Port of Glasgow
WWII War Memorial

WWI Memorial

Dedicated to 
The Glory of God
The Memory of
All who Fell
During the
Second World War
1939 - 1945

"Some there be which have no Memorial" 

The Royal Navy
AB Joseph E Bradley  
GRO Thomas Carr  
Stk Matthew Collins  
Sigm Robert Craig  
Stk Peter Devine  
PO Thomas Dunlop  
AB Francis Gault  
PO Robert W Harkins  
Stk Thomas Jamieson  
  Patrick McAvoy  
PO Edward McGeachy  
Stk John Melville  
PO Robert M Millar  
AB Joseph Nicol  
Stk Bernard J Ward  
OS Robert Weir  
AB Harry G Wilson  
The Royal Marines
Cpl William J M Glass  
The Army
Cpl George H Alcorn A & SH  
Pte John Buchanan A & SH  
Cpl John Cook A & SH  
  Samuel Craig A & SH  
L Cpl John Gault A & SH  
Pte John Lindsay A & SH  
  William J McGeachy A & SH  
  Terrence McGeown A & SH  
  Henry McLaughlin A & SH  
  William Pettigrew A & SH  
L Cpl Henry Potter A & SH  
Sgt Andrew Ptolomey A & SH  
Pte Richard Thompson A & SH  
  William J Williamson A & SH  
  Kathleen Gannon ATS  
  Robert Gemmell Beds & Hrg  
Riflm Peter S Miller Camrns  
  Thomas Nicholson Camrns  
Pte Matthew Morgan Canan I  
Cpl David E Kennedy Dur LI  
Pte James G Carson Essx Rg  
  Adam Cumming A & SH  
Maj John Hunter  
L Cpl Alphonsus Dochety Gor Hd  
Pte Hugh Murdoch Gor Hd  
Cpl Robert K Murphy HLI  
Pte James Peacock KOSB  
Troopr Peter r McKenzie Lancrs  
Pte James Law Lon Irs R  
L Cpl William Semple Milt P  
Pte Alexander Keir Pionr C  
  Francis McKay Pionr C  
  James McMullan Pionr C  
  Alexr Sivewright Pionr C  
Pte John F Miller QOR Ws Kt  
  Francis McCahil RAMC  
  Frank J Andrews ROAC  
Cpl Edward Boyle ROAC  
Dvr Allan Dunlop RASC  
Pte Peter McAvoy RASC  
  David McPhee RASC  
  James Smith RASC  
Gnr John Archdeadon Roy Ar  
  James Convery Roy Ar  
  Thomas Devine Roy Ar  
  Hugh C Downie Roy Ar  
  John Dunlop Roy Ar  
Bdr John Dunlop Roy Ar  
  Thomas Elliott Roy Ar  
Sgt James Geary Roy Ar  
Gnr James Gettie Roy Ar  
  James McDonald Roy Ar  
  Robert Rowe Roy Ar  
Sigm John C Cowan RC of Sig  
Sapr James Aitken Roy En  
  Robert H Hogg Roy En  
  Deuncan M Law Roy En  
  Hugh Taggart Roy En  
Troopr Ian Campbell Roy H QMO  
Fusl James Docherty RSF  
  John Docherty RSF  
  John O'Neill RSF  
  Patrick Skelton RSF  
Sgt William McNinch M.M. 1st SAB  
Pte John Kane A & SH  
Gdsm Thomas Britton Scots G  
  James McCloy Scots G  
Pte James Clark Seaf Hd  
L Cpl Alexr Gushnaghan Seaf Hd  
Pte Patrick Glancy Seaf Hd  
L Cpl John M Gray Seaf Hd  
Pte Gerard Jones Seaf Hd  
  James Kirkwood Seaf Hd  
  Edward Murray Seaf Hd  
L Cpl Francis Quinn Seaf Hd  
  Lewis Williamson Seaf Hd  
The Royal Air Force
Fl Sgt James Barbour  
LAC George Boag  
Fl Sgt Andrew Campbell  
AC George Chesnutt  
LAC Samuel Coulter  
Fl Sgt William N Craig  
Sgt James M Dick  
LAC Anthony Docherty  
  James Haire  
  J Jamieson  
  Daniel Keith  
Fl Sgt William M McGowan  
LAC Robert A McIntyre  
Sgt William Matheson  
  Daniel M Rice  
Sgt P William G Ross  
  Samuel K Springham  
The Merchant Navy
Firem Oliver Aitken  
Ship** David G Allan  
Firem Charles Campbell  
Stewrd James Carlton  
Carpr John Clark  
AB Joseph Clark  
Jun Of Donald M Dempster  
Firem James Devlin  
GS William G Dickson  
Firem Joseph Dunn  
  Thomas Fulton  
Ch R Of John N Duncan  
? * * * McIntyre  
Firem Joseph Williams  
Chf Eng Peter D Wright  
St Mate Alexander Galbraith  
Firem Hugh Gemmell  
AB James Gilmour  
Donkmn John Harvey  
Eng Of Hugh R Hunter  
Donk Mn William Kelly  
Eng Of William Kirkwood  
Stokr Francis Logue  
OS Patrick McAleese  
Stewrd John Macauley  
AB Patrick F McCabe  
Cook William McGorriston  
AB Frank McDade  
OS Charles McGarry  
AB James G McGeown  
PO George McGowan  
Firem David J Martin  
AB Alexander Mayes  
Mes Boy Francis Meechan  
Firem John Morris  
Eng Of Alexander Nimmo  
Dec Boy Robert O'Connor  
OS Leo Shields  
Chf Eng William P Swan  
Stewrd Wm Tennyson  
Eng Of John Walker  
  Francis G Wellings  
Storkr Samuel Whiteside  
Others with no rank or service
  James A Blackley  
  William Blaney  
  William Johnson  
  Robert McKechnie  
  Francis McNeill  
  William Poulson  
  David Semple  
  James Tosh  
  Henry Wilson  
  Joseph Stewart  



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