St Mary the Virgin War Memorial

plus other memorials inside the church

Goudhurst War Memorial

To the Glory of God
and in Proud and affectionate memory of 
The Goudhurst Men
who gave their lives for their Country
and the Cause of Right and Freedom
in the Great War 1914 - 1918
Rank Name Regiment
CQMS H O Stone 5th Buffs
Segt L Brabon 2 Gre Gds
Segt F Coll 2 Gre Gds
Segt S A Clark 9th Buffs
Cpl J Coleman 28th C
Bdr W Reynolds R G A
Pte F S Arnold 10th R W Kent R
A B H Ashdown HMS Lord Nelson
Pte W H Austen R M L I
Pte G A Baker 1st E Sur R
Pte C E Batchelor R W Sur R


A Bateup ASC - MT
Smn A W Bellingham HMS Africa
Pte B M Blackmore 2nd Buffs
Pte P Brissenden 7th N*** R
Pte C Brookes 10 R Fus
Dvr G Brookes R H A
Tpr G H Browning 16th Lancers
Tpr W Burgess R H Gds
Pte A Chenery 1st R W Sur R
Pte G Chestney 10 R W Sur R
Pte B E Clark 7th C** B C
Pte A F Gurr A S C
Pte F L H Hammond 5th Buffs
Pte B D Harris C A M C
Pte D Hope 10th R W Kent R
Pte F Jarvis 1st Buffs
Rfm A J Kemp L R B
Pte A F Kemp 1st Staff R
Pte C E Kemp 23rd Mddx R
Pte A Loader 328th U S Inf
Pte A Lovell 5th Buffs
Pte A Luck 5th Mddx R
Pte G Luck 18 Mddx R
Pte H Luck R F A
Pte J Luck R F A
Pte C H Maitland 4th N Staff R
Pte W T Maitland 6th Buffs
Pte W Mitchell 2nd Manch R
Pte F O Page 1st Buffs
Pte H Penfold 2nd Buffs
Pte P E Penfold R W Ken R
Pte J Piper 2nd Hamps R
Pte G Poile 14th R Fus
Dvr T W Relf R F A
Pte F T Robbins 1st Buffs
Pte W Roff 1st Buffs
Pte W Simmons 5th Buffs
Pte A C Strange 12th Mddx R
Dvr F P Tester R H A
Pte G Vinall 2nd Buffs
Pte C R Vousden 5th Buffs
Pte G H Vousden 11th R Sus R
Pte W H Vousden 9th Buffs
Pte T Waghorn 9th Buffs
Pte T Wickham 5th Buffs
Pte F G Wilson 12th Sur R
Miss M L P Fitz-Gerald      W R A F
And in Grateful Remembrance 
of those who Fell in The War
1939 - 1945
  M Bowles  
  A Bridgland  
  R J Eldridge  
  R Jeffery  
  H Sargent  
  M Vilvandre  

One of two wooden boards placed in the entrance of the church. These boards are naively carved on the boards and unlike the plaque now in the church, the names of the young men are not in alphabetical order - could they have been placed on the boards as they were KIA or died as a result of conflict. Infact some of the carvings look to be by a differant craftsman as the first letter of each word is more arty and larger letters, also, the lines are not as straight




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