1901 census for Beaumont College,
Old Windsor, Berkshire


Masters and Staff
Name Rel Age
Status - single unless entered
Profession Born
Joseph Bampton Headmaster 46   Clerk in Holy Orders Headmaster Exeter, Devonshire
Charles Galton Manager 40   Roman Catholic Priest London
Charles Blount Second Master 45   School Master Italy, British Subject
Edward Porter Guest 42     Richmond, Yorks
Edward Reere or Reeve Manager 57     Coughton, Warwicks
Michael King Ast Master 48   School Master Bath, Somerset
Patrick Wolfe Ast Master 40   School Master Ireland
Robert Stenart Ast Master 26   School Master Reigate, Surrey
Henry Irwin Ast Master 30   School Master Roscommon, Ireland
Charles Collins Ast Master 38   School Master, R C Priest St Helens, Lancs
William Brand Ast Master 26   School Master Scotland
Leonard Geddes Ast Master 23   School Master Chichester, Sussex
Malcolm McDonald Ast Master 22   School Master London
Edward Delany Ast Master 26   School Master Birkenhead, Cheshire
Martin Doring Ast Master 29   School Master Austria, Foreign Subject, German
Henry Parker Ast Master 51   School Master, R C Priest Penwortham, Lancs
Raymond Mayo Ast Master 29   School Master Torquay, Devonshire
Francis Wilson Ast Master 26   School Master Blackburn, Lancs
Charles Walsh Lay Brother 41   Brother Steward Rushholme, Manchester, Lancs
Daniel Reilley Lay Brother 55   Brother Ireland
John Holden Lay Brother 37   Brother Walsall, Staffordshire
Joseph Wilbourne Lay Brother 51   Brother Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Michael Fitzgerald Lay Brother 58   Brother Ireland
Paul Zarb Lay Brother 71   Brother Malta
John McHale Guest 38   Head Master St Francis **** L'pool, Roman Catholic Priest Preston, Lancashire
Ernest Vigneaux Guest 27   University Student - Oxford Sheffield, Yorkshire
Henry Keane Guest 24   University Student - Oxford Halifax, Yorkshire
Ignatius Scholes Guest 23   University Student - Oxford London
Philip Condell Guest 26   University Student - Oxford Scotland
Edward O'Connor Guest 15   University Student - Oxford Trinidad BWI (British West Indies)
Mary Thompson Matron 41   Certificated Nurse - Matron Ireland
Alice Neighbour Servant 19   Servant in Infirmary Old Windsor, Berks
Frances Richardson Servant 54 Widow Dairy Woman Eton, Buckinghams
Ethel Hobbs Servant 17   Dairy Maid Windwor, Berks
Jeanne Vissan Lodger 54   Lady's Maid France, Foreign Subject, French
William Smith Servant 35 Married Coachman Aston, Warwickshire
Mary Ann Smith Servants Wife 30 Married Cook Esham, Surrey
Annie Smith Servants Child 3   Child Old Windsor, Berks
John Ford Servant 34   Butler Tisbury, Wilts
William Randell Servant 13   Page London
William Pettifer Servant 30   Cook Egham, Surrey
Richard Mann Servant 14   Domestic Servant London
Frederick Poole Servant 13   Domestic Servant Staines, Middlesex
Robert McKenzie Servant 35   Domestic Servant London
Richard Quinn Servant 30   Domestic Servant Ireland
Peter McKenna Servant 47   Domestic Servant Liverpool, Lancs
Alfred Sturman Servant 25   Domestic Servant Egham, Surrey
John Hynes Servant 55 Married Gardener Ireland
Agnes Hynes Servants Wife 50 Married Gardeners Wife Oxburgh, Stokferry, Norfolk
Mary Hynes Servants child 14   School Child Old Windwor, Berks
Catherine Hynes Servants child 12   School Child Old Windsor, Berks
Wilhelm Volk Professor 23   Professor of Music Liskear, Cornwall
James Mills Servant 43 Married Plumber Gas Fitter London
Annie Mills Servants Wife 45 Married None Slindon ? Sussex
James Mills Servants child 22   Tailor London
Herbert Mills Servants child 18   Electrician London
Bernard Mills Servants child 16   Gardener London
Gertrude Mills Servants child 14   School child London
Albert Mills Servants child 13   School child Old Windsor, Berks
Mary Ann Mills Servants child 11   School child Old Windsor, Berks
Philip Mills Servants child 5     Old Windsor, Berks
Mary Forde Servant 56   Laundry Woman Ireland
Simon Gudgeon Servant 62 Married Boot Maker Aighton, Lancashire
Elizabeth Gudgeon Servants wife 51 Married None Old Windsor, Berks
Thomas Thornber Servant 61 Married Drill Instructor, School Burnley, Lancashire
Ellen Thornber Servants wife 56 Married None Windslor, Berks
Ethel Thornber Servants child 15     Old Windsor, Berks
Edith Carter Servants grandchild 10     London
George Sawyer Servant 72 Married Gas Fitter Roshampton, Surrey
Norah Sawyer Servants wife 75 Married   Ireland
Charles de la Torre Pupil 18   Scholar France, British Subject
Charles Henschel   16     USA Foreign Subject, American
Gerald Duplessis   17     Lymington, Hants
John Merewether   19     New South Wales (Australia)
John Pace   17     London
Bernard Clutterbuck   18     Stowmarker, Suffolk
Hedley Stacke   16     London
Marmion Nicholson   15     Bombay, India
William Stanley Harrington   16     Ireland
Philip Shepheard   17     Gayton, Norfolk
Marcel Pinto Leite   17     Manchester, Lancs
Raymond Purcell   15     Ireland
Frank Egan   17     Ireland
Percy Clune   16     Clifton, Bristol, Glouc
William Livesey   16     Bengal, India
Anthony Arnold   14     London
Bertram O'Reilly   17     Ireland
James Mathews   16     Ireland
Francis Watkin   16     Dulwich, London
Daniel Keegan   16     London
Hefferman Considine   17     Ireland
Douglas Glyn   16     Natal (C. Col)
Louis Meade   17     Ireland
Thomas Riggs Miller   17     Ireland
Talbot John Considine   16     Ireland
Richard Nugent   16     Ireland
Raynond Devas ?   14     London
Philip Devas ?   13     Bath, Somerset
Cyril Smith   17     Oxford
Francis Coltsmann   15     Ireland
Edmund Skinner   14     Punjab, India
John MacDonald   16     Argentine, Foreign Subject, Argentin
Robert McSiveney ?   14     Spain, British Subject
Bernard Tubini   15     Turnkey, British Subject
Bernard Leach   14     Hong Kong (other cols, Asia)
Henry Pearce   14     Hurstpierpoint, Sussex
Gerald Keller   16     Oxford
Gastpm de Langentage   13     France, Foreign Subject, French
Philip Labistour   17     Natal (c col)
John Miley   14     Ireland
Edward Rawlins   15     Birmingham, Warwick
Thierry de Spoelberch   14     Belgium, Foreign Subject, Belgian
Samuel Shepheard   14     Aylsham, Norfolk
Henry Better   13     Burmah, Foreign Subject, German (India)
Edrie Wolseley   14     London
Patrick Mathews   14     Ireland
Max Monks   12     Franc, British Subject
Stephen Lyne Stephens   12     London
William Munster   14     London
Stanley Hime   15     Brazil, British Subject
Alfonsa d'Orleans Bourbon   14   Royal Prince Spain, Foreign Subject, Spaniard
Nowell StJohn   16     London
Patrick Marston   16     London
Arthur Freeland   13     Brazil, British Subject
John Stein   15     Ireland
Wilfred Glyn   16     Natal
Patrick Conway   16     London
George McGrath   15     Jamaica, W Indies
Francis Owen-Lewis   12     London
Harry Pace   13     London
George Skinner   12     India, Bombay
Gordon Gilbey   14     London
Henry Gilbey   14     London
Herbert Freeland   14     Brazil, British Subject
Bertram St John   15     London
Herbert O'Riley   14     Ireland
Christopher Considine   13     Ireland
Wilfred Stapleton-Bretherton   14     Fareham, Hants
Juan de Pedro   14     Cuba, Foreign Subject, Spanish
Theophilus Vernon   13     Hong Kong, British Subject
Robert Marston   13     Stoke Regis, Bucks
Ralph Hackett   15     Ireland
Edmund Hardman   12     Birmingham, Warwick
Cordova de Germendia   14     USA, Foreign Subject, American
Angus Maitland   14     Ceylon
William Eyre   14     Peru, British Subject
William Watkins   13     New South Wales
George Parada   14     Mexico, Foreign Subject, Spanish


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