   s   19 Nil Wakefield
Sarah Harrison (imbicile)   s   *2 Nil Wakefield
Herbert Moor   s 15   Scholar Alverthorpe
William Pea*er (deaf & dumb)   s 23(?)   Farm labourer Thornes
Frederick Sunderland   s 40   Millhand Wakefield
Elizabeth Race (?)   s   28 Charwoman Wakefield
Joseph Slater   s 65   Millhand Garvrave
Annie S*** Hickman   s   25 Servant Lancashire
Edith Hickman   s   2 Nil Wakefield
Spenser Hawood   s 39   Malster Sussex **thersand
Caroline Ju*****   m   49 Millhand Horbury ********
(?) Ju*****     9   Scholar Wakefield *********
Benjamin Blakeley   s 62   Farm Labourer Alverthorpe
William Dixon Head w 6*   Miner Lofthouse
John Flynn   s 33   General Labourer Ireland
John Ward   s 25   General Labourer Holton with Yorks(?)
John Alfred Padget   s 38   Tailor Alverthorpe
Ann Haigh   w 3(?)1   Millhand Stanley
Ephraim Broadhead   s 54   Miner Ardsley East
Maria Hall   s   45 (?) Ardsley East
Mary Holt (imbicile)   s   29 Nil Ardsley East
Mary Heal (?)   m   45 Charwoman Wadsworth
Sarah Ann Heal (?)   s   18 Charwoman Bradford
Edmund Heal (?)     10   Scholar Ardsley West
Ruth Heal (?)       7 Scholar Ardsley West
John Hemingway Head m 48(?)   Wool Sorter Wakefield
Harrier Lucas(?)   w   3* Charwoman (?)
Henry Lambert(?)   s 46   Miner Gildersome
Elizabeth Mann   s   49 Millhand Ardsley East
Sarah Ward   w   58(?) Charwoman Careston (?)
Eliza S****y   w   (?) (?) Suffolk H******than
David Beard(?)   s 49   Joiner Carlton
Alice Bedford   m   78(?) Charwoman Halifax
James Carter     **   Scholar Ardsley East
Ann Gambles (deaf & dumb)   s   50 Charwoman Ardsley West
Walter Hirst (imbicile)   s 2*   Nil Rotherham
Jacob Wisehall(?) Head w 69   Miner Derbyshire Ripley
Martha Wisehall(?)       9 Scholar Ardsley
Mary Swithernbank       2 Nil Ardsley
John Moorby   s 38   Miner Alverthorpe
Mary Crowther   s   ** Servant Crigglestone
Edward Bal*u*   s *   Scholar Croftom
Henry Bedford   s 63   Miner Emley
Richard Bedford   s **   General Labourer Emley
***** Kaye (idiot)   s 31   Nil Emley
Sarah Kaye   s   65 Charwoman Emley
Benjamin Haigh   s *4   Weaver(?) Emley
Sam Mountain   s *2   Domestic Servant Flanshaw
(?) Mountain     12   Scholar Wakefield
William Mountain (?) (imbicile)   s 19   Nil (?)
Emily Jane (?) Walker   s   24(?) Domestic Servant (?)
R*b**h Mar*d** Head w 49   Miner Keighley
John Hunt   w 42   Weaver Horbury
William Duncan Poulton   w 64   Millhand Holbeck
(?) Arthur Poulton     10   Scholar Horbury
Sarah Elizabeth Poulton       9 Scholar Horbury
Lavinia Ledger (imbicile)   s   35 Nil Horbury
Joseph Tiffany Head m 48   O**erlo*er Horbury
George (?) Cole (blind)   w 55   Miner (?)
John Harrison   s 61   General Labourer Lofthouse
Emma Atkinson   w   65 Housekeeper Market Weighton
Charles Thomas Jones (imbicile)   s 27   Quarry Man (?)
Samuel Jenkibns   s 51   General Labourer Gloucester S**derford
Thomas *eaney Head w 27   General Labourer Ireland
George B*ls**   s 18   General Labourer Normanton
Henry Hayton     9   Nil Sandal Magna
Thomas Wakefield(?)   s 63   General Labourer New Micler(?)
George Heselgrave (blind)   m 36(?)   General Labourer Wakefield
Isaac Cartwright Head w *6   Miner Wolverhampton
Thomas Burgh   w   75(?) General Labouer Staffordshire
John Copley   s 78   General Labourer Harlston
John Coggins (imbicile)   s 35   General Labourer Birmingham
William Popplewell   s **   General Labourer Midgley
Smith Wood   s     Nil Swilllington
Ellen Blader (?)   w   73 Domestic Servant Stanley
George Black**** (imbicile)   s **   General Labourer Lofthouse
John Cullen     8   Scholar Stanley
Andrew Chadwick   s 59   General Labourer (?)
Harriet Chappell   w   28 Charwoman Wakefield
John Gregson Head m 66   Shoemaker Walton
John Green     8   Scholar Stanley
Edwin Hampshire (imbicile)   s 30   General Labourer Stanley
Daniel Harrow Head w 69   Mason Rutland Br*******
Jane Hudson   s   69 Weaver Ardsley East
James Megson (imbicile)   s 24   Nil Stanley
Mary Marshall   w   48 Housekeeper (?)
Richard Newsome Head w **   Bricklayers Labourer Marton
Sarah Ann Oram (?)   w   48 Milliner(?) Lincolnshire Gainsborough(?)
George Ramsden   s **   General Labourer Alverthorpe
Emma Senior (imbicile)   s   36 Nil Stanley
George Springer   s 69   Miner Alvethorpe
William Whaley (imbicile)   s 29   Nil Stanley
Charles Moorland   s 27   General Labourer (?)
John Tootal   s 29   Miner Lancashire Chorley
Janet Child   s   25 Domestic Servant Wakefield
Elizabeth Asquith       18 Domestic Servant Stanley
Richard Goodridge Head w 76   General Labourer Warmfield
(?)` Head w 73(?)   General Labourer Wakefield(?)
(?) Batty   s 84(?)   General Labourer Wakefield (?)
Hannah *********   m   35 Domestic Servant Newton (?)
E**t**       5 Scholar Wakefield
Joseph Beaumont Head w 58   Shopkeeper Wakefield
George Blakeley   s 59   Hawker Dewsbury Thornhill
Peter Bergan Head m 58   General Labourer Ireland
James Blacker(?)   s 60     Wakefield
Mary Ann(?) Barker   w   65 Charwoman Wakefield
Thomas Clayton Head w 56   General Labourer Leeds
William Cookhill(?)   w 76   Groom Altofts
Peter Chappell   w 66   Rag Grinder Ossett
Mary Ellen Conway   s   *6 Domestic Servant Wakefield
Thomas Copley   s 42   Roper Wakefield
*** Denson     12   Scholar Wakefield
John Dixon   s 45   General Labourer Wakefield
Mary Ellis   s   35 Domestic Servant Rothwell
Frank Ellis     10   Scholar Wakefield
Major Fowler Head m 58   Tailor Wakefield
Mary Fowler   m   55 Tailoress Lancashire Staleybridge
Eliza **** Flemming       8 Scholar Wakefield
mary Lesley   m   *8 Charwoman Ireland
Winifred T****   w   *8 Domestic Servant Ireland
Thomas Flynn   s 65   Hawker Ireland
Elizabeth Howarth   w   65 Domestic Servant Lancashire **gham
John Gaurd (?) Head w 66   Miller Essex Colchester
John ******Gledhill (imbicile)   s 18   Nil Thornes(?)
Ann Grainger   s   ** Charwoman Ireland
S*** E*** G*** (imbicile)   s **   Nil Wakefield
***mas(?) Gosnay Head w 76   Miner Stanley
Ann Gill   w   66 Charwoman Ireland
Mary Gilbert(?)   w   68 Charwoman Leeds
Patrick Glynn Head W 76   Cab Driver (?)
Sarah Hirst   s   58 Field Labourer Dewsbury
George Hargreaves (imbicile)   s 65   General Labourer Wakefield
Mary Hargreaves   w   75 Dressmaker Crofton
****** Horner Head m 69   Farm Labourer Altofts
***** Horner   m   68 Charwoman Tadcaster(?)
William Kealing     8   Scholar Wakefield
Arthur Johnston   s 19   Shoemaker Lincolnshire Newark(?)
Eliza Jackson       12 Scholar Wakefield
(?) Larkin Head w 78   General Labourer Ireland
Ellan Long   m   49 Charwoman Ireland
Sarah Jane Lister (imbicile)   s   55 Nil Wakefield
James Lasey Head w 73   General Labourer Lofthouse
George Mad*****   s 63   Farm Labourer Lincolnshire Stamford
Mary Ann Officer   w   46(?) Domestic Servant Alverthorpe
Alice O'Neil   s   28 Rag Sorter Doncaster
Annie O'Neil       4(?) Scholar Wakefield
Jasmes Pckles Head w 40(?)   General Labourer Wakefield
Ellen Pinder   w   50 Charwoman (?)
Ann Perry   s   48 Domestic Servant Ireland
John Paver Head m 61   Agent York
Margaret Reece   m   59 Domestic Servant Ireland
John Reece     12   Scholar Wakefield
Mary Reece       10 Scholar Wakefield
Winifred Reece       8(?) Scholar Wakefield
Sarah Robinson   s   25 Domestic Servant Wakefield
Samuel Stead (imbicile)   s 59   Nil Wakefield
Anthony Sedgewick Head w 76   Bricklayer Rugby
Elizabeth Scott(?) (imbicile)   s   65 Nil Wakefield
Thomas Sweeney     8   Scholar Wakefield
Margaret Smith (imbicile)   s   29(?) Nil Wakefield
Elizabeth Ann Stainton   s   36(?) Millhand Goole
Martha Ann Stainton       8 School Wakefield
George Strafford (imbicile) Head w (?)   Painter Wakefield
Susan Senior   s   56 Charwoman Wakefield
Catherine Sweeney   s   59(?)   Ireland
Johnathan Smith Head m 52   Gardener Wakefield
John S***n   s 52   Farm Labourer Wakefield (?)
William Thompson   m 34   Farm Labourer Alverthorpe
Mary Verity (imbicile)   s     Charwoman Hunslet
William S***** Head w 77(?)   General Labourer Th********
Henry Wareing     8   Scholar Wakefield
Mary Ann Wheatcroft(?)   w   71(?) Charwoman Little *****
Joseph Wallis (blind)   s 32   General Labourer Wakefield
Elizabeth Heyworth   w   47 Dressmaker Wakefield
Fanny Pearson   s   25(?) Nil Wakefield
George Cha**well   s 21   P****on London St Pancras
Ann Lancaster   w   68 Charwoman Wakefield
John McNally(?)   s 51   General Labourer Ireland
John Parker   s 68   Shoemaker Wakefield
Jane (?) Illingworth (imbicile)   s   48 Millhand Wakefield
maria Ridge   s   21 Millhand Hull
Mary Elizabeth Burwell(?) (blind)   s   26 Charwoman Wakefield
Sarah Pearson   w   60 Charwoman Lancashire Oa***shaw
Henry Draycott Head w *5   General Labourer (?) Grantham
**** Bromhead Head w 35   General Labourer Wakefield
Mary Foster       (?) Scholar Wakefield
Sarah Ann Cockles   w   68 Charwoman Wakefield
David Womersley Head w 62   Weaver ****heaton
Hannah Marshall       15 Domestic Servant Horbury
Alice Hemingway       11 Scholar Wakefield
Arthur Hemingway     9(?)   Scholar Wakefield
Joseph Day Head w 68   Sawyer W.R.*** Upton (?)
James Norman Head w 65   Tailor Thornes
Joseph Saville Head w 5*   Plasterer Wakefield
Margaret Forman (?)   s   25 Domestic Servant Crich Derbyshire
Florence Forman (?)       ** Nil Wakefield
Robert (?) Head w   59 General Labourer Brigg Lincolnshire
George (?) ****   s 59   General Labourer Wakefield
Cl*** ******   s   22 Millhand Morley (?)
Harriet Page   w   75 Hawker W.R.York Barnborough(?)
John Longbottom Head w 60   General Labourer Walton (?)
Isaac Farnsworth     8   Nil Walton (?)
David *ellet Head w 68   Plasterer ****land
George Wilby Head w **   Farm Labourer Warmfield(?)
John S******* Head m 54   Blackwmith W.R.York Denby(?)
Job Bussey Had m **   General Labourer Lofthouse Wakefield





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