Cupar War Memorial,

This Memorial was erected
by Public Subscription
and was unveiled on
the 29th April 1922
by Field Marshall Earl Haig
James Stark, Provost
Jhn Ainslie   Black Watch  
J C L Aitken Sergt RE  
Jhn W Aitken   Black Watch  
W A Allan   Black Watch  
W Anderson Sergt MGC  
A Arthur   MGC  
A Auchterlonie   Black Watch  
E D A Ballantytne   Black Watch  
H Bernard   Black Watch  
Jhn Bernard   Cameron Hrs  
D Bissett Sergt A & SH  
G Bissett   Seaforth Hrs  
W Black   Black Watch  
Wm Black   Cameron Hrs  
A E Brander Lieut A & SH  
R W Brander Surgeon Lieut RN  
Brewis Brojwn   Black Watch  
D Brown Corpl RFA  
Jas Brown   RGA  
J C Brown   Gordon Hrs  
W Bruce   HLI  
T J Burns DCM Sergt Maj Gordon Highlanders  
A Cairns   Black Watch  
Beatrice Campbell   QMAAC  
C S Cargill   Royal Scots  
H A Caw Corplk HLI  
T S Christopher Corpl Missoorrie Rifles (as on memorial)  
Jas G Cockburn   MGC  
T C~onstable   Black Watch  
A Crawford   Black Watch  
Jas Crawford   Black Watch  
Jhn Crawford Coy QMSgt Black Watch  
Jas Crombie   Black Watch  
Jhn Dall Brig Majr HLI  
J Dallas Drummer KOSB  
Jas Dalrymple   Black Watch  
A Davidson   Canadians  
R Deas   Black Watch  
G Dickson Cpl Rifle Brigade  
D S Dinnie   Royal Scots  
W Douglas Sergt RASC  
Jhn Duncan Corpl Black Watch  
T S Duncan   Scots Guards  
E Durie   Australians  
W Easson   Royal Naval Division  
W Fairburn Sergt Royal Scots  
F Ferguson   Scottish Horse  
Jhn Ferguson   Black Watch  
R Ferguson   Canadians  
Jas Fettes   Black WSatch  
J Forrester Sergt Black Watch  
A Forret   HLI  
G W Galloway Lance Cpl Royal Scots  
F Gibb   Black Watch  
Jhn Gilbert   KOSB  
G B Gilroy Captn Black Watch  
K R Gilroy Lieut Black Watch  
A C Graham   Black Watch  
T G Grant Corpl London Scottish  
Jas Grieve   Black Watch  
W Hall   RE  
W T Hall   Manchester Rgt  
A T Harris Lieut Bedfords  
J D Henderson   RE  
T Henderson   Black Watch  
W Henderson   Black Watch  
D C Howie   Royal Berks  
G Howie   Royal Scots Greys  
W Howie Sergt KOSB  
D B Hunter Sergt RAMC  
R Johnston Sergt HLI  
R S Jordan   Northd Fus  
J H Keltie Sergt RE  
Jhn S Keltie Corpl Canadians  
R B Kidd   Black Watch  
T Kidd   Black Watch  
Jhn Kirk Sergt Black Watch  
Jhn Y Kirkaldy   HLI  
Jhn Kirkaldy Sergt HLI  
A M Laing   Black Watch  
D Laing   MGC  
Jas Latto Sergt RAMC  
Jhn Latto Coy Sergt Maj Black Watch  
A J Loutit Lieut Royal Naval Division  
J Morrison-Low Lieut Seafh Hrs  
Jhn Lumsden MM RSM Black Watch  
T Martin   Scots Guards  
J H Millar   Black Watch  
Jas Mioller Bombardier RFA  
A S Millie Sergt Scottish Horse  
A Milne   Black Watch  
Jhn Mitchell Lance Corpl Black Watch  
Angus Moir   Black Watch  
Jhn Morrison   Scottish Rifles  
J Morrison   Royal Scots  
A Munro   Black Watch  
Jhn A Murray   RAVC  
W P Myles   Seafh Hrs  
D MacDonald Corpl C/Cyclist Corps  
Jhn MacDonald   Black Watch  
R F MacDonald   King's Livl Regiment  
Jas MacGregor Farrier Sergt Scoth Horse  
T MacGregor Petty Officer RND  
N MacIntyre Corpl Black Watch  
D McKay Lance Corpl Lancers  
A MacKenzie   Royal Scots  
J B MacMillan DSO Majr DCLI  
Jas W Ness   MGC  
Jas Norrie   Black Watch  
T Oliphant   HLI  
G E B Osborne Majr F & FIY  
G H Pagan Lieut Black Watch  
R Paterson   Black Watch  
R Paul Petty Officer RNVR  
Jas Payne   Seafh Hrs  
T Peatie MM   Blak Watch  
A Peebles   Scots Guards  
A Phillips   Northd Fus  
Jhn Pratt   Black Watch  
R Pratt   Royal Scots  
Jas Prentice   Black Watch  
P R Prentice   A & SH  
W Preston   A & SH  
Jas Pryde   Royal Engineers  
Jhn Randall Sergt London Scottish  
A M Robertson   KOSB  
R H Robertson   A & SH  
C R Rodger Lance Corpl Royal Scots  
T Rodger   RASC  
D Ross   Black Watch  
G Russell Sergt So Africans  
N S Schofield   Royal Scots  
F Scott Lance Corpl Gordon Highrs  
Jas H Short Lieut RNR  
J Sim Lance Corpl Black Watch  
R Simpson   HLI  
W O Wimpson   Royal Scots  
w Skinner   KOYLI  
W Skinner   MGC  
G H Small   RASC  
Jas M Smith   Seafh Hrs  
R Smith   Est Yorks  
Robt Smith   Tank Corps  
Robt Smith   Yorks Rgt  
S D Smith Sergt Canadians  
F Spence   Royal Scots  
W Spittal Corpl Scots Guards  
Jas Stark Corpl London Scottish  
R G Stewart   RFA  
H Suttie   King's Liverpool Regiment  
D Swinton Lance Corpl KOSB  
Jhn Swinton Lieut Canadians  
W Taylor Corpl Canadians  
W Taylor   RFA  
C Thomson   Highd Cyclist Battalion  
Jas Thomson   R S Fus  
T R Urquhart   South Africans  
G Walker   Royal Scots  
R Wallace   Royal Scots  
A W Wann Lance Corpl Black Watch  
Jas Wann Piper Black Watch  
Jhn Wann   RFA  
R Wann   Black Watch  
D Watson Sergt Black Watch  
T W Watson   HLI  
W Watson   Black Watch  
A Watt   Royal Scots  
H Webster   Royal Navy  
A E Westwood Lieut Black Watch  
B Wheeler   Northants Rgt  
A A White   Royal Berks  
Jas W A White   HLI  
P White   RGA  
R White   Black Watch  
A C Wilkie   Dublin Fusiliers  
G Wilkie   Black Watch  
J C Wilkinson   Black Watch  
H Wilkinson   Canadians  
W J Williamson   Gordon Hrs  
D Wilson   RFA  
E C F Wilson   Black Watch  
D Wishart Sergt Camn Hrs  
T Wood Sergt Maj Border Rgt  
G Young   Black Watch  
Jhn Young   Scottish Horse  
P Young   Cameronians  


W G Addison-Scott Lieut ARNVR  
A Barrie Sgt Gnt RAF  
F U Batchelor Flt Sgt RAF  
A Brown L/Cpl RAC  
W Brown   RA  
R C Bruce   RN  
J K Chalmers   Black Watch  
D Crichton   RE  
W Drummond Sgt Gnr RAF  
N A C Dunning Lieut A & SH  
G C Durie Sgt Obs RAF  
T D Fairgrieve Plt Off RAF  
J Farmer Sgt RASC  
J Forrest Cpl F & FY  
C W Galll   Black Watch  
R Garland Sgt RAC  
D L Inglis Sgt Obs RAF  
J W Johnstone L/Cpl RE  
D C Jordan   RAF  
W A Kidd   F & FY  
H Kirk Cpl RE  
D Kirk   Black Watch  
W S Latto CSM Black Watch  
J T Lundie Lieut Punjab Rgt  
W F MacKay Major RSF  
D McIntosh Sgt Hussars  
E Millar   RAC  
Helen Milne   Nurse  
W Morris   F & FY  
A R Nelson Sgt Black Watch  
H T Parker   Gordon Hdrs  
A A Petrie   Black Watch  
J Player L/Cpl RAC  
G G Pullar   Royal Scots  
D H Riddell Cpl RAC  
T Robertson Sgt W/Op RAF  
J Scott Sgt Plt RAF  
D Sharp   RA  
C Skinner Engineer MN  
Catherine P Smith   WRNS  
D S Smith Flt Sgt RAF  
J McL Stewart Sgt W/Op AG RAF  
W W Sutherland   NAAFI  
A Urquhart Plt Off RAF  
P Urquhart Flt Sgt RAF  
A S Watt Sgt Gnr RAF  
W W Watt Flt Lt RAF  
R White   Royal Scots  
A Wilkie   RAAF  
G Wood   RA  


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