The West Riding House of Refuge 1861

Census RG 9 / 3422 St Johns, Wakefield

(in folio order)

I have used abbreviations for married (m), single (s) and widower/widowa (w)when the person is born in Yorkshire I have just put the place. I have tried to decipher some entries but where I am totally unsure I have used **. The 1891 enumerator has placed his 'tick' marks through the profession and age headings, therefore, quite a few will have **. I have placed (?) before full missing words and after words if there is doubt over the word. I have used a copy Postal Addresses and Index to Postcodes to help with place names.

!! Note: As with all transcripts - if in doubt, try and check with the original !! The transcripts are only as good as the deciphering of the person doing the work.

Name Relation Condition Male Female Profession Born
Nancy Richardson   Un   30 Superintendant Ireland Mayo
Martha Tyas   Un   30 School Mistress Wakefield
Annie Delfield ?   Un   25 Sewing Mistress Lincolnshire Great Grimsby
Margaret Sh***rd   Un   18 Laundress Selby
Jane M Donald   Un   16 Scholar Scotland Glasgow
Sarah Duriman ?   Un   19 Scholar Bradford
Eliza Lockwood   Un   17 Scholar Bradford
Emma M Wood   Un   19 Scholar Bretton
Christina Firth   Un   19 Scholar Leeds
Mary Ann Barnes   Un   20 Scholar Lancashire Liverpool
Catherine Banister ?   Un   14 Scholar Bradford
Rachall Barker   Un   19 Scholar Bradford
Mary Geldart   Un   17 Scholar Ripon
Louisa Longley   Un   14 Scholar Cawthorne
Dorothy Robinson   Un   15 Scholar Lincolnshire Gainsbro'
Maria Allen   Un   18 Scholar Chapeltown
Ellen South   Un   13 Scholar Pocklington
Ann Giles   Un   19 Scholar Sheffield
Ann Wragg   Un   16 Scholar Lancashire Manchester
Mary Ann Long   Un   13 Scholar Middlesex London
Sarah Mallinson   Un   17 Scholar Greenland ? nr York
Mary A**lbray   Un   13 Scholar Boston Spa
Sarah Jane Marsh   Un   14 Scholar Boston Spa
Elizabeth Marsh   Un   11 Scholar Warwickshire Birmingham
Esther Worsley   Un   14 Scholar Bawtry
Elizabeth Roberts   Un   15 Scholar Leeds
Harriet Pottage   Un   12 Scholar Sheffield
Annie Lee   Un   9 Scholar Raistrick
Mary Hanby   Un   15 Scholar Harrogate
Mary Ann Yarker ?   Un   16 Scholar Harrogate
Elizabeth Yarker ?   Un   14 ? Scholar ?
Maria Wainwright   Un   15 Scholar Brotherton
Sarah Powell   Un   16 Scholar Tadcaster
Mary Mitchell   Un   17 Scholar Leeds
Ellen Jowitt   Un   12 ? Scholar Sheffield
Rosehannah Crossley   Un   12 ? Scholar Hull
Jane M***inson   Un   12 ? Scholar Northumberland Newcastle
Jane Swales   Un   12 ? Scholar Derbyshire
Margaret Chyle ?   Un   15 Scholar Lancaster Manchester
Hannah Martin   Un   16 Scholar Sheffield
Mary Butler   Un   10 ? Scholar Sheffield
Mary A Ball   Un   16 Scholar Kisber ?
Sarah A Wilson   Un   17 Scholar Halfield
Mary Wilson   Un   19 Scholar Ireland Londonderry
Ann Wood   Un   12 ? Scholar Middlesex London
Mary Dawson   Un   36 Scholar Doncaster
Emma Longley   Un   13 Scholar Durham Stockton


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