Lewes World War 2 Memorial

Lewes War Memorial

Some names are out of order on the memorial

This was Their Finest Hour

Killed on Active Service

W T Abrey  
F Ainsworth  
B Avis  
L Axtell  
A E Baldwin  
J Ball  
J A Barnes  
R W Barnes  
F E Barnett  
E A Beale  
W R Beck  
J Bell  
E Beney  
R Beney  
F E Bennett  
R Blythe  
J E Bolton  
J F Boughey  
R C Breeds  
C A Brown  
R Brown  
A Button  
A E Hadley  
M Way  
R Caplin  
W Card  
F C Carpenter  
G A Casselden  
F Chadwick  
J Chapman  

W F Comyns

D H Cook  
E W Cook  
J N Cox  
P A Crock  
F Cruttenden  
C A Cunnington  
A r Davis  
F E Donovan  
W W Dunk  
F Dunne  
L A Edwards  
R W Fairw4ether  
F Fellows  
J Funnell  
L A Funnell  
G H Gale  
J O Gerachty  
C Gibbs  
I G Gibson  
S Gillam  
H Grover  
C Grayson  
A C Green  
P Haines  
A E Haldey  
P Hankins  
P C Handsford  
A B Hathaway  
S Hathaway  
T A Hayward  
G Herriott  
R F Holford  
R F Horton  
K M McLean Inglis  
J E Jacobs  
Betty James  
Ena Jenner  
J V Hanaghan  
S F Johnson  
R W Kemp0  
T Ketchell  
G Lawrence  
R T Leaney  
T A Lumb  
G H Martin  
J Millott  
P A Mills  
J Monday  
F M Moore  
D G Moppett  
H Newham  
H E Newman  
H W Newnham  
R Olliver  
S G Olliver  
W J Olliver  
G M Ormerod  
G C Parson  
J Pasquale  
K A Piper  
A E Pollard  
F A Pollard  
S W Pollard  
A W Pugh  
D G Recmanm  
G H Recman  
M St. J Richards  
C A Ridley  
R Rogers  
A E Ruck  
R Scoates  
R Scrase  
W H Shipp  
C Simmons  
F J Smith  
H W Souter  
G Steer  
A J Stiles  
H C Taylor  
R Tindale  
M J Tomley  
J Towner  
H Truman  
L Turner  
E Unstead  
R A Wares  
A P Webb  
H Weir  
R B Wharmby  
Missing Believed Killed
J Baker  
A Cramer  
F Edwards  
M A S Ensell  
C F Hall  
A R Martin  
W Opike  
R A Taylor  
S w A Way  

Killed in an Air Raid

2 Civilians


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