This war memorial erected in 2008 replaces the original memorial which was damaged beyond repair in 2006. The remains of the original memorial can be viewed in the grounds of Advie Cemetery


Let us give
our most humber
and hearty thanks
to Almighty God
for having given
us and our Allies
the Victory over
our enemies 
May we all remember
that the safety
of our Empire
is not owing to
the Strength of Man
But to the power
of God
God Save The King

Sons of this place 
Let this of you
be said
That you who live are
Worthy of our Dead
These gave their
Lives that you
who live may reap
a richer harvest
ere you fall

Seaforth Highldrs  
2nd Battalion  
Sgt Alex Williamson    DCM  
Pte Daniel Munro  
Pte Duncan L MacKenzie
Died of wounds 4.11.15
3rd Battalion  
Sgt Benjamin Pritchard  
Pte William Bremner  
4th Battalion  
Sgt James Anderson  
Pte Alexander Stuart  
Pte David Fertuson  
Pte James McGlashan  
Farrier William P Shaw  
6th Battalion  
CQMS Alex L Simpson  
CQMS Robert Rae  
Cpl Ainslie Wood
Killed in Action 31.7.17
Pte Alex MacKenzie
Killed in Action 28.4.18
Piper William McBain  
Pte Thomas H Dunbar  
Pte Donald Geddes  
Pte Charles Munro  
Pte William Munro  
Pte Donald Grant  
7th Battalion  
Pte Peter Stuart
Killed in Action 4.5.17
Pte George Grant
Killed in Action 19.4.17
Royal Field Artillery  
Captain Ronald Liddell MD  
Royal Garrison Artillery  
Signaller David Leighton  
Gunner Thomas MacPherson  
Gunner George R Grant  
Machine Gun Corps  
Pte William J Grant  
Royal Army Medical Corps  
Sergeant Thomas W MacKenzie  
South African Field Ambulance  
Pte William McIntosh  
Royal Air Force  
Pte George Innes  
Sergeant Alexander Dean  
Private William MacKenzie
Killed in Action 5.8.16
Pte George Wood  
Pte John Grant  
Lieut John Shaw  
Staff Sergt Armr John Clark
Killed in Action 7.8.18
Sgt James Stewart  
Pte Alfred Dinnie
Killed in Action 7.4.17
Pte Duncan Stewart  
Pte Arthur Stewart  
Pte Charles Williamson  
Cameron Highlanders  
1st Battalion  
Sgt Ainslie Wood  
4th Battalion  
Sgt Angus MacKenzie  
Pte Peter Gow  
Pte William MacDonald
Died 28.12.14
Pte John MaCDonald  
5th Battalion  
Pte Hugh Hogg  
Pte John MacDonald  
Highland Light Infantry  
12th Battalion  
Pte Thomas Robertson  
Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders  
12th Battalion  
Pte Munro Grant
Killed in Action 19.9.18
Northumberland Fusilliers  
24th Battalion  
Pte Cuthbert Allan  
Hertfordshire Regiment  
1st Battalion  
Sgt Alexander Grant
Killed in Action 7.1.18
Pte Ernest Brooks  
Gloucestershire Regt  
6th Battalion  
Pte Joseph Mannders  
Royal Engineers  
Sapper Arthur S Currall  
Royal Army Service Corps  
Staff Qr Master Sergeant John O Peterkin  
Pte John Munro  
Pte John Cameron  
Pte Robert Trevor  
18th Hussars  
Captain John Lockhart Wood DSO
Died of Wounds 11.6.15
Gordon Highlanders  
3rd Battalion  
Pte James MacKenzie
Killed in Action 15.10.14
Pte George MacDonald
Killed in Action 11.4.17
Pte John McCulloch  
Gordon Highlanders  
3rd Battalion  
Pte William Dunbar  
Pte Arc MacDonald  
6th Battalion  
Captain Donald Duff  
Black Watch Royal Highlanders  
3rd Battalion  
Pte Peter Dunbar  
8th Battalion  
Pte John G Cooper 
Killed in Action 2.10.18
9th Battalion  
Pte William Keith  
12th Battalion  
Pte James Bremner  


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