Drymen War Memorial

The Great War 1914 - 1919
On this memorial are 
inscribed the names of
the men of this parish
who at the call
of King and Country
left all that was dear
to them endured hardship
faced danger and finally
pass out of the sight 
of men by the path of
duty and self-sacrifice
giving up theuir own lives
that others might
live in freedom

Let those who come after
see to it that their
names be not forgotten 

2nd Lt James Bilsland       M.C. SR  
Pte James Bilsland CEF  
Pte Archibald Campbell C Hrs  
Pte Duncan Campbell R Hrs  
Pte Duncan Campbell C Hrs  
Pte William Campbell HLI  
Cpl George Cumming R Hrs  
Pte Archibald W Davie RS  
Sgt William Dustan G Hrs  
Gnr William Forrest RGA  
Pte William Goldie A & Hrs  
Pte Robert Hayman A & Hrs  
L Cpl Donald Henshilwood C Hrs  
Pte John Hutchison S Hrs  
Pte James Jaffray R Hrs  
L Cpl Thomas B King HLI  
BSM George Menzies      D.C.M. R Hrs  
Pter Robert McGregor R Hrs  
Pte John Morrison HLI  
Pte Duncan McAdam SG  
Cpl Hugh McCallum G Hrs  
Pte Peter McCallum CEF  
Pte Alfred McFarlane A & S Hrs  
Pte John MacKay A & S Hrs  
Pte Andrew McLaren A & S Hrs  
L Cpl Walter McLaren C Hrs  
Sapr Robert McLean RE  
Sgt Ronald McLean G Hrs  
Pte William Orr SG  
2nd Lt James F Roy R Hrs  
Pte James L Scott S Hrs  
L Cpl Alfred B Simpson RS  
Pte William F Steel R Hrs  
Gnr Thomas Wain RFA  
Pte Thomas Watson A & S Hrs  
Cpl James O Adamson RM  
Sg Yo James F Billett RAF  
Pte Robert Blair A & S Hrs  
CRO James Dow MN  
Pte Duncan McLaren A & S Hrs  
Maj Hugh W Rennie A & S Hrs  
In Memory of those who gave their lives 1939-1945 War


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