Lodsworth Roll of Honour

Lodsworth War Memorial

Anthony Capron Hollist  
William Bishop  
Edgar John Boxall  
Frank Boxall  
Walter Frank Bridle  
Sidney Burchell  
Leonard Carver  
Ernest Chandler  
Frederick Chandler  
Reginald Courtney  
Wm. John Frederick Holmes  
Fredrick Ed. Nicholls  
Tom Franklin Patten  
Richard W Sherlock  
James Spooner  
John Ayling  
William Ayling  
Terry Ackett  
Frederick Ayling  
William Ayling  
Horace Burchell  
Arthur Burchell  
Albert Boxall  
John H Bray  
Philip Bridger  
Walter Butler  
Frederick Brown  
Robrt Budd  
Harry Chandler  
John Chandler  
James Chandler  
John Carver  
William Cranstone  
Alfred Chandler  
David Dudman  
Frederick Etherington  
Harry Foard /?  
Charles Goddard  
William Bambin  
James W Godber  
William Howard  
William Hammond  
|William Hammond  
Fredrick Haines  
Walter Hurst  
Walter Hurst  
Albert Hurst  
Albert Holmes  
Bert Holmes  
Francis Fletcher James  
Charles H Lucas  
Frederick Lassiter  
William Lassiter  
Thomas Levett  
Percy Marley  
Tom Marley  
Arthur Miller  
Charles May  
William May  
Henry May  
Albert May  
Albert Mills  
Cecil Mills  
Edward Marshall  
Christopher Michalls  
Owen Michalls  
James Osborn  
John Porter  
Charles Prior  
Alick Rogers  
Oliver Simmonds  
Arthur Sherlock  
William Stratton  
William Stevens  
John Scammell  
Sidney Sherlock  
Robert Tooth  
Ernest Tooth  
Albert Trussler  
Ralph Talbot  
Arthur Wakeford  
John Wakeford  
Frank West  




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