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Lockerbie War Memorial

of our
Heroe Dead
1914 - 1919
Seaforth Highlanders
Pte James C Bryden
  Gordon Highlanders
Lt Albert J Guthrie
Sgt John Middleton
L/Cpl George Johnstone
Pte Docherty Curran
Pte George Docherty
Pte John B Gordon
Pte Sam Gordon
Pte Tom Gordon
Pte Robert Henderson
Pte Thomas Kirk
Pte William Smith
  Cameron Highlanders
Cpl Wm Anderson
Cpl Thomas Roddick
L/Cpl Christopher J Jardine
L/Cpl John Sim
Pte George Bell
Pte John E Linton
Pte John McArthur
  Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Capt John C Aitken           MC
Cpl Thomas Pagan
Pte Charles Burce
Pte Harold Byers
Pte George Mundell
Pte John Sword
  English & Irish Regiments
L/Cpl Thomas B Common
Pte James Blackstock
Pte William Burce
Pte Robert Clark
Pte John B Edgar
Rfm John Irving
Pte Thomas Jardine
Pte Robert Johnstone
Pte Olelland Kerr
Pte William Roxburgh
Pte Fred Wardhaugh
Pte James Wardhaugh
  Army & Cyclist Corps
Pte Edward P Fergusson
  Machine Gun Corps
CSM Marshall Jardine      DCM MM
Pte William Creighton
  Royal Air Force
Lt William Bell-Irbing
Lt David Black
Lt Robert D Crossart
Air Mech Duncan McKinnon
Pte Richard Shearer
Cpl James Johnstone
L/Cpl Robert Cumming
L/Cpl William W Templeton
Pte Charles A Bard
Pte David Halliday
Pte Mathew Halliday
Pte Andrew Jardine
Pte John Jardine
Pte Joseph Johnstone
Pte William Johnstone
Pte William Law
Pte George Little
Pte William Moffat
Pte John William MacKenzie
Cpl William MacLaughlan
  South Africans
Pte William Gibson
Pte David B Jackson
Pte Thomas Rogerson
  Kings Own Scottish Borderers
Rev William J Falside    CF
Lt Robert B Campbell
Lt William B Campbell
Lt Robert Doglas
Lt Andrew Riddell Scott
Sgt John Campbell
Sgt William McGinley
Sgt Irving Richardson
Sgt George Thomson        DCM
Cpl Duncan Cooper
Cpl Alexander Laurie
Cp; James Richardson
Cpl David Robson
Cpl Thomas Sanders
Cpl Adam Thomson
Cpl Henry Tod
L/Cpl Archie Armstrong
L/Cpl Sam Biggar
L/Cpl Colin Campbell
L/Cpl John C R Falside
L/Cpl Peter McRobert
L/Cpl James A J Shaw
Pte Wm J Adamson
Pte J C S Bell
Pte Robert Bell
Pte Wm Bell
Pte John Nicol Campbell
Pte John Carlyle
Pte James Carruthers
Pte James Clark
Pte E J Conchie
Pte William Dalgliesh
Pte John Dickinson
Pte Richard Dinwoodie
Pte Thomas Elliot
Pte James Falside
Pte John Barries
Pte John Gillespie
Pte William A Greggan
Pte Sam Hutton
Pte James Ivison
Pte George Johnstone
Pte James Johnstone
Pte Simon Johnston
Pte Robert Kennedy
Pte Walter Kershaw
Pte James Linton
Pte John Maltman
Pte John Maxwell
Pte John Milligan
Pte Walter H Moffat
Pte Francis Mundell
Pte Peter Murdoch
Pte Walter Murdoch
Pte John McCarlie
Pte John A McClelland
Pte Robert C McClelland
Pte James McClounie
Pte Duncan McKellar
Pte Hugh McLean
Pte John McRobert
Pte Charles Nicholson
Pte David C Patterson
Pte Robert Paterson
Pte David B Renwick
Pte John C Richardson
Pte Matthew Richardson
Pte Robert Richardson
Pte Jack Roberts
Pte Thomas Rogerson
Pte Joseph Rotheray
Pte John Scott
Pte Thomas Starkey
Pte James Telfer
Pte William Telford
Pte James D Ward
  Tank Corps
Pte Andrew Wilson
Pte James Shannon
  Royal Army Service Corps
Pte George Carruthers
Pte John Huddleston
Pte S Warren
  Royal Army Medical Corps
Capt Fred W MacKenzie    MB CHB
  Royal Navy
Lt Frank Grierson
AB William R Farish
LS Walter McGinley
Pte Joseph Purdie
Mjr William O Bell-Irving       MC
Lt Walter Jackson
Lt Ronald James Jardine
Tpr Robert Anderson
Tpr Robert Bell
Tpr William C Broatch
Tpr Hugh Osborne
Tpr John White
Tpr Ebenezer Wilson
  Royal Artillery
Lt Ian Malcolm Aitken
Gnr Thomas Adamson
S Smith Samuel Brockbank
Gnr Arthur P Moffat
Gnr Hugh Morton
Gnr Robert McCleary
Gnr John C S Wilson
Dvr David White
  Royal Engineers
Cpl Samuel Gilroy
Spr David Bell
Spr Andrew H Ireland
Spr William C Irving
Spr John J Shannan
  Royal Scots
CQMS George Bell
Cpl John Tochrane
L/Cpl Henry L Crawford
L/Cpl John W Jackson
Pte Thomas Adamson
Pte James J Blackstock
Pte Irving Smith
Pte John Brown
Pte Tom Jardine
Pte George Kirkpatrick
Pte William Kirkpatrick
Pte Michael Morrin
Pte John McGauchie
Pte William Steel
  Royal Scots Fusiliers
Lt Hugh Graham
Sgt William Imrie
Pte James Curran
Pte Robert Duncan
Pte James Roddick
Pte Robert C Thomson
Cpl Richard Common      MM
Cpl Thomas McAdam
Rfm Andrew Black
Rfm William Brown
Rfm George Creighton
Rfm Charles Curran
Rfm Robert Grierson
Rfm Joseph Jardine
Rfm Thomas J G Jardine
Rfm Samuel C Roberson
  Black Watch
L/Cpl William Harkness
Pte Fred Bewley
Pte Thomas Girvan
Pte Henry Jackson
Pte James Milligan
Pte James Studholme
  Highland Light Infantry
Sgt John Graham
L/Cpl Charles S Thomson
Pte George Baillie
Pte Arthur J Baird
Pte William F Carruthers
Pte Andrew Dalgliesh
Pte William Gibson
Pte Robert Jackson
Pte David Kelly
Pte Francis Kelly
Pte James Edward MacKenzie
Pte Jacob Scott
Pte James Steel



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