Dollar War Memorial

In Proud and Grateful Memory
of these men of this Parish of Dollar who gave their lives
for Freedom 1939 - 1945
Charles B Bennett Ind. Army  
John S Bishop RAFVR  
A Kennetg W Brewer MN  
J Murray Cassidy A & SH  
Ian MacI Drysdale MN  
Duncan Fletcher Surgeon MN  
Robert Hall REME  
Ian R Hamilton RA  
Glenn Handley A & SH  
Douglas G Harley RAFVR  
Charles M Hill RAFVR  
Robert Jack RAC  
William W Locke RAFVR  
John Lyon A & SH  
John MacNamara RA  
John L Meikle FMSVR  
Robert H Meikle RMSVR  
James F T Ogilvie RAFVR  
Norman Price MN  
William L Riddle KOYLI  
Peter Simpson RSF  
Roy G Spence Dorsets  
James Wilson RASC  
James G Wilson RA  
Also killed in Northern Ireland
Stewart M Gardiner A & SH  
William D Watson A & SH  


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