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North Berwick War Memorial

WW 2

World War I  ¦ World War II ¦ Episcopal Church Memorial

1939 - 1945

In Memory of Those Who In A Later
Generation Made The Same Sacrifice In
The Same Cause As Those To Whom The
Memorial Opposite Had Been Erected

Name Additional information
James C Adams  
James Hogg Adams  
Kenneth Alexander  
Robert M B Archibald  
John Vivian Bailey  
Isabella N Baillie  
James M Blair  
David Alistair Bruce  
James Buist  
Stanley D P Connors  
James Craig  
Gordon Dobson  
John Fender  
Arthur James Gray  
Graham W Harrison  
George Hart  
Robert H Henderson  
John Cecil Hope  
James A Hutchison  
Ian Allan D Lawrie  
George S Lawson  
Arthur M MacLachlan  
Nan P McKemmie  
Robert Marr  
John Christie Millar  
Gordon Mitchell  
Frederick A McKellar  
Alastgair M McKelvie  
Robert A McKinna  
David Claud Peploe  
Charles W Porteous  
Robert Purves  
Arthur Patrick Rice  
James Sharp  
Sidney A Smith  
George Stewart  
Normal Walker  
Walter Williamson  
Alexander Wilson  
George C Young  
And In The Morning, We Will Remember Them


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