Erected by the Lovat Tenantry and Reuars 
of the Aird and Fort Augustus Districts
to Commemorate
the raising of the Lovat Scouts
for service in South Africa
Simon Joseph 16th Lord Lovat
who desited to shew
that the martial spirit of their forefathers
still animates
the Highlanders of to-day
and whose confidence was justified
by the success in the field
of the gallant corps
who existence was due
to his Loyalty and Patriotism
AD 1905 

Of the Lovat Scouts 
the following fell in action 
or died of wounds or disease
between March 1900 and August 1902
First Contingent
  Col. Hon. A D Murray Killed in Action  
8638? Private W Barron    
8713   G Dingwall    
8758   K Lockhart    
8829?   A MacKinnon    
8781 Sergt D Morrison Died of Disease  
8832 Corpl A R MacKintosh    
8834 Private F MacKenzie    
Second Contingent
  Capt and Adjt E O Murray Killed in Action  
36540 Private J Cameron    
36546   I D Christie    
36613   D MacLaren Died of Wounds  
36619   F Macrae    
36334   W Stables Died of Disease  
36764 Sergt J Paterson Accidentally Killed  
36688   A R Grant Died of Wounds  
36741 Corpl J MacLellan Killed in Action  
36670 Private J Campbell    
36677   D S Forbes    
36715   D MacKintosh    
36758   A Munro    
36680   F A Fraser Died of Disease  
36787   D MacKenzie    
36734   M MacKenzie    
36777   F W Simpson    
of the Lovat Scouts
First Contingent
  Lieut-Col Hon A D Murray, The Lord Lovat CVO, CB, DSO    
  Capt and Adjt A W McDonald DSO of Kerroch  
    William Stewart of Ensay  
  Lieut Edward Ellige of Invergargy  
    Brodie of Brodie DSO    
    Sir Arthur Campbell Orde East  
    K L MacDonald of Skaerost  
    E G Fraser-Tytler of Aldourie  
    Ewen Grant of Glenmorriston  
    W T Fraser-Tytler of Aldourie  
    Rowland Hunt    
    Charles Stirling of Fairburn  
  Surgeon Lieut Herbert Hartley    
Second Contingent 
113th and 114th Companies 
  Lieut Col Hon A D Murray    
  Major The Lord Lovat CVO, DB, DSO    
  Capt and Adjt Hon E O Murray    
  Captain Brodie of Brodie DSO    
    Hon The Master of Sempill    
    Hon J F Cathorne-Hardy    
    D E MacKintosh    
  Lieutenant K L MacDonald    
    Hon A T J Fraser of Lovat    
    L A Chammers    
    G Lamb    
Third Contingent
178th Company
  Major The Lord Lovat CVO, CB, DSO    
  Captain H B Galloway    
  Lieut and Adjt G N Macdonald    
  Captain J Brander Dunbar    
  Lieutenant E G MacKenzie    
    Charles Stirling    
    B W Cameron    
    B? N Hill    
    George Thurston    
    G B Clarke    


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