Horsted Keynes War Memorial

Sacred to the Memory of the Men of This Parish who Laid Down Their Lives for King and Country
In the Great War 1914 - 1919
These Died in war that we at peace might live 
These gave their best so we our best should give
Not for themselves for Justice, Freedon, Right
They fought and bid us forward to the fight 

Charles Avis  
Charles Browning  
George Cole  
Albert Cook  
Briton Cox  
Arthur Curd  
George Deacon  
Jack Deacon  
Frederick Francis  
Clement Hollands  
Robert Jessop  
Thomas James  
Oliver James  
William James  
John Langridge  
George Miller  
William Manners  
Herbert William Newnham  
Maurice L Perrin  
Jesse Ruewell  
Thoma Ruewell  
George Randall  
Leonar Spain  
John Slaugnter  
Mark Tester  
Henry Wheeler  
Waltr J Wickens  
Albert C Woolven  
Charles M Woolven  
Godfrey Wyatt  
Edward Walder  
And of those who laid down their lives in the War 1939 - 1945
John E Adams  
Charles Avis  
Kenneth W J Baxter  
Claude F Bish  
Charles A Chandler  
Nigel St. G Gibbes  
Stanley E Gibbs  
Wallace G Holman  
Winifred E Knapp  


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