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Lossiemouth War Memorial


1914 - 1919
Seaforth Highlanders
Capt G E Edwards DSO
Capt R K Wellwood MC
Lieut Geo M Macbey MC
Sgt Peter Coull
  Alex Edwards VC
  Wm McLeod
  Alex Stewart
  John Stewart
L. Sgt Henry C Balfour
Cpl Alex Forsyth
  Chas M Morrison
  Thomas Rose
  David Wood
L.Cpl Alex Farquhar
  Alex Gault
  Jas. Morrison
  Robt. Morrison
  George Smith
  Jas. Stewart
  Jas. Sutherland
Pte Jas. P Alexander
  Jas. Anderson
  Arthur Barbour
  Thos. Brander
  John Brown
  Alex. Campbell
  Allan Campbell
  Jas A Campbell
  Wm. Christie
  Robt. Cormack
  Jas. Cumming
  Geo. Ellice
  John D Finlayson
  Wm Forsyth
  John Gault
  John Gault
  Jas. Grant
  Clements Hall
  Lewis Henry
  Alex. Laing
  George Main
  Jas. S Main
  L McLean Main
  R Dick Main
  Hugh McKenzie
  Wm. Mclean
  John Neish
  Wm. Paterson
  Jas. Petrie
  Eric Phimister
  Thomas Robb
  Robt. G W Ronald
  Alex. C Scott
  John Scott
  Wm. Scott
  Wm. Shand
  Jas. Shiach
  James L Sim
  Leonard E Sim
  John Slater
  Geo. Smith
  Jas. P Smith
  Robt. Smith
  Alex. Souter
  Alex. Souter
  John Souter
  Chas. Stephen
  John Stewart
  John Stewart
  Joseph Stewart
  Robt. Stewaart
  Wm. Stewart
  A A Sutherland
  John Taylor
  Wm. Thompson
  Alex. Whyte
  Wm. John Wilson
  James Wood
  Wm. Yeomans
  Alex. Youngson
  William Veal
Royal Naval Reserve & Mercantile Marine
Eng. Lt. Com Alex. J Simpson
Lieut Elias S Souter
Eng Sub. Lt Alex. Paterson
Skipper WO Jas. Garden
  Wm. Gault
  Jas. Mitchell
  Peter Murray
  John Stewart
A.B. John Baikie
D.H Alex. Baikie
2nd Eng Jas. Campbell
Sign Alex. Edward
A.B. Chas. T Finlayson
D.H Alex C Garden
S.H John Alex Garden
Eng Geo. Farquhar
S.H. Wm. Hepburn
D.H. Peter Gordon
D.H John Hendry
Q.M. Jas. Kinnaird
L.D.H Adam Main
L.S John Mitchell
S.H Alex Murray
S.H Joseph H Murray
TR Chas. Ralph
Ch Eng Alex. Reid
D.H Alex. Simpson
D.H Andrew M Souter
Gun John Souter
  Alex Stewart (R.N.D)
S.H. John Stewart
Eng. Alex. Wilson
Other Regiments
L.Cpl Chas Macfarlane - Cameron Highlanders
Pte Wm. C Scott - Cameron Highlanders
  Adam Watson - Cameron Highlanders
Major Gerald Messervy M.C - RFA
Gun R MacDonald - RFA
Capt Robt. B Brander - RE
L.Cpl Wm. Campbell - RE
Spr James Grant - RE
  Ronald Mckenzie - RE
  William Reid - RE
Capt Wm. F Forsyth - CEF
CSM John Reid Keith - CEF
Cpl J A MacDonald - CEF
Pte John Campbell - CEF
  Chas. Craigen - CEF
  James Mitchell - CEF
  Wm. C Smith - CEF
  J H Wellwood - CEF
CSM Chas. Neilson - GH
Sgt Alex Robson - GH
Pte John Grigor - GH
  Alex Morrison - GH
  James Neish
Capt E Dyce Messervy - RFC
  Fleetwood Thorne - GC
2nd Lieut Thomas H Bell - RH
Pte Walter Gow - RH
CSM J R Geddes MM - AIF
Gun James Souter - AIR
L. Sgt George C West - LY
Cpl Jas. S Forsyth - KOSB
Pte D J Darnley - KOSB
Cpl Chas. Stewart - RGA
Gun Alex. Scott - RGA
L.Cpl Wm. Sim Grigor - HLI
  Jas. Crockett - RF
Pte David Campbell - SAI
  Alex. Cooper - SR
  Geo. Morrison - SR
  Robt. Farquhar - RS
  Fred Tocher - RS
  Joseph Mitchell - NZ
  James Reid - S Gds
  Alex Smith - RAMC


1939 - 1945
Royal Navy
Writer J A Birnie
Sea A Campbell
AB M Cordiner
Sea B Crockett
PO G Crockett
Ch Skipper A Flett
L Tel D Sim
Sea A Souter
LS J Souter
Sea/G J Souter
OS J Souter
Stoker J Smith
Sea A Stewart
Sea A Stewart
PO G Stewart
LS G Stewart
CPO G Stewart
CPO G Stewart
Sea/G J Stewart
Sea/G J Stewart
Sea W Stewart
Merchant Navy
C Elec A C Christie
RO D G Fletcher
Elec W Flett
SH J Gault
OS J Main
Eng W McLeod
AB A Souter
Skipper J Stewart
Sea/g J Stewart
AB J Stewart
Seaforth Highlanders
Pte J Allan
Pte H Andrews
Pte A R Christie
Sgt R F Henderson
Pte A J Jenkins
Pte J J D Matthews
Pte W Rosie
L Cpl J Stewart
Other Services
Pte J A Cameron KOSB
Dvr G S Cordiner RASC
Spr G Cormack SAE
S/Fm J S Coull Can ES
Gnr J G Dean RA
Capt A G Gilbert D.C.M. K Afr R
Spr W C Grant RE
Ft/Sgt J Long NZ AF
Lt D Low Man Regt
L,Cpl J S McLeod RCOS
Sgt R Mearns RASC
Pte C Mitchell RH
O/Man W Reid REME
Dvr W Riddell RASC
Dvr R M Stewart RCOS
Pte J Taylor RAMC
Pte F I Wildgoose RAOC
2nd. Lt J L Wilson REME
Grn W J Youngson RA
Cpl W R Younie RCOS
Royal Air Force
Sgt A W Campbell
Sgt L D Campbell
LAC R G M Christie
Sgt J C Cowie
Ft/Sgt J Gray
FO H C Harthill
Ft/Sgt I C Harthill
Ft/Lt J M Kellas
Ft/Lt R B Levack
FO R A Milne
Sgt J Munro
LAC E Reid
FO J Robertson DFC
Ft/Sgt J Scott
Sgt J Scott
LAC J Stewart
Ft/Sgt P Stewart
AC W C Stewart
Sgt P Stuart
Ft/Sgt A M Taylor
Ft/Sgt J J Taylor
Ft/Lt R West DFC & Bar


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