Newhaven H.M. Transports Memorial

WWI ¦ WWII Memorial ¦ HM Transports ¦ Canadian Engineers

This Memorial
is Erected to the Memory
of the Captains, Officers
and Seamen of H.M. Transports
who lost their lives whilst
sailikng from this port
1914 - 1918

And also in Commemoration
of the valuable services
rendered by the Mercantile
Marine of the United Kingdom
during the War 

SS The Duchess - of Glasgow 1st July 1917    
W Wall Chief Officer  
J Beynon Chief Engineer  
T Davis Engineer  
W Turner Steward  
C Burson Seaman  
J Norchester    
D Richardson    
H Everest Fireman  
H Loasby Gunner, R N  
SS Tweed - of Glasgow 13 March 1918    
J McLean Chief Officer  
F Gillespie Steward  
H O Smith Wireless Opertor  
J Towers Cook  
F Bartlett Winchman  
C Stage Fireman  
R Carr Signalman R N  
SS Rye - of Goole 7th April 1918    
J Chilvrs Steward  
T W Pettinger Fireman  
W Combs    
D R Watson Gunner R N  
SS Unity - of Goole 2nd May 1918    
F H Heterick Chief Officer  
A Thompson Engineer  
J Rockett Seaman  
E Creaser    
E H Appleyard Fireman  
F Whitehead    
W Bateman    
J Jones    
C Hansome    
C Wilsom    
J Walsh Gunner R N  
S West    
SS Boath - of Penzance 8th December 1916    
L S Berriman Captain  
G Hughes Chief Officer  
T Strike Boatswain  
R H Wilkins Engineer  
T Freethy    
T Colton Seaman  
W Wroath    
E Johns    
S D Smyth    
T F Ennis    
B O Parson Steward  
R Parish Cook  
B Rowe Donkeyman  
J Williams Fireman  
W E Foskett    
H J Smithers    
SS Exchange - of Liverpool 23rd March 1917    
E Edwards Captain  
J M Jones Chief Offic4r  
J Wilkinson Engineer  
T Weeks    
A Haddock Seaman  
S N Bennett    
A Jones Fireman  
G Denyer    
SS Achille Adam - of London 23rd March 1917    
H Wright Engineer  
A G Port Seaman  
W J Arnold    
DE Wybhorn Fireman  
J E Clift    
A E Gilham Tel. Boy  
SS Lisbon - of London 30 May 1917    
T S Duncan Chief Officer  
SS Nigel - of Leith 12th November 1915    
R L Johnson Chief Officer  
W Treasurer Engineer  
F Brown Greaser  
F Champion Fireman  
W Russell    
SS Maine - of Dieppe 21st November 1917    
J Mallett Captain  
L Jacques Chief Officer  
C Mucridge Interpreter  
C Peltier Chief Engineer  
L Simon Engineer  
A Brayer    
P Hamon Quartr Master  
C Hoernaert Wireless Operator  
P Short Signalman  
A Hesry Seaman  
A Ladoucette    
E Rault    
V Capenne    
C Freulette Greacer  
L Delestre    
A Donval Donkeyman  
F Soueren Fireman  
E Neveu    
Y Le Corre    
P Simon    
J Le Grubiere    
J Pierre    
C Richard    
R Dinet Boy  
C Aloujes Gunner  
H Jacq    
A Thimothe    
H Pinabel    


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