Hurstpierpoint War Memorial

In Remembrance of the Men of This Parish who died 
for Their Country in The Great War
1914 - 1919
They were a wall unto us both by Night and Day 
Norman F Allen  
Albert Anscombe  
Arthur Ancombe  
William J Bailey  
Edward S Banks  
Ernest Barnes  
Richard H Bartley  
William Baxter  
Ernest F Berry  
Richard B Broad  
Albert E Brown  
William Brown  
Bramwell J Brown  
Frederick E Burt  
Arthur Burtenshaw  
Edward Campion  
Thomas W R Carter  
George Chatfield  
Waltr Chatfield  
Harry Clark  
George E Coster  
Fred. C Crockford  
James E Dadswell  
Walter F Dunstone  
William S Dyer  
John R Fuller  
Albert E Gander  
Charlie Gander  
George W Gaston  
Ernest C Goff  
Ernest W Green  
Albert E Grover  
Walter J Grover  
Harry Heaver  
Alfred Holman  
Maurice J Hollingdale  
Claude G Hudson  
Peter Kemp  
John R King  
Fredk Knight  
William H Knight  
Ernest Lewrh  
Reginald T Loop  
Alfred Mansbridge  
Frank Mansbridge  
Charles A Marona  
John Maskell  
Thomas Maskell  
Walter H Mewett  
Charles L Miller  
Ernest J Mitten  
George O Norman  
Ernest H Parson  
William Paron  
George H Payne  
John G Peskett  
Obadiah Pidgley  
Albert Pierce  
Roger A Piper  
Fredrick B Pitt  
John Sayers  
Ernest Smith  
Geo. E Sparshott  
Wm Sparshott  
1939 - 1945
Denis James Fensome  
Noel Thomas Gander  
Percy Gander  
Frederick Head  
Edward Frank Hill  
Robert Howell  
Edward John Hurley  
Francis Derek Jago  
John Michael Kilner  
Charles King  
Ray Kingsland  
Irene Mary MacDonald  
Clifford Rollings  
Edward James Strickland  
Douglas Percy Stone  
Edwin Timms  
Alfred Joseph Webb  
Joseph Woolgar  


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