The Yards of Wakefield

Wakefield, like many other towns and cities had its fair share of yards. The idea of turning a stable or outbuilding into a home is not new, many a shopkeeper, publican, butcher or tailor turned a once used extension into a form of income. Yards were named after the person who owned the property or what type of business they ran or even the name of the public house that fronted the yard.

I have come across these yards in my family history research and have tried to identify where they are or were in modern terms, not always successfully.

The information has been gleaned from Wakefield census, maps, council diaries, trade directories, accounts  etc. If you know of a yard omitted from the list, let me know.


Name of Yard Area of Wakefield
Albion Kirkgate
Albion Northgate
Albion Westgate (hotel yard)
Albion Mill Ings Road
Aldams Kirkgate
Allatts or Allutts Kirkgate
Armitages Charles Street
Ashtons Westgate End
Avesons Kirkgate
Bakers Kirkgate
Barkers Kirkgate
Barcroft Kirkgate
Barratts Northgate
Baxendales Kirkgate
Bay Horse Kirkgate
Beaumonts Kirkgate
Beehive Kirkgate
Bells Northgate
Bells Grove Street
Berrys Northgate
Blackburns Easrmoor
Blackburns Kirkgate
Black Horse Westgate
Black Swan Kirkgate/Springs
Blue Bell  
Boilers Thornes
Bollands Wrengate
Boltons Providence Street
Bouchers Kirkgate
Bouchers Grove Road
Bramhams Eastmoor
Bretts Eastmoor
Brewers Arms Westgate
Brewers Arms Kirkgate
Brewery Doncaster Road
Brickmakers Eastmoor
Briggs Northgate
Briggs Westgate
Britannia Warrengate
Buggs Park Street
Butchers Arms Stanley Road
Cain Westgate
Camplin Eastmoor
Carabines Westgate
Chadwicks Kirkgate
Chapel Eastmoor
Clarksons off Pincheon Street (?)
Claytons Eastmoor
Claytons Wakefield Road
Claytons Doncaster Road
Cock & Swan  
Cooling Kirkgate
Cooperative Alverthorpe
Camplin Eastmoor
Cross Pipes Alverthorpe
Days Northgate
Dickensons off South Street
Dickenson off Pincheon Street
Dispensary Northgate
Dixon's Kirkgate
Dolphin Warrengate/Kirkgate
Dudley Belle Vue
Duncan Thornes
Dusty Miller Kirkgate
Ellarbys Thornes
Elwicks Northgate
Farrars off Pincheon Street
Fawcetts Kirkgate
Fenton Heald's  
Firths Primrose Hill
Firths Stanley Road
Flying Horse Kirkgate
Fryers Northgate
Gas House Northgate
George & Crown Silver Street
Gills Northgate
Glass Works Primrose Hill
Glovers Alverthorpe
Glovers Thornes
Golden Lion Northgate
Golden Lion Kirkgate
Gosnay Eastmoor
Governors Eastmoor
Governors Northgate
Griffin Nelson Street
Greaves Thornes
Green Dragon Parliament Street, Westgate
Hallidays Eastmoor
Halls Thornes
Hammonds Kirkgate
Hampshires Warrengate
Harrisons Kirkgate
Hartleys Tavern Street
Hartleys Kirkgate
Hastings Charles Street
Hamshaw South Street
Hesling Kirkgate
Holdsworth off Doncster Road
Holdsworth nr Providence Street
Holts Westgate
Horners Kirkgate
Horns Kirkgate
Howarths Westgate
Hudsons Pincheon Street
Hudsons Stanley Road
Hudson Northgate
Ingwell Kirkgate
Johnsons off Charles Street
Jubbs Thornes
Keddys Kirkgate
Kershaw's Kirkgate
Knowles close to Hardy Croft
Lake Kirkgate
Lands Northgate
Laycocks Kirkgate
Library Northgate
Lion Kirkgate
Little Bull Yard Westgate
Lowries (Lowry's) Northgate
Malt Kiln Warrengate
Manor House Kirkgate
Marshall's Westgate
Messons Belle Vue
Mill Thornes
Mill Alverthorpe
Model Warrengate
Mollacrees Kirkgate
Moxons Kirkgate
Navigation Kirkgate
New Inn Thornes
Northorpes Primrose Hill
Oates Kirkgate
Old Crown Northgate
Old Globe Westgate
Old Warehouse Kirkgate
Oughs Park Street
Oxleys South Street
Parkin Kirkgate
Pearsons Warrengate
Perkin's Westgate
Pilkington Thornes
Plumpton Alverthorpe
Postman Northgate
Priests Alverthorpe
Princes Westgate
Prospect Carter Street
Quaker Belle Vue
Queens Arms Thornes
Rawling Eastmoor
Red Lion Yard Kirkgate
Rhodes Kirkgate
Rhodes Warrengate
Robsons Westgate
Rodney Kirkgate
Saville Warrengate
Saw Westgate
Scotts Westgate
Scotts John Street
Sellers Stanley Road
Shaw Kirkgate
Shaw Northgate
Ship Kirkgate
Shires Stanley Road
Shuttleworths off Southgate
Sidebottoms Westgate
Simpsons Wonder Street
Smallpage Westmorland Street
Spawforths Westgate
Spurr Eastmoor
Stamp Office Westgate
Stead's Westgate
Statters Kirkgate
Statters Providence St
Stockdales Kirkgate
Stocks Kirkgate
Stott Wrengate
Strafford Northgate
Stringers Westgate
Sunderland Kirkgate
Sun Sun Lane
Swan Westgate
Talbot & Falcon Northgate
Talbot Westgate
Taylors Eastmoor
Taylors Kirkgate
Thompsons Westgate
Three Tuns Northgate
Threshs Westgate
Tidswell Westgate
Tofts Northgate
Vaudeville Westgate
Volunteer Kirkgate
Wades Kirkgate
Wainwrights Kirkgate
Walkers Stanley Road
Walkers Thornes
Wards Thornes
Waterworks Northgate
Web & Yates Bridge Street
Websters Stanley Road
Websters Kirkgate
Wellington Alverthorpe
White's Yard top of Westgate
White Hart Southgate
White Horse Westgate
White Swan Westgate
Widdops Charles Street
Wilby Stanley Road
Wilds Kirkgate
Wilsons Northgate
Wilsons Park Street
Windmill Westgate
Woodcock Kirkgate
Woods Providence Street
Woolpacks Westgate
York Hotel Westgate


References : Trade directories for area - Godfrey maps series - census 1851-1901- Wakefield Accounts



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