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1939 - 1945
D M Barbour PO RAF David Murray Barbour was the son of Lt Col. Kenneth Durant Barbour and his wife Margaret Murray Barbour of Denton, Fleet, Hampshire. He served as Pilot Officer 33505 and was KIA on 14 May 1940 aged 19 years of age and is remembered on the Runnymede Memorial
S G Benwell Gnr RA Sydney George Benwell was the son of Percy and Alice of North Warnborough. he served as Gunner 1544641. He died on 17 July 1944 and rests in Tilly-sur-Seulles War Cemetery - The Air Forces Memorial remembers over 20,000 airmen who were lost in WW2 and whose final resting place is known only unto Their God.
H J B Brooks Lt Col Hamps Rgt  
E L Cane Pte Hamps Rgt Ernest Leslie was the son of Albert George and Ethel Cane. He married Edith Mary of Wymering, Hampshire. Ernest served as Pte 5507159 in the 11th (Royal Militia Isle of Jersey) Bn., attd 7th Bn. He died on 27 September 1944 aged 24 and rests in Jonkerbos War Cemetery, nr Nijmegen.
G W Cox   RAF George William was the son of John Henry and Janet May Cox of Odiham. He served as Sergeant (W.Op/Air Gnr) 1381469. He died on 26 June 1942 aged 22 and rests in Schoonselhof Cemetery, nr Antwerp.
C G Crumplin Cpl RAF Cyril Gordon was the son of Mr & Mrs G Crumplin, possibly born in 1910 in the Basingstoke Registration District. He married Josephine Woodward in the December ¼ of 1933 and was father to at least 1 child born in 1938. Cyril served as
P C Gregory Pte RW Kent Rgt Peter Charles Gregory was the son of William Henry and Florrane Annie Gregory of North Warnborough, Hampshire. He served as Pte 14413927 in the 1st Btn and died on 12 April 1944 aged 19 and rests in Cassino War Cemetery with over 4270 other identified and unidentified casualties near, within site of the hill and monastery they fought so hard over.
E Harold Gnr RA Edgar was the son of George and Mary Harold and husband to Gertrude of North Warnborough. He served as Gunner 1443424 in the 78Bty 35LL, A A Regt. He died on 12 February 1943 aged 45 and is remembered on Yokohama Cremation Memorial along with over 280 other men whose final resting place is not known
A S Kersley Mne R Marines

Albert Stephen was the son of Joseph Albert and Annie Kersley, nee Tarrant (married in Dec ¼ of 1904), of Odiham. He served in the Royal Marines as Marine PO/22368 on HMS Hood. He died on 24 May 1941 and is remembered on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

Note :- HMS Hood was launched in 1918 and on the outbreak of WW2 was cruising the area of Iceland and the Faroe Islands, protecting convoys from German merchant raiders. 1941 saw Hood being sent in persuit of the Bismark along with the Prince of Wales and several other ships. On the 24 May Hood was targetted by Bismark and Prince Eugen. Hood was hit several times before a massive explosion which broke her back.

Of the 1,418 crew only 3 men survived - Ted Briggs (Albert Edward Pryke Briggs) M.B.E., Robert Tilburn and William John Duncas, being rescued a over 2½ long hours.

J E Kersley Pte O & BLI Joseph Edward was the brothe to Albert Stephen listed above. He was born in the June ¼ of 1914 in the Hartley Wintney Registration District. He served as Pte 5506199 in the 1st Bn of The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regt.,) and died on 13 April 1945 and rests in Argenta Gap War Cemetery, Italy along with over 620 other casualties.
J A Kimber Gnr RA  
F G Mussell L Sgt Wilts Rgt Frederick George Mussell(e) was the son of Frederick and Ellen of Odiham. he served as Lance Serjeant 5572615in the 5th Btn., and was KIA on 10 July 1944 aged 26. He is remembered on the Bayeux Memorial along with over 1800 other casualties whose final resting place is known only unto Their God.
C Wagstaff WO RAF Charles was the son of Alfred Daniel and Florena Wagstaff and husband to Gladys May. He served as a Warraht Officer (Nav/Bomber Wireless) 370171 and died 'at home', resting in Odiham Cemetery along with 7 other casualties of war.
R E T West Pte Hamps Rgt Ronald Edwin Thomas was the son of William Henry Thomas West and his wife Alice Rose Elizabeth of Odiham. He was also husband to Mary, also of Odiham. He served as Pte 5512672 in the 2nd Btn, Hampshire Regiment and was KIA on 9 April 1943, being remembered on the Medjez-El-Bab Memorial, some 60km west of Tunis. He is remembered with over 1950 other casualties of war.
Kathleen Stent ACW WAAF  


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