Erected by the inhabitants of Dunning and District
in grateful memory of the men from this neighbourhood
who fell in the Great War

a smaller plaque reads

These four tablets were added in memory of those who died in the war 1939 - 1945

Pte George McLee Sts Gds 23 Apr 1915
  William Swan BW 25 Sept
  Alexander Cameron BW 10 Oct
  James Winton Sts Gds 30 Mar 1916
  John Dougall SR 20 July
L/pl John H Brown BW 23
Pte Duncan McLaurin BW 5 Sept
  George M Fraser Ldn Scth 19
  Duncan Ferguson BW 15 Nov
  William Duncan Sts Gds 13 Dec
  David Reid HLI 18 Jan 1917
  George Auctherlonie BW 9 Apr
2nd Lt David A C Thomson BW 28 May 1940
ST George Millar MN 9 Sept 1940
Pte Anthony McLaughlin BW 6 May 1942
Dr David A Westwood RASC 2 Oct 1942
2nd Lt Thomas D Wilson A & SH 23 Apr 1917
Pte Charles Reid G Hrs 16 May
2nd Lt William Donaldson RS 5 June
Pte James Gardiner Sts Gds 31 July
  Donald McLaurin BW 11 Aug
Spr William Crosbie RE 22
Pte Walter Boag S Horse 26 Sept
  Daniel Dewar A & SH 25 Oct
  George Howie BW 6 Nov
2nd Lt Ian D Campbell RFC 30
Pte Robert Hepburn HLI 2 Dec
  Duncan Barbour BW 21 Mar 1918
Pte Alaistair Doig BW 2 Nov 1942
  Peter McB Laidlaw BW 8 Dec 1943
Cpl Laurence Whytock LS 4 Feb 1944
Sgt Robert Matthews REME 12 Feb 1944
Dr James Calder RASC 17 May 1944
Capt John W Lawson M.C. MGC 24 Mar 1918
2nd Lt David Martin Ox & Bk 25
Pte Walter Orr 5 Dgns  
Cpl John Wallace SR  
Pte Alexander Campbell Sts Gds 24 May
L/Cpl Philip Hawdon A & SH 21 June
  William L Crowe Aus IF 6 July
Cpl David Symon BW 19
Pte Robert W Bett BW 30
L/Cpl Alexander Winton Ldn Scth 21 Aug
  Andrew Y Fraser A & SH 5 Sept
Pte James W Whytock Can C Bge 9 Dec
Sgt Andrew Small BW 15 Dec 1944
Pte Cameron Walker BW 8 Dec 1944
L/Cpl John Mitchell GH 30 Dec 1944
Pte Duncan McG Laidlaw RASC 14 Mar 1944


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