Inverness Memorial
to Men who were
Killed in Action,
or who died of Wounds or Disease
in Egypt or the Sudan

The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
Erected by the Officers, Non Commissioned Officers 
and Men, past and present, in Memory of their
Comrades who died in Egypt
1882 - 1887
Nominal Roll of Officers, Non Commissioned Officers
and Men were were killed in action or died of wounds or disease
contracted in Egypt and the Sudan 
Private William Semple
  David Urquhart
  David Thow
  Thomas McCabe
  John Reeves
  Michael Dodd
  William Robertson
  Michael Naughton
  William Brown
  James Wilson
  John Smith
  James Cameron
  Thomas Dodds
  Michael Carrigan
  Alexander Kidd
  William Morrison
  Hugh McKay
  John Grant
  Robert McRae
  John McLaggan
  James Bridge
  Charles Roberts
  William Gow
  John Hamilton
  Robert Mills
  Donald McGillivray
  Donald McKenzie
  William Cawte
  William Elliot
  James Kennedy
  Alexander Kelly
  James McCourt
  Peter Queen
  William Maden
Boy William Rolls
Killed up the Nile
Lieutenant William Gordon Cameron
Colour Sergt Andrew McEwan Gray
Colour Sergt John Wells
Lance Sergt Arthur Hartley
Corporal Gregor CDattanach
Piper Alexander McDonald
Drummer Thomas Clelland
Private William Hatch
  James Trimble
  Thomas Gollan
  Thomas Farrington
  David McKenzie
  John Kennedy
  John McLaren
  David Hogg
  Joseph Stevenson
  Alexander McLeod
  Alexander Addie
  John McGregor
  John Bennet
  Charles Murray
  William Davidson
  John Gagan
  William Pridgeon
  William Robinson
  James McLeod
  Henry Hall
  Hugh Craig
  James Slater
  John Mclaggan
Killed at Tel-El-Kebir
Cpl William Cattanach
Private Alexander Denniston
  George Rugg
  John Hyslop
  William Simon
  George Crawford
  Thomas King
  Donald Cameron
  Robert Brown
  William Smith
  James Polloc k
  Alexander Paterson
  William Bodel
  David Murray
  Alexander Murray
  William McKenzie
Died at Cairo
Capt Wedderburn G Halkett
Sgt William McPherson
Sgt John McGregor Grant
Sgt James Guthrie
Private Duncan McLeod
Cpl James Douglas
Cpl Daniel Cochrane
L Cpl Robert Glen
L Cpl Walter Smith
Private James Ireland

8th April 1898
Killed and Died of Wounds
  Major R F L Napier
    B G Urquhart
  Capt C Findlay
3499 Cpl D McLeod
3149 Lce Cpl A Micklethwaite
3746   T Cullen
3260 Piper J Stewart
2778 Pte W Bartlett
3928   W Williamson
3562   R McKee
3239   J Monaghan
3410   I Taylor
2916   F Chesworth
3040   R Wilkinson
3435   W Galloway
3328   J Fleming
3197   E Tooley
2581   J Markham
Died of Disease
2904 Pte W Cooper
2972   D Kerton
2926   T Taylor
3208   G Da Costa
3655   T Cameron
3378   T Cross
3837   W Cuthbert
3428   G Stagpole
3766   P McLeod
2592   D Brown

2nd Sep 1898 
Killed and Died of Wounds
3616 Lce Cpl A Allan
2869 Pte T Hughes
3674   A Miller
Died of Disease
2235 Sergt J Pollock
3639 Cpl D Peebles
3672 Lce Cpl W Grindlay
3532   W Robson
2691 Pte W Hitchcox
2758   S Coppen
2909   J Murray
3974   J McAndrew
3427   A McKenzie
2479   A Barr
2621   A Brown
3221   J Buckeridge
3782   J Dow
2636   G Ford
3684   D McKenzie
3788   J McFarland
3504   J McLennan
3578   A Slater
3271   G Clifton
3877   R Hay


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