East Grinstead War Memorial

The memorial on the main street of East Grinstead contains names not included on the Church Memorial Plaque

East Grinstead Memorial July 9 1943 ¦ East Grinstead Oddfellows memorial ¦ East Grinstead Church memorial

To the Glory of God and in ever Grateful Memory of the Men of 
East Grinstead who gave their Lives in the Great War 1914 - 1919
Henry R Adams  
Fred Allin  
Henry Argent  
Edward Arnold  
Henry Arnold  
Maurice J H Bagot  
Frank E Beck  
William J Beadle  
John Bennett  
John Brewer  
Victor G Brooker  
Raymond J C Broom  
William R Buckland  
George Gudgen  
Percy C Burgess  
John T Carter  
Edgar H Collins  
Albert Coomber  
G Harold Coomber  
George A Cooper  
Harry V Cooper  
Percy Curtis  
William G Deacon  
Guy F O Devitt  
Wyndham H Dickins  
W Robert Dixon  
Charles Draper  
Thomas J Draper  
George Ellis  
Frederick Elphick  
Lewis Farrar  
William G Follington  
John E Foster  
Lewis V Gasson  
Alexander H Godwin  
J Henry Godwin  
Benjamin G Godwin  
Alfred Greenaway  
Philip E R Hardy  
Arthur Harman  
George H Heasman  
Wilfrid Hosken  
Sidney G Huggett  
Charles Humphrey  
george C Ingram  
Sidney Johnson  
Alfred T Kemp  
Charles H Knight  
Frederick Knight  
Horace Knight  
Morden E Laws  
Charles Ledword  
Herbert F Leppard  
Cecil Luff  
Ernest W Luff  
Walter Martin  
Arthur J Masser  
Cecil C N Mighall  
Kenneth E Monro  
Herbert Musgrave  
Robert Pankhurst  
Alfred Pannell  
Fred pavett  
Clarence E Pearson  
William Pelling  
Leslie D H Raven  
Charles Rice  
Ernest Rice  
Benjamin Rowe  
Willaim J Russell  
Harry Sanders  
Fred Sanders  
Albert E Savage  
Harry Skates  
John L Smeed  
William Stenner  
Albert J Stripp  
Thomas S Symons  
Owen Thompsett  
Joseph Tite  
W Stanley Tizzard  
Thomas F Truckle  
Arthur Walder  
Edward P Wallis  
Frederick Westgate  
Albert W Whittington  
Reginald C Winkworth  
William J Winkworth  
Frederick A Winser  
Herbert L Woodland  
C Arthur Woodland  
James Wren  
Albert W Wright  
George Lawson  


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