Tillicoultry War Memorial

In Ever Grateful
Proud Remembrance
of the men 
of Tillicoultry who
died in the service
of their 
King and Country
in the Great War
"They were a wall unto us 
both by night and day" 
John M Allan  
William Allan  
James Brown  
Walter Brown  
David Burnett  
Robert Burnett  
Hugh Campbell  
Willliam Campbell  
J Fullarton Conn  
Thomas Cram  
James Crawford  
Robert Crawford  
William Crawford  
Thomas B Don  
James Drummond  
George Dunlop  
Richard Easterbrook  
Alexander Y Enterrin ?  
William Ewing  
Daniel Ferguson  
William Ferguson  
John M Garlick  
George Buchan  
James Gemmell  
Alexander Grahamslaw  
Charles Grieve  
George Harrower  
John B Hunter  
Fergus Hunter  
David Hunter  
Brown Hunter  
Edward J Johnstone  
William Johnston  
Robert Keir  
Daniel Knox  
J Lindsay  
Peter McAndrew  
Peter McFarland  
George McGregor  
Nheil McLean  
James Martin  
William Marshall  
Thomas Memmot  
John Michie  
James Miller  
John Sutherland  
William H Miller  
William Miller  
William Mitchell  
John Murray  
James Paterson  
George Pollock  
George Roy  
David Scotland  
McLeod Smith  
Peter Snadden  
John Stewart  
William C Suttie  
Thomas Thomson  
John Welsh  
Robert B Whitehead  
Adam Williamson  
William G Wilson  
Gavin L Wilson  
Arthur Brown  
Robert Hume  
David Marshall  
William McDonald  
William Russell  
1939 - 1945 each of the casualties has a memorial in the shape of a headstone, set in a semi-circular Garden of Remembrance around the ~WW1~ Memorial
W Bruce RAF  
James R H Bell RAF  
James Condie RN  
William Coulter RE  
John Cree A & SH  
James H Cumming BW  
Tom Dawson RAF  
Andrew G Dunn RAF  
William C Fergusson RAF  
H G Fraser RCS  
Jack L Fyfe RAF  
Alex Gardiner SR  
John M Garlick RAF  
Ernest B Gibson A & SH  
Robert Hunter Lond-Scot  
Robert S Hunter A & SH  
David Maxwell RAF  
George P Mullan RAF  
Alex S Mylchreest A & SH  

James McEwen RAAF

David Ness A & SH  
James S Ness Lond-Scot  
James Paterson RAC  
John L Paterson RA  
George Rennie RAF  
Thomas F Robson RAF  
John Russell A & SH  
James Sharp RE  
Robert Stirling Scot Paratp  
William Sutherland A & SH  
Thomas Vallance A & SH  


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