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W R Men's Industrial Home, Wakefield


Census RG 12 / 3748 / folio 37 Wakefield

(in folio order)

I have used abbreviations for married (m), single (s) and widower/widowa (w)when the person is born in Yorkshire I have just put the place. I have tried to decipher some entries but where I am totally unsure I have used **. The 1891 enumerator has placed his 'tick' marks through the profession and age headings, therefore, quite a few will have **. I have placed (?) before full missing words and after words if there is doubt over the word. I have used a copy Postal Addresses and Index to Postcodes to help with place names.

!! Note: As with all transcripts - if in doubt, try and check with the original !! The transcripts are only as good as the deciphering of the person doing the work.

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W R Men's Industrial Home inhabitants for the census night of 1891
Name Relation Condition Male Female Profession Born
George Watson Boarder S 47   C***** N*****r London
George Sweeney Boarder S 54   Bookmaker (?) London
John Holden Boarder S 49   Weaver Shelley
Edward Tooley Boarder S 35   Labourer London
Ernest Thompson Boarder S 22   *sett (?) London
Peter Barnes Boarder S 49   Labourer Manchester, Lancs
John Barnes Boarder S 47   *********son London
William Holdsworth Boarder Widower 52   Labourer Halifax
William ****p Boarder Single 29   ****** Plasterer Nottingham
John King Boarder Single 52   Ba**rd *******
Harry White Boarder Single 39   Clerk Liverpool, Lancs
John Asher Boarder Single 45   Labourer London
Alfred *alley Boarder S 29   ******s**r Nottingham
John Wm Keenan Boarder S 42   Labourer Glasgow




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