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Bannockburn War Memorial

Erected by
The Inhabitants of
In Honour of The Men
From This Neighourhood
Who Fell In
The Grear War

Leiut. Col J T R Mitchell D.S.O A & S Hdrs
2nd Lieut Evan Welldon Wilson A & S Hdrs
Sergt Major Donald Ross Gordon Hdrs
Sergt Andrew Allan Royal Warwickshires
  Hugh Duncan RAMC
  Duncan McInnes RAVC
  James Ross Gordon Hdrs
  Peter Stevenson RFA
  John Stewart M.M. M in D ? Scth Rifles
  Patrick Taggart A & S Hdrs
  Daniel Thomson Gordon Hdrs
  William Wighton King's Liverpool
Cpl David Breingan H L I
  William Briggs Royal Hdrs
  James S Campbell (MT) ASC
  Adam Gibson Seaforth Hdrs
  Thomas Kelso A & S Hdrs
  John Newlands A & S Hdrs
  Donald Robertson Royal Scots
  William Shaw Royal Warwickshire
  Thomas Sevenson (MT) ASC
L/Cpl Alexander Kelso A & S Hddrs
  Colin K McLeay Seaforh Hdrs
  Matthew Mitchell K O S B
  John Penman Gordon Hdrs
  Andrew Taylor Royal Hdrs
A S Robert Whytock Drake Batt 63rd (RN) Div
Pte William Allan A & S Hdrs
  John Anderson A & S Hdrs
  Robert Armstrong A & S Hdrs
  David Auld Seaforth Hdrs
  William Barclay Royal Scots
  Joseph Blair Boyd Gordon Hdrs
  John Brannan RAVS
  James Brown Gordon Hdrs
  James Buchanan A & S Hdrs
  James Cowan Gordon Hdrs
  Charles B Denovan 46th Batt Can. Inf
  John Drummond A & S Hdrs
  William Durham A & S Hdrs
  Michael Flynn KOSB
  Dominic Frickleton Royal Hdrs
  John Fulton Gordon Hdrs
  David A Garner HLI
  William Gray Royal Scots
  Alexander Hardoe A & S Hdrs
  John Hart Gordon Hdrs
  Patrick Hook RAF
  George Howie F & F Yeomanry
  Donald Innes A & S Hdrs
  Alexander Innes MGC
  James Kerr Gordon Hdrs
  John Lamb Cameron Hdrs
  John Liddell Cameron Hdrs
  John Livingston A & S Hdrs
  Thomas Lochiel RSF
  John Walsh Low Seaforth Hdrs
  John McArthur A & S Hdrs
  James McDonald Gordon Hdrs
  James McDonld 54th Batt Can Inf
  Thomas McEwan Gordon Hdrs
  Adam Mc Fadyen M.M. Scottish Rifles
  Daniel McLeod MGC
  Walter McQue Royal Scots
  James Mailey Royal Hdrs
  Martin Maley A & S Hdrs
  Douglas Matthew RFA
  George Meldrum (MT) ASC
  Archibald miller Royal Hdrs
  Martin Moran RIF
  Peter Moran HLI
  Thomas Muir A & S Hddrs
  Robert Norrie HLI
  Alexader Ogilvie Cameron Hdrs
  Patrick O'Hare A & S Hdrs
  William O'Neill KOSB
  George Paterson Royal Warwickshire
  Charles Quinn RSF
  David Renton Royal Hdrs
  John Robertson Northumberland F
  John Rutherford A & S Hdrs
  James Shaw 52nd Div Coy ACC
  Alexander Stewart A & S Hdrs
  John Traynor A & S Hdrs
  Alexander Troup A & S Hdrs
  William Troup Royal Warwickshire
  John R Wark Royal Hdrs
  Duncan Whytock Seaforth Hdrs
Sapper Alexander Henry RE
Rifleman John Ross NZRB
Gunner William Graham 54th Batt Aus RGA
  William McFarlane RFA
  John O'Brien RFA
Cpl James Bell Gordon Hdrs
In honour
Also of The Men
Who Fell in The World War
Andrew Allan
John Auld
Robert Bain
Thomas Bernard
John Beveridge
James Brodie
James Brown
Daniel Cuthill
John Day
Joseph Dickson
John Docherty
Thomas Docherty
William Douglas
John Dudgeon
Walter Dudgeon
James Duffin
James Fallens
Bernard Ferry
David Flockhart
William Forbes
Charles Innes
Donald Innes
Samuel Lindie
Thomas Morrison
Michael Muir
Dennis P McAllister
Edward McAllister
Robert McArthur
George McAughtrie
Thomas McAughtrie
John McCallum
Richard McColl
James W Mckenzie
James McNeill
John Neville
Alexander Ogilvie
James O'Hara
Robert Owens
Michael Philliben
John Plank
George Rankine
James Rew
William Rew
William D Ritchie
William Scullion
Fred Snowdon
Joseph Warner
Robert Watson
William Welsh
George L White
Thomas S Wilson



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