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Forres War Memorial


In Everlasting Memory of the Men of Forres who gave their lives in the Great War 1914 - 1919. "They died that we might live; May we be worthy of their sacrifice"

1914 - 1919    ¦     1939 - 1945 and Gulf War

1914 - 1919
Capt J Bliss MC
  H F Munro
  A L Taylor
Lieut T Bliss
  W French
  A Robertson
CSM J M Tulloch MM
  T P Younie MM
Sgt W Cumming
  R Fraser
  J Mann
  J Mackenzie
  W McIntosh
  R J Walker
  D Walker
Cpl A Borthwick
  J P Bremner
  F G Camerson
  D Finlayson
  J Mackenzie
  G Nicol
  W A Ross
  J Russell
  D Simpson
  G Stewart
  D A Stronach
L.Cpl J Darnley
  D MacGregor
  W Marshall
Pte G S Anderson
  A Austin
  A Begg
  W H Black
  J Brown
  A Cameron
  A Cameron
  A F Cameron
  C Cameron
  W A Catto
  J A Chisholm
  A Clark
  W Cumming
  J Dallas
  J Dunbar
  P Grant
  P Hay
  D Hutchinson
  C Jenkins
  A Laing
  J Law
  R Mann
  D Masson
  F T Munro
  G Munro
  G Murray
  J MacGillivary
  J A MacGillivary
  B MacKenzie
  W MacKenzie
  J M MacLennan
  A McCook
  D McIntosh
  J McIntosh
  M A McIntosh
  K McIntosh
  R McIntosh
  W Paxton
  W T Pirie
  J Ramsay
  D Ross
  J A Ross
  J Russell
  T Shaw
  J A Simpson
  E Stephen
  D Stuart
  W Sutherland
  A Thom
Sgt G A Rose
Cpl G Finlayson
  W MacBain
  J M Younie
Pte J D Grant
  W Hamilton
  J M Ross
  G Sinclair
  J Sinclair
  G Sutherland
Capt J G Hopkinson
L.Cpl G Masson
  J MacDonald
  J McConnachie
Pte J Burr
  J R Robertson
  D B Simpson
  C Stewart
L.Cpl J Ross
Pte A G Galloway
  J M Ross
  J Wilson
Royal Scots
CSM W U Ferguson
L.Cpl J Murray
Pte W Beaton
  G Fraser
  D S MacDonald
  A Murray
  W Murray
Black Watch
Cpl K Clark
Pte E MacGillivray
  J MacKenzie
  P Sandison
  A Scott
Sgt A C Griffin
Pte J Cowie
  D J Darnley
  J Jamieson
  J Ogilvie
Scottish Rifles
Lieut A Young
RFM A J Grant
  R Dunbar
Royal Scots Fus.
Cpl C Fraser
Pte A Ritchie
Scots Guards
Pte W Bauchop
  A Smith
Yorks Regt
Cpl W Anderson V.C.
Sgt G Milne
Pte G A Barclay
  G H Hay
QMS J Watson
Sgt J P Griffin
Bdr W J MacDonald
Gr W R Griffin
  W Munro
Bdr J Shepherd
Gr J Finnie
  J Nicol
  G Russell
  J Williamson
Capt W L Millar
Pte J McIntosh
Capt D Fraser
Sgt J Ferguson
  J J Melville
  D C Menzies
Spr A G Dean
  A C Ross
Pte J Bain
  R P Hamilton
  J D Innes
  W R MacKenzie
  J A Simpson
  W Simpson
Pte J P Barron
  D J Beaton
  G R Ross
New Zealanders
Cpl W Stuart
South Africans
Pte R J Fraser
Other Regiments or Corps
Lieut W E Hamblin RE
  J Leask RFC
Sgt A Gair KOYLI
  C G Henry London Regt
Cpl A Fraser R W Fus
  A Grant Herts Regt
Pte W Black Tank Corps
  R Brown ASC
  A Fraser London Regt
  C Grant London RB
  J Hamilton Manchesters
  A Law Sherwood For
  R D MacLean London Scot
  A M Ross Warwicks
  J Sinclair Tyneside Scot
Rfm J Shaw R I Rifles
Seaman R A Barron RN



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