July 9 1943
a German raider dropped bombs on
East Grinstead
108 persons were killed and 235 injured
July 12 1944 
a flying bomb caused 3 deaths
and injured 38 persons
Mors Janua Vitae

East Grinstead Main Street War Memorial ¦ East Grinstead Oddfellows Memorial ¦ East Grinstead Church memorial

In Memory of all Victims of Enemy Action in East Grintead
on July 9 1943
This tablet is erected by relatives and friends of
Mildred Angus  
Norman H Arnold  
Joan Barber  
Michael J Brackpool  
Ivy A E Brown  
Annie E Candish  
Richard H J Charlton  
Joyce Coomber  
Dorothy S Corver  
Jean L Evans  
Isabel Forthergill  
Erica Fothergill  
Mary Fothergill  
Kathleen M Gladman  
May E Greenwood  
June A Heckford  
Alfred Howland  
Lewis W James  
Kathleen James  
Joyce H James  
Frances M Long  
Margaret Long  
Florence Luxford  
Carol McColllum  
Dorothy H Matthews  
Alice Meadmore  
Alice M Nye  
Evelyn J Prodger  
Isabel Roberts  
Ivy Savage  
Doris Sleight  
Margaret S;eogjht  
Herbert Smith  
Ethel Smith  
Grace Somerset  
Molly I L Stiller  
Edwin Tooth  
Kate Tooth  



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