Gourock War Memorial

To the Honoured 
and Everlasting Memory
of the Men of Gourock
who gave Their Lives
in the Two World Wars 
1914 - 1918 and 1939 - 1945
1914 - 1918
David A Alexander RASC  
James D Armour 5th A & SH  
James Bagan Black Watch  
John Bagan RFA  
James N Bain 11th A & SH  
James Barr 5th A & SH  
Robert Black R E  
Wm J Blair HMY Eileen  
Adam Boyd 6th Camerons  
Wallace Boyd MGC  
Wm H Brackenberry R Rifles  
James S Cameron 5th A & SH  
Willliam Cameron 5th Camerons  
Neil Campbell 4th Can Inf  
Duncan Caulfield RAMC Duncan was a native of Glasgow, the son of John and Margaret of 2 George Place, Gourock. He served as Pte 318368 in the RAMC (1st/2nd Field Ambulance). Duncan signed his Attestation Papers on 6th August 1915 with a very confident and mature hand. Duncan was 22 years and 3 months in August 1915, being 5' 7" tall with a 35" chest fully expanded. His physical condition was good but he did wear glasses. He is noted on a few occasions for neglect of duty.....initially, being away for 1 hour when granted permission to get a drink of water. Secondly for filling his valise with paper and a forage cap while undergoing punishment drill (for his previous offence a few days earlier) and finally in February of 1918 for engaging in a conversation whil on Police Duty, contrary to police orders. Duncan died from wounds received on 27 May 1918. He received a GSW in the back and was taken to No. 42 CSS, France and rests in Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension north west of Arras
Herbert H Corker RN  
Jas F L Crombie 5th A & SH  
J L Cunningham 7th Seaforths  
Thos. Cunningham 5th A & SH  
Hugh Darroch 8th R H  
Chas Docherty Leinsters  
John Donald Aust Imp Forces  
John Douglas   M.M. 9th HLI  
Joseph Dowling 5th A & SH  
Wm Duncan "Anson"Batt RN  
Alex Duthie 5th Scot Rifles  
Alex Fleck   M.M. 16th HLI  
Wm Fleck HMS Hunsdon  
Ewan Fleming RN  
George W Fletcher RIF  
Wm M Fletcher 15th Middlesex  
H G Forsyth SS Joseph Chamberlain  
Jas B Gibson SS Pilor de Larrinaga James Bell Gibson was born in Liverpool in 1863, the son of William and Helen who in 1871 were living in Cheshire. By 1881 he was an apprentice engine fitter living as a lodger in the home of John Rodgers, 11 Hilton St, Birkenhead. He married Edith and lived at Parkfield Broombury Drive, Gourock. During the war he served as a Chief Engineer in the Merchant Marine onboard the SS Pilar de Larrinage out of Liverpool. He died on 4 May 1917 aged 54 and is remembered on the Tower Hill Memorial along with many other seamen whose final resting places are the oceans and seas of the world
Jas Shirra Gibb 5th A & SH  
John Gillies 2nd A & SH  
Thomas Gormley KOSB  
James Hall KR Rifles  
Alex Hay 8th A & SH  
John S Holborn HMS Afric Scot  
James Hope RE  
Robt Humphrey SS Monmouth  
A R Hunter   M.C. C.D.G, North Fus  
William Hunter 11th Gordons  
Arthur John ston SS Ardglass  
Hugh A Keays RE Hugh Armstrong Keays, born in Glasgow, he was the son of James and Elizabeth Keays and husband to Annie of 3 Anderson Place, Tarbet St, Gourock. He served in the RE's as Pioneer 75334 and died on 14 April 1918 aged 39 and rests in Amara War Cemetery in the town of Amara on the left bank of the Tigris river
Archibald Lamont RGA Archibald was the son of Archibald and Mary Turnbull Lamont and husband of Mary Bryce Lamont of Thornbank, Gourock. He served as Gunner 184238 in the RGA and died on 9 April 1918 aged 38. He rests in the Royal Irish Rifles Graveyard, Laventie near Armentieres
John Lang  M.M. 8th K R Rifles John was the son of William and Annie of Victoria Villa, Broomberry Drive, Gourock. He served as Rifleman R/6032 and died on 14 September 1916 aged 22 and rests in Bronfay Farm Military Cemetery, Bray-sur-Somme.
William B Lang 5th A & SH  
James S Leitch HLI  
Archd B Little 5th A & SH  
John McArthur SS Essonite  
William McCarthy 16 HLI  
James McCaskie HMS Defence  
Archibald McEwan 5th A & SH  
John E McGlashan 5th A & SH  
Daniel McGregor RSF  
Alex M McInnes HMS Recruit  
Peter McKellar 9th Black Watch  
William McKinnon 1st Camerons  
Duncan McLeod HMS Hawke  
John B McFarlan 12th A & SH  
John McMorland 14th A & SH  
John McNicol RNVR  
Alex McPhail SS Cotting Lane  
Peter B McQuillan 2nd Gordons  
Alex McTurk 5th A & SH  
Archibald Main 1st Can Brgd  
Herbert W Metcalfe RS  
Hugh Miller Con Eng  
Wm B Milne 5th A & SH  
Joseph Moore 5th A & SH  
William Munn 2nd Gordons  
Hugh A Munro 8th A & SH  
Alice Murdoch VAD  
Andrew S Niel 13th Seaforths  
James O'Hara Irish Guards  
Jas C Richardson 1st Black Watch  
George Seaton RASC  
Thomas Shattock RBN  
Wm Shearer SS Sycamore  
Wm Sheddon 5th A & SH  
James Slaven   M.M. RE  
Geo P Simpson    
Donald Smith SS California  
David T Smith 9th RS  
Geo H Stevenson 1st Can Brgd  
Robert Stevenson Scot Rifles  
John S Stewart 5th A & SH  
James G Tinson HLI  
Stephen Tracey 5th A & SH  
James Train MGC  
Alex L Watson RSF  
Sydney Yule RGA  
Died from the after effects of War
Donald Buchanan 5th A & SH  
James D Curran RFR  
David R Taylor 5th A & SH  
Alex Gamble 5th A & SH  

1939 - 1945
James Adam MN  
George A H Adam RAMC  
John F Bailie MN  
Alfred T J Barnicott RAFVR  
Andrew G Cameron RAF  
Ian Carruthers Army  
Kenneth Collins RAF  
William H Cove MN  
George R Dallas MN  
James Docherty A & SH  
Wm A M Donaldson MN  
Robert O Duncan MN  
John S Dunlop MN  
Daniel D A Erskine MN  
James McC Forbes MN  
Adam Geary EAAEAC  
Wilson H Gordon RAFVR  
Stephen E Gould RAF  
Frank G Graves Army  
Alex McA Gray HLI  
John H Green MN  
John Greenway RAF  
George Halbert BW  
Charles Hanna RAF  
John Hickling RAF  
George Hope MN  
Richard Houston RA A & SH  
Alexander L Howie RNVR  
Allan G Hutcheson RNR  
Maxwell Knox RA  
Alexander W Lamb MN  
Andrew S Lang RN  
George Lawrie SG  
George G Letham RNR  
Charles A Liddell SH  
William C McArthur RAF  
Arthur McFarlan RN  
James McFarlane A & SH  
William McGhee RN  
Archibald McGowan RASC  
Stewart N McKay RN  
John N McKirdy SH  
Archibald S MacMillan MN  
John McNaughton MN  
Alexander C McNeil RSF  
Donald B MacNiven A & SH  
John F McNiven A & SH  
Hugh M Melville SG  
Robert J Neale RAFVR  
John Niven RA  
Thomas W O'Brien RN  
Robert A Park RSF  
Ian S Peacock Army  
Eli Pendlebury RM  
Alexander Rennie RA  
David K Robb MN  
Griffith Roberts RN  
James W Robertson RAFVR  
Norman R Robertson MN  
David Rose MN  
Alfred A McK Russell RAF  
Peter G Sim RAFVR  
Anderson M Simpson MN  
Neil Simpson MGB AIF  
Alexander Sinclair RN  
Archibald Sinclair MN  
Dugald McD Taylor MN  
William J Warwick RN  
William McL White MN  
Died from the after effects of war
Archibald F Boyter RAF  
Hugh McC Castle MN  
John F Munro MN  


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