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Woburn War Memorial

In Memory of the Men of the Parish of Woburn
who gave their lives fighting for Their Country
and for Their Homes in The Great War of 1914 - 1918

Thomas Adamson Possibly - T Adamson who served as Pte., 1112 in the Bedfordshire Yeomanry and rests in Hatfield Peverel Churchyard

Horace Andrews

Horace Gibson Andrews, born in 1890, was the second youngest of 7 children to Gibson Andrews and his wife Emma. Gibson was born in Norfolk and worked as a self employed Ironmonger and Shopkeeper in the centre of Woburn (1901 census). By 1911 Gibson was a widower living at 3 High Street, Woburn with 3 of his children. The census for 1911 has a section that is normally filled in by the wife, but Gibson, a widower, completed the section on how many children do you have living and dead, which has been crossed out by the enumerator. Gibson said he had 4 children with none dying - a differance from the 1901 when there were 7 children on the census *.
Horace served as a Sergeant in the Royal Fusilieers, later transferring to the York & Lancaster Reginent as a Temporary Captain (Comm. 6 January 1915) and was KIA at Messines on 7 June 1917 and is remembered in Bedford House Cemetery along with over 2000 identified casualties and over 3000 unidentified Officers and men.

* Gibson Andrews had four daughters by his first wife, Elizabeth and one daughter and six sons by his second, Emma. Three other of the "Andrews" boys fought in the Army and survived the War.. Harold Gibson Andrews, Jack Ibhar Gibson Andrews and George Cyril Gibson Andrews.The War Memorial in Woburn is on the site of Gibson Andrews Ironmonger shop, next to the Hotel where it stood from about1870 until 1920 when the shop moved and presumably the War Memorial was erected

Images and additional information from C Andrews

Raymond Andrews

Raymond Gibson Andrews was the youngest son of Gibson and Emma Andrews of Woburn and brother of Horace. Raymond enlisted in London where he joined the London Regiment as 5302 changing to the 8138 14th London Regiment (London Scottish ). He was KIA on 1 July 1916 aged23 and is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing.

Emma died in 1909 and was unaware of the fate of her two youngest, but they are remembered on the family stone in the old Church graveyard.

Walter Birch Walter George was the son of Thomas Edward Birch of 34 Leighton St, Woburn. When he enlisted in St Pancras, he gave his birth place as that of Woburn and his residence as being in Kentish Town. The family were possibly living in St Mary's Bow during the 1901 census when Thomas was a china merchant employing a number of staff. Walter served in the Royal Fusliers as TR/10/41711 and later as 69996. He died in France aged 19 on 21 June 1918 and is remembered at Berlin South Western Cemetery
Ernest Bodsworth Ernest was the son of John and Sarah who in 1901 were living at New St, Woburn with their family and Emily, John's sister, Ernest was eight years old at the time. He served in the Bedfordshire Regt., as Pte., 20527 and is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing after being reported missong on 1st June 1916.
Caleb Britchford Caleb Charles was the son of Samuel and Mary ann who in the 1901 census were living at 48 & 49 Leighton St, Woburn where Caleb, aged 15, worked as a labourer in Woburn Park. He served in the Buffs (East Kent Regt) as Pte T/204120 and is remembered in Grand-Seraucourt British Cemetery
Frederick Champkin Frederick was the son of William and Sarah Champkin. Frederick was one of eight children to William, a house painter and his wife. The family lived at New Street in 1901 when the family were listed as Champlain. Frederick served as Pte., G/3817 in the Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) durng WW1. He died on 1 July 1916, the First Day of the First Battle of The Somme, he was just 20 years old. Frederick is remembered on the Theipval Memorial along with over 72,000 other casualties who have no known resting place.
Charles Clarke Charles Clarke was the son of Henry and Ann and husband of Mabel nee Crute of Aspley Guise. He served in the Bedfordshire Battn, after enlisting in Ampthill. Charles became Pte., 23107 and was KIA on 21 March 1918 aged 30. He is remembered on the Pozieres Memorial.
William Coleman Possibly - William Coleman the son of William Levi and Caroline Coleman of woburn who enlisted in Ampthill and served in the Bedfordshire Regt., along with many others from the surrounding area. He served as Ote., 23309 and died of wounds on 17 November 1916 aged 36. He rests in Puchevillers British Cemetery along with over 1760 other casualties of war.
William Cook William George Arthur Cook was the son of William Henry and Mary Elizabeth Cook who in 1901 lived at 36 & 37 Bedford St, Woburn where William Henry worked as a groom (Domestic). William George was only 2 years old when the census was taken but by the time he was old enough he enlisted in nearby Bedford into the Rifle Brigade and became 38459, later being transferred to the Duke of Edinburgh's (Wiltshire Regt.,) as Pte 27472. He was KIA on 10 April 1918 aged 19 and is remembered on the Ploegsteert Memorial along with over 11,350 other casualties from the area who have no known grave.
George Drew Possibly - C G Drew, George Drew who served in the Royal Marine Artillery as Dvr., RMA/3635(S). who died on 16 October 1918 and is remembered in Woburn (St Mary) Churchyard along with 2 other casualties of war
George Gilks Possibly - George Gilks who served as L/Cpl 17497 in the Bedfordshire Regt., He died on 15 July 1916 aged 32 and is remembered in Pozieres British Cemetery.
William Gilks Possibly - William Gilks who served as Pte., 20667 in the Bedfordshire Regt., He died on 15 September 1916 and is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial
Lionel Hammond Lionel, born in Stannington, Bedfordshirewas the son of Robert Thomas and Amelia Hammond. In the 1901 census Robert and 2 children were at the Three Cranes Inn. Lionel G Hammond served as Pte., 764320 in the London Regiement (Artists' Rifles).During The Great War members of the Regiment won eight Victoria Crosses, fifty-two Distinguished Service Orders and nearly a thousand other awards for bravery and gallantry beyond the call of duty. Lionel, however, died on 30 October 1917 aged 25 and is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial along with over 34,000 other casualties whose final resting place is known only unto God
Bert Indge Bert served in the Northamptonshire Regt., as Pte., 24364. He died on 17 February 1917 and is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing with over 72,000 other casualties of War.
Edward Kirk  
William Kinna Possibly - William Kinna who served in the Lincolnshire Regt., as Pte., 51691 and is remembered on the Ploegsteert Memorial nr Ypres, Belgium
Harry Lewis  
Charles Ludgate Charles Henry Ludgate was the son of John and Emily who in 1901 were living at Woburn Green where John worked as a jobbing gardener. Charles served in the Bedfordshire Regt., as Pte., 20528 and died on 15 July 1916, only days after the Battle of the Somme started. He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial along with many others who final resting place is now known.
Herbert Mitchell Possibly - Herbert Thomas Mitchell, son of Francis and Mary Mitchell of Woburn. He served in the Canadian Railway Troops as Pte., 104393. He died on 26 June 1917 aged 24 and is remembered in Wimereux Communal Cemetery.

Additional information from his attestation papers :- Herbert was born in Woburn and gave his next of kin as Mrs Mitchell (mother). His date of birth was 31st October 1895 and his trade or calling was that of farmer. Herbert stated he was single. He also declared he would be willing to be vaccinated, did not below to an Active Militia and had never served in any Military Force and would be willing to served in the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force. He signed his name in a neat hand on August 14th 1915. Herbert was aged 19 years and 10 months and 5 ' 7¼" in height with a girth fully expanded of 32 ¼ " with 1½" expansion. He was of fair complection, blue eyes and fair hair and C of E. He had no distinctive marks.

With a chest of just of 32" fully expanded he must have had the body of a very young man.
Albert Murrer Albert was the son of George and Elizabeth who in 1901 lived at 30 Bedford St, Woburn, where George worked as a blacksmith. Albert served in the Bedfordshire Regt., as Pte., 23336. He died on 30 October 1917 aged 27 and he is remembered, with many, on the Tyne Cot Memorial
John Newbury According to the 1901 census John Richard Newbury was the son of John and Lucy who were living at 54 Leighton St, Woburn where John snr worked as a rural postman. John enlisted in Ampthill into the Bedfordshire Regt., as 23747 but later transferred to the Machine Gun Corps and became L/Cpl 32605
William Newbury Possibly - William Newbury who served in the Bedfordshire Regt., as Pte., 22863 and is remembered at Ancre British Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel
George Peacock

Possibly - George son of Mrs Jane Peacock who served as L/Cpl 26539 and died on 22 August 1918 and is remembered at Albert Communal Cemetery Extension

Note :- George was awarded the DCM and the Croix de Guerre (France). His award for the Croix de Guere can be found in the London Gazette on 10 October 1918.

His citation for the D.C.M. reads as follows :-

26539 Pte (A/l/CPL) G Peacock (Peterborough) For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. During a counter-attack on a village, which resulted in its recapture our advance down the main street was being checked by the fire of a heavy enemy machine gun. Private Peadock, handling his Lewis gun with great skill put the enemy gun out of action, and our troops were able to push forward through the village with few casualties. On another occasion he took command of the Lewis gun section after the NCO had become a casualty, and though subsequently wounded, he remained at his post, and by skilful handling of the gun greatly assisted the advance of his platoon by directing covering fire on the enemy positons. He was wounded a second time, but refused to leave his Lewis gun section until ordered to do so by his platoon commander (3.9.18).

Arthur Phillips Arthur was the son of Arthur and Sarah Phillips. His place of birth differs in sources from Westminster to Chester. Arthur senior worked with the Ordance Survey as a Civil Assistant.
Jack Phillips  
Fred Pickering Frederick was the son of John and Elizabeth Pickering who in 1901 lived at 24 Beaumnont St, Woburn where John worked as a town postman. Frederick enlisted in Northampton into the Duke of Cornwall's Light Inf. and became Pte., 7588. He died of wounds on 16 April 1915 aged 31 and rests in Aeroplane Cemetery nr Ypres along with 14 from the same regiment
Harry Prestidge Possibly - H Prestidge who served in the Royal Fusiliers as 60294 and was the son of Emily. Harry died on the 20 September 1917 aged 27 and is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial. He left a widow Ella Elizabeth who lived at Husborne Crawley, who in 1901 lived at 9 Arnold Road, Portswood, Hampshire. Arthur enlisted in Royston, Herts, while living in Woburn. He joined the Bedfordshire Regt., and served as L/Sgt., 14075. He was KIA on 5 September 1916 aged 27 and is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial along with many others whose final resting place is known only unto their God.
Christopher Robinson Christopher was the son of George and Emily Jane Robinson who in 1901 lived at Maltings ? Dolton's Farm where George worked as a horsekeeper. Christopher was 14 and like his elder brother, worked as a Ag. Lab. He enlisted in Northampton into the RGA and became Gunner 30835. He died in the Persian Gulf and is buried in Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery along with over 4500 other casualties including Turkish ; Polish and 3 Arab Legionnaires of WW2 which were moved owing to difficulty of access.

Note :- Due to the current political climate in the area the maintaining of the cemetery is not possible, nor is it possible to visit, but for those wishing to commemorate a relative or family friend a Book of Remembrace is available at the Commissions HQ
Percy Skinner Percy Augustus Skinner was the son of Frank and Ellen Elizabeth Skinner who in 1901 lived at Shorters Cottages ? Woburn where Frank was employed as a gamekeeper. Percy, born in Woburn, enlisted in Northampton while residing in Bedford into the Rifle Brigade and eventually became Sergt., 4580. He was KIA on 13 May 1915 aged 22 and is remembered on the Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres along with many from all Commonwealth Countries that have no known grave
Cyril Smith Possibly - Cyril the son of Walter and Annie Smith who in 1901 were living with Ellen, Walter's widowed mother who were living at 25 Beaumong St, Woburn. Cyril, if this is the correct young man, enlisted into the Bedford Regt., as 6220, later being transferred to the Essex Regt., as Pte., 276526. He died on 22 November 1918 in the Palestine region. As to his final resting place, this is not available at the moment.
Milford Smith Milford enlisted in Bedford while living in Woburn. His service varies in differant sources - either the Queen's Royal Lancers of The Household Cavelry and Cavelry of the Line, Yeomanry and Imperial Camel Corps. He served as Pte., 6752 and was KIA on 10 February 1916 and is remembered on the Menin Gate Memorial
Francis Stanford Francis was the son of James and Emma but in the 1901 census he was a visitor in the house of William and Emma Thompson of Eversholt. He enlisted in Bedford into the Bedfordshire Regt., as Pte., 23162 and later transferring to the MGC as 32609. Francis was KIA on 4 August 1918 aged 21 and is remembered in Warloy-Baillon Communal Cemetery Extension.
John Stanford John was the brother of Francis, and in the 1901 census was living with his parents at 57 Leighton St, Woburn. James, his father gave his occupation of that of woodman.John enlisted in Bedford where he joined the DLI and became Pte., 79803. He died on either, sources differ, 27 May 1918 or 23 September 1918, aged 19. He is remembered on the Soissons Memorial
David Sturgeon David served in the Bedford Regt., as L/Cpl 3/7794. On his enlistment, in Bedford, he stated he was born in Suffolk and resided in Bedfordshire. He was KIA on 3 July 1916 and is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial
Baron Tanoueray Frederic Baron Tanoueray was the son of Frederico Thomas and Catherine Eliza. In 1901 Frederico worked as a Solicitor and lived with his family at 10 George St, Woburn. Frederic served as 2/Lt in the Duke of Cambridge (Middlesex Regt.,) 16th (Public Schools) Btn and was KIA on 1 July 1916 aged 24. He rests in Beaumont Hamel British Cemetery. He is also remembered on the family headstone in Woburn Churchyard
Thomas Wilkinson Thomas served in the Royal Sussex Regt., as 290945 and transferred to the Royal Fusiliers as Pte., G/81057 and was KIA on 9 Octobert 1917.
George Yole George Yole was the son of Matthew and Ann Yole who lived in Tavistock. George enlisted in Luton in The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regt.,) as Pte., T/207035. He died on 1 August 1917 aged 35 and is remembered on the Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
1939 - 1945
G Blackwell  
G Clarke  
E Maddy  
F C Payne  
H Pepper  


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